List of Free code Plugin


  • AmiBroker .NET SDK. C# based project template for AmiBroker Plug-in development
    A non official AmiBroker Plug-in SDK written in C# plus a bunch of data plug-ins built on top of it.
  • AutoCAD to FDS plugin
    AutoCAD to FDS ( Fire Dynamics Simulator ) bridge. Plugin provides possibility to convert AutoCAD geometry to FDS format, automate calculation in FDS and view calculation results in AutoCAD.
  • Bilateral filter for Paint.NET
    Bilateral filter implemented as an effect plug-in for Paint.NET
  • callistox
    CallistoX is a plugin for Callisto Chat Server. It will add over 100 commands to your chatroom.
  • Catel ReSharper plugin
    ReSharper plugin for Catel.
  • CleverBobCat
    CleverBobCat is the Plugin developed to provide functionalities to BobCat Ind wheeled equipment for studying and colonization of planets in kerbal space program
  • Cropper Plugins
    A collection of plugins for Cropper, a free .NET screenshot application.
  • eKomi plugin for nopCommerce
    eKomi plugin for nopCommerce - Implemented as a widget - Script integration to display eKomi logo and the last feeback
  • EPiServer Search And Replace
    EPiServer currently does not provide the ability to search and replace content within an EPiServer site. This EPiServer plug-in provides this functionality. The plug-in is configurable and allows page type and dynamic property content to be updated.
  • Exceptional ReSharper Plugin
    This is a plugin for great ReSharper product. The main purpose for that plugin is to aid developers to analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them. It introduces the notion of checked exception that you may know from Java to C#.
  • FedEx Connector for AbleCommerce Gold
    This plugin provides FedEx rating and tracking services for the AbleCommerce shopping cart.
  • FinlogiK ReSharper Contrib
    FinlogiK ReSharper Contrib is a plugin for ReSharper 5.1 which adds code cleanup and inspection options for static qualifiers.
  • Firebus
    Simple plugin framework for .NET with runtime load/unload features.
  • GeostatisticalTool
    This is a Geostatistical Plugin using the DotSpatial Framework.
  • High Sign - Increase Productivity Using Mouse Gestures
    High Sign is an application that allows users to easily create and map custom gestures to perform common actions on their Windows PC. Unlike some other mouse gesture recognition software, the user is not limited to a set of predefined gestures. Written in C#, allows plugins.
  • I'm Feeling Lucky Plugin
    Lets you put a link in that acts as though doing an I'm Feeling Lucky search.
  • KerbalAlarmClock
    Source code for Plugin to KSP This plugin allows people to set alarms and kill warp rate when these are triggered.
  • LifeTank.NET
    LifeTank.NET is a completely re-written version of the LifeTankX Decal plug-in for Asheron's Call. It will use C# and the .NET Framework.
  • Mag-tools, Asherons Call Decal Plugin
    A small plugin that provides tools to take away some of the burden of playing Asherons Call. Many of the tools are designed to help those who play multiple accounts at once.
  • MCE Media Manager
    A plugin for Vista MCE written in MCML for managing different types of media. Search available content sources for media and select to aquire them by downloading, recording or adding them to a rental queue.
  • MCEBuddy Viewer
    Windows Media Center Plugin for MCEBuddy 2.x
  • Mobo Player
    Mobo is a simple yet functional and stylish media player, designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. Mobo is developed in It has a plugin engine (still in development) and a modern look-and-feel.
  • Mockup to XAML
    Convert Balsamiq Mockups to XAML. This project supports BMML mockup control conversion using plugins. A standard set of controls are included with the core application.
  • MyHome
    A plugin based server for smart homes written in C#
  • MySpace DataRelay
    Data Relay is the foundation of MySpace's middle tier. At its heart, it is a messaging system for relaying information both between clients and servers, and amongst servers. The servers are plugin based - included are plugins for basic caching and indexed queries.
  • New Live Writer Plugins (SDK: 1.1)
    This shows off some of the new features of the new Live Writer SDK.
  • NKnobMan - Tools & Plugin .Net framework for KnobMan
    NKnobMan is a framework aimed at easily developing plugins for KnobMan as well as for providing a collection of plugin (ExportMinimizer... etc.)
  • nopCommerce Plugin for Precious Metals Pricing
    This is a plugin for the nopCommerce 2.x e-commerce platform. It allows product pricing to be based on the changing market values of precious metals. This is useful for companies that sell items such as coins or jewelry where the sale price fluctuates with market trends.
  • NppSharp
    Notepad++ plugin to run scripts written in C#/.NET
  • OfficeSWORD
    A sample plugin for uploading Office documents to a repository directly from within the Office applications using the SWORD protocol. Note to implementers: A convention is used for retrieving the AtomPub Service Document from the given endpoint. The suffix "/ServiceDocument" ...
  • OmniKassa for nopCommerce
    OmniKassa payment module plugin for nopCommerce
  • PayPal Express plugin for nopCommerce
    PayPal Express plugin for nopCommerce
  • Play-kanaler (Windows Media Center Plug-in)
    Windows Media Center plugin f?r att kolla p? svenska play-kanaler. F?r nuvarande finns SVT, TV3, TV6, TV8 och Viasat Sport tillg?ngligt. Med detta plugin kan du kolla p? program fr?n dessa kanalers ondemand-tj?nster utan att starta webbl?saren och anv?nda musen.
  • Plugin Collection for Windows Live Writer
    A collection of miscellaneous plugins for Windows Live Writer that use exploratory "hacks" to get around limitations in the Windows Live Writer API.
  • Plugin PagSeguro for NopCommerce 2.5
    PagSeguro paymento module for nopcommerce 2.5 This is a brazilian payment method.
  • PowerPatcher
    PowerPatcher is a replacement launcher for the MMORPG Mabinogi. In addition to a more robust feature set and concise errors, it features a plugin system, allowing anyone to easily create an addin using any .NET supported language.
  • Publish to Photo Frame
    Publish to Photo Frame is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery that makes it easy to copy your photos to a digital photo frame.
  • Readable Passphrase Generator
    Generates passphrases which are (mostly) grammatically correct but nonsensical. These are easy to remember but difficult to guess (for humans or computers). Developed in C# with a KeePass plugin, console app and public API.
  • Reflector.CodeDom
    Reflector.CodeDom is a plugin for Reflector to define a language for Reflector to translate to creating CodeDom code to generate code matching the original code
  • ReSharper PowerToys
    ReSharper PowerToys are plug-ins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper.
  • ReSharper Settings Manager
    R# Settings Manager is a JetBrains ReShaper plug-in that adds an extended ReSharper settings management and sharing capabilities.
  • S3 Browser for Windows Live Writer
    A Windows Live Writer plugin for browsing your Amazon S3 account and insterting references to objects in S3 buckets.
  • Shipping.ByTotal plugin for nopCommerce
    This nopCommerce plugin is a shipping rate computation method that provides preconfigured shipping rates based on an order's subtotal.
  • Spotify Plugin for Jamcast
    This project adds Spotify browse and playback capabilities to Jamcast, a DLNA media server for Windows. The code published here serves as a practical and fully-functional example of how building powerful extensions for Jamcast is made possible using the new Jamcast API. For ...
  • SpreadButton plugin for nopCommerce
    SpreadButton plugin for nopCommerce
  • StyleCop for ReSharper
    "StyleCop for ReSharper" is a ReSharper plugin that allows Microsoft StyleCop to be run as you type, generating real-time syntax highlighting of violations.
  • SuperMemo UX Plugins
    System for extending SuperMemo UX - popular tool for computer-assisted learning. Complete environment for writing new plugins with API covering important SM actions. Example plugins to demo possibility of system. Of course all of these for educational purposes only.
  • Switchboard
    A simple message broker that receives messages from a queue and passes them to plug-in handlers loaded at run time.
  • Syntax Highlighter for Windows Live Writer
    SyntaxHighlight4Writer is a simple plugin for Windows Live Writer that enables a user to insert highlighted source code, it is based on Wilco Bauwer's Syntax Highlighter
  • TerrariaMEF
    A project for loading an unloading Terraria server plugins during runtime.
  • TFS Plugin Suite
    A suite of TFS Plugins that enforces process guidance on the server-side across all teams and is easily customizable to meet the needs of different orgs.
  • TFS to TeamCity Build Notification Plugin
    Have you ever wanted to turn VCS polling off? TFS to TeamCity Build Notification Plugin is a tool that will initiate a build request when your source code is checked in. The only configuration includes deploying the notification website and supplying your VCS roots to notify .
  • Time Clock Calculator
    BCSTimeClock makes it easier for developers to have an on-line time card type system. You will not longer have to use plugins for this functionality. It is developed in c#.
  • TMSPS - TrackMania Server Plugin System
    TMSPS is a .Net based plugin system for the trackmania nations forever dedicated server.
  • Tortoise Plugin
    Tortoise plugin contains issue tracker integration plugins for TFS, and MantisBT on it's way. Other issue tracker will be added in the futur.
  • USAePay nopCommerce Payment Plugin
    A simple plugin for nopCommerce to use the USAePay SOAP API interface for processing credit cards.
  • Windows Live Writer Backup
    WLWBackup is a backup utility for Windows Live Writer. This includes blog settings, posts and plugins.
  • Windows Live Writer Code Colorizer
    Windows Live Writer Code Colorizer is a Windows Live Writer plug-in that provides the means to insert and colorize source code.
  • Windows Live Writer Plugins
    This project is an open place for all developers who want to share their Microsoft Windows Live Writer Plugins with others.
  • Windows Live Writer Source Code plugin for SyntaxHighlighter
    Enables syntax highlighting of source code samples in your blog posts using Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter. The project has two parts integration components with SyntaxHighligher and Windows Live Writer SourceCode plugin.
  • Windows Remote Assistance For Skype
    Wra4Skype is a skype plug-in that allows you to send Windows Remote Assistance invitations using Skype.
  • Word Template Generator
    The Custom Template Generator is a plugin for Microsoft Word, developed in C# The plugin enables you to manage templates for Word documents, generate new documents for you based on the template and automatically fill out some of the values (title, author, etc) for you through...
  • Writerous: A Plug-in For Windows Live Writer
    This plug-in for Live Writer allows the user to create their post in Live Writer and then publish to
  • Writespace
    Writespace is an open source full screen writing environment plug-in for Word inspired by Dark Room for Windows and Write Room for OS X.
  • Zorbo
    Zorbo Server library was designed to add a unique twist to the Ares Galaxy P2P community. It features a large and detailed plugin architecture that allows developers to create rich chatroom experiences while being light-weight and fast.

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