List of Free code MVC


  • ALM Music Store
    This project is based on the popular MVC Music Store Quick Start project. Our goal is to publish a better implementation of it with good coding practices.
  • Application Architecture Guidelines
    An overview of software qualities, principles, patterns, practices. Contains a doc and a sample insurance application developed in ASP.MVC 4.
  • ASP .Net MVC Framework
    The MVC framework is a collection of utilities to make your developing for .Net MVC a pleasure. Includes: Site Maps and Menu Navigation
  • ASP .NET MVC Webshop
    Hy! This is a hungarian university project for a .NET course. We use ASP .NET MVC 3 web application to create a Webshop. There are categories, and each categroies has some products. You can register, sign in, change your password, and order some item.
  • Bee OPOA Platform
    rapid-develop platform include 1,Multi-database supported, 2,MVC, 3,RBAC
  • Bootstrap MVC
    Bootstrap MVC provides additional methods for the MVC HTML Helper in order to generate HTML Code for the Bootstrap framework.
  • C# MVC3 Web CCTV
    The WEB CCTV project allows a remote connection & control of video cameras. If a PTZ camera (Pelco-D, Visca, etc) is connected, a full pan/tilt/zoom/preset/etc command interface is available. SImple webcams (including Kinect) can also be used.
  • Captcha MVC
    CaptchaMVC makes it easier for create captcha for you web-mvc project. It's developed in C#.
  • CCzoomr
    CCzoomr is a complete replacement for the existing CCNet web dashboard that uses the Microsoft MVC Framework.
  • CIM503 - Recruitment Agency Project
    RecruitmentAgency demonstrates a system to enter cvs and jobs online. It is an MVC .NET project written in C#.
  • CodeFirstMVC3
    Hey guys, after reading custom authentication and membership and domain driven design and many multi layer application, i develop a best practice (based on my knowledge ;) ) for authentication and authorization based of Code first and MVC3 for Multi layers application.
  • ddd
    Studay MVC, EasyUI, EF.
  • DevTask
    Dev Task With MVC 4 and EF5
  • Easy Site
    Easy Site in MVC3 Razor. Features: 1. Basic architecture 2. News 3. Custom pages 4. Emails with templates
  • EasyBlog
    easyBlog is an open source, lightweight blog system based on .NET MVC3.0 and EF4.1 CodeFrist. It is also a lightweight framework for web development, you can easily build your own web application based on easyBlog framework. The name easyBlog comes from easyBlog, easy to use, ...
  • ecBlog
    ecBlog is a very simple blog application. Just run and use. Technology Choice I developed the site as expected with the MVC and HTML 5. Why MVC? In fact there is no one reason. I developed with one of the many features of MVC . MVC comes with a specific architecture, it ...
  • EditRegion.MVC
    EditRegion.MVC may be all you want, when you do not want a full CMS. It allows html areas to be edited by nominated users or roles. The API follows a fluent interface and simple to use with almost zero configuration required.
  • emanager
    a project for testing asp mvc 4
  • Embedded RDLC Reports in MVC
    This Embedded Report Solution demonstrates how to embed and render rdlc in an MVC project for basic reporting. You'll be able to throw a report on the response stream in no time. It's developed in C#.
  • Entity.Validation with Attribute Oriented Programming
    Entity.Validation is attribute based validating entity for WPF with MVVM design pattren. This framework is something very similar to data annotation in MVC.
  • EveKill.NET
    My attempt at an MVC-based killboard for Eve Online.
  • Getting Started with Enterprise Library and MVC
    This project is a getting started tutorial about integration between Enterprise library and MVC website
  • Google Maps MVC 4
    Google Maps MVC 4
    GotWell HRMS is a web-based open source human resource management system. It includes modules like Basis, Personnel, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Overtime, Training, Recruitment, Authorization and so on. It's developed in C#, MVC, EXTJS, Linq and MS SQL 2005.
  • Grid.Mvc
    Grid.Mvc - is a component that allows you easy construction of HTML tables for displaying, paging and sorting data from a collection of Model objects.
  • ITProject
    ITProject will be a ASP MVC 3 web application to storage and versioning code and menagement your project. ITProject makes it easier for project leaders to control your source code, bugs and programmers teams.
  • jlmvc
    All of my mvc projects.
  • koossery.MVCwin: an MVC open source framework for winform .NET applications
    koossery.MVCwin is an MVC open source framework for winform .NET applications. koossery.MVCwin is an open source and fully supported Microsoft framework for building winform .NET applications that use a MVC (model-view-controller) pattern.
  • M-V-C 4 LM_Shop project
    Project created to learn MVC.
  • Mighty Mouse MVC
    Mighty Mouse MVC is a sample WinForms application that demonstrates how developers can build applications based on the Model View Controller pattern. It's developed with Visual Studio 2008 in the C# programming language.
  • - mobile CMS. Good for beginners learning MVC and mobile, or webforms programmer seeking to switch to MVC. Simple and friendly design.
  • mozcms
    mozcms for .NET 4.0 MVC 4.0!
  • MVC Coffee Shop
    The vision for MVC coffee shop is to build a web site that takes advantage of the power of the MVC pattern and adapt it to NTier.
  • MVC Controls Toolkit
    MVC Controls Toolkit is a complete set of advanced server controls for MVC ranging from a templated edit-on line datagrid to date-picker and custom formatted textboxes, supporting client validation and globalization. Controls are able to bind properly their input to the ViewModel
  • MVC Dynamic Forms GUI
    MVC Dynamic Forms GUI allows you to create dynamic data-collection forms using Microsoft MVC. It is a complete web front-end that lets you rapidly build data collection forms using quick field configuration and drag-and-drop. This project uses the MVC Dynamic Forms component. ...
  • MVC Logging
    A demo project that shows how to integrate and consolidate popular logging utilities into your MVC website.
  • MvC Movies
    Iterations of how to get started with MVC and EF
  • MVC Scaffolding for WCF Data Services
    This project contains a set of custom templates for MVC Scaffolding that will allow you to scaffold against a WCF Data Service (oData). Using these templates you can scaffold your client side DataServiceContext, Controller and Views using MVC Scaffolding, allowing you to q...
  • MVC Security Extensions
    This project attempts to bridge a gap between web forms and mvc handling of storing secure values on a page. Web Forms has Event Validation, which prevents someone from changing a hidden textbox. This was both good and bad. It helped to prevent someone from tampering with t...
  • MVC Store Demo
    A MVC 3 demonstration site showing what I feel are good practices and useful design patterns when developing a site of this type. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • MVC.ToDoList
    MVC.ToDoList is a MVC2 based ToDo List project which was previously hosted at CodeProject. The latest version offers two modes of working with OpenID integration based authentication service.
  • MVC3 Validation Groups
    Implements web forms style validation groups using MVC3 unobtrusive validation on the client and server side. This is intended to improve the UX experience of validation messages by allowing smaller summaries to be grouped close to their related fields rather than a single ...
  • MVC3 web template
    a standard mvc 3 web project template, includes data layer, service layer and web mvc3 presentation layer.
  • My MVC store Implementation
    My implementation of MVC music store
  • mytrip.mvc (CMS & e-Commerce)
    mytrip.mvc (mtm) is an open source Content Management System, based on Microsoft's .NET MVC technology, which enables you to build Web sites. For now project include several modules: Users, News, Articles, Blogs, Votes and more coming soon. Every module has separated settings..
  • No Brainer: An MVC + CMS Framework
    NoBrainer is an MVC + CMS Framework, as its name suggests for low-fi developers and savvy business stakeholders. It provides developers the flexibility of MVC as well as the control of WebForm, resulting in a testable and content manageable WebForm infrastructure for you appli...
  • Orchard Mvc-Mini-Profiler Module
    Mvc-mini-profiler implementation as Orchard module. Database profiling just has been added. It is much easier to see what Orchard engine do during page processing. Because of database profiling performance overhead is a little higher than in previous version, do not use it on...
  • PhoneGap MVC
    Demo MVC application using PhoneGap
  • RESTController
    Provides a base class implementation for a RESTful controller model. Provides common functionality for the basic controller actions of List, Show, New, Edit, and Delete. It's meant to remove as much of the redundant code for MVC controllers as possible.
  • Script.NET
    Script.NET is a script management utility for web forms and MVC, using ScriptJS-like features to link dependencies between scripts.
  • Sharing Photos using SignalR
    An MVC application using SignalR that can be used to share photos between friends and get realtime updates. Any user connected to the website can upload a photo and each upload will broadcasted to all clients connected at that point. All user connected at any one point will...
  • Simple CQRS Sample
    A simple sample for a CQRS designet application. Includes: - RavenDB for Event- and ReadModel-Sorce - MessageBus based on Reactive Framework Rx - Razor MVC3 WebUI - Some more stuff
  • Simple Forms Authentication in MVC 4
    Simple Forms Authentication - Read more here
  • Simple MVC Web Application Bootstrap Project
    WABO (Web Application Bootstrap) is a simple MVC base project for common tasks (user/group/module management)
  • Simple sample of knockout JS, knockout JS validation and MVC 4
    MVC 4 update based on Visual Studio 2010
  • techanto
    This project is a minimal blog platform, built to run on shared hosting environments using Sql Server CE 4 (tested on Aruba). Used technologies: MVC 3 Sql server CE 4 HTML 5 TinyMCE It suppors: Post editing, creation and publishing Use of tags to organ...
  • TinCan.NET
    Using the TinCan specifications, this C# MVC project attempts to provide endpoints for TinCan compliant clients.
  • TotalFreedom Bootstrap MVC
    This is a small library that allows to use C# classes and helpers to include some of bootstrap controls and components to a MVC page.
  • tradukisto mvc localization project
    Supply ways to facilitate the implementation of localization in aspnet MVC projects.
  • Uco Lite - MVC CMS
    Uco Lite is CMS for small sites. Based on MVC3, Telerik MVC All Data stored in Xml.
  • Vodigi Open Source Interactive Digital Signage
    Vodigi is a free, open source, interactive digital signage software solution that offers all the features you need to promote and advertise your products and services. Vodigi is developed using Microsoft technologies including Visual Studio, C#, MVC, WPF, and SQL Server.
  • WebExtras
    A collection of helper and extension methods for .NET MVC.
  • WinFormsMVC
    An MVC implementation for Windows Forms. It is currently a very rough proof of concept.
  • XPressify
    Social network using ASP .NET MVC 3.0
  • Yawf
    Yawf(Yet another web framework) is web framework with a unique MVC pattern implemented. The framework uses Spring,Hibernatem Ibatis and other known open source library into a rich and simple web framework to use. Yawf exists for .NET and Java platforms.
  • Zeus - MVC Interop Helper
    Zeus is an MVC Interop Helper for sites that are partially in WebForms and partially in MVC. It allows WebForm pages to call MVC Helpers (such as HtmlHelper, UrlHelper, etc.) as well as bind Models and run actions on controllers. This page will soon have more samples of us...

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