List of Free code VisualStudio


  • "Ascend.Net" Windows Forms Controls
    "Ascend.NET" Windows forms controls are a collection of .NET custom controls implemented in C# targeting Visual Studio 2005. The controls are designed to be flexible, but not overly complicated and are reliable under tough conditions.
  • .Net Documentor
    .Net Documentor is an Add-in for Visual Studio 2008 that adds lots of productivity features for source code documentation such as auto-completion of documentation, parsing of projects for missing documentation etc.
  • .NETTER Code Starter Pack
    This is a gallery of *Visual Studio 2010* solutions leveraging latest and new technologies released by Microsoft. Each Visual Studio solution included here is focused to provide a very simple starting point for cutting edge development technologies and framework.
  • Alarm Clock
    This is a simple free open source MIT licensed alarm clock for Windows. It is less than a hundred lines of code. Written in Visual Studio C# 2010 EE.
  • AlbinoHorse
    AlbinoHorse is a UML class designer for Windows Forms that mimics the VS.NET 2008 class designer. Useful for custom IDEs and code generation tools.
  • Apex For Visual Studio
    Apex Language Parser for Visual Studio makes it possible to edit Apex classes inside of Visual Studio. Apex is a programming language used specifically with This was built using the Visual Studio 2008 SDK sample "ManagedMyC" and the Managed Babel library.
  • AppConfig Code Generator
    AppConfig Code Generator, developed in C#, is a Custom Tool for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 which generates a helper class in order to access to the Configuration AppSettings and ConnectionStrings.
  • AsmHighlighter - x86 ASM Syntax Highlighting AddIn for Visual Studio
    AsmHighlighter is an extension to Visual Studio 2008 that provides syntax highlighting for x86 ASM language. MASM and NASM syntaxes are supported.
  • Aspect Oriented Programming AddIn for Visual Studio
    This a Visual Studio AddIn that allows you to create Aspects and weave them statically to your code
  • AssemblyInfo Editor
    AssemblyInfo Editor is a small Visual Studio 2010 extension I developed for my personal use mainly for automatically incrementing AssemblyVersion attributes in my projects since the add-in I used in previous versions of Visual Studio was not available for VS2010.
  • BraceOutliner
    BraceOutliner is an add-in for Visual Studio 2008. It outlines code between matching braces. For now, only C# is supported, I'm hoping to expand it to a complete code folding add-in (not just braces)
  • Build Version Increment Add-In Visual Studio
    An addin for Visual Studio 2005/2008 to auto increment build versions of projects.
  • C# Snippets for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
    A collection of parameterized C# code snippets.
  • Clone Detective for Visual Studio
    Clone Detective is a Visual Studio package that allows you analyze your C# project for clones. A clone is region of source code that is duplicated somewhere else. Having clones can lead inconsistences and maintenaces problems and often is an indicator to perform a refactoring.
  • Code Runner .NET
    Run .NET programs directly from the command line like script. Construct scaffolding to edit and debug your programs easily using Visual Studio 2005.
  • CodePad.NET
    CodePad makes it easier for C# developers to quickly test small code segments without having to create a full Visual Studio project. It's developed in C#.
  • CodePlex Publishing Plugin
    Allows publishing to CodePlex directly from Visual Studio, thus eliminating the unnecessary step of going to the CodePlex site and publishing from there.
  • Colorhat Time Tracker for Visual Studio
    A simple time tracker plugin for Visual Studio.
  • Comet - Visual Studio 2010 Add-In
    Visual Studio Add-In for C# that helps to generate constructors from field/properties and constructors of the superclass. The commands are accessible from the text editor's context menu. Comet is developed in C#.
  • Configuration Section Designer
    A Visual Studio add-in that allows you to graphically design .NET Configuration Sections and automatically generates all the required code and a schema definition (XSD) for them.
  • Daffodil for Visual Studio - Native Multitargeting Platform Toolsets
    Daffodil provides native multi-targeting platform toolsets for Visual Studio 2010 C++ developers who need to target older versions of Visual Studio.
  • Debug Companion
    Extends Visual Studio 2005 with IL (Intermediate Language) debugging capability. This add-in allows to debug .NET FCL (Framework Class Library) assemblies, or any other assemblies wich are registered in GAC, even when no source code is available. Steps to enable IL debugging...
  • Delphi For Visual Studio
    Delphi Win32 development in Visual Studio
  • DockPanel Suite VS2012 Look
    Dock Panel Suite Control C# Visual Studio 2012 Design Look
  • Dynamic Rdlc WebControl
    "Dynamic Rdlc WebControl" is an ASP .NET WebControl to generate dynamic reports in RDLC format without generate physical files. Suports groups and totalizers. It is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, ASP .NET and C# 4.
  • Fault Tolerant Web Service Framework
    A simple web service framework that allow you add some fault tolerance behavour to your web service calls. It currently support : * work with existing code : the generated classes inherits from the ones that visual studio creates so there will be no signature changes *...
  • FileGenerator For Reflector
    This is an add-in for Reflector - it generates code and resource files for a selected assembly, module, namespace, or type. It also creates a VS project file to see the generated files in Visual Studio. Note that this project does NOT contain Reflector.exe. You have to downlo...
  • Find Work Items For Source Items (Visual Studio Extension)
    work4source is a Visual Studio 2010 tool window which finds and lists all TFS work items associated with a specific source control file or folder, avoiding the need to view the details for every changeset. It also includes "versioned item" links which otherwise cannot be f...
  • FSharpJump
    Visual Studio 2010 Extension for F# source files. Pops up a window in the F# editor which outlines the namespaces, 'modules, types and "let bindings" in the current document. Pressing enter key on the selected list item will jump the caret to that line. V 3.0 with many f...
  • Fulcrum
    Fulcrum is a code generation framework built on top of the T4 technology in Visual Studio.
  • FxCop Delta
    A custom check-in policy for Visual Studio Team System that runs FxCop rules before performing a check-in. FxCop Delta differs from the normal static analysis policy by running FxCop only on the code that changed since checking out, thus eliminating tens or hundreds of static ...
  • Genuilder
    Enhancing Visual studio and your build process is two clicks away. This framework does it's best to be out of your way, while improving your development experience seemlessly.
  • GenY
    GenY is a MEF based custom tool (code generator) for visual studio. It also contains a MEF based type wrapper generator, and code generators for creating IObservable versions of events (more generators on the way)
  • Git Source Control Provider
    Git Source Control Provider is a Visual Studio Plug-in that integrates Git with Visual Studio.
  • Go to Browser - Visual Studio 2010 Extension
    This is a visual studio 2010 extension, that goes to a web browser on your repository. If you use a web-based source code review tool, this extension can help you access a code and add comments.
  • Haufe-Lexware Assembly Reference Tool for Visual Studio 2010
    Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010 all lack a good way to define assembly references per solution configuration (?Debug? or ?Release?). This tool fills this gap.
  • iCarus
    PKI Suite for .NET with extended support for Visual Studio and Monodevelop.
  • Indent Guides for Visual Studio
    Displays vertical lines at each indent level in the Visual Studio code editor.
  • InfoPath Forms Services 2010 Web Testing Toolkit
    This project has the tools and information needed to write Visual Studio web tests for InfoPath Forms Services 2010.
  • IntelliCommand
    Visual Studio Extension. Helps to remember shortcut keys. This extension is supported for Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013... Professional and higher.
  • IronBoard
    ReviewBoard Visual Studio extension
    ISP.NET is a code level verification tool for MPI programs. It includes a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows for push button verification of user programs that are written in C, C++ and C#. ISP checks for deadlocks, assertion violations, and other MPI program issues.
  • iTunes Toolbox
    The primary purpose of the iTunes Toolbox is to synchronize the ratings imprisoned in iTunes with the files on your hard disk. The solution has been developed in Visual Studio 2010 using the C# language. The executable requires Windows and the .NET Framework 4.0.
  • JSLint for Resharper
    Adds highlighting of JSLint validation errors to Resharper in Visual Studio.
  • Kinect Hack Demo App
    Demo app that shows some of the OpenNI capabilities with the Kinect Hardware. This app was developed so that anyone can use it as a base framework for OpenNI Kinect development. Eight projects, one VS2010 solution. Each Production node has it's independent source project, an...
  • Load Test EmailReporter PlugIn for VS2010
    Happy to share with other people
  • Local History for Visual Studio
    Local History for Visual Studio automatically creates a history of your files every time they are saved. The history can be compared with the current version.
  • MakeVSProject4FFmpeg
    Creates a VisualStudio-project for building FFmpeg in VisualStudio-IDE from the sources.
  • Managed Stack Explorer
    Member of the Power Toys for Visual Studio Collection - MSE is a lightweight tool that provides a quick and easy way to monitor .NET 2.0 managed processes and their stacks.
  • ManagedUPnP (Managed UPnP client library)
    ManagedUPnP is a library built in .NET 4 using C# for Visual Studio 2010 Express. It uses the Microsoft UPnP COM Implementation.
  • Mercurial Toolbar
    A Mercurial toolbar extension for Visual Studio 2010. Requires TortoiseHg to be installed on the client machine.
  • meta#
    Meta# is a pattern matching library for .net, which includes a flexible grammar language, a visual studio extension and many other tools to help create custom DSLs.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ Editor Extensions
    Improve your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ code editor with the new compatibility feature of installing Visual Studio editor extensions.
  • Microsoft Process Template (MPT)
    The Microsoft Process Template (MPT) is a Microsoft internal, end-to-end project management solution that maps to the Microsoft product development cycle and works with Visual Studio Team System 2008 (VSTS).
  • MiniUML
    MiniUML is a plugin-based diagram editor, developed as part of a course at the Technical University of Denmark. Currently, it supports only UML Class Diagrams (as seen in Visual Studio), but it could theoretically support just about anything. The application is based on C#, .N...
  • MonoDevAssist
    MonoDevAssist makes it easier for MonoTouch and Mono for Android users to develop their applications in Visual Studio for both platforms.
  • Monogame Custom Content Processor For WinRT
    This project shows how to use Custom ContentProcessor with Monogame and Winrt in Visual Studio 2012.
  • Mouse Zoom - Visual Studio Extension
    Mouse Zoom is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that will cause the mouse zoom functionality to zoom at the mouse's cursor instead of at the top of the visible document. In addition, several other mouse zoom features are added.
  • MPF for Projects - Visual Studio 2010
    This project contains sample code for creating a new Project System in Visual Studio 2010.
  • MPF for Projects - Visual Studio 2012
    A community project containing the source code and tests of a library for creating project system plug-ins for Visual Studio 2012 using C#.
  • MSTestExtensions
    The aim of this project is to provide extensions to Visual Studio's MSTest tool. The goal is match the functionality of the xUnit family of testing frameworks where possible. The extensions support MSTest for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. This code base was originally dev...
  • Multi-Project Templates with Wizard: Visual Studio 2010 Sample
    This project shows you simple example of creating multi-project templates with wizard using Visual Studio 2010, which generates VSIX file. A VSIX file enables us to install Visual Studio extensions (tools, controls, template etc) with a single click.
  • NDasm
    Visual Studio add-in that displays IL code for any managed method in your .Net solution. Helpful for studying .Net platform. For example now you can easily see what happens when you are declaring delegate type or how your cool lambda expression actually looks like.
  • NMEA Sentence Parser
    The NMEA Parser is a lightweight library used to parse NMEA sentences. The project is written in C# 4.0, using Visual Studio 2010.
  • Northwind.NET
    Sample Northwind.NET project to demonstrate different technologies and development practices of Visual Studio and .NET Framework....
  • NShader - HLSL - GLSL - CG - Shader Syntax Highlighter AddIn for Visual Studio
    NShader is an extension to Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 that provides syntax highlighting for various shader languages including HLSL - GLSL - CG.
  • OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator
    OMS.Ice is an in-process T4 text template generator. It can be used to parse T4 text templates and to generate textual output at runtime. The OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator has no dependencies to Visual Studio and can be deployed with our application.
  • Open GAX/GAT
    The Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) expands the capabilities of Visual Studio by running guidance packages, which automate key development tasks from within the Visual Studio environment. The Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) allows authoring of guidance packages.
  • Ora
    Ora is a Visual Studio 2008 add-in that provides an instant grouped overview of the class, interface or struct you are viewing or editing. Because the members are grouped in the order of your choosing, and the view instantly appears when you click in the code of a class, there...
  • patterns & practices: Mobile Application Blocks - Community Release
    Allow developers to build mobile applications based on VS2008, .NET CF 3.5 and WM6.1. We are basing the block updates on the Mobile Client Software Factory v1, July 2006 and including improvements by the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile PU.
  • PerformanceCounterTestApp
    C# Performance Counter Test Application developed with Visual Studio 2008
  • Perspectives
    Perspectives makes it easier for Visual Studio 2010 users to manage window configurations. It's developed in C#. It was modeled after the Eclipse Perspectives window management system.
  • Pickler: SpecFlow Feature File Editor
    Pickler allows users to edit SpecFlow files to be written in the Gherkin language efficiently. This includes syntax highlighting and table reformatting so that it need no be done by hand. Visual Studio with SpecFlow support will handles this functionality. This tool is ...
  • RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit
    RAD Studio is the ultimate class object creator / stored procedure generator and data tier creator for C# and other Visual Studio developers.
  • Real Script IDE
    Real Script IDE makes it easier for UDK users to develop and debug UDK scripts. It's developed in C# with using Visual Studio Shell.
  • Redmine Task List
    Redmine Task List Visual Studio Package.
  • Resource Refactoring Tool
    Resource Refactoring Tool is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard or above that allows developers to refactor string literals in to resource files directly from the code window.
  • S3C2440 .NET Micro Framework port
    .NET Micro Framework port for S3C2440 microcontroller. With .NET Micro Framework you can develop programs with C# and Visual Studio.
  • Scaffold it !
    "Scaffold it !" is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that enable you to scaffold elements from your entities. It's a time saver tool that leverage T4 templates and Visual Studio extensibility.
  • Scrum for Team System
    Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System.
  • Scrum Power Tools for Visual Studio
    Scrum Power Tools for Visual Studio is an extension for Visual Studio to support daily scrum activities. Currently supported features: Adds totals of numeric values of opened team queries to status bar to help get an easier overview of total story points, remaining work ...
  • SCWS
    SCWS - XML web service for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (AKA SCOM / OpsMgr). Developed in C# and .Net 3.5 with Visual Studio 2010. Can be used to get information on MonitoringObjects and to control maintenance mode. Ideal for integration with SCCM / ConfigMgr.
  • Serial Capture for Visual Studio
    Serial Capture for Visual Studio captures serial output to an output window pane.
  • SharpSort
    SharpSort is a free open source plugin for VS that makes it easier for Visual Studio 2008 developers to maintain their code clean and readable at all times by grouping and sorting source code members. You can also define your own custom code layout or use predefined ones.
  • Shimmy - Make Visual Studio Bend to Your Will
    Shimmy makes it easier to extend Visual Studio by providing a, MEF-powered, extensibility framework. It's now easy to add functionality to Visual Studio without relying on macros, or needing to recompile and redeploy separate AddIn projects.
  • Skype for Visual Studio
    I created Visual studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 package, that is add Skype into Visual studio , You can use Skype functional as use Skype window like double-click some one to chat with him, send file to your friend vaia this Vistual studio plug-in.
  • SNAK - The Simple NAnt Acceleration Kit
    SNAK is the Simple NAnt Acceleration Kit - a series of custom NAnt task designed to simplify common build and integration practices within NAnt, particularly in combination with VS.Net solutions (including VS2005).
  • Snippet Designer
    Snippet Designer is a Visual Studio plug in which allows you to create, edit and search for snippets inside the IDE.
  • Solution Factory for Vs.Net
    Solution Factory is a Visual Studio Addin that exports a solution as a Visual Studio multi-project template. The template can be used to provide best practices for specific software development practices.
  • Solution Manager
    Solution Manager makes it easy to manage all your projects. Solution Manager is an Addin for Visual Studio 2008 written in C# that allows you to manage all of you projects from a central location and works similar to an explorer window.
  • Solution Settings for Visual Studio
    Solution Settings for Visual Studio allows a file containing settings such as formatting, fonts and colors to be included with a project. When the solution is opened, these settings are automatically applied, and when it is closed, the changes are reverted.
  • Static Analyzer For Integration Services Packages
    The parser check Best practice guidelines in Business Intelligence projects. Packages can be studied which are created with Visual Studio 2010.
  • StyleCopFixer
    Visual Studio package that automatically fixes StyleCop warnings. Once you have a list of the StyleCop warnings in the Visual Studio ErrorList window you are then able to right click and select Fix It. If the warning is in the list StyleCopFixer will fix it for you. ** ...
  • Sudoku Studio
    Sudoku Studio allows you to play Sudoku from within visual studio while you're writing code!
  • Sweeper
    Sweeper is a Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 add-in for C# that takes care of many of the trivial code-formatting issues that developers run into - particularly if they use StyleCop. It is developed in C#.
  • Switcher 2012
    Allows for fast switching between source and header file in Visual Studio 2012
  • System Center 2012 - Operations Manager Managed Module Samples
    Sample Visual Studio 2010 projects that illustrate how you can create custom module types for System Center 2012 - Operations Manager. The project contains the C# code for creating data source, write action, probe and condition detection modules and more.
  • System Definition Model Extension Package for Visual Studio 2005
    Package designed to enable integrated innovation of the System Definition Model (SDM) with Visual Studio 2005 across Windows operating systems, .NET applications, hardware, and management tools.
  • TDMG Data First Module Code Generator
    This is a Visual Studio Extension designed for C# using Visual Studio 2010 Pro, Ultimate, C# Web Express, and Visual Studio 2012 Pro, Ultimate, and C# Web Expre
  • Team Build Inspector
    An add-in for Visual Studio Team Explorer that monitors the status of build definitions by its latest build, latest good build & underlying source code status.
  • Team Foundation Build Customization Guide
    Visual Studio ALM Rangers practical guidance for the customization and deployment of Team Foundation Build activities such as versioning and code signing.
  • TeamReview - TFS Code Review
    The most complete solution for Team System Code Reviews: a specific work item type and a Visual Studio add-in for a completely in IDE code review experience. TeamReview exploits the advantages of Team System and VSX to reduce waste and surface new business value from code reviews
  • TFS Source Control History Visualization
    TFS source control history visualization (Visual Studio 2012 extension), dynamic & interactive. Looks like a fascinating creation of a new galaxies in space.
  • TFS Sticky Buddy for Visual Studio Team System
    TFS Sticky Buddy makes it easyer for all members of the development team to visulise the current state of their project by utilising a graphical view of Work It
  • TFS Test Steps Editor
    Lightweight editing and results publishing for Visual Studio Microsoft Test Manager 2010 test case steps.
  • TFSBuildLab
    TFSBuildLab is a project to simplify the day to day operations when using automated builds and continuous integration with Visual Studio Team System.
  • TFSBuildManager
    TFSBuildManager is a utility to manage Team Foundation build types in an environment other than Visual Studio.
  • TMap for VS2010
    TMap for VS2010 Process Template. A structured test management approach for VS2010 delivered by a Process Template with a detailed descriptive guidance .
  • Tools for SLN file (Visual Studio Solution file)
    'Tools for SLN File' make it easier for developers to compare, merge or filter the ".sln" files generated by Visual Studio. It's developed in C#.
  • UIMap Toolbox
    UIMap Toolbox allows you to restructure, split and merge UIMaps created for Microsoft CodedUI tests in Visual Studio 2010. Developed in C#/.NET 4.0
  • UltraRDC
    For those of you like me that spend much of your day with multiple remote desktop windows open to various machines, I've developed a Visual Studio-style tabbed interface for RDC, complete with dockable and autohidable favorites and history panels.
  • VirtualScreenMaximizer
    Small utility that maximizes user's windows over the entire virtual screen area (that is, all monitors). It registers configurable hotkeys and runs in the traybar. Pretty cool effect on VS 2005 - I recommend it.
  • Visual Localizer
    Visual Localizer is an opensource plugin for VS 2008, 2010 and 2012. It provides advanced functionality for project localization and resource management.
  • Visual Studio - Lua Language Support
    This addon for Visual Studio 2008 allows for syntax coloring, and error checking of the Lua script language. NEW: Visual Studio 2010 support has been added!
  • Visual Studio 2005 Add-In Suite
    The current Sandcastle release isn't very user friendly. Capturing all the functionality in a Visual Studio 2005 Add-In makes more sense.
  • Visual Studio 2012/2013 Help Downloader
    Tool for downloading the Visual Studio 2012/2013 help packages for offline use
  • Visual Studio Code Line Counter
    VS Code Line Counter parses a Visual Studio solution file (.sln), reads each included project, and counts the number of lines in each included file.
  • Visual Studio Coverage file to Emma converter
    Visual Studio Coverage file to Emma converter. Simple solution, can apply only one tool to five Visual Studio versions. Fast multicore processing.
  • Visual Studio Icon Patcher
    Visual Studio Icon Patcher allows you to update Visual Studio 2012 with the icons from Visual Studio 2010.
  • Visual Studio Lab Management Guide
    Visual Studio ALM Rangers practical and scenario-based guidance, backed by custom VM Template automation for reference environments
  • Visual Studio Like ErrorList control
    An error list control much like the one seen in visual studio for use in your own projects.
  • Visual Studio LoadTest Ramper
    Visual Studio LoadTest 2010 Ramp-Up or Ramp-Down Control. This control along with provided LoadTest plugin can help to ramp the current user load easily.
  • Visual Studio Managed Package Framework for Projects (MPFProj)
    A community project containing the source code and tests of a library for creating project system plug-ins for Visual Studio 2008 and upwards using C#.
  • Visual Studio Most Recent Files Utility
    Manage your recent projects and solutions list for Visual Studio. Supports VS 2003, 2005, and 2008.
  • Visual Studio Private Extension Gallery
    Add a new tab in the Visual Studio extension manager to manage private extensions.
  • Visual Studio Project and Item Templates for StreamInsight
    This project contains Visual Studio Extensions (VSIX) projects with item and project templates for Microsoft StreamInsight development, helping developers build common items more quickly. Templates for projects and adapters are included.
  • Visual Studio Project Converter
    This project is inspired by the original source code provided by Emmet Gray to convert Visual Studio solution and project files from one version to another (both backwards and forwards). This project has been converted to C# and updated to support new features.
  • Visual Studio Project Renamer
    A tool to rename projects created in visual studio. Supports renaming of C#, VB and C++ projects for now.
  • Visual Studio PS3 Extension and Tools
    An extension to Visual Studio to compile Playstation 3. Including an SFO editor and Package creator.
  • Visual Studio Settings Switcher
    Switches between Visual Studio settings automatically when a solution is opened. Also switches or exports settings at the click of a button.
  • Visual Studio Solution Generator for C# Projects
    This utility generates Visual Studio solutions files and modifies C# project files (.csproj) to change assembly references to project references and vice versa.
  • Visual Studio Solution Sorter
    If your Visual Studio projects do not display in alphabetical order in your solution, use this tool to fix the sorting of the items in your Solution (.sln) file.
  • Visual Studio Spell Checker
    A Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type. Supports configuration and various languages.
  • Visual Studio String Debug Visualizer
    Visual Studio Visualizer that display a split window of a String variable's value in both standard and hex values revealing hidden escape and control characters
  • Visual Studio Translator
    This is extension for Visual Studio 2010 that thanslates selected text in the editor
  • Visual Studio WebTest Viewer
    Visual Studio WebTest Viewer is a portable tool which reads VSTS WebTest XML into familiar tree structure. It could be used to open WebTests exported from Fiddler. Due to its small size it can be placed on the USB stick and run from any PC with .NET framework installed.
  • VisualCSLA
    Visual Studio Extension to design special class diagrams and generate CSLA Code out of it Based on CSLA.Net and the visual studio modeling sdk
  • VisualHG
    Mercurial source control provider plugin for MS Visual Studio 2005, MS Visual Studio 2008 and MS Visual Studio 2010.
  • VisualStudio MonoTouch 2012
    This project contains a simple project template that enables MonoTouch Projects to be loaded in Visual Studio 2012.
  • VS Prolog 2010
    VSProlog is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows coloring the prolog code. I use Prolog with Visual Studio and I was tired of having Visual Studio beheaving just like notepad, thus, this extension.
  • VS2012 MSHA file builder
    visual studio 2012 help view msha file creation
  • VSIX Editor
    VSIX Editor is a small handy tool to quickly tweak your Visual Studio Extension Packages.
  • VSSDK Assist - A visual toolset of utilities for extending Visual Studio.
    A visual toolset of utilities for extending Visual Studio.
  • VSTalk
    Jabber client for Visual Studio.
  • VsTortoise - a TortoiseSVN add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio
    VsTortoise for Visual Studio 2008-2013 provides an interface to perform common SVN operations directly from inside the IDE. It support TortoiseSVN 1.6-1.8.
  • Web and Load Test Plugins for Visual Studio Team Test
    Contains custom validation rules, extraction rules, web test plugins and load test plugins for Visual Studio Web tests and Load tests.
  • Web-Developer Utilities
    Web-Developer Utilities is a bundle of some useful Visual Studio Extensions for web-developers, especially for asp-developers.
  • win-FFmpeg
    Port of FFmpeg to a VisualStudio-build (with Intel-compiler)
  • Windows Live Writer - PlugBlog
    PlugBlog is an open source project focused on Windows Live Writer. Goal is to help developers integrate existing weblog systems with Live Writer and to help them develop Live Writer plugins by providing them documentation, samples, screencasts and Visual Studio templates.
  • Wix Installer Toolkit
    An integrated toolset in Visual Studio that rapidly builds your WIX installer for you, using the industry's best practices.
  • wscf.lightblue
    wscf.lightblue makes it easier for developers to generate code from WSDL and XSD files. Its a Visual Studio Add-In that wraps SvcUtil.exe. The project does the same thing, but it doesn't supports reusing types from referenced assemblies. Developed in C#, VS 2010.
  • Xaml Formatter for VS 2013
    Xaml Formatter for VS 2013 is a fork of Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension repackaged for VS 2013 preview.
  • Xaml Helpmeet
    Xaml Helpmeet is a Visual Studio 2012 extension with powerful tools to help developers write Xaml code.
  • XAML Localize
    The objective is to extract strings from xaml file and generate resx file. The tool is integrated in Visual Studio.
  • Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension
    "XAML Styler" is a VS 2012 extension, which makes XAML beautify, format, reformat much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.
  • Xml Visualizer v.2
    Xml Visualizer v.2 improves the standard Xml Visualizer in Visual Studio. Works as Xml Visualizer in both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. The new Xml Visualizer v.2 uses Internet Explorer as Xml rendering engine so features like search is available unlike the standard Xml Visual...
  • Xsl To .NET Code Generator
    This is an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it helps you generate C# code from an xsl template; C# does not have the power of C++ templates (I know C# has generics, but they are not exactly the same); but it can easily use the power of xsl templates to generate tons of cod

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