List of Free code Windows


  • .NET Task Service
    This project contains a Windows service application that provides the ability to create .NET assemblies that can be scheduled to run at any time, similar to that of the Windows AT scheduler.
  • adHoc 8
    Creates adHoc connection in Windows 8.
  • Agile Poker Cards for Windows Mobile
    During a scrum or other agile processes, you have to estimate the size of a user story during a planning session. With the Agile Poker Cards program there is no need for using real cards anymore!
  • Amazon S3 Filesystem for Windows
    WinS3fs is a filesystem for Windows written in C#, allowing access to Amazon S3 Storage. It implements a local virtual SMB server \\s3 to allow access to Amazon S3 buckets.
  • AppFabric Extensions
    AppFabric Extensions is a set of management extension for Windows Server AppFabric. Instead of having a seperate executable, AppFabric Extensions integrates itself into IIS 7+ management console, just like Windows Server AppFabric does.
  • ArkSwitch
    ArkSwitch is an easy to use, finger-friendly task manager for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (with a WM6.5 compatibility mode). It is developed mainly in C#, with a C++ helper DLL.
  • Asianet Broadband Login Application For Windows
    This application allow Asianet Broadband / DataLine users to automatically log in without using a browser and is totally hassle free.
  • Atlas
    Atlas is a .NET application host which allows you to run applications hosted in the Console or as a Windows Service seamlessly.
  • Avebury
    E-commerce business logic library, with accompanying Windows service for recurring tasks. Provides basic notifications, logging, and service layer functionality
  • BabySmash! For Babies and Toddlers
    As babies smash on the keyboard, colored shapes, letters and numbers appear on the screen. Baby Smash will lock out the Windows Key, as well as Ctrl-Esc and Alt-Tab so your baby can't get out of the application. Pressing ALT-F4 will exit the application and Shift-Ctrl-Alt-O br...
  • BeatportPro
    Windows version of Beatport Pro
  • Better Explorer
    This is a replacement of standard windows explorer with more features for more convenient work! It features tabs, ribbon interface, context based actions.
  • Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps Training Kit
    This training kit consists of a power point slide deck which gives an overview of how to create a Windows Store App that uses Bing Maps.
  • Bing4Free - wallpaper downloader + changer
    Yet another wallpaper downloader. You can schedule the application to download wallpaper from daily or even hourly. The application also act as wallpaper changer which help you to change you windows desktop wallpaper.
  • BreadcrumbBar
    A control that mimics the look and actions of the Windows Vista Explorer address bar.
  • Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML
    This project hosts the source code used in the example projects for the book, Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML.
  • BuildScreen
    A standalone Windows application to displays project build statuses from TeamCity. It can be used on a large screen for the whole development team to watch their build statuses as well as on a developer machine.
  • C# Code Generator Tool
    This is a simple windows application that can help you create c# classes with various properties. This utility was created to reduce the amount of time spent on redundant code written everytime I need to add multiple properties in a class. With this I can add multiple properti...
  • C4F - Federated search provider definition generator
    Creates search provider definitions (OSDX format) for Windows 7 federated search. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun).
  • C4F - Timezone Changer
    This is an extension for my MEF Utility Runner to change your system time zone based on your current location. Uses Windows 7 location feature. This project has been written as part of an MSDN Coding 4 Fun article in both C# and VB.
  • CallButler Open Source PBX
    CallButler is a FREE Windows-based open source PBX, IVR and Auto-Attendant Phone System built on .NET. It was a commercially available product, but is now being put into Open Source.
  • CaptureIt Plus
    CaptureIt Plus is an easy to use screen capture utility for Windows Platform. Helps to capture screen in various modes. Developed in C#. Licensed under GNU GPL v2.
  • Certificate Request (PKCS#10) Generator
    A .NET application that can create PKCS#10 Certificate Requests, either by generating a new key or reusing a preexisting one. Minimum requirement : Windows Vista and above. .NET 2.0.
  • CharmFlyout - A Metro Flyout Custom Control
    A custom control for displaying flyouts from the settings charm in Windows Metro style (WinRT) applications written in C# / XAML.
  • CloudDrive
    Utility to map windows drives to different cloud hosting services.
  • Coding4Fun Toolkit
    Coding4Fun provides toolkits and samples that aim at helping developer's lives easier. Coding4Fun Toolkit has Windows Store and Window Phone Controls
  • Computer_ID
    A small tool for reading a lot of useful information from the WMI. Like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, CPU information, Motherboard info, Graphics card info, and some Windows infomation like, Version, Build, Install date, serial number and product key.
  • Contacts.Net
    A managed library to work with the Windows Contacts platform introduced in Windows Vista
  • CoveSmushbox
    A simple .NET library and a Windows CLI to the SMUSH Box.
  • Deep Mix Moscow Radio WP7 Mango Client
    deep mix moscow radio wp7 mango mp3 stream
  • Departure
    Departure is a Windows Mobile application that allows users to get train departures from german stations and filter them for their needs.
  • Donsole
    A live debugger console for windows client applications.
  • dotNetInstaller: setup bootstrapper for Windows (MOVED TO GITHUB)
    Setup bootstrapper for Windows. You can use dotNetInstaller to create a setup bootstrapper to install the correct prerequisites software components for your application setup.
  • dotsoftRAID
    This project is a software for using RAID on windows without special hardware ("Software RAID").
  • Double Feature
    Double Feature is a simple movie organizer for Windows, designed for small and medium-sized collections.
  • Droid Explorer
    A tool to manage your rooted android device with the simplicity of Windows Explorer.
  • Eisenhower Tasks Application
    Windows application aiding in tasks organization, according to Eisenhower matrix principles.
  • EV Dashboard
    EV Dashboard is Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile app to monitor and manage Electric Vehicle operation.
  • FFWinMobile
    FFWinMobile is a windows mobile 6 client for FriendFeed. With FFWinMobile you can, - Read your feeds, - Read your friends feeds, - Post an entry, - Post a comment to an entry, - Like or unlike an entry, - Subscribe to a feed, - Unsubscribe from a feed, - And more..
  • Fluid - Windows Mobile .NET Touch Controls
    Windows Mobile Fluid Touch Controls Library Fluid is a .NET 2.0 control library for Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 with touch controls.
  • Folder Synchronizer
    This project is about a windows application to keep folders synchronized.
  • Go To
    - Start searching for an appropriate location.(Company, Fast food, Hotel.. ). - Keep track of your location info. - It's developed in C# and deploy in WP7.
  • Google Analytics for WinRT (Windows 8 "Metro" apps)
    WinRT Google Analytics - use Google Analytics in your Metro (WinRT) apps
  • Hawkeye - The .Net Runtime Object Editor
    Debugging a managed Windows application is, most of the time, not an easy task. Thus, any tool that can help will make your life easier. Hawkeye is the only .Net tool that allows you to view, edit, analyze and invoke (almost) any object from a .Net application. Whenever you ...
  • HL7 Analyst
    HL7 Analyst allows users to view, edit, and save Version 2.x HL7 messages. You'll never have to count pipe characters in notepad again. Hl7 Analyst is developed in C# 4.0 for the windows platform and is released under the GPL V2 Open Source License.
  • Home Server SMART Classic
    Home Server SMART is a hard disk and SSD health monitoring, reporting and alerting tool for Windows Home Server.
  • HorseRaces
    Exercise inspired on example found in book "Designing for scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA" by Sten Sundblad and Per Sundblad
  • HyperStat.NET
    HyperStat is the minimalist's static website compiler, designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Written in C#.NET for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • KeyboardMouseHooks C# Library
    KeyboardMouseHooks C# classes are part of RamGec Tools collection for .NET developers. It enables you, in a very easy, optimized and OO-way, via C# events system to install and track low level Windows keyboard and mouse hooks.
  • LANChat
    Chat with friends and co-workers over your local intranet. Youll no longer have to worry about finding your way around a complicated interface! Developed in C#.Net this application is great for windows systems!
  • Laptop LoJack
    This project uses the Windows 7 Location Platform and IP geocoding to report the location of your laptop - even without a GPS!
  • LateNight WP7 Animations Library
    A small library for enhancing animations in WP7
  • LaunchLater
    LaunchLater allows you to defer the launch of applications that run at Windows login. This lets Windows focus on booting itself first, then subsequently running a list of configured startup apps using a schedule that you control.
  • LAura
    LAura checks the presence status of the currently signed in User and colorizes the Windows Window Color.
  • List
    List is an application for writing lists and checking items off. Flat lists and hierarchies are supported. List is produced for Windows, Windows Mobile and soon for Windows Mobile for Smart Phones. It is developed in C#.
  • Live Messenger
    Live Messenger is a Windows Live Messenger module for DNN
  • Logwiz - Automate the collection of Performance monitor logs using logman.exe
    This tool is used to automate the process of collecting Performance monitoring data using logman.exe on Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2
  • Managed SideShow Driver for PocketPC
    We have build a Windows Vista Sideshow driver for a PocketPC 2003 (and higher) device in managed code (C#). Only a very small unmanaged (C++) library is used as an entrypoint for the managed portion of the SideShow driver. The Sideshow driver basically implements all required...
  • mceTapiRexv2
    With TapiRex, you will always know who is calling you at the first ring of your telephone! If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005? or Windows Vista Media Center as your Home Media Center, TapiRex can even make this fabulous product better! In mceTapiRexv2 we...
  • MDT Metro Monitoring
    This is a sample app to monitor MDT deployment remotly from a Windows 8 Computer
  • Media Center Commander
    Media Center Commander allows you to change Live TV channels in Windows Media Center via the command-line (and thus desktop shortcuts).
  • Metro English Persian Dictionary
    This is an English - Persian (Farsi) dictionary designed and developed for Windows 8 Metro User Interface which contains over 50000 words.
  • MetroBlog
    A Windows 8 Metro inspired blog.
  • MetroToolbox
    A library of useful tools for developer metro apps on windows rt.
  • miniTeach
    miniTeach is the mobile version of Teach2000 - train your vocabulary on the road with miniTeach and your mobile phone. All you need is a Smartphone or PocketPC with Windows CE. You have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Check out the AppStore!
  • MO Virtual Router
    Virtual Router For Windows 8
  • Mobile Car Manager
    Mobile Car Manager is a Windows Mobile application that helps you to keep the costs of your car under control.
  • Mother of All Syntax Highlighters for Windows Live Writer
    Collection of Syntax Highlighters.
  • Mouse Jiggler
    Mouse Jiggler is a very simple piece of software whose sole function is to "fake" mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth.
  • MSHelpMeHD
    A Windows 8 Store App.
  • Multi-Touch Vista
    Multi-Touch Vista is a user input management layer that handles input from various devices (touchlib, multiple mice, TUIO etc.) and normalises it against the scale and rotation of the target window. Now with multitouch driver for Windows 7.
  • MultipointTUIO
    Use multiple mouse to control TUIO based apps. I built this originally to test Multitouch Apps in Windows
  • My Journal Tracker - a DayOne Snapshot Client for Microsoft Windows
    write your DayOne journal (a iOS and Mac OSX journal app) on your Windows PC. Make nice snapshots and view your journal on your iPad.
  • NAntMenu
    NAntMenu is a Windows Shell Extension allowing you to run NAnt build scripts directly from within Windows Explorer.
  • NavsGo - GPS management software
    NavsGo is GPS management software to help the windows mobile users to use GPS and navigation function in an easy and comprehensive way. NavsGo can auto detected the navigation applications which have installed on the device. NavsGo is developed in C# with CF 3.5.
  • Not Windows Store
    Currently the only option for sharing apps on Windows 8.
  • Oasis Text
    Oasis Text is a simple, free text editor for Windows. It is written in C# and built with the ScintillaNET editing component. It is a work in progress and is free and open source software.
  • Opalis Scheduled Tasks Integration Pack
    A Opalis integration pack for manipulating scheduled tasks on windows systems.
  • OpenNETCF Desktop Communication Library
    A managed code library wrapper around the Remote Application Programmer's Interface (RAPI) exposed by ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).
  • Orchard Windows Authentication
    This module allows Windows domain users to be authenticated in Orchard.
  • P3SS (Pop3 to SMTP Server)
    A Pop 3 to SMTP connector that supports Encryption (implicit/explicit SSL/TLS), APOP and leaving\deleting messages on the server after collection. P3SS is built as a windows service that logs errors to the Windows Event Log and is coded in C# 3.5.
  • Padsurface
    Goal: an app to collaboratively make beats on a Windows 8 tablet
  • Parsec SWTOR Parser
    .NET Combat Log Parser Windows Application for SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic)
  • patterns & practices: Prism for the Windows Runtime
    The Prism library and the associated AdventureWorks Shopper RI demonstrate how to create Windows Store business apps using C# and XAML for Windows 8.
  • Photo Collage Screensaver
    Photo Collage Screensaver is a Windows screensaver written in .NET. It takes pictures from your computer and turns them into a beautiful collage screensaver.
  • Pocket GPW
    Aplikacja Windows Mobile notowa? Gie?dy Papier?w Warto?ciowych.
  • Pomodoro Timer for Windows TaskBar
    A Pomodoro timer which sits in the Windows 7 TaskBar. Uses the TaskBar icon overlay to show remaining session minutes and uses TaskBar JumpList for actions.
  • PPCalc
    ProPoints/WeightWatchers points calculator for Windows 8.
  • Present it now!
    PresentItNow allows to present the desktop to others on the LAN. Since SharedView does not work with IE9 and Netmeeting is not working on Vista/Windows 7 there is a need for a tool to be able to share the desktop with others on the LAN. This is a simple tool written in C#.
  • Project Resistance
    The idea behind Project Resistance is to provide documentation of the entire path of a Windows Mobile application from concept to code to publication in the Marketplace for Windows Mobile.
  • QFX Proxy
    The goal of this project is to develop a Windows application that converts financial data of multiple formats to the QFX format. QFX is the format used by Quicken 2008. Currently most banks of USA and Canada export their data to the QFX format. However, banks from another co...
  • Registry Editor for Windows Mobile
    A registry editor for Windows Mobile 6.x and 5.x based devices.
  • Remote Control for Windows 7 Media Center
    Allow you to control Windows 7 Media Center from another PC.
  • RWC - RWR Windows Components
    RWR Windows Components has a bunch of handy components for automating DataGrid coding with built-in features like Sort, Filter, Find, Select and Sequence Columns, and Select AlternatingRowsBackColor.
  • Sample EventAgregator
    Sample EventAgregator This is an example of using EventAgregator on WinRT / Windows 8 with the C # programming language. EventAgregator itself is part of Prism
  • SBar Taskbar Replacement
    This is a windows taskbar replacement software that add some new functionality present in Windows 7 to older Microsoft operating systems like Vista and XP
  • See Through Windows
    Press a hotkey to make the current window transparent, allowing you to see through it! Press hotkeys to minimize/maximize the current window, or to send it to another monitor (like Windows 7, except also if you don't have Windows 7)
  • Service Debugger Helper
    This is a project to help building Windows Service that are easily debuggable.
  • ServiceMon - Extensible Real-time, Service Monitoring Utility for Windows
    Standalone real-time, service monitoring tool which runs a script to define monitoring actions. Comes with built-in operations and easily extensible using .NET
  • SetServiceSecurity
    A command line utility that enables setting ServiceRights for Windows services.
  • SharpKeys
    SharpKeys is a utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. Included in the application is a list of common keyboard keys and a Type Key feature to automatically recognize most keyboard keys. It was originally developed in C# using...
  • SharpShell
    SharpShell is a .NET class library that lets you build Windows Shell Extensions using C# or VB.
  • SharpUpdater
    Auto-updater for Windows Desktop applicatons.
  • SharpUPnP
    SharpUPnP is an attempt to create an UPnP library for .NET, mainly focused on functionalities that are related with NAT devices and NAT traversal behavior. The goal of this project is to offer developers a managed-code alternative to the COM Library that is shipped with Windows.
  • SheepDog - Off-screen Window Manager
    SheepDog is a free utility for repositioning off-screen windows.
  • SideWinder Strategic Commander Revival
    Provides an editor for the "Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander" that is compatible with the latest Windows edition.
  • SoftSled
    An open source Windows 7 Media Center Extender written in .NET.
  • StackOverflow Notifier
    Windows taskbar notification application that tells about about status changes in a user's StackOverflow account (ex. reputation changed)
  • System Updates Gatherer
    A simple command-line utility written with .Net 4.0 using C#. The utility allows collection of Windows Update information on machines both local and remote.
  • TAPIOCA: XBRL Validation Engine for .NET
    XBRL validation Engine that complies 100% with the XBRL 2.1 specification requirements and Dimension 1.0 specification. Windows desktop application for .NET.
  • Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper
    This project provides a single assembly wrapper for the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of Task Scheduler found in all Microsoft operating systems post Windows 98. It simplifies the coding, aggregates the multiple versions, provides an editor and allows for localization support.
  • Taskbar Meters
    Incredibly simple meters that live in the Windows 7 task bar.
  • Tequila WP7 toolkit
    A set of controls and extensions that make life easier if you develop for WP7
  • Test Case Manager
    A Windows Application which extends Microsoft Test Manager. Features: * one click search * test case export * better test case reader * extended edit mode
  • TfsAlert
    TfsAlert is a Windows System Tray application which monitors for subscribed TFS notifications and will display a balloon window accordingly. In addition to notifications a user will have the ability to control limited TeamBuild functionality.
  • Touchmote
    Wiimote touch simulation software for Windows 8 HTPCs
  • TrafficWatcher
    The application is for live monitoring of city traffic and showing the travel time from A to B in Windows notification area of a PC.
  • TwitterRt - Tweet from Windows Metro Apps
    Add the ability to tweet from your WinRT application.
  • UFP
    Demonstration project for all sorts of Windows 8 Store functionality
  • uLog
    Windows Server Logging with extendet notifications
  • Unfuddle Pop2Ticket.NET
    Pop2Ticket is a Windows Service that checks a POP3 account for new messages and adds them as tickets to a project at
  • Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2
    The original open source Wifi Hotpot for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012!
  • VPNMonitor
    Tool that monitors VPN connection and reconnect if specified hosts are unavailable. Tool can be installed as Windows Service, so VPN Monitor begins it's work as the computer starts. No human actions needed.
  • Wallpaper Juggler
    A configurable app for Windows 7, Vista and XP to download wallpapers from or and change them periodically. It's developed in C#.
  • Wallpaper Rotator
    Wallpaper Rotator allows to dynamically change the desktop background. While this is a native feature in Windows 7, XP users need to rely on third-party applications like this to periodically change the wallpaper. Developed in C#, based on Arbel Kfir's Wallpaper Changer 1.1
  • wBudget
    wBudget is a simple budgeting app for windows 8 developed for learning purposes by students.
  • WeatherBar
    WeatherBar is an application written in C# to show the weather in a specific location. One point that makes this application different from other weather applications and gadgets is the ability to integrate with the Windows 7 taskbar.
  • WebPing - Ping webpages and log content to eventlog
    WebPing is a free simple tool that allows you to ping a webpage and log returning content to Windows eventlog. I developed it to call some webpages on my server to refresh caches automatically with the task scheduler. It's written in C#.
  • WhiteBoard
    *NittiTre WhiteBoard* Windows application that functions as a whiteboard on top of the screen, allowing you to write and paint on top of other applications. *Features:* * Five colors (rec, blue, green, black and white eraser) * Variable opacity on board from opaque to barel...
  • Wii Media Controller
    Wii Media Controller is a remote controller for your Windows Media Player & iTunes media players, it will help you control your media player at home or at parties from distance. It is based on Brian Peek's WiimoteLib library. It's developed using C# programming language.
  • WiiM?B - Finally, a decent gamepad for PocketPC
    Project to allow the WiiMote to interoperate with Windows mobile
  • Win8Controls
    This project contains XAML based calendar control for WinRT / Windows Store Style application.
  • WinDhcp
    A Windows DHCP Server Written in C#.
  • Windows 7 as an access-point
    This sample program shows how to use Windows 7 as an wireless LAN access-point.
  • Windows 7 Suspend/Resume Control
    Windows 7 Suspend/Resume Control
  • Windows 8 Company Store
    This is a Windows 8 Internal Comany Store. Using this application, companies will be able to provide recommanded ModernUI applications using GPP to users.
  • Windows 8 Library
    Easy-to-use library for utilize Windows Immersive features.
  • Windows App Boss
    Windows App Boss is a utility that allows you to add & remove apps, view and launch apps, create and swap app states, and manage developer licenses.
  • Windows Auto-Login and Application Auto-Start Setup Tool
    Developed over C# .NET 4.0, this simple setup tool presents a simple interface to configure Windows automatic login and automatic application start.
  • Windows Double Explorer
    Windows Double Explorer manages two or more Windows Explorer in one application. Also you can add your favorite folders with drag and drop to the toolbar for quick access. It's easyier to manage your disc structure. (A kind of Norton Commander or Total Commander)
  • Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Tools
    Some applications to add to Compact 2013 OS that were available in previous versions of Windows Embedded Compact/CE but not part of the current version.
  • Windows Firewall Notifier
    Windows Firewall Notifier (WFN) extends the default Windows embedded firewall behavior, allowing to visualize and handle incoming or outgoing connections.
  • Windows Input Simulator (C# SendInput Wrapper - Simulate Keyboard and Mouse)
    The Windows Input Simulator provides a simple .NET (C#) interface to simulate Keyboard or Mouse input using the Win32 SendInput method. All of the Interop is done for you and there's a simple programming model for sending multiple keystrokes.
  • Windows Keys Extender
    In windows 7 really helpful opportunity to change the position of the windows by pressing hotkeys Win + (Left | Right | Up | Bottom). This project give these functionallity to Vista and WinXP.
  • Windows Live ID SSO CAS
    Windows Live ID SSO CAS integration sample
  • Windows Live Messenger Developer Samples
    This project contains coding samples to help you get going with Windows Live Messenger application development.
  • Windows Service Manager Tray
    Do you spend lots of time starting up the default windows service manager? Do you develop a lot and start/stop/restart services? If so you came to the right place. This software runs in the tray and you can select which services you want to control from the tray.
  • Windows Services Dependency Viewer
    Windows Services Dependency Viewer is a simple tool that provides the following information: * Windows service dependent and antecedent services * Services grouped by process * Service details (from Win32_Service WMI class) * Service process details (from Win32_Process WMI class
  • Windows System Function Library
    A managed library that helps call system functions in .NET program in a few lines of code with better object-oriented/event model. For example, adjust system volume, change desktop wallpaper, handle system hot keys.
  • Windows Update Notifier
    Windows Update Notifier informs about Windows Updates via a desktop notification. Furthermore it enables to install Windows Defender Updates automatically.
  • Windows Weibo all in one for Sina Sohu and QQ
    Windows Weibo all in one for Sina Sohu and QQ.
  • Windows XP Snipping Tool
    Windows XP Snipping Tool brings the basic functionality of Windows 7 Snipping Tool to Windows XP. Crop, resize, copy to clipboard are some of its screen shot features. It is developed in C#. (Currently Under Development) Be sure to check out our website for more useful soft...
  • WindowSMART
    WindowSMART 2013 and Home Server SMART 2013 are powerful hard disk and SSD health monitoring, reporting and alerting tools for Windows.
  • WinRT XAML Toolkit
    A set of controls, extensions and helper classes for Windows Runtime XAML applications.
  • WP7 Thai Text Input
    WP7 Thai text input makes it possible to enter Thai characters in WP7. It's developed in C# and were used in some of the CoreSharp's WP7 apps.
  • wpextensions
    <project name> extend standart WP7 controls
  • Writer for Windows Mobile
    Application which is similar to Windows Live Writer, but is pointed to operating system "Windows Mobile"
  • WSUS Smart Approve
    WSUS Smart Approve is a tool for Microsoft Windows Server Update Service. Its purpose to approve updates as they are detected as being needed, rather than download a vast amount of unnecessary downloads through following an "approve all" approach. The project is developed i...
  • XMPP Chat for Windows 8 Apps Store
    xmpp sample for windows app store
  • zlibCE
    A port of zlib for Windows CE
  • ZplToWpl
    Converts Zune playlists (.zpl) to Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center (.wpl) compatible playlists.

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