List of Free code Framework


  • .NET Core
    .NET Core is .NET Library aimed at bringing some basic functionality that is not provided in the framework. It Includes immutable classes and CodeDom Patterns for generating code.
  • .NET Micro Framework - Common Extensions
    ".NET Micro Framework - Common Extensions" is designed to provide additional functionality to the core .NET Micro framework to fill common usage gaps between NetMf and it's bigger .NET framework cousins.
  • .NET Micro Framework PTP library
    .NET Micro Framework PTP library is implementation of Picture Transfer Protocol for .NET Micro Framework. It's developed in C# language. This library allows microcontroller with .NET Micro Framework to communicate with digital cameras.
  • .NET Micro Framework Toolbox
    This project is a sub-framework for the .NET Micro Framework that gives support for several electronical components in the form of drivers NETMF-devices.
  • .NET Micro Framework Toolkit
    The .NET Micro Framework Toolkit
  • .NET Microframework Shared Context
    Share the same variable context across different .NET Micro Framework boards on the same "ecosystem".
  • .Net Modeling Framework
    .Net Modeling Framework is a project that intends to provide a tool support for model-driven software development.
  • ?LiquidCrystal
    The ?LiquidCrystal is .NET Micro Framework library for popular LCD displays with HD44780 compatible controller.
  • ?PLibrary - .Net Micro Framework Helper Library
    ?PLibrary is an helper library composed of managed drivers for common hardware that you can interface to your .Net Micro Framework board and some other useful c
  • A Domain-Driven Design Framework for .Net
    A .Net framework library for applying the domain-driven design approach to develop business software.
  • Ac#or
    A actor framework written in Mono (C#) Make it easy to make multithreaded programs with the actor model.
  • Adaptive Intelligence Open Source .NET Framework
    This framework is the basis for all Adaptive Intelligence products and applications. This project consists of three libraries: A base class and API library in Managed C++, a general use library in C#, and a Windows Forms Controls library in C#.
  • Adaptive modeling interface
    Ami will be a framework to simplify scientific model development. Keywords: Modeling, C#
  • AIRO - Interoperable Experiment Automation Package
    The main goal of this project is to provide engineers and scientists flexible and extendable framework for building test, measurement and control applications. This framework is compatible with IVI-COM drivers and extends IVI Instrument Classes with custom .NET (and COM) inter...
  • Amarok Framework Library
    This framework library is an attempt to take advantage of the actor/agent programming model for standalone desktop applications. Most of the concepts are inspired by the actor model, Microsoft Robotics CCR and the TPL Dataflow library.
  • Asm.Net - x86 Emulator - The managed way
    Asm.Net is a assembly emulator which is developed in the language C# Which will also help you develop your programs using the assembler language in the .Net Framework You will also be able to run programs using Asm.Net for emulating programs
  • AsterNET - .NET FastAGI & AMI Framework for Asterisk
    Aster.NET library consists of a set of C# classes that allow you to easily build .NET applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server (1.4/1.6/1.8)
  • Async Task Framework
    The Async Tasks framework provides a light weight easy to use asynchronous framework, which allows for asynchronous execution of tasks and provides notification of different events throughout the life-cycle of the task. The framework is developed in C# and .NET 4.
  • Autonomic Computing Library
    This framework will simplify the development of Autonomic Computing Systems.
  • Autorun - Task Scheduler
    The goal of Autorun is to provide a rapid development framework and a test/production environment for running automated tasks. The task scheduler can run interactively or as a Windows NT service and the monitoring interface can connect remotely to this service.
  • Behavioral Rating of Dancing Human Crowds based on Motion Patterns
    Presenting a framework that is able to todo Behavioral Rating of Dancing Human Crowds based on Motion Patterns with a success rate above 80%. It is developped in C#. Is based on OpenCV, Emgu and the Sebarf framework from the RemotObjectWithLinq project.
  • Bifrost
    A framework providing simpler and easier ways of building highly scalable and available business applications. Abstracting away some of the tedious things one does almost everytime one starts a new project.
  • Bing Maps V7 Modules
    The Bing Maps V7 map control is designed to support a modular framework. The puspose of this project is to compile all the community created modules into one location. Modules are a great way to create common reusable code that is easy to integrate into Bing Maps.
  • Biological Object Library
    The Biological Object Library (BOL) is a software development toolkit (SDK) for bioinformatics and computational biology in .NET framework.
  • Enterprise Framework enables developers to create integrated, multi-project, enterprise solutions for the .Net 4.0 environment. It is comprised of classes written in C# along with T4 templates for code generation. Also includes a simple sample application suite (that does nothing at all ...
  • BOIS (Binary Object Indexed Serialization)
    Salar.Bois is a fast, light and powerful binary serializer for .NET Framework. With Bois you can serialize your existing objects with almost no change.
  • Buzzard.Xmpp
    Framework that allows to easy create applications and components that will use XMPP protocol
  • CBM Commander
    CBM Commander is a framework for tools that make integration between Commodore 8-bit computers and Microsoft Windows more manageable, reliable and enjoyable. CBM Commander includes utilities for both the PC and the CBM machines that allow the venerable classics to utilize the...
    CLIPS.NET is .NET managed interface for CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) CLIPS.NET is an effort to bring CLIPS into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.
  • CoBaS - Contract Based Serializer
    The serialization framework that cares for bits and speed :)
  • CodeReview
    Code Review is an open source development tool based on the same approach than FxCop - check the compiled assemblies to enforce good practices rules. This application is developed in C# with the framework .Net 4.0.
  • CommentRemover
    Utility for removing comments from source codes. Support PL/SQL, Delphi, C/C#/C++ Developed in C# Requirement Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Common.Extensions
    Add common extensions to extend .NET's framework for common everyday functionally for developer. Tons of helpful easy and dynamic extensions to .NET 4.0+ NOW a
  • CPU Scheduling Simulator
    CPU Scheduling Simulator (CPUSS) is a framework that allows you to quickly and easily design and gather metrics for custom CPU scheduling strategies.
  • cRumble Framework
    C# Reporting Framework for support different technologies and a uncoupled reports.
  • CSharpJavaMerger
    CSharpJavaMerger Framework is a framework that enables you to write one set of code which can be used both by C# and Java. CSharpJavaMerger provides common interfaces that can be used both by C# and Java.
  • CSLA .NET Contrib
    Public contributions around Rockford Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework including utilities, add-on frameworks, tools and samples.
  • CSpec
    Cspec is a testing framework inspired by ruby RSpec, and more behavioral driven approach.
  • Cuberry - The Business Application Framework
    Cuberry enables a faster development of standard business applications. It is a ready to use tool with a bunch of standard business application functionalities and many additional built-in features which can be used to create a quick prototype of your business application.
  • CUDAfy.NET
    CUDAfy .NET allows easy development of high performance GPGPU applications completely from the Microsoft .NET framework. It's developed in C#.
  • Dambach Linear Algebra Framework
    The Dambach Linear Algebra Framework is a general purpose Linear Algebra framework for .Net. The main goal is to enable ordinary programmers (who do not have a math degree) to make use of linear algebra methods in solving everyday problems.
  • Data Access in c#
    This is a generic Data Access framework. This uses Enterprise Library 3.1. This is build over the Data Access Application Block.
  • DevExpress Contrib
    DevExpress Contrib is a repository for user contributed functionality targeting the Developer Express tools and framework. This project will focus upon features yet unaddressed by Developer Express. DevExpress Contrib is open source and may be used in commercial applications.
  • dewitcher Framework
    A rly cool Framework, made for use with COSMOS. - Console-class that supports colored, horizontal- and vertical- centered text printing - more =P
  • Directed Graph for .NET
    This project presents a simple directed graph implementation for the .NET framework using C# language.
  • DnEcuDiag - A .NET Ecu Diagnostic Application
    DnEcuDiag is an application framework for developing electronic control unit diagnostic functionality without the need to implement code.
  • Dojr.NET Dojo RPC Library
    Dojr.NET is a simple framework created to allow easy creation of dojo.rpc services by defining a class which inherits from a specific base class, adding one or more attributes, and registering it as an HttpHandler.
  • Dot Net Library
    The Dot Net Library contains several common functions that should should really have been included in the .NET Framework but for one reason or another haven't been. The project contains several projects that build into .dll's that can be used by any .NET project (version 2.0 o...
  • Dotnet Commons
    Dotnet Commons Project is an open source project which focus on all aspects of reusable .Net components. Taking after the Jakarta Commons concept, this project aims to provide some of the commonly used utility classes not available in the .Net Framework Base Class Library (BCL...
  • Dotnet.Samples
    .NET Framework sample projects showcasing a variety of technologies, frameworks and libraries. Created by Nano Taboada under a MIT License.
  • dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library
    dotNetExt is a Extension Method Library for the .NET Framework that extends the BCL Types with helper methods that make simple tasks simpler. So far there are extensions for the Object, IEnumerable<> and String BCL Types. The library is flexible so you can Import All Extension...
  • DotNetRobot
    This project is a hobby project for me and my friends. We want to create an AI language for a netduino controlled Robot. The language is C# using Compact Framework (CF) The first step is create the language then create a test environment where we can test the robot. Last s...
  • Dynamics AX Services and Integration samples and demos
    This project contains sample code and walkthroughs highlighting the features of Dynamics AX Services and Integration frameworks.
  • EAV CR Framework
    A generic EAV CR Framework to abstract the data layer suitable for small/medium applications.
  • ECO contrib
    ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.
  • egora (e-Government Reference Architecture)
    egora is a C# framework which contains software components supporting common used modules for Austrian eGovernment applications.
  • Embedded Media Framework
    A multimedia framework for Windows Embedded CE, which is capable to replace the Mediaplayer on Windows Embedded CE devices in .NET CF environments and which has some additional features currently not included in Windows Embedded CE.
  • Emotiv Engine Client
    Provides an event-driven .NET framework wrapper around the managed Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset API.
  • EPICS .NET - Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System for .NET
    EPICS .NET is the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System for .NET Framework 4.0 and above. Written in C#, this control toolkit consists of three sub projects: * EPICS .NET Library, * Virtual Accelerator: Demonstrates full capabilities of the library, * EPICS Sim...
  • expression Blend 4.0 Comment Uncomment Xaml Code Extension
    BlendShortCuts Extension makes it easier for blend users to comment and uncomment xaml code. you'll no longer have to insert tag <!-- --> just press ALt+C and ALT+U it's developed in c# (.Net framework 4.0, microsoft expression library)
  • Fidely - Search Query Compilation Framework
    Fidely is a framework to implement a search query compiler that parses a search query string and builds up an expression tree (Expression<Func<T, bool>>) to filter a collection object. Fidely allows you to customize processes of parsing a query string and building up an expres...
  • FileSynchronizer
    FileSynchronizer is a small program which allows you to synchronize folderpairs. it is based upon the Microsoft Synchronization Framework.
  • Fluent O' Mapper
    FluentOMapper (FOM) is a framework to describe an execute mappings from objects tree to others using their properties (getters and setters). It uses lambda expressions to describe mapping, so refactoring is simple. Easy to use either for DTO or complex situations, FOM provid...
  • Fluent State Observer
    The Fluent State Observer helps perform actions based on a pattern in an IObservable "stream". This library is developed in C# and uses the Rx (Reactive) Framework for it's implementation of the IObservable pattern and helper extensions.
  • Framework Detector
    If your application needs framework 2.0 and not framework 3.0 or framework 3.0 and not framework 3.5 how can you know which version is installed? With this tool you will be able to know which framework.
  • FsCheck: A random testing framework
    FsCheck is a tool for testing .NET programs automatically.
  • full-text search engine framework project based on lucene
    The purpose of this project is to develop a full-text search framework on top of lucene.
  • Fullscreen Countdown
    Small and basic countdown application. The countdown window can be resized to fit any size to display the minutes elapsed. Developped in C#, .NET Framework 2.0.
  • FusionWare.SPOT
    Library of classes and tools useful for development with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. This library originally shipped as part of the SDK for the EmbeddedFusion Tahoe Development kit. All of the code, even in the origianl SDK, was covered by a BSD like license, however s...
  • GBee - XBee Library for .NET
    An open source .NET Micro Framework API for the XBee family of radio modules.
  • Gloo (Glue) Framework
    More to come ;) Stay tuned!
  • Hamster.Net
    Porting the "Java Hamster Model" to the .Net-Framework. This project is far from finished. And will slowly develop further. The software is currently pre-alpha and not really useful at all, but this will hopefully change soon. The Hamster Model is a learning environment fo...
  • Hermes : Library Management System
    Hermes is an open-source, cross-platform, service-based library management system built on the top of the .NET framework
  • HSS Core Framework
    The HSS Core Framework extends the .NET Framework providing several key sub-systems that provide enhanced functionality and consistency to any product.
  • Indeed Job Search API Library
    A .NET client library for the Indeed job search API. Written in C#, currently targeting the .NET 4.0 Framework.
  • Inside Sales Api Client api client. Current valid operations are Login and AddLead only. Developed in C#, .NET Framework 4.
    IRC.NET is a fully-featured IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for the .NET Framework 4.0. It aims to be a complete and accurate implementation of the protocol as described in RFC 2812 (Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol).
  • IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards
    *IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards* The IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards is a set of development tools and assets that utilize the Microsoft .NET Framework to aid insurance firms and software vendors in the integration of existing applications and business logic...
  • Keyboard capture of F1 and F2 (and others) in Compact Framework
    How to capture F1 and F2 in Compact Framework on Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3
  • Kinect Finger Paint
    Kinect Finger Paint is a Kinect application build on the OpenNI framework. It is meant as a tutorial and playground for experimenting with the Kinect interface.
  • Lego NXT .Net Micro Framework Library
    NXT NetMF let you use the Lego MindstormNXT family of motors, sensors and third parties product (NXTMMX and NXShield from Mindsensors) with Micro Framework ready controlers like FEZ Domino, Panda, Netduino.
  • LessFramework
    A .net framework... with less mass :-) To develop complex business applications, we need methods and tools suited. While some are simplistic solutions that do not meet profesionnal requirements; many others exceed our necesities and provide a degree of complication such as to...
  • LibVLCBind
    Library for using libvlc.dll from managed applications under the .NET framework.
  • Log Framework
    Log Framework is simple, flexible and easy extendable library for various logging taks. It's developed in C#.
  • LPC23xx and LPC24xx port for .NET Micro Framework
    This project is a port for USBizi and its derivatives, FEZ Panda, FEZ Panda II, FEZ Rhino and FEZ Mini.
  • MAF Interop Services for MEF
    This projects provides classes for easier integration of Manaed AddIn and Managed Extensibility Framework.
  • Managed Extensibility Framework
    The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a library in .NET that enables greater reuse of applications and components. Using MEF, .NET applications can make the shift from being monolithic to dynamically composed. If you are building extensible applications, MEF is for you.
  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Contrib
    MEF Contrib is a community-developed library of extensions to the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), a new library in .NET.
  • Managed Services for Windows Mobile
    This leightweight library contains functionality for creating Windows like Services in managed code, as creating Windows Services in Windows Mobile/Windows CE isn't supported. The library is compatible with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher.
  • MCM (Message-Command-Message) Application Framework
    MCM (Message-Command-Message) is an open source framework for building modular, military simple .NET applications and state machine APIs of any size.
  • Memento Persistence Foundation
    Memento is a lightweight persistence framework for rapid application development, which facilitates and streamlines data management, is under the MIT license
  • Message Locked Encryption Library for .NET
    A MLE (Message Locked Encryption) library developed for the .NET Framework
  • MFBasic Basic Interpeter
    Basic Interpetter written for .NET Micro Framework 3.0
  • Monitored Undo Framework
    Monitored Undo is an Undo / Redo framework that makes it simple for .NET developers to add Undo capabilities to an application. The framework "monitors" changes to the model, keeps a history of undo / redo operations, and assists with applying an undo back to the model.
  • MyForumSite
    MyForumSite is written in C# 3.0 for .Net Framework 3.5. It is an open source forum web site that allows users to open a discussion. It is designed for any user with no programming experience to setup a forum web site.
  • NCommon
    NCommon is a library that contains a set of helper frameworks and classes that can be used in projects to implement common patterns.
  • Ncqrs Framework - The CQRS framework for .NET
    Ncqrs is a framework for .NET helps build scalable, extensible and maintainable applications by supporting developers apply the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architectural pattern.
  • NEmulation
    NEmulation is .NET based framework library for virtualization, emulation, and software testing. It provides an easy platform to build and test any kind of software.
  • netduino Helpers
    The 'netduino Helpers' is a C# driver set for common hardware components and features convenient wrappers around complex .Net Micro Framework features such as: Analog joysticks, Real-time clock, 8*8 LED matrix, Shift register, runtime assembly & resource loader, bitmaps, etc.
  • NetFluid Starter Kit
    Lightweight, high perofrmance, application server framework for .Net and Mono. Runnable on ARM.
  • Nito.KitchenSink
    "Everything except... well, you know..." A miscellaneous collection of utility classes, many of which provide extension methods for existing framework types.
  • NLib
    NLib it's a Helper Library for .Net. It's developed in C#. It adds features to the framework and other libraries
  • NMigrate
    Framework which help you to migrate your software in production from version N to version N+1.
  • Nordic nRF24L01+ .NET Micro Framework Driver
    Library that enables .NET Micro Framework developers to use Nordic 2.4 GHz wireless tranceivers. This library can be used on any net mf device with SPI interface.
  • Object Search
    An EASY TO USE search framework, that allows you to search items at an .NET object level and retrieve them. allows for simple setup and can start indexing and searching objects in seconds!
  • Open Data App Framework (ODAF)
    The Open Data Application Framework (ODAF) is a framework that allows cities to easily map existing civic Open Data landmarks, and allow users to rate, comment, and tag them - and also create new landmarks. Desktop and mobile client code, plus server backend code is included.
  • OpenNETCF Serial Library
    A managed code (C#) library providing access to serial port data and decoding of NMEA GPS data. This library works for both the full framework and compact framework.
  • OpenNETCF.Net.Ras Library
    A RAS library for the .NET Compact Framework (2.0 or later). Keep in mind that RAS is deprecated in WinMo, so using it can give you unwanted/unexpected behavior. Basically YMMV.
  • OpenTurf
    This is an OpenData Framework that makes it easy to Add and Consume OpenData Endpoints into a reusable code base.
  • OpenXML Object Model Writer
    OpenXML Packaging and Object Model Writer for .NET Framework 1.1.
  • Pascal compiler for .NET Framework
    This project aims to build a Pascal-compatible compiler for the .NET Framework by primarily using C#. The target version is .NET Framework 4.0. In the future object-oriented programming may be added.
  • PBKDF2 for Compact Framework
    Use PBKDF2 in your Compact Framework project and remain compatible with desktop and server projects that use the PBKDF2 functionality built into .NET framework.
  • Pcap.Net
    Pcap.Net is a .NET wrapper for WinPcap written in C++/CLI and C#. It Features almost all WinPcap features and includes a packet interpretation framework.
  • Pegasus Library
    The Pegasus Library is a collection of .NET classes that augments the .NET framework with helper classes and services.
  • Photoshop-like Color Picker
    Provides Photoshop-like color pickers in C#. .NET framework 4 and Visual C# 2010 are required to use/modify this project since the extension methods and parellel programming is widely used.
  • picovalidator
    L'applicazione picovalidator ? in grado di eseguire l'harvesting di un repository oai-pmh che espone il formato di metadati "pico" e di validare ogni singolo record rispetto al pico application profile. E' un'applicazione sviluppata in c# (.NET Framework 1.1) di tipo console.
  • Plane Presentation Framework
    This aim of the project was to write a framework that provides all the common underpinning needed for demonstrating pixel manipulation effects, via GDI or DirectDraw, under a managed context in a Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Pocket News
    A .NET Compact Framework based Newsgroup reader for Windows Mobile
  • Pocket Personal Health Record
    Pocket Personal Health Record (PPHR) helps to maintain personal health record on his own. This app. stores the personal and visit details and helps to generate visit history reports on demand. This application developed for Windows Mobile 5.0 using .NET Framework CE 3.5 & C#.
  • pocoframework
    this project is a test framework about the codefirst and poco
  • Portable Device Lib
    This project provide a set of class to access Windows Portable Device (WPD) with .NET Framework
  • PreSti - The Neuroscience Stimuli Presentation Software
    PreSti is stimuli delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience developed in C#, based on DirecX and NShapes framework.
  • Property Framework
    Unite your properties and the logic of their population. Use predefined property patterns. Create your own patterns effortlessly. Make async loading simple.
  • PS Framework
    PS.Framework is an Application Framework to simplify the developement of .NET Applications. It's containing many helpfull classes and functions e.g. an RemotingInterface to simplify the use of .NET Remoting.
  • Quantity System Framework
    Quantity System is an attempt to make a framework to support scientific calculations through units conversions and quantities predictions. Based on Dimensional approach not Units approach. The first to differentiate between Torque, and Work, Angle, and Solid Angle.
  • Quick Dmx 512 - A Simple C# DMX 512 framework
    QuickDmx is a simple framework you can use to extend and quickly create scalable applications who act as Dmx 512 controllers.
  • R.NET
    R.NET enables .NET Framework to collaborate with R statistical computing. R.NET requires .NET Framework 4 and native DLLs installed with R environment. You need no other extra installations. Enjoy statistics and programming in your special language with R.
  • Radical
    Radical is an infrastructure framework
  • RasterConversion (.Net framework)
    Comparison of variants for working with raster (Bitmap class) at a low level. .Net framework, C#
  • RemotingLite
    Light weight remoting framework for both Mono.NET and Microsoft .NET. RemotingLite is a light framework for writing distributed service oriented applications via remoting. It utilizes Reflection to create clientside proxies, and communication between clients and host is done...
  • RepoCop
    RepoCop is a repository hook framework written in C#. Currently only Subversion is supported. You can easily configure actions to perform when something gets comitted. You can also assign conditions with these actions to implement complex rules on when these actions should run.
  • Restful.Net
    Restful.Net makes it easier to make a pure restful service, without being bogged down by huge frameworks that can, but is not quite built to make restful services. Restul.Net is fully asyncronous implemented, so you will get maximum scalability of your hardware. Built in c# 4
  • RLE encoding/decoding tool
    Oleg Orlov, 2013 (c) RLE encoding/decoding tool. C#, .net 2.0 by default, maybe upgraded to any version of .net framework.
  • Rug.Cmd - Command Line Parser and Console Application Framework
    Rugland Console Framework is a collection of classes to enable the fast and consistent development of .NET console applications. Parse command line arguments and write your applications usage. If you are developing command line or build process tools in .NET then this maybe th...
  • Scenario Framework - BPM Suite
    Business Process Management System
  • Schedule4Net - a general purpose scheduling framework
    This is a general scheduling framework able to create schedules using arbitrary constraints written in C#.
  • Scutex
    Scutex, pronounced (sec-u-techs), is a 100% managed .Net Framework licensing platform for your applications. Scutex is a flexible licensing system allowing multiple licensing schemes allowing you the most control over how you licensing your products. Unlike any other licensing...
  • SDF - Smart Document Framework
    Smart Document Framework offers an alternative to the FlowDocument which provides a simpler rendering engine and allows for better pagination.
  • Selenium Toolkit for .NET
    Selenium Toolkit for .NET simplifies the setup and use of the popular functional testing framework Selenium. Simply add a reference and go!
  • Self Tracking Data Transfer Objects
    The SelfTrakingDTO Framework addresses the disconected scenario with the use of DTO objects that can track their own state and then apply the modifcations on the original object.
  • Set Custom Currency Symbol
    This utility enables you to set/register custom currency symbols for the .NET Framework
  • sgMotion Animation Library
    Official SunBurn open source animation library created and maintained by the SunBurn community. Based on the excellent (though abandoned) XNAnimation library, this project picks up development and provides full integration with both the SunBurn Engine and SunBurn Framework.
  • SharpCore
    A light-weight component model and services framework providing enterprise quality services.
  • SharpGPS
    GPS library for .NET 2.0 and .NET 2.0 Compact Framework. Supports parsing of NMEA, relaying raw RTCM data either through custom protocol, or via NTRIP for enhanced accuracy.
  • Silver Monkey
    Silver Monkey adds a new level to Furcadia bots with its DragonSpeak like Language called monkey speak. No longer to you have to spend extra time learning to build a bot to host your dream. Thanks to Squizzel's Monkey Speak Engine and Furcadia framework for 3rd Party Programs,...
  • SilverDiagram Extensions
    Tutorials, utilities and samples for Silver Diagram, a fast and extendable client framework for diagrams.
  • Simple.Mocking
    Simple.Mocking - Easy to use .NET mocking framework
  • Smart Card Framework
    A .NET framework for simplifying development against smart card readers. Currently being designed for PC/SC compliant readers, but has support for easily plugging in proprietary API's for communication.
  • SoftwareBotany.Sunlight Word Aligned Hybrid Bit Vector Search Framework
    The Software Botany Sunlight project is a search framework built using Word Aligned Hybrid Bit Vectors. Its sole purpose is to provide high performance in-memory searching of data using unknown combinations of indices. It is developed with .NET 4.0 using C#.
  • Sparrow.NET
    Sparrow.NET is an open source application framework that makes building .NET applications easier and quicker.
  • Spider Framework
    A ruler-based spider framework developing with C#
  • SpotifyTalker
    Provides a bidirectional communication "interface" with Spotify. The user gets notified when Spotify changes track and it provides basic control e.g. change track, control volume, etc. Written in C# and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • StemmersNet
    Stemmers pack for .Net Framework
  • Streetlight Store
    The Streetlight store is a flexible e-commerce framework for .Net. Use any or all components to build an online store to meet your needs.
  • SubSpec xUnit BDD Framework
    A BDD inspired, declarative developer focused tests framework realized as an xUnit extension.
  • TD Ameritrade .NET SDK
    Non-official SDK for TD Ameritrade API implemented with .NET Framework technology.
  • TecX - Building Technical Expertise
    Building expertise with technologies, frameworks and advanced features of .NET using proven patterns and best practices
  • The DragonSpark Application Framework
    The DragonSpark Application Framework is an application development accelerator for Xaml-based application services and HTML5 clients.
  • The Turk
    The Turk is chess engine developed under .NET Framework 4.0. At the moment, only winboard protocol is supported and waiting to implement UCI protocol. It is still under development and waiting contributers to support project.
  • ThinkNet
    An open-source framework which provide the ability to develop DDD+CQRS+EventDriven style applications.
  • ThinkWide
    ThinkWide Framework Speed up your .Net 3.5 development with this powerful, flexible, and transparent Object-Relational data persistance framework. ThinkWide rapid development framework can be configured, ThinkWide is based on. Net 3.5, C # 3.0 and opening up all the source code
  • Tibco EMS Queue Monitor
    *Project Description* {project:description} *Requirements* * tibemsadmin.exe binary (not included in either the source or installation package) * Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile (minimum)
  • TickSpec: An F# BDD Framework
    A lightweight Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework. Describe behaviour in plain text using the Gherkin business language, i.e. given, when, then. Easily execute the behaviour against matching F# tick methods (let ``tick method`` () = true) or attributed C# or F# methods.
  • Time-series Framework
    Core framework used to manage, process and respond to dynamic changes in fast moving streaming time-series data in real-time.
  • Tiny Library CQRS
    Tiny Library CQRS is a small demonstration project which demonstrates the concept of Domain Driven Design and the CQRS architecture pattern. This project relies on the Apworks DDD framework.
  • Ukadc.Diagnostics
    The idea behind this project was to provide a framework that uses the inbuilt features of the System.Diagnostics namespace, and show how logging and tracing can be integrated into a client application whilst taking advantage of the services exposed by System.Diagnostics. There...
  • Umbrella
    Umbrella is nVentive's attempt at filling the gaps in the existing .net framework and related technologies; hence reducing friction and increasing the predictability of the api. It consists of a set of helpers and additional abstractions that will likely augment one's vocabu...
  • Undo Framework
    This is a very simple framework to add Undo/Redo functionality to your applications. Supports unlimited undo-redo, nested transactions and action merging (to merge a series of consecutive actions into one).
  • Unity Community Contributions
    A project dedicated to the community contributions for Unity, the Microsoft Patterns and Practices dependency injection framework.
  • uSiteBuilder
    uSiteBuilder is a framework made for .NET developers to simplify, speedup and take Umbraco development to next level. Aim of this framework is to reduce developer interaction with Umbraco back-end (browser based development), to create Umbraco websites in a more .NET way...
  • Uss - .NET Persistence Framework
    Universal Storage Services (USS) is an extensible programming model and runtime components for building data aware solutions on the .NET platform.
  • Vehicle Statistics Analysis
    Build a generic framework for extracting second hand vehicle retail pricing.
  • VITA: Application Framework
    .NET application framework for creating data-connected applications.
  • VL87DataGrid
    .net control which enables you to add any control to the table. Supports paging, rowsorting. .Net Framework 2.0 Written in C#.
  • Windows 8 Store Maps App Framework
    Framework zur Erstellung eines Windows 8 Store App mit dem Bing Maps Control.
  • Woo Coo Develop Framework
    Use like csla object
  • WTFManager
    Wtf Manager Framework is an application framework for building extensible applications. An application built on Wtf Framework may consist of many different modules, which provide different kinds of functionality through Module Services and Service Extensions.
  • XAdES .Net Project
    This project aims to provide a C# (CSharp) XAdES signing support library for the .NET framework. Also, it will make XMLDSig API easier, supplying a simple DSL. It will include signing and validation for the standards XMLDSig, XAdES, XAdES-T, XAdES-C, XAdES-BES and XAdES-EPES.
  • XsPub
    XsPub helps manage XSD schemas and WSDL documents by providing a extensible framework to perform transformations to "publish" a schema. By publishing a schema you can target different uses.. such as documentation, or input to code generation.
  • ZOIL Framework
    Description of ZOIL Framework
  • {Adjunct} functionality for the .NET framework
    A project to provide extensions, and tooling for building additional extensions, for the .NET framework.

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