List of Free code Library


  • AHP.NET - Analytic Hierarchy Process Library
    AHP.NET is an easy-to-use library for programming Analytic Hierarchy Process software.
  • Animatrix
    Animatrix is a lightweight library for animating controls in Form or even add some fancy effects like reflection, shadows.
    ANPR MX is a simple Automatic Plate Recognition (ANPR) library for the North American average plate size based on C# and OpenCV.
  • Base Class Libraries
    The Base Class Libraries site hosts samples, previews, and prototypes from the BCL team.
  • BD Password Generation Library
    Fast, flexible and lightweight password and random string generation library.
  • C# Command Line Argument Parser Library
    This library handles the common task of reading arguments from a command line and filling in the values in an object. Argument specification is inferred from the type defintion of the provided argument object. The argument specification may be overriden with attributes. Will g...
  • C#Mail
    C#Mail is a library to send or receive mail written by C#. The basic class of Message is 1---InternetTextMessage class(RFC822) 2---MimeContent class(RFC2045-RFC2049) 3---MailAddress class( "MyName" <>) Pop3 functionality list is ... 1---Authenti...
  • Camalot's Misc Projects
    A repo for my misc projects, code, libraries etc
  • Cfg
    Simple library for reading and validating appsettings with ease.
  • ChartBuilder - automate chart-creation from changing data
    A library, commandline-tool and designer for creating charts quickly by just providing a datasource and output-parameters.
  • CLR Runtime Activation Team
    This Codeplex site will feature demos, samples, and helper libraries related to the selection and activation of the CLR.
  • Code Library - Standard Edition
    The standard edition of Autumoon Code Library for personal developers.
  • CommandLine Parser Library
    CommandLine Parser Library lets you easily define strongly typed command line arguments, allows automatic parsing of command line arguments and mapping the values to properites of your objects.
  • Common Compiler Infrastructure - Code and AST components
    A set of libraries for creating, reading and manipulating Code models and abstract syntax trees.
  • CompendiumImport
    Import data from Dungeons & Dragons Compendium to Masterplan libraries
  • ControlLogixNET
    Library to interface with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and MicroLogix PLC's.
  • CoreSystem Library
    Contains classes that help during development
  • CSJ2K - A Managed JPEG2000 Codec
    This project's goal is to create a high performance fully managed JPEG2000 library based initially on the Java JJ2000 5.1 Library. A working J# library has been released and the C# version is functional but still in development. The CSJ2K C# library will contain a much simpl...
  • DHGMS Data Manager Library
    This is the base library for data related code generated by the DHGMS Nucleotide Project
  • DHGMS Nucleotide
    T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) Library used by other DHGMS open source projects
  • DotNetSiemensPLCToolBoxLibrary
    DotNetSiemensPLCToolBoxLibrary A Library for working with Siemens Step5 and Step7 Projects, connecting to S5 or S7 PLC's.
  • Dynamic Patterns
    Dynamic Patterns is a library that contains classes and methods for working with multiple objects.
  • Enterprise Library 5 Caching with ProtoBuf.NET
    Implementation of Enterprise Library 5 Caching using ProtoBuf.NET Isolated Storage Backing Store
  • exMath
    This library helps translating mathematical formulas/concepts with very little code! It also assists with efficiently executing multiple mathematical functions simultaniously. Avoid writing trivial code by using classes for basic operations, calculus, statistics and more...
  • Expressions to CodeDOM
    The library helps to create CodeDOM graph and generate code from it. It uses expression trees in form of lambda functions to create CodeDOM tree.
  • FC# - Internal Functional DSL to C# 3.0
    Based on the improvements of the C# programming language towards functional programming and motivated by the FC++ functional library for C++ we introduce the FC# functional library for C#. FC# itself is an internal DSL to C# therefore solutions created using FC# can be embedde...
  • FlacBox
    The library allows reading (and writing) FLAC/OGG audio data as WAVE data stream.
  • Fluent Unity
    Fluent and Convention-Based Unity Configuration Library
  • FM USB Library
    USB FM library provides managed interfaces, developed with C# to USB FM receivers, supporting RDS. This includes consumer oriented and OEM devices.
  • Generic Extension Methods
    Generic Extension Methods is a class library of extension methods to help create cleaner code that is easier to maintain and provides better semantic meaning for casual observers. These methods also remove a lot of repetitive code that is utilized across objects of similar types
  • GeoFramework 1.0
    This project was formerly a commercial library maintained by the company "GeoFrameworks" for two components it sold (GPS.NET and GIS.NET) from 2004 to 2009. Classes such as Angle, Distance, Speed, Latitude, Longitude, and Position simplify common geographic programming tasks.
  • GeoFramework 2.0
    This project was formerly a commercial library maintained by the company "GeoFrameworks" for two components it sold (GPS.NET and GIS.NET) from 2004 to 2009. Classes such as Angle, Distance, Speed, Latitude, Longitude, and Position simplify common geographic programming tasks.
  • GestIT
    A library for managing gestures in a compositional and declarative way.
  • GH MIDIDrum
    MIDIDrum is a drum sampler written to be used with Guitar Hero World Tour / Rock Band Drum controller. It works in the same way a normal drum sampler works. It uses 360MidiDrummer for the interface. It is developed in C# and uses NAudio library
  • GHI's Open Source NETMF Ports
    This repository contains the NETMF port sources for GHI's open source hardware (OSHW) offers. It includes the core firmware and also GHI's OSHW libraries.
  • GPX Library
    Class library related to the GPX data format.
  • HL7ToXmlConverter
    Class library to transform HL7 Version 2.x to HL7Xml Version 2 depending on the used HL7 grammar. This Library can be used to support standardized HL7 transformation in the Healthcare business.
  • IP Multicast Library
    IP Multicast Library makes it easier for developers to add Multicast, messaging to projects.
  • iTextSharp.Extended
    iTextSharp extension library which contains some features that are not supported by default in the iTextSharp library.
  • iTunes Play count updater
    Updates the playcount on songs in your iTunes library based on the playcounts from you Last.Fm library.
  • Krypton Palette Selectors
    A small C# control library that allows for simplified palette selection and management. It makes use of and relies on Component Factory's excellent Krypton Toolkit.
  • KwCombinatorics: K-Combination, Permutation, Cartesian Product classes in C#
    Combinatorics library: k-combinations, multi-combinations, permutations, k-permutations and cartesian products with lexicographical ordering and random access.
  • LambdaExtensions
    Lambda Extensions is a C# Library containing many useful extensions via lambda based extension functions
  • LCS Flashcards Library
    The Leitner system is a widely used method to efficiently use flashcards that was proposed by the German science journalist Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s. LCS Flashcards Library is a class library written in C# that implements such a system.
  • Logical Field Update
    It updates a list or document library field according to set of logic defined.
  • M < 'a > Lib (F#/C# Monads Library)
    Unified collection of Monads (M, unit, *) implemented in the Microsoft F# Language.
  • Macaw Reusable Code Library
    This project MRCL will consist of usefull code snippets and components shared by the developers of Macaw Netherlands B.V.
  • MBG Extensions Library
    MBG Extensions Library is a collection of reuseable and useful extension methods written in C#, most (if not all) of which have been added and used in real projects in order to make development easier and less repetitive.
  • Memetic NPC Behavior Toolkit
    This is a library based on the concepts brought forth on the NeverWinter Nights' Memetic AI Toolkit by William Bull.
  • METAR.NET Decoder
    Project libraries used to decode airport METAR weather information into adequate data types, change them and back, create resulting METAR information string. Moreover, project used to download METAR by ICAO airport code is included.
  • MicroData Parser
    This library is preliminary implementation of the HTML5 MicroData specification, in C#.
  • MicroParser
    MicroParser ? a minimal parser combinator library for C# with the focus on light dependencies, small size and reasonable performance for strings that fits in memory
  • MMF(Miku Miku Flex)
    To render MMD models,you can use this library. MMF includes ,PMX format,MME effects,Bullet physics calculation and VMD motion support.
  • Morphology.NET
    The "Morphology.NET" library represents a component for lemmatizing and spell checking. It can be freely used in your projects.
    MPCLI is a library that brings the power of the GNU MP big numbers library to those who use CLS-compliant languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. This library is great for both beginning and experienced developers to use and build upon.
  • Multiplatform GTK Docking Panel in MONO
    This is an open source project to develop a multiplatform dock-panel library in Gtk for Mono.
  • Octopus Management Foundation
    Octopus is a class library for distributed management of remote processes, brain functioning as operations in any information system, is under the MIT license
  • Ogg Vorbis Interop Library
    This interop-lib is using the original Ogg Vorbis libraries written in C offered by Xiph.Org to encode and decode audio material to and from the Ogg Vorbis audio format. The interface is similar to the original libraries, except that no memory handling is needed.
  • OpenWPFChart library
    OpenWPFChart library goal is to provide the component model along with base components to assemble Chart controls. Parts set is extensible so the developer can add its own new components. Chart controls composed from the these parts could have different look and feel.
  • patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib
    Enterprise Library Contrib is a community developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.
  • Personal E Book Library
    This Is a project to organize ebooks and retrive information about them very fast.Later a free e-library software may be developed based on this project. This project mainly developed with visual C# 2010 edition.You Can also compile it with Mono............
  • PhysicalMeasure C# library
    PhysicalMeasure is a C# library for handling physical quantities by specifing value and unit. Scaling of units and conversions between multiple unit systems are supported.
  • PvrSharp
    PvrSharp is a powerfull texture loading and conversion library, focusing on Pvr container textures, written in pure C#.
  • Random Date Generator
    A simple class library to generate random dates. It allows you to set boundaries to only generate dates within a specified period.
  • Random Useful Code
    This project is where I will store various useful classes I have built over time. Only the code will be provided, no Library or the like.
  • Robolib
    A library I am making for public use.
  • RouteMagic
    Library of useful routing helpers and classes.
  • Scripture Reference Parser
    Scripture Reference Parser is a library to parse data, including book, chapter, verse, and index, from references from various scriptures.
  • SEO SiteMap
    The library is helping to create a Google SiteMap.
  • SevenZipLib Library
    SevenZipLib is a lightweight, easy-to-use managed interface to the 7-zip library.
  • Simple State Machine
    A simple state machine implementation written to replace WF in one of our projects. The interesting aspect of this library is that it comes with a DSL written in boo for quick and easy configuration and management of state machine definitions.
  • StarMath: Static Array Math Library
    While there are already countless math libraries for performing common matrix/array functions, StarMath is distinguished by its simplicity and flexbility. There is no need to declare vectors and matrices in a specific library format. It works simliar to Math.function calls in C#.
  • Svg2Xaml
    Another library for converting SVG to XAML.
  • SystemWrapper
    SystemWrapper is a library that wraps System resources like Directory, Assembly, ... so developers can create their by mocking the system resources.
  • tasq
    A lightweight library for managing jobs and a set of triggers for flexible job launch conditions.
  • Telnet and Expect
    A library providing Telnet connectivity, ANSI terminal support, and finally UNIX Expect-like scripting. The Telnet support includes option negotiation, and pluggable option handlers. Sample code recreates the XP telnet command, and also shows automated Expect scripting.
  • The C.I.D.S.L
    A Dynamic Scientific Library For all The Common Intermediate Languages and Scientific Data Extraction
  • VFPX
    A Visual FoxPro Community effort to create open source add-ons for Visual FoxPro 9.0. The code, classes, and libraries made available here are the result of a community-based effort to support and extend Visual FoxPro.
  • ViewModelMapper
    ViewModelMapper is a simple library to make mapping between view models and models as simple and obvious as possible.
  • W3b.Sine
    An arbitrary-precision decimal number library developed in C#.
  • Wavelet Studio
    C# library to assist the signal processing with Wavelet Analysis.
  • WriteableBitmapEx
    The WriteableBitmapEx library is a collection of extension methods for the WriteableBitmap. The library adds elementary (drawing) functionality.
  • Xades Library
    Xades Library, currently with Xades-T capabilities and compatible with eHealth and MyCareNet.
  • zlibnet - c# zlib wrapper library
    zlibnet - c# zlib wrapper library
  • ZWaveAPI
    This project is aim to create an open class library on ZWave. It is based on article from INFO: I had some prolemmer with the design and code in the current ZWaveApi. Working on a solution and it will probably take some time to fixes

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