List of Free code Engine


  • BlockEngine
    BlockEngine is yet another voxel block-based engine. It is written in C# with OpenTK.
  • BoboBrowse.Net
    A port of Bobo browse engine from Java
  • C# + SFML.Net Platformer Engine
    C# + SFML.Net Platformer Engine Project
  • Calculation Engine
    It used to be called Calculator.NET. I renamed it as CalcEngine to provide great features like expression calculation, variable list and data provider.
  • chess#
    Attempt to create a relatively simple Chess engine to understand how they (can) work. The goal of the project is not to create a perfect, efficient and fast engine, but rather to help (myself) understand how to write a Chess engine and what would be involved in creating one. ...
  • chessrun
    ChessRun is an open source c# chess engine.
  • Dynamicweb Blog Engine 2012
    A simple blog engine built on Dynamicweb.
  • Farseer Physics Engine Simple Samples
    As you might know, the original Farseer Physics Engine samples can be alittle hard to understand at first sight. Therefore I have created a small collection of "Simple Samples" / tutorials which shows you how to do different things with the engine, as simples as possible.
  • Forum Engine
    Forum Engine - summary TBD
  • fun : 'tic - > 'tac - > 'toe
    Fun(ctional) Tic-Tac-Toe is an addictive variation of Tic-Tac-Toe with a timed countdown twist. The engine and view models are written in F# while the front end is implemented in C#.
  • Health Connection Engine
    The efficient transfer of health information between and amongst healthcare providers is one of the greatest challenges the health sector faces. Healthcare provider information systems vary considerably in terms of modernity and sophistication, from paper-based systems to hig...
  • MLM Bonus.Net
    MLM Bonus.Net contains a basic bonus engine written in C# that can be used to walk a genealogy and pay out commissions. A default, minimally configurable payment plan will be included (currently planned for v2.0), but it is recognized that few companies will be able to use the...
  • MvcDesign
    MvcDesign engine implementation project
  • Nine.BinarySerializer
    This project is a standalone version of the binary serializer used by Engine Nine.
  • OpenTuner3800
    OBD-II scanner for the GM 3800 Series II and III engine which implement the VPW protocol which will be capable of using hardware from AVT (838 and 84x boards), ELM, and LS1M. Eventual goal is to add PCM editing capabilities as well.
  • PdfReport
    PdfReport is a code first reporting engine, which is built on top of the iTextSharp and EPPlus libraries.
  • Quake3.NET
    A port of the Quake 3 engine to C#. This is not merely a port of Quake 3 to run in a managed environment, but a complete rewrite of the engine using C# 4.0's powerful language features.
  • QuizEngine
    Quiz Engine is a small portable application which allow user to do a number of quiz for entertainment. It's developed in C#
  • race4fun engine
    Open source driving simulator. Modable engine for easy use.
  • Recommendation Engine Demo
    How does the Amazon recommendation works? This is about visualizing the item to item collaborations filtering mechanism using a item-to-item matrix table. The item-to-item matrix, the vectors and the calculated data values are displayed. There are n different items and...
  • rScript Engine
    rScript scripting engine is a managed script engine wrote in C# that supports Visual Basic and C# syntax based scripts. It provides Type's for dynamically getting and setting properties, invoking methods and run-time compilation of scripts.
  • RuEn (Simple Business Rule Engine)
    This is a simple Business Rule Engine which is still in the nascent stage. The current features of the engine is: (1) Required Rules (2) RegEx Rule (3) Length Rule (4) Collection Duplicate Check Rule (5) Compare Rule
  • Rules Engine
    Rules Engine is a C# project that makes it easier for developers to define business rules on domain objects without coupling the domain object to the business rule. The rules engine supports cross-field validation and conditional validation. Rules are interface-based and are e...
  • Script Engine by C# and regular expression
    The script engine is a lightweigth and simple one, which is implemented by pure C# and regular expression. It's samll and with good performance and external data and functions can be embedded in at run time. The grammer is decided and designed by yourself!
  • SimManning
    SimManning is a C#.NET library containing a discrete-event simulation engine dedicated to manning / staffing, especially for domains involving a succession of phases. An example of basic domain is provided, but the idea is for users to implement their own domain. This origin...
  • Sparkle Engine
    Sparkle engine is a library for various types of effects. Currently I'm working on creating some basic text effects.
  • SwiftMVVM
    An extremely fast, easily refactorable implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged/ing, using dynamic proxy generation, as well as a robust change tracking engine.
  • Test Driven Development of Forefront Identity Manager Sync Engine Rules
    Project Description The objective of this project is to provide FIM Synchronization Service integration testers with the necessary tools to automate validation
  • UmbSearch2
    UmbSearch2 is the successor of the well-known umbSearch package that was available for Umbraco v3. However this version is for Umbraco v4.0.x ! It uses the Lucene search engine to find DOCUMENTS AND MEDIA items that satisfy a search query.
  • Xaml Physics
    Xaml Physics makes it possible to make a physics simulation with only xaml code. It is a wrapper around the Farseer Physics Engine.

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