List of Free code UnitTest


  • #Nose
    Just like Python-Nose test discovery tool for .NET: Automating unit test run in a specific directory using simple command line tool.
  • .NET Random Mock Extensions
    .NET Random Mock Extensions allow to generate by 1 line of code object implementing any interface or class and fill its properties with random values. This can be usefull for generating test data objects for View or unit testing while you have no real domain object model.
  • [Ex] VS2010 UnitTest Coverage Analyzer
    Analyzing Visual Studio Unittest Coverage Exported XML file
  • AnyDbTest
    AnyDbTest is the first and only automated DB unit testing tool available using XML as test case. AnyDbTest is just designed for DBA/DB developers. It supports all kinds of popular database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL etc.
  • Automatic Class Tester
    Automatically unit test your model: - Automatically test properties, spotting any miswired getters or setters - Increase code coverage, reaching parts manual tests don't even try to - Supports ignoring specified properties if you have any funky logic in there that needs a manu...
  • Autotests framework example (Selenium WebDriver C#)
    MS Unit Testing Framework + Selenium WebDriver C# example. This project related to tutorial Last edited Today at 6:35 PM by nt
  • BizUnit Designer
    BizUnit Designer is a GUI that allows rapid creation of BizUnit test cases which can be used for unit testing or system testing distributed applications. The easy to use drag and drop user interface has minimal learning curve which will get you up and running with test cases i...
  • BizUnitExtensions And Tools
    BizUnit is a unit testing framework for .NET and its official home is at Gotdotnet. This project aims to be a sort of "NAntContrib" in the BizUnit world and to provide a set of extension steps, support applications and documentation, tutorials etc to increase the use of BizUnit i
  • Egg and Gherkin (DependencyAnalysis)
    DependencyAnalysis is a development tool intended to restrict the evolvement of software architecture. It is controlled by your favorite unit test framework.
  • EPiAbstractions
    EPiAbstractions provides facades for many of the classes in EPiServers products which enable it's users to decouple their code from the concrete implementations and thereby gaining the ability to unit test code that otherwise would depend on the concrete implementations.
  • Ext Spec
    Ext Spec makes unit testing Ext JS apps easy. Pick a test framework, plug in Ext Spec and start unit testing your classes - no other dependencies required*.
  • Favour Objects
    Makes it possible to access non-public methods, properties and fields in a type-safe manner. The goal is to make unit testing easier.
  • Idle Library For Unit Test(C#)
    IdleTest help you to write Unit Test with C# on Visual Studio.
  • JSTest.NET - Browserless JavaScript Unit Test Runner
    JSTest.NET enables JavaScript unit tests to be run directly in the test framework of your choice (MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, etc) and all without the need for a web browser. JSTest.NET utilizes the Windows Script Host (CScript) to run fast, fully debuggable JavaScript unit tests!
  • MyJScript
    MyJScript is a JavaScript compiler for .NET used as a tutorial to write a compiler using DLR. Source code is fully commented and include an unit testing project. MyJScript binaries include also a program with hosting both for MyJScript and IronPython.
  • NinjaTurtles - .NET/Mono mutation testing
    NinjaTurtles adds the power of mutation testing to your usual .NET/Mono unit test framework (NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, Gallio-supported frameworks such as MbUnit).
  • NUnitForVS
    NUnitForVS is a NUnit integration in Visual Studio 2008. Compared to other NUnit runners for Visual Studio that allow you to just run the tests, NUnitForVS integrates NUnit tests in Visual Studio Unit Test Runtime. This allows you to run your tests along with other tests (ex. ...
  • ProMesh.NET MVC Web Framework
    ProMesh.NET is a MVC light-weight web application framework for .NET 2.0. It includes a full unit testing framework.
  • Remote Test Runner
    Remote Test Runner is a unit test assistance tool that allows the user to exercise Visual Studio based test classes outside of Visual Studio. RTR reports on Data-Driven tests at the data field level as opposed to the unit test method level. Failed asserts no longer abort a test.
  • Reporting Services Unit Testing Framework
    Reporting Services Unit Testing Framework makes it easier for reporting services developers to unit test their reports. This framework provides a wrapper over the SSRS web service so that you can easily add tests to your CI build.
  • SharpDevelop
    SharpDevelop is a free IDE for C#, VB.NET, IronPython, Boo and F# projects on Microsoft's .NET 3.5 platform. It sports advanced features like code analysis (since v2), integrated unit testing (since v2), code coverage (since v2), multi-targeting (since v2), Xml documentation prev
  • Sqlite ORM
    Sqlite ORM is a simple C# Class to Table mapper for Sqlite databases. Tables are created on demand, and designed for Sharding. Code has 100% unit test coverage.
  • ssisUnit
    ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services.
  • TDUnit
    TDUnit is a unit testing utility similar to DBUnit.Net. TDUnit helps with unit testing database access by allowing you to keep identity columns and foreign key constraints enabled on your test database by allowing dependency values within the test data XML file.
  • Team Foundation Adapters
    Team Foundation Adapters make it easier to do proper unit testing of applications that utilize the Team Foundation Server 2008 API, by providing a simple mechanism for mocking the commonly used sealed classes in the API, which cannot otherwise be mocked.
  • TestCop - reporting for duty
    Testcop is a Resharper 8 plugin. Testcop helps with c# unit test (e.g. nunit, mstest, xunit) and c# class file navigation within Visual Studio.
  • Unit Test Generator
    Generates unit tests from instantiated objects direct from debug windows. Serializes the state of objects for use in testing.
  • UnitTestSample2
    A sample implementation of the unit test execution environment
  • WCF Load Test
    This tool takes a WCF trace file and a WCF client proxy, or a WCF interface contract, and generates a C# unit test that replays the same sequence of calls found
  • Web Services Test Automation Guidance using VS 2010 - Unit Test & Web Test
    Project suggests web services test automation guidance and provides reusable libraries using Unit Test/ Web Test in VS 2010. Key deliverable consists of reusable libraries for Unit Test and Custom Add-ins for Web Test that can be reused to reduce automation development effort.
  • - Unit testing framework for C# and .NET (a successor to NUnit)
    A unit testing framework for C# and .NET. Written by original inventor of NUnit. is the top rated framework for unit testing C# code.

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