List of Free code File Library


  • .NET DiscUtils
    DiscUtils is a .NET library to read and write ISO files and Virtual Machine disk files (VHD, VDI, XVA, VMDK, etc). DiscUtils is developed in C# with no native code (or P/Invoke).
  • .net dxf Reader-Writer
    netDxf is a .net library programmed in C# to read and write dxf ASCII files.
  • AffinityORM .NET O/R Mapper Simple is better
    No designers No massive unreadable code files Having been frustrated with clunky designers and unmanageable code generation in commercial .NET O/R mappers, I have decided to give up on them. My vision for this project is a simple code file generation class library driven by ...
  • AlphaFS - Bringing Advanced Windows Filesystem Support to .NET
    AlphaFS is a .NET library providing more complete Win32 file system functionality to the .NET platform than the standard System.IO classes. Features highlights: creating hardlinks, accessing hidden volumes, enumeration of volumes, transactional file operations and much more.
  • Black NBT
    A library to manage NBT (Named Binary Tag) files at format 19133. This project inclue a test client for the library. It's written en C# for .Net 4.5
  • C3D.NET
    C3D.NET is a free class library for manipulating C3D file. This project supports .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0, and provides a free Data Viewer based on this library.
  • ClieOp
    .NET library to create CLIEOP files. CLIEOP (?cli?nten opdrachten?) is a file format used by Dutch banks and payment processor Equens. The library is developed in C#.
  • DotNetZip Library
    DotNetZip is a FAST, FREE class library and toolset for manipulating zip files. Use VB, C# or any .NET language to easily create, extract, or update zip files.
  • EasyConfig
    EasyConfig is a simple configuration file parsing library. EasyConfig supports files that follow the following format: [GroupName] name = value Configuration files consist of one or more groups designated by using the [] brackets with a name inside. Each group consists of one
  • ESB Toolkit Extensions
    ESB Extensions is a solution containing multiple .Net Projects and artifacts: Unit Tests, Itineraries, Business Rules, Binding Files, and C# Class Libraries. This solution is geared towards extending/wrapping the current Microsoft ESB 2.0 toolkit and components.
  • Exepack.NET
    Exepack.NET is executable file compressor for .NET Framework. It allows to package your .NET application consisting of an executable file and several class libraries into single compact easy-to-deploy executable, protected against disassembling. Exepack.NET is developed in C#.
  • FileSignatures
    FileSignatures aims to create a class library that can identify the file format based on file contents. The project is written in C# 3.0, and can be used in .NET 3.5 and 4.0 projects.
  • Generic Diff Format Library
    The Generic Diff Format (GDIFF) is a proposal to W3C for a data format that is used to express the difference between two data streams, very often two different versions of a file. The GDIFF is defined as a set of commands that, when applied to an old version of a file, produ...
  • GraphViz C# Wrapper
    This is a C# wrapper for the GraphViz graph generator. Pass in a dot string and an output type and voila, your graph is generated. The output file is returned to you as a byte array to do as you please. This library acts as a wrapper for the GraphViz command line tool...
  • HttpLib
    HttpLib makes it easier to asynchronously consume data from web services in C#. The library contains methods to upload files to server and get pages.
  • IFilter Text Extracter
    A simple component to extract just the text from any file that has an IFilter installed. Available as a C++ COM component and as a C# .NET library.
  • INI Library
    The IniLibrary is a simplified C# library for accessing INI files quickly and efficiently. It is able to parse virtually all INI files.
  • LibINI
    Small and fast INI file library. Reads and writes from/to INI-format files for the purpose of persisting configuration settings for an application.
  • LibZ Container, alternative to ILMerge
    LibZ is an alternative to ILMerge. It allows to distribute your applications and libraries as single file.
  • MediaRSS library for .NET
    This is a small set of libraries that allow you to create, read, and write MediaRSS files. By leveraging the syndication model object in .NET this library provides and easy way to consume MediaRSS files but creating a custom SyndicationFeed derived type.
  • OpenNETCF MP3 Tag Library
    Programatically read, modify and write ID3 tags in your MP3 audio files with this library.
  • PowerfulExtensions
    The library adds a bunch of useful extension methods to make your file easier. For more details take a look into the documentation.
  • ResourceLib: C# File Resource Management Library (MOVED TO GITHUB)
    An extensible framework for enumerating binary resources which implements both read and write of the file version (VS_VERSIONINFO), string resources (company, copyright and product information) and icon (RT_GROUP_ICON, RT_ICON) resources.
  • SharpConfig
    SharpConfig is an easy to use configuration file library for .NET.
  • SpoolFileLibrary
    A .net library for reading and viewing windows spool files.
  • SPSS & PSPP file library
    Library for importing SPSS (now called PASW) & PSPP .sav datafiles, developed in C#. Support for writing and SPSS portable-files will be implemented in a later release.
  • SPSS .NET interop library
    A .NET library for read/writing SPSS Data (.sav) files. This wraps the functionality exposed by the spssio32.dll native library that comes with SPSS.
  • Steve Heberts dotMath Library
    The dotMath library is a two-pass expression compiler written entirely in C# for the Microsoft .NET platform. The library requires only the core .NET library dependency and does not require any file access privilages for execution - compilation and execution occurs entirely in...
  • Swf.Net
    This is a complete library to parse and generate swf (Flash) files. It also converts to and from the homebrew 'Vex' format, which is used as an intermediate format. Vex can then generate xaml, and wmf files as well as swf files.
  • Text-To-Speech with Microsoft Translator Service
    With this library, you can easily add Text-To-Speech capabilities to your .NET applications. It uses the Microsoft Translator Service to obtain streams of file speaking text in the desired language. At the moment of writing, there are 44 supported languages, including English,...
  • Windows Metafile Library
    The library supports reading and writing WMF files. Source code is written in pure .NET from scratch following the Windows Metafile Format Specification.
  • ZipStorer - A Pure C# Class to Store Files in Zip
    Small C# class to store and extract uncompressed and deflated files in new or existing Zip files, without any external library. Works with .net 2.0 and up, and Compact Framework.

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