List of Free code Design Patterns


  • .NET Code Kindler
    This project generates boilerplate classes for a subset of design patterns where it is applicable. The currently supported design patterns are: * Provider Model * Singleton It generates both C# and Visual Basic.NET class files.
  • .NET Utility Library
    DotNetUtility is a .Net utility project which contains extension methods of different types, utility methods for example, configuration reader to read configuration file, Generic design pattern and Parser to parse different types. The project has been divided into different se...
  • Code Snippets for Design Patterns
    C# Code Snippets for the Gang for Four (GOF) Design Patterns. Shortcut is "dpdesignpatternname", e.g. dpsingleton for Singleton.
  • DatabaseLint - find bugs in databases
    DBLint is an automated tool for analyzing database designs. DBLints ensures a consistent and maintainable database design by identifying bad design patterns.
  • DCommon
    A light weight framework that provides implementations of commonly used design patterns for applications using a Domain Driven Design approach.
  • Design Pattern in C#
    design pattern implementations in C#
  • Design Patterns Review
    I would like to cover the most interesting design patterns in C# with some practical examples maybe. I started this while reading "Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns" by Jimmy Nilsson.
  • DSL Samples
    Project demonstrating Domain Specific Language for credibility calculation, case study project (strategy and rule design patterns) and simple math language.
  • Fluent Steam WebAPI for C#
    Intuitive way to request data from Valve's Steam Web API service using fluent design pattern.
  • Head First Design Patterns - Code Examples in C#
    This project consists of ported code examples from the book Head First Design Patterns by Eric and Elizabeth Freeman into C#.
  • IncEditor
    IncEditor is an editor which is a little better than Notepad. It is built in WPF using the MVVM Design Pattern and Managed Extensibility Framework.
  • iTunes Fast Forward
    A Windows iTunes Companion with these features : Global Hot Keys, Cover art fetch, Toaster, Scrobble, Lyrics Fetch, Auto-tag feature. It's developed in C# using WPF and the MVVM design pattern.
  • Kinect Bing Map
    Kinect controller for Bing Map using WPF with MVVM design pattern.
  • Patterns4Net
    Patterns4Net provides two main tools. Pattern Enforcer verifies some of the structural aspects of selected design patterns implementation and Architecture Explorer generates interactive UML-like class diagrams from .NET assemblies. This tool uses the information about desig...
  • Programming Patterns by example
    Design patterns provide solutions to common software design problems. This project will contain samples, written in c# and ruby, of each design pattern of GoF (creational, behavioural, structural) and not only.
  • R Smart Application Toolkit
    R.SAT is a framework for creating highly extensible applications. It includes components & design patterns for extension attachment and registration, extensible application configuration, database metadata management, UI, etc.
  • Razre WPF Framework
    Razre is a framework designed to provide a basis for writing a WPF application. It provides management of Navigation and Theming and also the basis of an implementation of the MVVM UI design pattern, all integrated for a smooth, peformant implementation.
  • Saral WPF
    Saral is a Framework to ease the development of WPF client application. It facilitates development of application using PRISM/Composite Application Block and MVVM Design Pattern.
  • SharpManager
    SharpManager is a bunch of applications developped by me with the .NET technologies. it makes it easier for me to show company hires my work . It's developed in C# , WCF WPF with design patterns..... and much more
  • SQL DataTransfer
    This project is aimed for people who need to downgrade sql databases, using the SQL Management object libary. The UI is WPF, based on the MVVM design pattern.
  • Tutorial: Common Design Patterns in C# 4.0
    Tutorial: Common Design Patterns in C# 4.0
  • UML Design Patterns for Visual Studio
    UML Design Patterns for Visual Studio is a project to provide Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2011 UML toolbox items representing the Gang of Four design patterns. The patterns are split into Creational, Structural and Behavioural sections, and includes a supporting UML p...
  • Visual Studio Design Patterns add-in
    This add-in catalogs and inserts software patterns in the current Visual Studio project.
  • WinformsPOCMVP
    This is a simple, and small proof of concept for the Model View Presenter UI design pattern with C# WinForms.
  • WPattern Design Patterns
    Examples of Design Patterns.
  • WPF Setup Wizard
    A WPF implementation of a setup wizard for chaining multiple msi files implemented using the MVVM design pattern.

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