List of Free code XML


  • A.Data Framework for XML-based Client Data Storage
    A.Data is a simple framework for storing data used by .NET client apps. It uses standard XML serialization methods for persisting data, C# structures for defining structure of a data item, and the generic List<> for storing the structure objects. The serialized XML is analog...
  • Battaglia Navale
    Battaglia Navale xml battaglia navale xml xaml data binding
  • Blog Migrator
    The Blog Migrator tool is an all purpose utility designed to help transition a blog from one platform to another. It leverages XML-RPC, BlogML, and WordPress WXR formats. It also provides the ability to "rewrite" your posts on your old blog to point to the new location.
  • Brainiac Designer
    Brainiac Designer is an open-source visual behaviour tree editor. It allows you to build behaviour trees by using simply drag&drop. The editor supports plugins, exporters and stores behaviours as XML files.
  • Collective2 (C2) API .NET Wrapper
    .NET wrapper for the API of the popular trading site Collective2. This implementation wraps the C2 API XML responses in .NET business objects and provides methods for obtaining information about systems (signals, positions, etc.) as well as managing published systems.
  • ConfigFileManager
    ConfigFileManager is a library used for reading/loading classic "config files", used for storing application configuration data, in a simpler, more human-readable form than XML.
  • DiscogsNet
    DiscogsNet is a .NET library to query the API and parse the Discogs XML data dump files. It's developed in C# and usable from any .NET language. The API of the library is focused on ease of use and intuitiveness.
  • DvdId Retriever
    DvdId Retriever makes the task of obtaining the dvdid.xml files from easier. All that is required is a free account for
  • Dynamic Toolkit - Query XML documents with DynamicXPath and more
    Experience the power of going dynamic in C# 4.0. The Dynamic Toolkit uses the dynamic language runtime and expression trees to query data sources. DynamicXPath allows you to query XML documents using C# alone instead of XPath strings! Write lightweight SQLess DALs without EF.
  • DynamiteXml
    DynamiteXml is a lightweight serializing tool. It stores the serialized type within the xml. This way different processes can talk to an interface instead of an implementation. Dynamite in DynamiteXml is: * The power * Not depending on external components. (C#, .net 3.5)
  • EdiFabric
    ediFabric is a .NET library to convert EDI documents into typed .NET objects and vice verse. It can serialize\deserialize to\from XML.
  • EnvRide - An easy and automated way to change XML Files
    EnvRide provides an automated way to change everything in a XML file. Add, change or remove attributes and elements. Ideal to use on configuration files that have different values based on the Environment (Development, QA, Production, etc). Developed in C# , XML and XPath.
  • Evernote Exporter
    Evernote Exporter is a tiny desktop app that performs a scheduled backup/export of all your Evernote notes. Your notes are exported to a single .enex file, Evernote's official XML archive format.
  • FleXSetup
    FleXSetup is a collection of WiX (Windows Installer XML) automation tools that make life easier for WiX developers.
  • Fluently-XML
    Tired of the limitations of the built-in XML serializer in .NET? Want to easily customize the serialization and deserialization process for your types? Fluently-XML is a flexible serialization framework that gives .NET developers full control over serialization/deserialization.
  • GeonamesDotOrgDotNet
    GeonamesDotOrgDotNet is a libaray to access the webservice of GeoNames ( from a dotnet application. It provides easy to use methods to call the webservice functions and returnsdotnet classes. There is no need to parse xml or anything similar.
  • Greg's Xml Editor
    A completely free, lightweight Xml editor with syntax highlighting, syntax validation, XSD schema validation and XSL transformation.
  • InterIMAP
    InterIMAP is a IMAP client library written in C# for .NET 2.0. Current features include: Support for SSL connections, listing folder contents, complete object model, exporting folder lists and messages as XML. The original code was written by Rohit Joshi and can be found, along
  • IsWiX
    Industrial Strength Windows Installer XML ( IsWiX ) is a Windows Installer XML (WiX) document editor.
  • Jasmine - Community Management Infrastructure
    "Jasmine" is a XML based Community Management Infrastructure.
  • MC+A Google Search Appliance/Google C# APIs
    This is a C# API for querying the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini for search results, and it uses the Google Enterprise XML search protocol. This API was developed by MC+A. It is a port of the project gsa-japi developed by Inxight Software.
  • Nito AsyncEx
    A helper library for using the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) with async/await in the real world. Includes XML docs.
  • OgonPhonesXML
    .NET class for easy and fast xml connections between your website/software and supported SIP/XML phones.
  • Open Subtitles Downloader
    This is a small Windows application that downloads an .srt file from using their hashing mechanism and their XML interface.
  • Open XML Theme Builder
    The Open XML Theme Builder is a tool that helps with the creation of theme files (*.thmx) that encapsulate the visual appearance and formatting of a document in order to help create a better looking document.
  • PB-LOG-Quick and easy XML logger for .NET
    PB-LOG is a quick and easy XML logger for all kink of .NET application. You can insert log associated to a user. There're 4 kind of log: Error, Info, Warning, Event. It's developed in C# 4. There's also a PB-LOG for WP7.
  • Polar Sonic Link
    Decodes Polar HRM data into XML using the SonicLink interface and a microphone.
  • Quiz Me - a tray application that quizzes you from a library of questions.
    Quiz Me is an application the uses and XML based quiz library to quiz you on questions at regular intervals through the day. It is great for cramming and/or Memory verses.
  • ReportGenerator
    ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by PartCover, OpenCover or NCover into a readable report in various formats.
  • Sandcastle - Documentation Compiler for Managed Class Libraries
    Sandcastle produces accurate, MSDN style, comprehensive documentation by reflecting over the source assemblies and optionally integrating XML Documentation Comments. Sandcastle has the following key features: * Works with or without authored comments * Supports Generics and .NET
  • SenateVotesAPI
    US Senate votes are now available through an XML API. The SenateVotes library provides .NET classes to access the API. The libary is built using C# on .NET 3.5. Please help improve this project with your ideas, suggestions and feedback.
  • ShumaDaf
    small project for display movies info directly from file structure using mymovies.xml. program create one simple xml file and display it!
  • Sightseeing App Template
    A basic App template for sightseeing tour apps. Just fill in some sights into the XML, change resource names and you're ready to publish.
  • SlideShow XML generator
    Can rename, resize, create thumbnails and generate the XML for a Slide.Show album.
  • Svn Notes
    Svn Notes is a small tool written in C# that consumes a piped xml output of an svn log command and outputs a change log / release notes file.
  • Swf Library
    SwfLib a C# library for parsing & modifing swf files into Document Object Model or into xml file.
  • Utility4Net
    some base class such as xml,string,data,secerity,web,office... etc.. under Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 by c# Part of the code r collected from the Internet
  • WatTVDb Library for TVDb API
    .NET Library for use with the XML API available from
  • WBXML .Net Library
    Encoder and decoder for Wireless Binary XML messages
  • WikiEngine.NET
    WikiEngine is a library that enables applications to do what wiki's do. WikiSyntax is defined in XML, using regular expressions, optionally mimicing WikiSyntax that is already out there.
  • WiX Toolset
    The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages.
  • Word Content Control Toolkit
    The Word Content Control Toolkit was designed to make mapping Content Controls to Custom XML as simple as a drag and drop. This is a standalone tool (not a Word addin!) that opens any Word OpenXML document and lists all of the content controls. Then you just pick which Cus
  • Word Xml Comparer
    The Word XML Comparer is an excellent tool for learning OpenXML by making interactive changes to Word documents and then examining the changes Word makes to the XML.
  • WordPress to BlogEngine.NET
    Export data from WordPress to BlogEngine.NET. It uses XML provider in BlogEngine.NET. It was tested for WordPress 2.9.2
  • WordWalkingStick for Office Word 2010
    My handy support tool for working with Office Word is WordWalkingStick. The use of the word ?my? means this tool is for me. But it might be useful for you. Portions of this project is based on PowerTools for Open XML and the excellent work of Microsoft?s Eric White.
  • XML Config Editor
    An editor that simplifies editing of XML Configuration files. It was originally developed for use with AutoSPInstaller, but will work for any XML config file.
  • XML Explorer
    XML Explorer is an extremely fast, lightweight XML file viewer. It can handle extremely large XML files. It has been tested on files as big as 300MB. It allows fast viewing and exploration, copying of formatted XML data, evaluation of XPath expressions, and XSD schema validation.
  • XML Flattener
    A simple tool to flatten "pretty"-printed XML files into a single line for use in web service test situations, etc.
  • XML Manager
    The XML Manager allows you to Create/edit navigate through complex XML data. and you can any developer use the API to can use xml very easy
  • XML Schema Documenter
    XML Schema Documenter is a Sandcastle Help File Builder plug-in that allows you to integrate reference documentation for XML schemas in your help files.
  • Xml search and replace
    XmlSearchReplace is a free commandline utility to replace text inside an xml document. It gives the user control over where in the xml document the search should be done. The tool allows users to search and replace texts only inside xml element/attribute name and/or value.
  • Xml Sorter
    Xml Sorter is a tool than can sort all xml elements and attributes based on user needs. This operation is important before comparing xml documents.
  • Xml Typed Serializer Generator - XGenPlus
    Xml Typed Serializer Generator (XGenPlus) is a flexible Xml Typed Serializer Generator. It is very flexible to use. Last Modified - Nov 07, 2007 - Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan, Anoop Madhusudanan -- - - -> Provides a set of command line options for createing typed serializer l...
  • Xml2Object Mapper
    This is a strongly typed Xml-2-Object Mapper Utility, resides in a separate DLL. In your App you have XML doc, using code generator (provided in utility) generate simple mapping classes. Xml Parser load XML and create object of mapping classes and fill data. you can read/modify.
  • XmlDSigEx .Net XML Digital Signature Library
    The XmlDSigEx library aims to provide an alternative to the SignedXml classes in the .Net Framework. It addresses some of the shortcomings of the standard types particularly in regards to canonicalisation and the enveloped transform. It is currently under development.
  • XmlGridControl
    XmlGridControl is .NET Windows Forms grid control for view XML data in a table format.
  • Xompare - XML files comparison
    Xompare - XML files comparison
  • XP-More
    XP-More is a tool that helps manage Windows 7 Virtual Machines (XP Mode and any other). Specifically, it makes duplication of VMs a no brainer - no more raw XML editing and manually duplicating files.
  • Yahoo 360 To Wordpress Converter
    A window app created in C# that converts Yahoo 360 blog post to an xml file which can be imported to WordPress powered blog
  • YAXLib: Yet Another XML Serialization Library for the .NET Framework
    YAXLib is an XML Serialization library which helps you structure freely the XML result, choose among private and public fields to be serialized, and serialize all known collection classes and arrays (single-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and jagged arrays) in the .NET Framework.

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