List of Free code MVVM


  • AmazonGlacierGUI - GUI Client for Amazon Glacier | WPF
    a GUI client for amazon glacier , Written in .NET 4, C#,WPF,MVVM & RavenDB for storage
  • AppToolkit
    WPF Converters, MVVM base classes and common dialogs.
  • Apunta Notas
    Apunta notas is just a note taking program that I created to learn WPF. Now you can write everything you need to remember or tell somebody. Or you can learn how to use MVVM light by looking at the code!
  • BubbleBurst
    BubbleBurst is an addictive game written in WPF. It is the subject of the "Advanced MVVM" e-book.
  • Bubbles In WPF
    Bubbles game clone. Written in WPF, MVVM pattern applied.
  • Composite Application Reloaded
    A lean MVVM application library based on MEF. Making developing composite WPF application easier and simpler.
  • CoreMVVM - A Simple MVVM Framework
    CoreMVVM is a simple basic MVVM framework that covers the *most* common development scenarios. Its a good place to start with MVVM. Its not as barebones as the MVVM Toolkit and neither is it as heavyweight as Prism\Cinch. Developed in C#.
  • Custom WP8 Panorama App Project Template (using MVVM Light Toolkit)
    Customized WP8 Panorama App Project Template with MVVM Light Tookit, for the dev to get started quickly.
  • DynamicViewModel: MVVM using POCOs with .NET 4.0
    This project aims to provide a way to implement the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern using Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs) while taking full advantage of .NET 4.0 DynamicObject Class.
  • Event Log Analyzer
    Event Log Analyzer is a simple yet powerful tool to analyze event logs in Windows. It has features to group similar events together, give graphical view of distribution of events over time and in similarity. It is developed in C# and WPF and uses MVVM framework.
  • FileSystemExplorerExample
    WPF MVVM Sample application
  • HDK - WinRT MVVM and MEF Friendly Prism Framework port
    HDK - is a "spare-time" framework for WinRT development. Solution consists of: - MVVM - Event Aggregator - PRISM - other useful extensions
  • HRM System MVVM sample code
    This is the sample WPF MVVM application that i've described in my blog posts. I hope to give you a clear view of mvvm and other commonly used patterns.
  • iPlay
    iPlay is a WPF application built using MVVM for generating iTunes playlists randomly and displaying the status of iTunes in a user friendly way. It's secondary purpose is to explore the capabilities of WPF and MVVM in a contextual way.
  • Karate Semaphore / Scoreboard
    A free karate semaphore (scoreboard) conforming to the new 2012 WKF rules. Implemented using C# and WPF and the MVVM pattern.
  • Lakana - WPF Framework
    A set of lightweight frameworks, aimed to tackle some tricky problems encountered by WPF/MVVM application deelopers.
  • MhsLogo - LOGO parser in C# WPF MVVM
    Small subset of LOGO with MVVM WPF UI
  • Model-View-ViewModel interactions
    This project contains custom behaviours (see System.Windows.Interactivity for more information) which may be usefull during WPF MVVM development (such as CloseWindowFromViewModel)
  • MoneyManagerNET
    test project a copy of the MoneyManagerEx m open source personal accounting software uses EF4, WPF, ~MVVM
  • MVVM Behavior Injection
    I am experimenting with a way to merge behavior into a model to create a dynamic ViewModel. I am hoping to be able to autowireup commands, and track dependencies.
  • MVVM Dialog Behavior
    "MVVM Dialog Behavior" is a library for realizing a dialog display without a messenger simply.
  • MVVM Foundation
    MVVM Foundation is a library of classes that are very useful when building applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel philosophy. The library is small and concentrated on providing only the most indispensable tools needed by most MVVM application developers.
  • MVVM Framework
    MVVM Framework is a set of base implementation of MVVM principles and components helping to quick and efficient develop WPF business applications.
  • MVVM FX for Windows Forms and Visual WebGUI
    MVVM base framework includes Data binding, Command binding and DependencyObject/DependencyProperty
  • MVVM Light Toolkit
    The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model - View - ViewModel pattern in all XAML/C# frameworks.
  • MVVM Suite
    This Application make Easy to create WPF Application using the MVVM Pattern
  • MVVM Unleashed
    This project contains code samples for MVVM Unleashed the upcoming book from Sams.
  • MVVM Utils
    MVVM Utils is a set of classes which extends existing MVVM Frameworks such as MVVM Light, Prism, Cinch. Only WPF supported.
  • MVVM ViewModel Creator
    this software allow to create ViewModel class for WPF MVVM application
  • NanoMVVM: a lightweight wpf MVVM framework
    This is a lightweight C# 4.0 ViewModel-first MVVM framework designed to aid in the creation of desktop wpf applications.
  • Okra App Framework
    The Okra App Framework supports the development of Windows Store applications, in particular those implementing the MVVM pattern.
  • Present
    Present is the beginning of a set of MVVM libraries, classes, behaviours anything but a framework :). It's focus will be providing composable sets of functionality that I have not found available elsewhere or have had to adopt a full framework to get the benefits.
  • Process Development Environment
    The Process Development Environment is an environment for the design and modeling of domain specific languages and was especially build to support the implementation of process models as languages. PDE provides a standalone WPF&MVVM-based application to edit language instances.
  • Project Time Keeper
    Application will track your time spent on different projects. It is something like proof of concept for WPF MVVM with embedded database.
  • RemotableViewModel
    The RemotableViewModel (RVM) library allows sharing of ViewModels accross process boundaries following the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
  • Reuse Toolkit
    The toolkit to empower your MVVM and cross-platform patterns
  • Simple File Search Tool
    A simple yet extensible WPF-based file search tool. Just an example of using MVVM approach (thanks to Caliburn.Micro) in WPF applications.
  • SRF (Send-Receive Files)
    SRF is a simple application. It was created to send and receive files. It's developed in C#(with use WPF and MVVM-pattern).
  • thinktecture UIAnnotations
    With thinktecture UIAnnotations you can extend your UI with additional functionality via Adorners and Behaviors. All parts are assignable via markup, which is helpful in MVVM scenarios and promotes the developer/designer interaction.
  • TimePunch Metro Wpf Library
    This library contains WPF controls and MVVM Implementation to create touch optimized applications in the new Windows 8 UI style formerly known as "Metro".
  • White XML Repository Explorer
    App reads XML file, which contains definition of MS UI Automation controls and explore them using WPF and MVVM.
  • WinRT MVVM Framework
    WinRT MVVM Framework is a lightweight framework for Metro Store applications that allows you to easily use MVVM in your own applications.
  • WPF About Box
    WPF About Box is a simple and free about box for WPF using MVVM pattern. Several properties can be set. Some properties are read from assembly, automatically.
  • WPF File Renamer
    Simple file renaming application made to brush up on my WPF data binding and MVVM skills.
  • WPF Message Box
    WPF Message Box is a simple and free message box for WPF using MVVM pattern. Image, buttons, message, and caption can be set.
  • WPF Open Dialog
    WPF Open Dialog is a simple and free open file/folder dialog for WPF using MVVM pattern.
  • WPF UI Authorization infrastructure (MVVM controlled)
    This infrastructure provide Attribute base authorization for UI elements within WPF applications
  • WPF UndoManager
    WPF UndoManager provides a simple Undomanager on the base of WPF's MVVM-Pattern. It use an implementation of the ICommand-interface to manage a history of actions. Also atomaticly observe property's for changes.
  • WPF Yahoo Stock API
    WPF application using PRISM & MVVM to display stock details using Yahoo API (YPL)

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