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  • A Concurrent Hashtable
    A hashtable implementation that allows simultaneous reads and writes from multiple threads. Also offering a concurrent Dictionary and WeakDictionary as hashtable specializations.
  • A Rich Full Featured WPF/SL MVVM Framework
    Cinch is a fully featured WPF MVVM framework that makes it easier to develop rich MVVM WPF applications. It also provides UI services/threading/unit tests helpers and much more.
  • Aquiles
    Aquiles is a .NET (v3.5 or above) Client for Apache Cassandra version 0.6.X or above using Thrift API. Basically it is a , thread-safe and configurable solution that offers a look-like use as you were connecting to a SQL Database, node balancing and defensive node health check.
  • Background Action Pool < TParam, TReturn > (.Net Task Pool)
    Provides a generic typed Pool for running Tasks/Funcs in an extra thread with return value and various parameters for every task
  • CHESS: Systematic Concurrency Testing
    CHESS is a tool for systematic and disciplined concurrency testing. Given a concurrent test, CHESS systematically enumerates the possible thread schedules to find hard-to-find concurrency errors, including assertion violations, deadlocks, data-races, and atomicity violations.
  • Do Work in Background Thread to Keep GUI Responsive
    Demonstrate simple example of using BackgroundWorker class to do work on a background thread and then update the GUI in a thread-safe manner.
  • Filio - Distributed File Management
    distributed(grid) file search, find duplicates, full text index, using http/tcp connections, very high speed using multi-threading/parallel computing, automatically detect physical harddisks and accelerate with NTFS USN Journal, and customized serialization compression caching.
  • HttpCrawler
    A simple, extensible and multi-threaded HTTP Crawler written in C# using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0.
  • Multithreaded Port Scanner Utility
    Mulithreaded Port Scanner Utility is a very simple port scanner that take advantage of the new System.Threading.Task namespace in .Net 4.0
  • NetSockets
    NetSockets is a .NET class library that provides easy-to-use, multi-threaded, event-based, client and server network communication.
  • NextGenRNG
    Random Number Generators for .Net written in C# Regular use: * MersenneTwister 3 CNG Cryptographically secure RNG: * CTR_DRBG * DSS * DUAL Elliptic Curve Concurrency: * Thread-Safe Non-repetitive RNG Encryption Cipher: * Anubis (successor of Rijndael)
  • Palaver
    Palaver is a near real-time web-based threaded discussion system.
  • Sort Visual Studio Build Log
    SortBuildOutput can sort Visual Studio Build Log produced by multi-threaded build.
  • STSdb Multi-Threading Layer C# Csharp
    STSdb Multi-Threading Layer C# Csharp
  • ThreadManager in C# with ThreadPool
    ThreadManager contains C# class to manage thread effectively with the ThreadPool can be used in any .NET application . It is released as just C# class as Version 1.0. I will upload Demo application soon. Its really easy to use and tested. Use it or loose it.
  • TracerX Logger/Viewer for .NET
    TracerX is a .NET logger with a powerful viewer that supports filtering/coloring by threads, category, trace level, and more. Output can go to a circular log file, event log, console/command window, or Trace.WriteLine(). The viewer can collapse and expand method calls, view/walk
  • WPF Background Progress Indicator
    The WPF Background Progress Indicator allows developers to show the application is busy without stopping the animation when the UI thread is busy. The indicator's appearance can be modified by using the BusyStyle property.
  • WPF Data Streaming Demo
    Demonstrates data streaming in WPF using DataReader, ObservableCollection and Threading (with pause and continue) allowing the UI to remain responsive.
  • WPF Extensions
    Some extensions for the WPF framework. Controls, attached behaviours, helper classes, etc. For example: Zoom Control, DragBehavior, Thread-safe observable collection, etc...
  • WPF Real Time
    This project is a real-time multi-threaded trading application framework developed with WPF / MVVM. It makes use of Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) to observe, throttle and conflate data. It implements rate-monotonic scheduling algorithm using Task Parallel Library (TP...
  • WPF Starter Kit
    WPF Starter Kit is: A simple, easy to use implementation of the MVVM pattern A navigation framework Support for passing data between View Models Support for generic exception handling Support for long running operations on the UI thread
  • WPF Video Thumbnail Screencapture
    This project is for getting WPF thumbnails / screen shots from a video clip in both a threaded and non-threaded way.
  • XrmLibrary
    The XrmLibrary is a .NET 4 C# class library that can be used for rapid integration with one or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 environments. The library contains a thread-safe singleton implementation of the CRM 2011 IOrganizationService (1 or many instances) and a global "T...

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