List of Free code API


  • almond
    A minimal AMD API implementation for use after optimized builds.
  • amd4j
    A command line tool for running JavaScript scripts that use the Asychronous Module Defintion API (AMD) for declaring and using JavaScript modules and regular JavaScript script files.
  • api doc service
    Node API Documentation Service.
  • Api DogFood
    Because we like the way it tastes.
  • api playground
    Helping journalists understand, browse and toy with API data.
  • APIConnect
    A simplified Javascript interface for working with APIs.
  • apidesign
    API design talk content.
  • apidocs
    Cloud Foundry API Documentation.
  • audiodata
    JS interface to encapsulate the Audio Data API methods.
  • avatars io js
    Javascript Picker for API.
  • banking.js
    The Missing API for Banks Get all of your transactions and balances using node.
  • bean
    an events api for javascript.
  • browserjs
    An implementation of browser JavaScript APIs for securable modules / ServerJS compatible environments, such as Narwhal.
  • Building Hypermedia APIs
    Source code for the O'Reilly book of the same name.
  • carte
    Simple Jekyll based documentation site for APIs.
  • chainvas
    Make APIs suck less.
  • chronicle
    A git inspired versioning API.
  • civicapi
    free public api and raw data hosting for any city's open government geographic data using scraperwiki and geocouch.
  • co opencampaigndata
    API service for serving Colorado TRACER data for
  • comcom
    Github Powered Comments using Issue API.
  • conditionizr
    Detecting front end environments and conditionally loading assets. Retina, touch, legacy IE, modern browsers, custom tests and more, wrapped inside a 1KB API.
  • cq groovy console
    The CQ Groovy Console provides an interface for running Groovy scripts in the Adobe CQ5 container. Scripts can be created to manipulate content in the JCR, call OSGi services, or execute arbitrary code using the CQ, Sling, or JCR APIs.
  • DataCache
    JavaScript implementation of a subset of the DataCache API.
  • demandware
    Demandware Open Commerce API Boilerplate.
  • deployd
    a toolkit for building realtime APIs.
  • depot.js
    depot.js is a namespaced localStorage wrapper with a simple API.
  • dimple
    An object oriented API for business analytics.
  • dnspod int api docs
    DNSPod International API Documents.
  • DoutekiDNS
    DoutekiDNS is an incredibly simple, and cheap Dynamic DNS service API built on AWS Route 53, Heroku, and MongoHQ.
  • easystarjs
    An asynchronous A* pathfinding API written in Javascript.
  • edge inspect api
    API to control browser sync with Edge Inspect.
  • fec dashboard
    A "dashboard" for keeping up with new electronic FEC filings, powered by the New York Times' Campaign Finance API.
  • freedive
    Friendly data search via Google Docs API.
  • github
    A higher level wrapper around the Github API. Intended for the browser.
  • github api
    Javascript bindings for the Github API.
  • GithubFinder
    Github Repository Finder, now powered by GitHub API and Heroku.
  • GitHubSearch
    A demonstration of ElasticSearch and the Perl API ,
  • githubviz
    testing github api with d3.js.
  • gitspatial
    A spatial API for your GitHub hosted GeoJSON.
  • gmailr
    A Gmail Javascript API.
  • gollum
    A simple, Git powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.
  • google maps api addons
    A set of useful scripts for the Google Maps API.
  • google plus extension jsapi
    Unofficial Google+ Read/Write Extension API.
  • google tts
    Javascript API for the Google Text to Speech engine.
  • google.maps.polyline.edit
    Enables Google Maps API V3 Polyline Editing.
  • GoogleMaps APIv 3MapaPersonalizado
    Google Maps API v3 Mapa personalizado.
  • grido sandbox
    Sandbox, Project Pages and API for Grido.
  • grunt connect proxy
    Grunt Connect support for proxying API calls during development.
  • hallway
    Hallway The Singly API.
    Web service that provides http2jabber api.
  • Infusionsoft API Documentation
    Documentation for the Infusionsoft API.
  • iodocs
    Interactive API documentation system.
  • jax doclets
    Set of JavaDoc doclets for modern Java annotations APIs.
  • js metacpan org
    Proof of concept search page for using
  • js regex
    A chainable API for constructing RegExps, written in Javascript.
  • jsBVH
    A non recursive JavaScript implementation of an N dimensional Bounding Volume Hierarchy. Don't forget to check out the Wiki for API !.
  • jsCats
    Javascript experiments and learning projects utilizing the Petfinder API.
  • jsdoc
    An API documentation generator for JavaScript.
  • jssocket
    generic javascript socket API.
  • jsunittest
    JavaScript Unit Test suite; no dependencies (but same API as prototypejs' unittest suite).
  • Leaflet.Storage
    Manage map and features with Leaflet and expose them for backend storage through an API.
  • LeapJS
    An adaptation of the Leap API for Javascript.
  • licenses
    Open source and open knowledge (data and content) licenses together with API and web service.
  • lua5.1.js
    Lua 5.1, built with emscripten, with low level API.
  • Mashape API Proxy
    Mashape Open Source API Proxy.
  • midibridge js
    A Javascript API for interacting with MIDI devices.
  • MMap
    Map using Google Maps Api Version 3. A comprehensible map can be displayed by using the custom marker.
  • moxie
    Pollyfills for XHR2 and File API.
  • mturk
    Mechanical Turk APi for Node.
  • noddy
    Chocolat's node scripting API.
  • node 500px
    A wrapper for the API.
  • node fiberize
    Node API wrapper for use with fibers.
  • node geckoboard push
    Interface into Geckoboard's push API.
  • node perfectapi
    Module to enable writing of service APIs.
  • node saucelabs
    A wrapper around saucelabs API.
  • node sphinxapi
    Native javascript implementation of the standard Sphinx API.
  • node walkdir
    Walk a directory tree emitting events based on the contents. API compatable with node findit. Walk a tree of any depth. Fast! Handles permission errors. Stoppable. windows support. Pull requests are awesome. watchers are appreciated.
  • node Windows
    Experiments in using ffi (foreign function interface) to directly interact with the win32 API.
  • node worker farm
    Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an ?ber simple API and baked in durability & custom concurrency options.
  • nodester cli
    Command Line Interface around api.
  • Open Food Standard
    Collaborating on an open food data standard and API for the world.
  • opencwb
    A project to provide public and open API for weather information in Taiwan.
  • opened captions
    A SocketIO API for live TV closed captions.
  • osmstats
    An experiment with d3 js and the Overpass API.
  • pavlov
    Behavioral API over QUnit.
  • paypal ec
    An API wrapper for PayPal's Express Checkout.
  • phonegap explorer
    PhoneGap API reference app. Provides Complete PhoneGap API reference documentation and allows you to experiment with the APIs inside the application.
  • plugapi
    A generic API for creating bots.
  • polevault
    An api to recieve gesture events from a Leap Motion device.
  • polycrypt
    PolyCrypt A pure JS implementation of the WebCrypto API.
  • raddocs
    Rspec Api Documentation Browser.
  • RapGenius JS
    Simple querying API for RapGenius.
  • rdflib.js
    Linked Data API for JavaScript.
  • reader
    An API Compatible Replacement for Google Reader.
  • realtime playground
    Google Drive Realtime API Playground helps you to try out the features of the Realtime API.
  • reified
    JS Binary Data API. Structs, arrays, and data. Reify and Reference like nobody's business. (similar to ES6 binary data but not API compatible).
  • request profile
    API to access autocomplete data.
  • RestBugs
    A simple, hypermedia driven bug tracking API.
  • ruby
    PubNub Ruby based APIs.
  • ruby votesmart
    A wrapper for the Project Vote Smart API.
  • schema org api
    Scrapes for data on microformats.
  • SCOBot
    SCORM 2004 / 1.2 Content API. Managed code, unit tests.
  • scrollMonitor
    A simple and fast API to monitor elements as you scroll.
  • setImmediate
    A cross browser implementation of the new setImmediate API.
  • slate
    Beautiful static documentation for your API.
  • specref
    A list of spec references and related API.
  • strava api
    Provides a Ruby interface to the Strava api.
  • strong mq
    MQ API with cluster integration, implemented over various message queues.
  • tip
    Tooltips with a nice flexible API.
  • TiStore
    Utils for iOS AppStore Search API.
  • tld.js
    JavaScript API to work against complex domain names, subdomains and URIs.
  • tokboxer
    Ruby implementation of the TokBox API.
  • Turntable API
    Allows you to create bots for
  • WebAL
    A javascript port of the OpenAL API.
  • WebWorks API Docs
    BlackBerry WebWorks API Documentation.
  • worldchat
    Worldwide realtime chat and translations powered by APIs.
  • xac.js
    Xen API Console A Ember.js console for the Xen API .
  • zstatus
    zstatus a d3.js based status board thing using the zabbix API :).

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