List of Free code Plugin


  • Aloha Plugin Drag AndDropFiles
    Enable Drag AndDrop for files in Aloha editor.
  • amarok collection rating
    If you're like me you want to get your whole collection in Amarok nicely rated according to your preferences. This plugin helps you do that!.
  • amd plugins
    A collection of handy plugins for AMD loaders.
  • amplesdk aptana
    Ample SDK Aptana plugin.
  • amplesdk firebug
    Ample SDK Firebug plugin.
  • animateskup
    This is a custom animation plugin for Google Sketchup.
  • app cloud google analytics
    An example plugin to support google analytics within an Brightcove App Cloud application. Support event tracking in google analytics as well as offline support.
  • chosen cakephp
    CakePHP plugin for Harvest's Chosen library.
  • codemirror movie
    A plugin for CodeMirror 2 for code demo.
  • ColReorder
    Column reordering plug in for Data Tables.
  • ColVis
    End user column visibility options plug in for Data Tables.
  • communityengine extras
    Optional, additional stuff for CommunityEngine, the open source, social networking plugin for Ruby on Rails.
  • component builder handlebars
    Component builder plugin to precompile Handlebars templates.
  • component builder hbs
    Component builder plugin to parse Handlebars templates.
  • component jade
    A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.
  • connect architect
    build a connect server using architect plugins.
  • Cordova 1.5 Urban Airship Plugin for iOS
    Sample code on how to integrate Urban Airship Push Notifications in an Phongap / Cordova Application.
  • cordova plugin network information
    Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin network information.
  • CurvedLines
    CurvedLines is a plugin for flot, which displays lines in a smooth curved way. This is achieved by adding additional points in between the "real" data points.
  • d3 binding
    Data Binding plugin for d3.js.
  • d3 plugin talk
    Make your own charting libary with d3.
  • d3 plugins
    A repository for sharing D3.js plugins.
  • d3 timeline
    Simple JS timeline plugin for d3.
  • DarkTip
    The DarkTip plugin is a javascript based tooltip framework that enables quick and easy development of modules that hook into specific aspects of a webpage and display context sensitive tooltips.
  • datatables.Selectable
    A feature plugin that adds ability to select rows of a datatable.
  • deepamehta3 iconpicker
    Plugin for DeepaMehta 3: adds an icon picker widget.
  • docpad plugin dce
    Simple WYSIWYG style editor interface for DocPad Collections.
  • docpad plugin scrapedoc
    From a url into a Docpad doc.
  • droidgiro browser
    Browser plugins for receiving invoice data.
  • EDAP Tools
    Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools (EDAP Tools or just EDAPT) are a collection of plugin commands and optimized keyboard shortcuts for Macromedia / Adobe Flash which address some of the most severe deficiencies of the software when used as a character animation environment.
  • Elgg ufcoe oembed
    Elgg plugin to add client side media embedding via simple links to video URLs.
  • enchant.js contrib
    collection of common enchant.js plugins.
  • enyo plugins
    Plugins for the JS application framework Enyo.
  • Example AudioStreamer
    This is an example of my AudioStreamer plugin in use.
  • facebox render
    FaceboxRender is a Rails plugin let you use lightbox seamlessly using Facebox library (
  • fine uploader
    Multiple file upload plugin with progress bar, drag and drop, direct to S3 uploading.
  • flot plugin collection
    A collection of flot plugins that I made over summer.
  • flot.tooltip
    tooltip plugin for wonderful Flot plotting library.
  • Freeow
    Used by hoopies and froods alike, Freeow! is a plugin for making Growl like alerts or message boxes on your website. You can customize the look and animation of Freeow! each time a message box appears, and you can alter other options such as whether or not to have the message box hide itself automatically.
  • groupon wordpress widget
    wordpress widgetized plugin version of groupon widget.
  • grunt aws s3
    Grunt plugin to interact with AWS S3 using the AWS SDK.
  • grunt cafe mocha
    A Mocha server side Grunt plugin for testing that actually works.
  • grunt fetch pages
    Grunt plugin for fetching URLs and saving the result as local files.
  • grunt har gen
    Grunt plugin for generating HAR files from a series of local URLs.
  • grunt photobox
    Grunt plugin for creating screenshots of any site and compare them.
  • grunt proxy
    proxy server plugin for grunt tasks.
  • grunt template
    This Grunt plugin interpolates template files with any data you provide and saves the result to another file.
  • ibox rails plugin
    This is an Ibox (a framework agnostic lightbox) plugin for Rails.
  • iframely wordpress
    Iframely plugin for WordPress. Embed anything, with responsive widgets.
  • impact illuminated
    impact.js plugins that integrate box 2d and illuminated.js to create some awesome lighting and shadow effects.
  • Impact Network
    A network plugin for impact.
  • Instagram
    Simple instagram plugin ( widget style).
  • jLim Tiny plugin
    jLim Tiny plugin Tiny Components (slider, accordion, dropdown etc).
  • jqgrid rails3 demo
    demo for jqgrid rails3 plugin.
  • jquerymobile splitview
    a splitview plugin for jquerymobile.
  • jsface
    Small, fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support main(), singleton, super call, private, mixins, plugins, AOP and more.
  • jstest
    A Grails 2.X plugin which runs your javascript files test/unit/*Test.js in the test phase. See sampleapp for sample project.
  • justgage
    JustGage is a handy JavaScript plugin for generating and animating nice & clean dashboard gauges. It is based on Rapha?l library for vector drawing.
  • KanbanBoard
    The goal of this project is to write a Kanban front end plugin for the Bugzilla bug tracking system. For an example of Bugzilla see the associated website below.
  • karma jasmine
    A Karma plugin adapter for Jasmine testing framework.
  • karma mocha
    A Karma plugin. Adapter for Mocha testing framework.
    A Knockout plugin that syncs observable variables between all clients automatically.
  • leaflet plugins
    Plugins for Leaflet library.
  • Leaflet.PolylineDecorator
    A plug in for the JS map library Leaflet, allowing to define patterns (like dashes, arrows, icons, etc.) on Polylines.
    Example plugins for Eclipse Orion.
  • marketplace
    Providing Pentaho, Partners, and Community Developers a marketplace for plugins within the BI Server product.
  • meteor books
    Demo of meteor plugin.
  • meteor catalog
    Rails app for cataloging meteor plugins/ widgets.
  • modernizr plugins
    A collection of Modernizr compatible feature detection plugins I've written.
  • mongoose api query
    Mongoose plugin that takes a set of URL params and constructs a query for use in a search API. Also, worst project name ever.
  • mongoose version
    Mongoose plugin to save document data versions. Documents are saved to a "versioned" document collection before saving original documents and kept for later use.
  • mt plugin imagecropper
    A Movable Type plugin to assist in the generation of a set array of thumbnails conforming to size requirements defined by the user.
  • network frontpage
    A plugin for worpdress networks that allows for the categorization of blogs.
  • open flash chart lazy samples
    Open flash chart lazy plugin sample built on sinatra.
  • phonegap dropbox sync
    PhoneGap Plugin for the Dropbox Sync API.
  • PhonegapStatusNotification Demo
    Demo used to show the phonegap notification plugin.
  • photoshop layer search plugin
    Quickly search through your photoshop layers (PS5). Focus by click.
  • play cobertura
    This module for the Play! framework provides a plugin to support the Cobertura test coverage tool.
  • play selenium plugin
    Selenium IDE plugin for the Play! framework.
  • playplus
    plugin for web content integration in social networks.
  • plugin riSsu
    This module generates user friendly url (s) for ZenCart ECommerce. The module is developed by All bugs can be reported here on Git. Please check the wiki on our site for more information regarding the module. Note that STABLE version is always available at cart/modules/simple seo url.
  • Plugin Social Networks
    Plugin for Nightingale, which allows user to publish on social networks what is played in Nightingale.
  • Plugin template
    The starting point for building new Ractive.js plugins adaptors, transitions, events, decorators, components and more.
  • post gallery slider
    [WordPress Plugin] Post gallery slider, with thumbnails and with nice animation , and auto height.
  • preflight
    A sample plugin for Selenium IDE.
  • rails admin nestable
    Rails Admin plugin to organise Tree/List models with a simple drag and drop custom action.
  • rails metrics example
    An example Rails 3 application using the rails3 app metrics plugin.
  • raphael.draggable
    A plugin for the Rapha?l JavaScript library that adds draggability to elements and sets (1.0.1).
  • redmine yatt backend
    Plugin for Redmine that adds functionality to timentries API. We use this plugin as backend for mobile application for time tracking.
  • responsive nav.js
    Responsive navigation plugin without library dependencies and with fast touch screen support.
  • rightjs plugins
    Goods for the RightJS framework.
  • rikkis wp social icons
    Wordpress plugin to mark social network urls.
  • sajals jetpack plugins
    My plugins for Jetpack SDK.
  • sample accelerometer
    This application demonstrates the usage of core plugin for device accelerometer API in Icenium.
  • sample barcode scanner
    Sample with Barcode Scanner Plugin.
  • sample camera
    Icenium core plugin sample illustrating access to device camera API.
  • sample in app browser
    This sample demonstrates InAppBrowser core plugin (Cordova 2.4 and later) for opening external and internal pages and resources in child system or modal browser.
  • Scriptographer Scripts
    A collection of scripts I've wrote for the Scriptographer illustrator plugin.
  • securesocial custom views sample
    This is a modified version of the demo app included in SecureSocial 2 (Java Version) to show how to make customized views plugin using a scala based CustomTemplatesPlugin.
  • selenium ide webdriver backed formatters
    A plugin for Selenium IDE that adds WebDriver backed Selenium formatters.
  • SeuratJS
    A Rapha?l plugin for creating beautiful pointillized animations.
  • sfSelect2 Widgets Plugin
    Collection of Select2 Widgets for Symfony 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4.
  • simple mce tables
    Simple plugin to add TinyMCE table buttons into the visual editor.
  • slate irc
    General purpose IRC client with simple plugin system.
  • Spanghurt
    Spanghurt is the codename v5 of what was formerly the Neobux 2+ script for Neobux.. The script aims to plugin extra bits of info into Neobux to make your life easier when you're managing referrals or analysing your account.. Once this is a bit more fully formed there'll be more info at but for now look out for Neobux 2+ (thread author:kwah) in the Neobux forums =].
  • Sphero Phonegap SDK
    The PhoneGap plugin that allows you to control Sphero.
  • sqlabs
    Demos for developmental products by S cubism, including web2py plugins and etc.
  • streamhub template
    StreamHub SDK plugin template.
  • strike
    Plugin playframework for mobile web developpement.
  • sublime csslint
    CSSLint plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3.
  • swagger play sample app
    A sample play app which uses swagger plugin to make the age old pet store swagger compliant.
  • swfobject
    An open source Javascript framework for detecting the Adobe Flash Player plugin and embedding Flash (swf) files.
  • toolbox
    reusable plugins, widgets , etc.
  • touque dog core
    A Social Network base solution, written in Ruby on Rails, using only MIT licensed plugins.
  • Tux Social Book
    A plugin for Joomla 1.7/2.5 to shared content with social networks.
  • validateThisCFWheels
    a plugin and demo for ValidateThis with CFWheels.
  • VectorCrumbs
    A simple Raphael.js plugin that performs standard drag /drop & draws a line behind the dragged object.
  • webos messaging connector
    A sample webOS messaging Synergy connector plugin.
  • WordPress CMS Tree Page View
    Tree view of all your pages and custom posts in WordPress. Edit, view, add and search pages, and use drag and drop pages to rearrange the order with this easy to use plugin.
  • wordpress designer pages collection plugin
    Easily add a Designer Pages Collection to your WordPress website.
  • wp yoga timetable
    Time table plugin for Wordpress.
  • writetable example with grails
    A sample Grails 2.1.1 application demonstrating the use of the writetable plugin and server side processing of the user input.
  • Xcode API
    Documentation on creating Xcode plug ins and specifications.
  • xui plugins
    Extends XUI (a lightweight mobile javascript framework) with more features.
  • yeoman maven samples
    Samples for yeoman maven plugin.
  • yii chosen
    Yii Widget for Chosen Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user friendly.
  • zotero maps
    A Zotero plugin for mapping collections.

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