List of Free code Component


  • accordion tree
    No frills "Tree View" component.
  • aceldama
    Merb and Halcyon powered Javascript style embedded site components server.
  • agido mockups
    Set of components to build mockups.
  • alchemy buttons
    Component repository for Alchemy buttons implementation.
  • Alchemy Joomla Component
    Joomla Component that contains the Alchemy ThemeFramework and some functionalities to manage the theme.
  • alchemy tables
    Test bed for creating modular component for tables.
  • angular component seed
    Seed for reusable Angular components.
  • angular dg maps
    2GIS Maps component for Angular.js.
  • angular pubnub
    A PubNub component for Angular.js.
  • appseeds
    A toolkit of library agnostic components for modern JavaScript applications: State Manager, Pub/Sub, Lambda.
  • Ares Components Demo
    Demo created w/ Ares preview 2 using the new service components. Shows a simple calendar event creation in < 100 LOC.
  • arkanoid
    arkanoid example of entity component systems.
  • attr
    evented attribute component with automatic dependencies.
  • BackboneKit
    A set of useful BackboneJS components to build apps smarter and faster.
  • bem components
    Set of components for sites development.
  • bootswatch scss
    Bootswatch themes in scss format packaged as a component.
  • bower component list
    Aggregated list of components from the Bower registry and GitHub metadata.
  • bushumappu
    This project is about a tube map (sometimes called transit map) that visualizes japanese characters and their components , so called radicals ("bushu").
  • c8
    ?acheable component (1) online builder.
  • CakePHP Ember
    Suite of Ember.js components and helpers for building Ember apps with CakePHP.
  • candystore server
    Server components for Candy Store iOS demo app for devLink.
  • canonical
    Component : returns the canonical URL for the page.
  • CC SproutCore
    Common CC SproutCore components.
  • Chosem
    A select component heavily inspired by Harvest's Chosen.
  • collective.z3cinspector
    Zope3 component registry inspector.
  • component as module
    Require components from node programs.
  • component badge
    Based on @timoxley's idea and made for @ForbesLindesay's website.
  • component boilerplate
    Component based application boilerplate.
  • component dashdoc
    Generate a Dash docset for published components.
  • component entity
    Component / Entity model implementation for JavaScript.
  • component installer
    Allows installation of Components via Composer.
  • component shrinkwrap
    Shrinkwrap for component build system.
  • component website
    My go at creating a component website, will remove once the real thing is live.
  • component wrapper
    Small module that spawns component.js as a child process.
  • components
    A components system for visual programming.
  • confirmation
    Confirmation component built on Dialog.
  • Console.js
    A Javascript port of the Symfony2 Console component.
  • contacter
    a danteng component of 139.
  • Controls.Experimental
    Additional iOs like components for MeeGo.
  • corespring ng components
    re usable angular js components.
  • CraftyMouseFace
    Crafty component that helps adjusting sprite facing.
  • craftytweener
    Tweener component for CraftyJS.
  • cubeviz.ontowiki
    OntoWiki component to visualize RDF DataCubes.
  • customJsf Component
    make some custom jsf or icefaces components.
  • cwise
    Component wise operations for ndarrays.
  • debowerify
    A browserify transform to enable the easy use of bower components in browserify client javascript projects. This can be used in conjunction with deamdify to require AMD components from bower as well.
  • debug apps
    Apps for working on and debugging specific components of SproutCore.
  • Default Component
    Default component for MODX 2.2.0 and up.
  • delegate manager
    Delegate manager for component.
  • devopsjs
    Support comprehensive configuration, resource usage, monitoring and development using high level components.
  • diapason plus
    Like diapason, but with a server side component.
  • donehq server
    The server component for couchtasks.
  • draggable app
    drag and droppable components for the user to customize their pages.
  • dredit frontend
    DrEdit's front end components.
  • dynatree for jsf
    Dynatree component for JSF 2.
  • echo3chart
    Echo3 Chart provides support for rendering charts using JFreeChart from within a server side Echo3 application. All of the heavy lifting is done by JFreeChart, this component is only a thin wrapper to simplify its use within Echo applications.
  • editableCell
    A component for turning table cells into selectable, editable cells, behaving much like cells in Microsoft Excel.
  • EKL
    Enyo Kind Library A collection of reusable components for Enyo developers.
  • email
    Parse an email address into its components , based on component /url.
  • ember calendar
    Calendar component for Ember.js.
  • ember youtube
    component (controller/view/template) for easily harnessing youtube's chromeless player with full javascript control.
  • emulate pinch
    emulate component /pinch with your mouse.
  • ender dragdealer
    Ender integration for Ovidiu Chereches excellent drag based javascript component.
  • event manager
    Event manager for component.
  • excesiv
    Application component to generate and read Excel files using Apache POI.
  • Ext.ux.Localizer
    To localize a component just call Localizer.localize( component , locale);.
  • flex iframe
    IFrame component for Flex applications.
  • flexible
    An assortment of flex components.
  • flight modal
    A Modal component for Flight.
  • flight orientation
    A flight component for device orientation.
  • flight viewport
    Responsive breakpoint component for Flight.
  • flight visibility
    A Flight component for the Page Visibility API.
  • frequire
    require() for the browser works with npm modules, browserify modules, components , expose objects and more.
  • fui
    Functional User Interaction Library #experimental #browser # component.
  • fullcalendar
    FullCalendar component for Bower.
  • FullCalendarWicket Component
    A Calendar Wicket Component Based on FullCalendar.
  • generator bower
    yeoman generator for bower components.
  • generator component
    An opinionated Yeoman generator for components.
  • generator nglue
    Yeoman generator for Angular gluing re usable components.
  • geonode client
    Browser based components for WorldMap.
  • globalize
    Globalize object properties component.
  • gpgfox
    Lightweight revival of the late FireGPG, using no binary components to ensure forward compatibility.
  • grunt bower organiser
    Organises bower components according to their types.
  • grunt bower postinst
    Execute post install action on bower components.
  • grunt component
    Wrapper around component (1) for grunt.
  • grunt component build
    Build Components using Grunt.
  • guts.js
    Components for javascript development.
  • gxp
    High level components for GeoExt based applications.
  • HackingPot
    DIY/Maker project search by components. A Udacity CS101 course project.
  • hexhack server
    A MUD that teaches subtle science and exact art that is computer programming. This is the server component.
  • hubu
    H Ubu is a simple component model for Javascript.
  • hungrybird
    Hungrybird is a web site tracker server inspired by Hummingbird and serves as a "data collector" component of a much larger analytics server. Hungrybird scales massively by leveraging operating system's multi core support. Worker API support coming soon!.
  • ic menu
    accessible popup menu component.
  • ic sortable
    Ember component for drag and drop between connected and nested lists (WIP).
  • icms calendar
    Calendar component for ICMS.
  • iktomi cms
    Content management system (CMS) components for iktomi.
  • InchRuler
    A Inch Rule(scale) Component for the Flex 4.
  • ipython components
    third party javascript dependencies of IPython.
  • Iron Hammer
    Iron Hammer gathers together three components to help automate the build, test and deployment process of C# projects: an Anvil, a Hammer and a Blacksmith.
  • jade builder
    Jade middleware to use with Component 's builder.js.
  • JmikolaJsAssetsHelperBundle
    Exposes the AssetsHelper service from Symfony2's templating component to JavaScript, allowing relative or absolute asset URI's to be generated client side.
  • js
    Turtl's main app interface. This project holds the main issue tracker for all of Turtl's components.
  • Js Component Manufacturing
    Example of using functional, dynamic, and object oriented JavaScript features to create modules. Inspired by the GOF factory pattern, this code takes the analogy even further.
  • js test aspect draggables
    Pluggable component behaviors with aspects for Draggable.
  • JSDoc Data Tables
    JSDoc3 template for documenting Data Tables and its components.
  • jsworkshift
    JavaScript Workshift Recording component with pluggable server side hooks.
  • kanso bower
    module to integrate bower and compile components into the frontend of a couchapp.
  • kitty
    Useful JavaScript components test driven with Jasmine.
  • knockout postbox
    A small library that uses Knockout's native pub/sub capabilities to facilitate decoupled communication between separate view models or components.
  • komponent
    A base object and scaffolding generator for event driven JavaScript components.
  • least squares
    JavaScript component for linear least squares regression analysis.
  • likelines player
    New home for the LikeLines player component.
  • LoaderPane
    Custom Adobe Flex Spark component for displaying a loading indicator.
  • mini event
    A simple and dedicated library to provide event related components.
  • minit
    Tool: Helps you build Montage applications by generating template applications and components for you.
  • modality
    Simple to use popover and modal within a manager, component , utility model.
  • model undoable
    undo/redo behavior for component /model.
  • nades server
    Server component for NADES.
  • netzke basepack
    Pre built feature packed Netzke components.
  • Neuro Company
    An extension of Neuro to provide an observer component.
  • nicar 13 examples
    Example code to accompany NICAR 13 talk on creating reusable components.
  • node three webkit
    Experiment of performance of THREE.js when some components are ported to native code.
  • nodeca.blogs
    Blogs component for Nodeca.
  • novile
    The Novile source code editor component for Qt.
  • occamsrazor.js
    A component registry for Javascript.
  • oegyscroll
    OegyScroll Wicket component for long scrollable lists.
  • openlayers vaadin addon
    Project provides a component that wraps OpenLayers for Vaadin developers.
  • ouija
    component for planchette indicated select/combo inputs ala ouija board.
  • packin
    a general purpose package installer (npm, component ).
  • paqui
    Dead simple, packager agnostic package manager for front end component developers.
  • parts kit
    A template and format for planning, documenting and testing front end components.
  • pencil
    Custom tags/ components for Jade. Extend, mixin and inherit.
  • picl contacts
    Contacts component for MyFirefox.
  • piper
    Eve Eventing on Steroids #node #browser # component.
  • pixel
    pixel requests for component.
  • Planner Public
    The static components of the planner.
  • POE Component Server Bayeux
    Release history of POE Component Server Bayeux.
  • primefaces
    Unofficial Mirror of PrimeFaces JSF Components.
  • protocol
    Testing component used to fake different protocols from the browser.
  • pubba
    Pubba is a library designed to help you manage the static components of your site.
  • quick2wire fritzomatic
    A tool to quickly generate Fritzing components.
  • read components
    Read bower and component (1) components.
  • require
    Client side require() implementation for components (used by builder.js).
  • rework project
    Project to test using Rework + Component instead of Sass.
  • ringo xmpp
    A RingoJS package for writing server side XMPP components.
  • rr
    A simple JavaScript component to iterate an array round robin.
  • rtc helloworld
    A super simple example for working with WebRTC components.
  • s3 swf upload
    S3SWFUpload is a flash base upload component , can upload file to S3 directly.
  • SampleStorageJQueryMobile
    JQueryMobile sample that uses local storage and creates components via JavaScript.
  • sctags
    New tag components for x tags/polymer.
  • sdk sample admin console
    Sample project providing a basic example that you can use to define your own Share Admin Console components.
  • sdk sample dashlet
    Sample project to help you build your own Share customisations, containg a dashlet example, with instructions on how to add additional components.
  • sdk sample datalist action
    Sample custom action for Data List items for use within the Data Lists component of Alfresco Share.
  • signalr owin dncmag 07
    An app demonstrating how to Self Host a SignalR application using Katana OWIN components. This is Code for the Article in DNC Magazine Issue 7 (July August 2013). The magazine is absolutely Free.
  • sik
    Opinionated project structuring for express, component and node.
  • Skinnable Component Test
    Flex Skinnable Component Example.
  • skype utils
    Adhearsion component for the Skype for Asterisk Channel.
  • sliderbarr
    A simple JavaScript slider component.
  • Sloth
    Library to lazy initialize components of a webpage when they become visible.
  • Stark
    Simplified separation of components into decoupled applications.
  • surveys
    An example Adhearsion component for creating post call surveys.
    Use Symfony2 components inside WordPress (code example).
  • Tapestrify
    Tapestry Provides the growing Tapestry community with a set of appealing components and commonly used modules.
  • telamon
    JavaScript component library for client and server.
  • tower
    Small components for building apps, manipulating data, and automating a distributed infrastructure.
  • UbuntuPhoneRedditApp
    An ubuntu phone Reddit application, written in QML. You need qmlscene/viewer and the Ubuntu. components 0.1 to run these.
  • underscore
    underscore.js component for
  • universal
    Cross platform, core components of the GPII personalization infrastructure.
  • video training
    Basic components for a video web site using Flash for video and Ffmpeg for transcoding.
  • videojs playlist
    Playlist component for video.js 3 player.
  • VirtualTreasureHuntServer
    Rails component of the virtual treasure hunt server. Separated to make deployment to heroku simple.
  • webform
    Component to create webforms.
  • webinos utilities
    Common functionality used by webinos components.
  • wildfire
    Component to component communication.
  • wiquery highcharts
    Wiquery highcharts binding component.
  • wiquery jqplot
    Wiquery jqPlot binding component.
  • xFlex
    Library for Custom Components in Flex.
  • xwidgets
    A DHTML/Javascript component based view technology.
  • yard components
    Add the concept of ' components ' to YARD.
  • yieldify
    Compiler for ES6 with no runtime component.
  • yii user profilepic
    Yii User Profile Picture Component.
  • Component
    Manage monitored URLs as Device components.
  • Component
    Treat check_nrpe based commands as device components.
  • zk codeeditor
    a ZK component for codemirror integration.
  • zk notification
    a notification component implementation, Simple Demo

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