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  • 960 layout system
    960ls code repository. The 960 Layout System was created to help streamline web designers' workflow by giving them all the power of in a nice, easy to use interface that is useful for noob and guru alike. Powered by Flask python framework and jQuery.
  • AEwriterjs
    Web version of procedural keyframe data using Processing.js. Current examples include flocking and motion sketch; outputs JavaScript for After Effects or Python for Maya. * Demo by Victoria Nece: http://fox * Try it now!.
  • agilekeychain
    1 password 's agilekeychain format python library.
  • appengine endpoints tictactoe python
    A simple backend for a Tic Tac Toe game using Google Cloud Endpoints, App Engine, and Python.
  • argparse
    CLI arguments parser for node.js. JS port of python's argparse module.
  • autogallery
    A simple Python script to allow easy sharing of photos for sysadmins or other people with shell access to something web accessible.
  • blogger tag visualizer
    An app which uses GData Python API for Blogger to get the post tags and their frequency of appereance and generates graphics on the web using the D3 JavaScript library.
  • CherryGit
    Git GUI made with Python + JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS 3.
  • cn flask sample
    How to use the Consumer Notebook API with Python's Flask microframework and Heroku.
  • Consuming Web APIs with Python Talk
    Corresponding Code for my Talk on 7/30 @ PyOhio.
  • couchdb pythonviews
    Python view server for CouchDB.
  • crass
    A CSS utility library for Python and JavaScript.
  • Data News
    Data News is a place to post and discuss data related news. Built with Flask/Python.
  • deform
    A Python HTML form library.
  • firelogger
    Firebug logging support for server side languages/ frameworks (Python, PHP).
  • flask tablesetter
    A Python version of ProPublica's Table Setter, using Flask.
  • formcreator
    Create a web interface for command line programs or python functions.
  • fpoimg
    A placeholder image generation service built with Python, Flask, and PIL. FPO = For Placement Only.
  • gramophone
    Gramophone is a simple music server built with Python, Flask, Backbonejs and jPlayer.
  • htmlizeBibtex
    Python script to render Bibtex in HTML (avoiding tables ) and jQuery script which allows to show those citations. Inline references open dialogs to provide more detailed information about the citations.
  • Instagram Color Search Python
    A color based search for Instagram using Imagga's API. Python version.
  • Jazzy
    Server and client to play many different chess variants right in your browser. Based on Python, Tornado (server side) and bleeding edge HTML5 web technology like Canvas and SocketIO.
  • jQuery File Upload
    File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery. Supports cross domain, chunked and resumable file uploads. Works with any server side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.
  • jquery upload file
    jQuery Upload File plugin provides Multiple file Uploads with progress bar.Works with any server side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.
  • MidgardPy MVC
    Midgard MVC built with Python on top of Pylons.
  • OnlinePythonTutor
    Learn Python by executing code online and visualizing data structures.
  • openThreads
    A python list serv parser to help gain an understanding of participation, diversity, and communication style.
  • paramikojs
    port of the paramiko library from python >javascript.
  • periodic
    periodic is a python API for the periodic table.
  • pswdless
    A password less login service. Written in Python using Google App Engine.
  • py MVC
    A Python Flask MVC web application framework.
  • pycryptocat
    pyCryptoCat A CryptoCat standalone python client.
  • PyDrive
    Google Drive API Python wrapper library.
  • PyGall
    PyGall is a photo web gallery based on the Pyramid Python web framework and the Galleria Javascript photo gallery.
  • pygowave legacy
    The Open Source Python Wave Client/ Server solution (legacy version).
  • pygraphml
    Small library to parse GraphML file in Python.
  • pynliner
    Python CSS to inline styles conversion tool for HTML using BeautifulSoup and cssutils.
  • PyOfWave
    Open Source Wave server and web client in Python (Used to be PyGoWave).
  • pypes
    A component based data flow framework with a drag n drop Web 2.0 interface. Based on Stackless Python and inspired by Yahoo! Pipes.
  • Pyph
    Python web based basic photo editor.
  • pypitches
    Loading and plotting MLB PITCHf/x data using Python.
  • python blog engine
    A blog engine that can serve multiple blogs, database backed static pages and more.
  • python for ios
    Script for building Python 2.6 and above with iOS SDK.
  • python livereload
    livereload server in python.
  • python nport
    Python package for handling n port data (Touchstone, CITI).
  • python xmpp server
    An XMPP Server implemented in Python.
  • sample url shortner
    Python URL Shortner (3 Hour Challenge).
  • slopegraph
    A 'slopegraph' ('table chart') generator in Python using Cairo/Rapha?l. Currently handles a two column chart with _many_ output options. Look at the '/examples' directory for sample configurations, data files and output formats.
  • sockjs twisted
    SockJS server for Twisted Python.
  • spiderpig
    Extensible Python IRC bot with plugins, extensible qml dashboard with widgets.
  • splunk sdk python
    Splunk Software Development Kit for Python.
  • String Decimal
    Decimal arithmetic in Javascript, PHP (with tests against Python's Decimal) using strings for input/output.
  • tw2. forms
    The basic form widgets for ToscaWidgets2, a web widget toolkit for Python to aid in the creation, packaging and distribution of common view elements normally used in the web.
  • urllib
    Help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world ? basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more. Like python's _urllib_ module.
  • usb mesh
    Python tool to configure mesh networking on a bootable USB stick.
  • vatic
    vatic is an online, interactive video annotation tool for computer vision research that crowdsources work to Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Our tool makes it easy to build massive, affordable video data sets. Written in Python + C + Javascript, vatic is free and open source software.
  • vgl lib strings
    Pure VGL library for string manipulation based on the Python string methods.
  • warp
    The best Python web framework ever.
  • WifiScanAndMap
    A Linux Python application to create maps of 802.11 networks.
  • wnframework
    Full stack web framework in python & js. Used to build erpnext.
  • yafowil. widget .dynatree
    jquery.dynatree.js Widget for YAFOWIL Yet Another Form Widget Library (Python, Web).
  • yafowil.widget. datetime
    Datetime Widget for YAFOWIL Yet Another Form Widget Library (Python, Web).

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