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  • 3 dwebphysics
    A project to incorporate Three Dimensional Physics into the web world.
  • 960 gridder
    960 Gridder is an excellent tool for any web developer/designer that wants to easily align, match and lay out websites. NOTE: This repo is no longer maintained. If it works, it works but it's years old and there's probably better ones out there by now.
  • accessibility
    Code samples and documentation for our tutorial "Web Accessibility for the 21st Century".
  • addrable
    Addressable tabular data on the Web.
  • aeris js sdk
    A Javascript SDK that integrates with the Aeris API and includes built in widgets to use in web sites and applications.
  • AGS Sample
    A demonstration of AGS Server and AGS Client used to implement multiplayer chess and checkers web apps.
  • aimp mobile web ctl
    AIMP Mobile Web Control interface.
  • AIRforiOSLoadExternalSWFTest
    Testing the code to load both a SWF packaged in the app and from a URL on the web.
  • ajaxdraw
    Web based drawing program.
  • Ajaxian Library
    A web based PDF and CHM library browser and viewer with awesome collection sorting and indexing features.
  • animation
    Experiments in 2D and 3 D web based animation.
  • AntiMap
    The AntiMap is an Open Source creative toolset for recording and visualising your own data. The project currently consists of a smart phone utility application (AntiMap Log) for data capture, and a couple of web/desktop applications (AntiMap Simple.
  • api designer
    A web editor for creating and sharing RAML API specifications.
  • awsninja simpledbadmin
    A web based tool for browsing and maniulating data on Amazon SimpleDb.
  • AZlink Tiny Widget
    Auto updatable blog parts (Web Gadget) for Japanese Amazon Associate Program.
  • band.js
    Band.js Music composer interface for the Web Audio API.
  • bc simplegallery app
    A simple gallery app built on top of BC's WebApps and File System SDK.
  • bio2rdf webapp
    The Bio2RDF webapp, using the QueryAll Linked Data server.
  • bobik javascript sdk
    Web scraping in Javascript using remote bots.
  • bonescript live demo
    Bonescript web pages with live running examples and documentation.
  • bplayer
    Old project to embed stop motion animations in a web page.
  • branch locator
    part is the smooth custom animations with a different concept of navigation and maintaining the state even in offline mode. It is a unique application of iOS having full support of web sockets providing continuous updates from server and updating client.
  • Browser Extensions for Web Hackers
    Example code of my Browser Extensions for Web Hacker talk.
  • btc
    Break the Chain: web player for samba tunes of the Rhythms of Resistance network.
  • cellphone
    Update of cell phone network simulation to use web based technololgies.
  • chcontext
    Web widget for searching objects of cultural heritage.
  • cloud costs
    Web based tool for finding the cheapest cloud server for a given set of requirements.
  • cmsFHWeb SDK
    Web based sdk sync cms content.
  • collectd web
    Collectd web is a web based front end for RRD data collected by collectd.
  • commando A web based interface for streamlining the use of SSH for deployments and system administration tasks across groups of remote servers.
  • ConditionalSlideshow
    A conditional slideshow for mobile first responsive web design.
  • converse.js
    Web based XMPP Instant Messaging client written in javascript.
  • crayon
    Web plotting library for electrophysiology, based on D3.
  • crm demo
    Simple demo on how to write web apps using Angular.js and Java EE 6 (JAX RS and JPA 2.0).
  • crumbs
    Crumbs is a free WordPress theme or static web page used as a last resort to remind the client to pay their invoices.
  • cucumber js example
    A demo of Cucumber.js running against the web.
  • data logger
    A Rails app that logs data from Arduino sensor modules via serial port and displays it via a web page. Arduino code is included.
  • dataroller
    node powered data converter webapp.
  • dbmonitor
    Use your web browser to monitor table inserts.
  • diaspora webapp
    A web application for diaspora*, the free and decentralized social network.
  • discord web
    Web client for the Discord MUD engine.
  • dragbrowser
    Web based file browser with drag and drop support.
  • dragoman web
    The web interface to the Dragoman translations API.
  • dragonstory
    Web tools useful on playing Dragon Story, optimized for iPad.
  • enketo
    A lightweight offline capable web survey application that is compatible with JavaRosa/OpenRosa XForm derived format and compliant servers.
  • express upload amazon s3
    Sample project for demonstrating how to upload file from web through express to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) by aws sdk.
  • falconjs
    Falcon.js adds structure to knockout.js by incorporting models, collections , and views. It's setup to make developing single page web applications a breeze.
  • fin
    Realtime data layer for web applications.
  • FlashCards
    An application that uses the web speech api to provide short quizes which can be answered with your voice.
  • forge
    A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto based and network heavy webapps.
  • forgetmenot
    Forgetmenot is a self hosted todo list application that is accessible via web and mobile browser.
  • front end web dev code examples
    Code Examples Thinkful's Front End Web Development Course.
  • gamelab
    A development boilerplate for JavaScript webapps.
  • gartner wcm d3
    Interactive summary of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management with d3.js.
  • gh activity
    A widget to display your GitHub activity anywhere on the web.
  • ghostery
    Ghostery is a browser extension for detecting and blocking web trackers, ads, widgets , etc.
  • gifkobo
    A web tool for creating GIF animations like GifBoom.
  • github notifications
    A client for reading GitHub web notifications.
  • gk
    How does GK implemented the concept of Web Component ?.
  • GoogleSearch
    Search on your site or web via google, yii widget.
  • gosearchify demo
    A demo webapp in Go that uses Searchify's Go IndexTank client.
  • gritttt rss
    Implements 'cancelled' sharing features of Google Reader for the excellent open source RSS Reader TinyTiny RSS: share any page on the web via a bookmarklet and show your shared items in a widget on any website you want. Also allow to import shared&starred articles from Google Reader.
  • groovebasin
    Music player server with a web based user interface inspired by Amarok 1.4.
  • grunt contrib connect
    Start a static web server.
  • grunt express
    Start an Express.js web server using grunt.js.
  • h5ai
    a modern HTTP web server index for Apache httpd, lighttpd, nginx and Cherokee.
  • haiku http
    Multi tenant runtime for simple HTTP web APIs.
  • harp
    the static web server with built in preprocessing.
  • hinclude
    declarative client side inclusion for the Web.
  • hodl
    Helsinki open device lab is established to help the local web developer community to be able to test their work on the ever growing range of mobile devices.
  • holler
    real time, in app notifications for web and mobile via the command line.
  • HomeCenter
    Web based monitoring dashboard for home sensing network.
  • india trains mobile
    mobile webapp to see train locations in India.
  • inpertab
    Interactive periodic table of elements for web.
  • iris
    web irc client for the atheme platform.
  • jack
    A port of Rack for the JavaScript JSGI web server interface.
  • javascript crypto library
    The JavaScript Crypto Library provides web developers with an extensive and efficient set of cryptographic functions. The library aims to obtain maximum execution speed while preserving modularity and reusability. The library is released as open source under an AGPL license. If you are a web developer and into Javascript check it out!.
  • javascript exercises
    Boilerplate markup for common web components for beginners to learn JavaScript.
  • jqtouch webapp
    An example webapp using jQTouch, with a settings page.
  • jsAnimator
    Animation webapp similar to Flash.
  • jskom
    jskom is a web based LysKOM client, written in Javascript. It uses httpkom for communication with the LysKOM server.
  • JsLib
    JsLib is a collection of loosely coupled JavaScript classes programmed to an interface not an implementation, providing the foundation for industrial strength object oriented thick client web applications. This is released under the LGPL license.
  • jsperfexamples
    A collection of examples around the Web Perf WG API's.
  • jsqrcode scanner
    A demo application using jsqrcode and getUserMedia to build a web QR code scanner.
  • KiwiIRC
    Web based IRC client.
  • labevents
    Central web platform to manage and publish events as well as notify users in social networks.
  • Lacuna Web Client
    The pure javascript client for The Lacuna Expanse.
  • LeapWebVisualizer
    Project to visualize the hand and finger data from the Leap Motion in a web browser.
  • lil brother
    Track clicks and other client side events on web pages.
  • localdata mobile web
    LocalData mobile collection app.
  • LodLive
    browse the web of data a SPARQL navigator.
  • lookout
    lightweight, web based server monitoring.
  • lozigo web
    A web interface to watch a distributed log network , built with lozigo.
  • madaram zahra
    Madaram Zahra Mobile WebApp.
  • map gallery template js
    This Public Gallery template is designed for anyone who wants to showcase their ArcGIS Online maps, layers, and mobile apps in a dynamic web gallery.
  • mean mobile
    MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) A Simple, Scalable and Easy starting point for JS centric web apps The Mobile Version.
  • millennium
    POC for using the Millennium Web SDK.
  • mobile boilerplate
    A front end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.
  • Mobile First RWD
    An example of a mobile first responsive web design.
  • moment elements
    Moment.js converted to native Web Components.
  • mono synth demo
    A monophonic synthesizer using the Web Audio API.
  • movie queue
    A web server that manages and downloads movies for you using torrents.
  • network viewer
    Network viewer based on Cytoscape Web.
  • nfwd
    Networking for Web Devs.
  • nkProgressHUD
    nkProgressHUD is a web HUD to preoccupy users during server side tasks.
  • node gyazo
    gyazo server for Node and web client.
  • node hubble
    Node Web API for discovering content types for URLs.
  • node level session
    A very fast and persistent web server session manager backed by LevelDB.
  • node whatsapp
    WhatsApp web client, based on Whats API.
  • noodleapp web client. Full of noodles.
  • notestack
    A web based simplenote client for the modern browser (
  • notify.js
    A handy wrapper for the Web Notifications API.
  • nutrients per calorie
    a web interface to the nutritional data available at
  • nws
    nws is a simple tool designed to launch a simple static web server in your current working directory.
  • ogre
    ogr2ogr geojson focused web client.
  • ok webfront
    Frontend web server for Open Knesset.
  • onespark webapp
    . This webapp was developed during the practical course of 'Service and Cloud Computing' at Chair for Computer Networks at Dresden University of Technology.
  • openfollow
    Search server to find people on the federated social web.
  • openkeyval is a completely open key value data store, exposed as a drop dead simple web service. The goal is to make this a very easy way to persist data in web applications.
  • ore
    Foundations for reusable web components.
  • OSCAR js
    Open Spatial Component Architecture (OSCAR) is a JavaScript library that you can use in your web pages to add dynamic map content.
  • overpass ide
    A web based data mining tool for OpenStreetMap using Overpass API.
  • parachute
    Provides fallback animations for non web kit browsers in concert with transit.js.
  • peacemaker
    Add on and collection of userscripts to remove comments from news and media web sites.
  • pegged
    OS X Dashboard widget to display webpages. A better alternative to Web Clips.
  • pelican
    Tapestry 5 Tech Demo App Realtime micro auctions webapp.
  • phaMProject
    Yii Extension for development mobile application (web based).
  • Phonegap Ratchet ToDo Example
    Combines various web technologies to make a to do app with user auth, crud, etc.
  • Photoshop Panel
    Useful tools for Web/App design.
  • piwik mobile
    Piwik Mobile App The official Git repository! Liberating Web Analytics on the go!.
  • player
    Player FM mobile /web client.
  • Pman.Builder
    Pman/Builder Directory for Pman Components The Web based GUI designer.
  • poker Table
    Web code and firmware for my poker table.
  • polyfill webcomponents
    Browserify compatible web component polyfills, courtesy of Polymer.
  • pomelo admin web
    monitor server demo for pomelo admin system.
  • pots web
    Points of Interest demo site.
  • presentation web components
    Web Components : Why You're Already An Expert.
  • PrinterSimulation Animation
    Web based animation to visualize JamieChung/PrinterSimulation.
  • professional javascript
    Examples from the book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers.
  • publish samples
    Various different samples for web publishing.
  • pubsub js javascript client (node and web).
  • Push It
    JavaScript push server and client, developing real time web applications should be easy.. now you can do it in js.
  • pusher realtime chat widget
    Example Realtime Chat Widget that can be added to any web page or app.
  • quetzal
    Web component helpers and custom element library.
  • quickblox web sdk
    Web SDK of QuickBlox cloud backend platform.
  • radar
    High level API and backend for writing web apps that use push messaging.
  • RealtimeCart
    Shopping Cart sample with SignalR, Web API and Knockout.js.
  • reanimator
    Capture and replay execution traces of client side web applications.
  • rekapi
    A keyframe animation library for the web.
  • restbucks wcf
    A Restbucks clone implemented using WCF Web APIs.
  • retro audio js
    Web Audio API based retro player that give us that nostalgic feelings.
  • RWD Table Patterns
    Experimental table structure and behavior patterns based on progressive enhancement and responsive web design.
  • sagecell
    The Sage Cell Server providing a way to embed Sage computations into any web page.
  • samples todos sinatra
    Web server for the SproutCore Todos Sample using Sinatra and DataMapper. Also works with Heroku!.
  • sayndo
    Fast and flexible web server with customized routing and authorization.
  • screenchop
    A screenshot sharing webapp for gamers.
  • ShareFest
    Web based p2p file sharing built on WebRTC Data Channels API.
  • shiny server
    Host Shiny applications over the web.
  • shiva client
    Web client for the Shiva web server as a single page app.
  • shorten
    Example app for Episode 1 of Classy Web Development with Sinatra.
  • side accordion map storytelling template js
    A storytelling template for publishing a web map to a general audience; includes accordion side panel and dropdown legend. Responsive design supports most devices with a single URL.
  • sinatra web api example
    Example application using Sinatra and the DSL gem to develop web APIs using a simple DSL and a small stack.
  • sinatra wsdsl example
    moved to web api example.
  • singlecell
    Demo of Single cell IPython webapps.
  • skinjs
    user interface components and styles for web applications.
  • soashable
    A web based IM client.
  • SolarStatus
    Web Interface for Solaris Servers showing Status Information.
  • sonicnet.js
    Ultrasonic Networking with the Web Audio API.
  • spectrograph
    A spectrograph web audio component.
  • speech api demos
    Demos for the Speech Input and Web Speech APIs.
  • speedee
    A web based mail client for notmuch.
  • sqwidget
    JavaScript widget toolkit, for the creation and distribution of third party web widgets.
  • stackvm
    Configure, network , and interact with virtual machines entirely over the web.
  • steampunk
    Simple web based IRC client with integrated bouncer.
  • streamhub sdk
    Build embeddable webapps with Livefyre StreamHub.
  • subway
    A web based IRC client with grand ambitions.
  • sugar web
    Components for Sugar web activities.
  • Superscribe
    A fresh take on URL routing for Web APIs.
  • SyncIt
    SyncIt is a library to enable you to easily add synchronization to your (offline / phonegap) web Apps.
  • TagVisor
    Real time Animation Enhancements for Existing Web Pages.
  • tapestry cometd demo
    Demo webapp for tapestry cometd.
  • Tea Table
    Modular web code editor built on CodeMirror.
  • teapotSVG
    Web animations lab for testing and benchmarking animations.
  • terraform
    Asset pipeline for the Harp Web Server.
  • thl4chrome
    Add a new task to The Hit List with the URL of the web page you are viewing.
  • Timetabler
    A web based drag and drop Timetabling client for universities.
  • total impact webapp
    The web frontend for Calls the backend api code in total impact core github repo.
  • touch animation
    WIP for touch animations on top of web animations.
  • TouchOSC Web
    Use TouchOSC to enable iPhones and Androids as controllers for the web.
  • TRACX Web
    An online javascript based version of the TRACX neural network simulator for sequence learning.
  • ttrss mobile
    A mobile webapp for Tiny Tiny RSS.
  • twiggy
    Twiggy is a mobile web widget !.
  • uow
    JavaScript components and catalog application for UNC Open Web servers.
  • upstage
    A library for building web presentations.
  • uranium
    JS library for Mobile Web.
  • urlicon
    beautifies web address inputs with informative glyphs and tastefully recomposed urls.
  • urls web
    web interface to urls.
  • usb rocket launcher node
    A driver and web server for a DreamCheeky USB Rocket Launcher.
  • vcloud networks
    Scala Web vCloud Networks Search.
  • vulcanize
    Build tool for HTMLImports and Web Components.
  • WAAClock
    A comprehensive event scheduling tool for Web Audio API.
  • wavepad
    An experimental synthesizer built using the Web Audio API.
  • Web
    The repo for the mobile site.
  • web animations js
    An emulator of the Web Animations specification. Please note that this is still experimental, and that the specification is likely to change in the future.
  • web animations spec
    Mirror of the Web Animations specification repository.
  • web audio components service
    Web Audio Component API Service.
  • web component stub
    Fork this when creating a new web component for X Tags.
  • web components
    Cross browser W3 Web Components polyfills and helpers.
  • Web Components Polyfill
    IMPORTANT: Use http://polymer instead. Their stuff is better.
  • web crypto ideas
    JS examples and IDL ideas to work out before adding to the Web Crypto spec.
  • web crypto samples
    Web cryptography API samples.
  • web http client
    a full featured web based visual http client that can perform cross domain requests ( ships with server side proxy ).
  • web irc
    A web IRC client.
  • web midi test suite
    A test suite for Web MIDI API.
  • Web Testing with MbUnit WatiN
    Sample code project that illustrates how to use Gallio/MbUnit v3 with WatiN.
  • Web Workers Examples
    Web Workers Example for the book.
  • webanim
    Web Animation and Movie Generator.
  • WebApiContext. Sample
    Shows how to create a DataServiceContext equivalent for Web Api queryable services.
  • WebApiStructureMapDemo
    Sample MVC4 web application that uses Web API and StructureMap.
  • webapp boilerplate
    A set of best practices and utilities for building a widget based application.
  • Webapp Exploit Payloads
    a collection of payloads for common webapps.
  • webapplate
    A Mobile First WebApp fromework that help you quickly start the mobile web app development.
  • WebAudio
    Web Audio API Playground.
  • webaudiosynth
    Synthesizer application written in JavaScript using Web Audio API.
  • WebBlocks
    Out of the box, WebBlocks is a platform based on modern web technologies for building full featured, responsive sites suited for all viewports including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It leverages existing best in breed web tools, defines semantics.
  • webcomponents sketchbook
    A collection of Web Components examples & sketches.
  • webconnect
    JavaScript APIs to allow web apps to connect to hardware devices.
  • webdiceroller
    Web Dice Roller is a simple web demo that allows you to roll some dice.
  • weblinking
    A javascript parser for RFC5988 Web Linking.
  • webmentpyne
    Webmentpyne is a simple web interface for [Clementine](http://www.clementine player using [MPRIS 2 ]( spec/latest/) interface via [ D Bus]( It allows.
  • WebMIDIAPIWrapper
    Wrapper for Web MIDI API.
  • WebPd
    Run your Pure Data patches on the web.
  • webscripts
    A collection of my web scripts.
  • wesley
    Protocol compliant web socket server with some awesome extras.
  • whoishere
    A simple interactive web interface, made to give people the ability to identify which devises are present in the network by a script, remotely executing "arp a" through SSH on a DD WRT router.
  • wisegui
    A Web based Frontend for WISEBED Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds.
  • wms creator
    Flask webapp to look for tif's, ecw's or shp's in a folder than print a mapfile and a WMS url.
  • womack
    Womack lets normal web apps push real time events to clients.
  • worker
    Nicer web worker API.
  • Yaxy
    Proxy server for a web developers.
  • yith library web client
    Web client for Yith Library server.
  • youku upload web sdk
    Youku openapi web upload SDK.
  • zerver
    client integrated webapp server.

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