List of Free code Django


  • Agile Backlog
    manage a backlog component for django python.
  • ajax modelform
    Django Ajax Field Validation on Forms.
  • ajax tut
    A test project for learning to use ajax with django initially taken from
  • ajaxfilemanager
    a python django project the first ajaxfilemanager written in python and django.
  • albastryde
    A Django based system for displaying nd comparing agricultural data. ALBAstryde takes it name in part from the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). The second part of the name is linked to its historic roots, the Cyberstryde network which was the software behind Cybersyn, the cybernetic network which was set up under Salvador Allende in Chile 1971 73.
  • antisocial network
    The antisocial network. A demo project for django lazysignup.
  • appfog django
    Thanks : D => Vers?o => Django==1. 3.1.
  • Building Web APIs for Django with Tastypie Talk
    Issac Kelly DjangoCon US 2011.
  • chrome django panel
    Django Debug Toolbar inside WebKit DevTools. Works fine with background AJAX requests and non HTML responses. Great for single page applications and other AJAX intensive web applications.
  • cinepura
    iPhone app written in Django & iUI which displays the movies currently playing in Singapore.
  • clktc
    A simple URL shortener built using Django.
  • djajachat
    Django AJAX Live Chat.
  • django ace editor
    Django ace editor is an implementation of the Ace editor as a form widget.
  • django admin filtrate
    Custom filter framework for the Django Admin.
  • django admin hack
    Admin can add/remove/ drag fields in fieldsets, and other advanced stuff. It would surprise me that you get it to work... so, not worth trying :).
  • django ajax
    AJAX library for Django.
  • django ajax changelist
    Django AJAX Changelist (creative name!) extends Django ModelAdmin to support editing specified fields directly from the changelist.
  • django ajax loading overlay
    Uses JS to add/remove a loading overlay during Ajax calls.
  • django ajax selects
    Fork of ajax selects.
  • django ajax upload widget
    Provides AJAX file upload functionality for FileFields and ImageFields with a simple widget replacement in the form.
  • django ajax uploader
    Ajax based, multiple upload django class with pluggable backends, and subclass goodness.
  • django ajax utilities
    Pagination, xhr and tabbing utilities for the Django framework.
  • django ajaximage
    Add ajax image upload functionality with a progress bar to file input fields within Django admin. Images are optionally resized.
  • django alphabetfilter
    An alphabet filter for Django's admin that works like the date hierarchy filter.
  • django angular auth
    Example app showing how to use Django for authentication of an Angular app.
  • Django Artnet DMX RGB Colorpicker
    This is a simple "Django" Artnet/DMX Colorpicker Tool. Not optimized in any way, and written just to work, no error detection or shell escaping, just relying on pythons int() function.
  • django audiofield
    Django audiofield is a django application which allows audio file upload and conversion to mp3, wav and ogg format. It also makes it easy to play the audio files into your django application, for this we integrated a HTML5 and Flash audio player 'SoundManager2'.
  • django boilerplate
    A barebones default layout for organised Django development.
  • django chartjs
    Django Class Based Views to generate Ajax charts js parameters.
  • django chosen
    django Form Fields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery.
  • django chucho
    An Ajax CRUD framework for Django Models based on SlickGrid and JQuery UI.
  • django chunked uploads
    HTML5 chunked uploading for Django.
  • django ckeditor
    A small Django application that makes it easy to use CKEditor for form textareas.
  • django cleditor
    Django widget for CLEditor.
  • django cms demo
    Demo site for django CMS.
  • Django CMS Example
    Example project using Django CMS and Django 1.4.
  • django collectordemo
    A demonstration of Django Collector using Django Layout.
  • django color utils
    Collection of color picker widgets for Django.
  • django colorfield
    a small app providing a colorpicker field for django.
  • django colorful
    extension to the Django web framework that provides database and form color fields.
  • django colorpicker
    Color Picker utilities for Django.
  • django colors
    Fork of colors/.
  • django crispy forms fancy formsets
    Trying to make sense of creating, validating, saving, rendering and dynamically adding rows to formsets.
  • django cropduster
    Image uploader and cropping tool to create thumbnails at various aspect ratios.
  • django crud ajax demo
    A crud written in django with search, grid (ajax) and csv file importation.
  • django dbtemplates
    Django template loader for database stored templates with extensible cache backend.
  • django delta
    Version control of a text field using database.
  • Django demo
    A demo project to show how to use Django as a User Interaction Design tool.
  • django digitalpaper
    A complete Newspaper viewer in Javascript, canvas, and CSS.
  • django directupload
    Django project that offers direct uploading of files from your forms using Uploadify.
  • django dynamic formset
    Git mirror of django dynamic formset: dynamic formset (updates every hour).
  • django dynatree
    Django forms widget that uses Dynatree to display tree data.
  • django eav forms
    Development version of an admin replacement.
  • Django EditArea
    Syntax highlighting for the Django admin. This is a Django application that contains a widget to render a form field as an EditArea editor.
  • django ember example
    A dummy example making django tastypie and ember.js work together.
  • django eventpickrs
    Tag any model with a basic event with a datetime. Templatetags for datepicker and timepickr jq ui widgets.
  • django extrafields
    Django Extra fields and extra widgets.
  • django eztables
    Easy integration between jQuery Data Tables and Django.
  • django files widget
    Django AJAX upload widget and model field for multiple files or images, featuring drag & drop uploading, upload progress bar, sortable image gallery.
  • django formapi
    Django API creation with signed requests utilizing forms for validation.
  • django formfield
    django formfield is a form field that accepts a django form as its first argument.
  • django formhelper
    A collection of templates and templatetags to ease the pain in building out web forms.
  • django frontend
    Django Frontend is a collection of static files and templates to jumpstart Django front end development.
  • django galleries
    django galleries is a photo gallery app for django that enables you to add/edit/remove images inline with the model that the gallery belongs to in the django admin interface.
  • django gmapsfield
    A Google Maps field type for the django web framework.
  • django html5 boilerplate
    Paul Irish's HTML 5 Boilerplate set up for Django with templates and media folders.
  • django html5 forms
    html5 form widgets for django.
  • django ide
    The Django IDE is a web based IDE made with html5 and javascript to develop Django apps.
  • django image cropper
    An reusable django application for cropping image on clientside with jQuery franework.
  • django image cropping
    Django helper application to easily and non destructively crop arbitrarily large images in admin and frontend.
  • django image gallery
    Django ajax image gallery using jquery forms and pretty Photo.
  • django image uploader
    AJAX image uploader and cropper.
  • django imagehandler
    An image handler for the django admin.
  • django inlaws
    Show objects with a database relation to the current object in the Django Admin.
  • django inline orderable
    An easy way of making inlines orderable using drag and drop.
  • django jfu
    A Django Library for jQuery File Upload.
  • django jqgrid playground
    This application adds ajax django admin based on jQuery Grid.
  • django jquery file upload
    A minimal django project containing a minimal app with a working jquery file upload form based on the work by Sebastian Tschan: http://aquantum upload.
  • Django jQuery File Uploader Integration demo
    A simple example of how to integrate jQuery File Uploader in Django while preserving Django's CSRF protection.
  • django lame photogallery
    My pet project for my personal photo website.
  • django lawnchair
    Libraries to make working with Django and Lawnchair easier.
  • django layout
    A recommended Django project layout.
  • django layoutdemo
    A Django Layout demo site.
  • django live edit
    A quick and ghetto demo for getting Django to generically update models via jquery in place edit.
  • django lobby
    django application to browse the U.S. lobbying database.
  • django localcrawler
    A utility app for Django to crawl your website using Django's test client and check for broken URLs.
  • django localeurl
    A Django application that allow you to specify the language of a page in the URL.
  • django loupe
    A high resolution image manager for pan and zooming into images.
  • django manifest
    A kickstarter for Django Web Framework projects.
  • django mapistration
    Map integration with registration form.
  • django markitup widget
    Django's textarea like widget for using markItUp! on textarea.
  • django mineral
    A collection of templates/ widgets for rapid prototyping.
  • django multiuploader
    django multiple file uploader plugin AJAX (no flash).
  • django multiuploader example usage
    Usage example for repo of the plugin django_multiuploader by me.
  • django multiwidget demo
    A test project to show how multiwidgets work.
  • django my urls
    URL shortner and click server for Django.
  • django orderable inlines
    Drag to reorder inline model admins for Django.
  • django paintstore
    django paintstore is a Django app that integrates jQuery Color Picker with the Django admin.
  • django party pack
    Sample project that includes sphinx.
  • django password manager
    Django app managing passwords with an unique master key.
  • django permissions widget
    A fresh permissions widget for django.
  • Django Photo Book
    Course assignment for Aalto University Web Software Development course.
  • django photos upload
    Simple django photo albums with jQuery File Upload plugin.
  • django project structure
    Sample Project Structure for Django.
  • django qunit
    django qunit integrates the QUnit Javascript testing framework with Django.
  • django remote admin
    A simple API based implementation of django admin.
  • django replication
    An heterogeneous database replication engine written using Django.
  • django request
    django request is a statistics module for django. It stores requests in a database for admins to see, it can also be used to get statistics on who is online etc.
  • django resources
    A Django application that allows an ordered collection of models to act as resources for another.
  • django richcomments
    Django app extending the builtin comments framework for AJAX style commenting.
  • django rte widgets
    A collection of editor widgets.
  • django s3upload
    Sample django project utilizing jQuery File Upload to upload files directly to s3.
  • django sample app
    Minimal sample application to start developing your web project immediately on Django framework.
  • django select2 forms
    Django form fields using the Select2 jQuery plugin.
  • django selectable
    Tools and widgets for using/creating auto complete selection widgets using Django and jQuery UI.
  • django serverpush
    Easy to use django serverpush solution.
  • django simile
    django staticfiles bundle of Simile widgets.
  • django skwissh
    A Django application for remotely monitoring servers using SSH.
  • django smh gallery
    A simple photo gallery app for the Django web framework.
  • django smob dummy
    SMOB compatible Android version using Django and hardcoded RDF.
  • django socketio alt
    Django + Gevent + SocketIO = Awesome client /server interactions.
  • django sortable
    Drag 'n'drop support to reorder objects in the Django admin panel, both with and without Grappelli.
  • django staticmediamgr
    An app to copy static media files over to a remote place, optionally minifying css and js.
  • django sticky uploads
    Enhanced file input widget for Django which uploads the file in the background and retains value on form errors.
  • django summernote
    Embed super simple 'Summernote' WYSIWYG editor into Django admin page and your forms.
  • django taggit tokenfield
    Provides an autocompleting token widget for use with django taggit.
  • django tictactoe
    A realtime tic tac toe game using socketio, gevent, and redis. Also includes an unbeatable AI.
  • django tinymcewrapper
    Adds the ability to configure apps to have TinyMCE widgets in the admin without modifying their code.
  • django trackable
    A Django application which provides tools for out of band capture of arbitrary tracking data.
  • django url 2png
    Make web page screen shots using the url 2png service.
  • Django URL Shortener
    URL Shortener implemented in Django.
  • django urltags
    A Django application that provides URL modification tags.
  • django widgetry
    [EXPERIMENTAL and BROKEN] a collection of widgets for the admin.
  • django widgets
    Add Dashboard Widgets Capabilities to Django Webapps.
  • django wireframes
    A simple tool/framework to create wireframes in Javascript/ CSS.
  • django wymeditor
    A simple Django app that allows you to easily use WYMEditor as your rich text editor for form fields.
  • django wysiwyg forms
    WYSIWYG form editor/creator django app.
  • djangocms table
    Django CMS plugin for creating tables.
  • djax combo
    A ajax combo example for django.
  • djDenton Photoblog
    Simple photoblog in order to play with Django 1.2.
  • dream5igns
    Photo portfolio site built on Flickr API (Django / JQuery).
  • ember data tastypie adapter
    An adapter to connect django applications powered by django tastypie with ember.js apps.
  • Exploitable
    A Django application full of security holes for instructional purposes.
  • feincms mercury
    Mercury HTML5 WYSIWYG editor for Django FeinCMS.
  • graphgrid
    Editable grid of related graphs, implemented with Django and jqPlot.
  • hadrian
    A collection of pluggable Django applications to use in multiple projects.
  • haystack example
    A demo of Haystack's Django + Solr integration for the AWPUG meetup.
  • heroku django pipeline
    Sample app for Heroku with support for less and coffeescript.
  • horizon demo
    A Django project to demonstrate features of the Horizon app and OpenStack dashboard.
  • imongo
    Open Source image host script build with Python+Django and MongoDB+ Grid FS.
  • jqdjangogrid
    The jqDjango Grid is a jquery's plugin and django app to produce a datagrid easily.
  • jquery django messages ui
    JS client side messages plugin, with support for Django contrib.messages app.
  • kirchenreich
    Place of Worship correlation using Openstreetmap/Wikipedia data Django Dash 2012 place #7.
  • layout django
    Incluyendo el layout en nuestra app en DSI con Django.
  • lovehate
    Django site for rating profiles on dating sites.
  • millimeter
    A Django based URL shortener that tries to be less of a pain than the others. You decide.
  • mousedb
    Django Based Database System for Experimental Subjects.
  • newforms
    django. forms for browsers and servers form creation, validation, type coercion and error display.
  • nodejs forms
    like django forms to nodejs.
  • one second django deployment
    Our scripts to automate Django deployment and versioning. It takes one command to automagically create a new node running nginx+gunicorn under the supervisor daemon. Performs minification and bundling of JS/ CSS , optimizes JPEG/PNG images and deploys static files to Amazon S3.
  • open data catalog
    A Django web application to help cities easily create an open data catalog.
  • openmolDB
    Django based chemical database /inventory.
  • openshift diy django example
    Django 1.4 with gunicorn example on Openshift DIY.
  • password safe django
    Password manager for shared accounts and device passwords , including LDAP integration.
  • Peggy
    A Django powered staging platform for displaying design compositions to clients in a structured manner using an outlined view with project resources.
  • photo Manage
    Photo Management Application in Python/Django.
  • photos backend
    A simple Django backend for handling album/ photos from the command line.
  • phototagger
    A django app and jQuery plugin to provide various photo tagging functionalities.
  • phylocommons
    A Django web app over an RDF phylogeny database supporting tree annotation and querying.
  • pjax demo
    Django & pjax demo app from our Djangocon europe 2013 talk. Slides are available at:.
  • plate
    a javascript template library , aimed at being compatible with django's template language.
  • plexigraph
    A visual study environment based on django and network X.
  • potatocrate
    PotatoCrate is a django platform for hosting photo and get data from a raw photo.
  • Pure Django Applications
    Graph and URL Shortener in pure Django.
  • Python Social Network Analysis
    Social network analysis displayed with Django web framework.
  • qbe
    Django implementantion for Query By Example (QBE).
  • recepten db
    Recipe database written in Django.
  • reform
    A Narwhal module for working with HTML forms , similar to Django's forms.
  • requery
    Store e run query on database to help system manager of a Django website.
  • riagi
    An image uploader and server based on Riak and Django. Offers short URLs to boot.
  • rundb django
    Run database web interface.
  • Seminar Tracker
    A Django powerd Ajax app for tracking students during school seminars.
  • sendgrid django demo
    Demo of using Send Grid to send email through a django app running in Stackato.
  • soundbridge control
    Django webapp to control a Roku Soundbridge network music player.
  • startthedark
    StartTheDark is the product of a series of screencasts by Eric Florenzano about the Django web programming framework. The site itself is "A place to see what your friends are doing tonight!".
  • stripeboard
    A simple Django app that collects and displays Stripe data.
  • tastypie angular example
    Boilerplate project for integrating Angular.js with django tastypie.
  • then and now gallery
    A demo template for the Then & Now photo gallery app we made for We're big fans of The New York Times Then & Now photo widget, so we made a Django+jQuery app for our site. You can see a live demo at now gallery/.
  • twilio contact
    CallMe form using Twilio API and Django.
  • u51
    Web password manager written in Python/Django.
  • drag and drop
    Drag and drop file with django.
  • Vertex Coloring Django App Engine
    Graph Coloring implementation using HTML5 Canvas , javascript and jquery and Google App Engine as back end. Link: http://vertex
  • Web Security GUI
    A Django website that scans provided URLs for common security practices.
  • wforensic
    User friendly DJango project to data interpretation and chart of messages activity from WhatsApp records.
  • zenforms
    Attempt to zenify django's form templating, inspired by uniforms.

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