List of Free code Stream


  • accum
    Simple pass through stream (RW) which accumulates or collects the data from a stream. Pipe your stream into this to get all the data as buffer, string , or raw array. (streams2).
  • Amped Grid
    Music searching and streaming.
  • blaster
    Node.js streaming log parser for bulk import into database and post analysis.
  • browser pack
    pack node style source files from a json stream into a browser bundle.
  • burro
    auto packaged, length prefixed JSON byte streams.
  • busboy
    A streaming parser for HTML form data for node.js.
  • camvas
    HTML5 webcam to canvas stream.
  • colored
    colorize your streams (also cli tool to colorize log files).
  • component stream
    Streaming component builder straight from github.
  • dicer
    A very fast streaming multipart parser for node.js.
  • dissolve
    Parse and consume binary streams with a neat DSL.
  • domnode
    node style streams for HTML5 APIs.
  • domnode filestream
    a streaming HTML5 FileReader.
  • dropdafile
    HTML5 Streaming file transfer server in node.js.
  • drupal 7 release party
    Aggregate tweets, facebook status posts, and flckr images in real time with the tags/queries you specify. Great for creating a live social stream for events. Originally created for the Austin, TX Drupal 7 release party (, also in use for the Drupal SXSW party (
  • ErlanOnNitro TwitterStream
    A tutorial for erlang nitrogen web framework , using twitter stream api.
  • evented twitter
    An asynchronous twitter client for node.js. Supports the streaming api.
  • example stream parser
    An example Node.js streaming data file parser.
  • formstream
    multipart/ form data encoded stream, helper for file upload.
  • githubarchive
    Streaming parsers for the github archive.
  • gm2
    ImageMagick and Graphics Magick as a duplex stream.
  • gmify
    A simple interface to Graphics Magick for streaming image processing.
  • graph stream
    pipe a stream of data into a browser graph.
  • gridform
    Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB Grid FS.
  • gridfs stream
    Easily stream files to and from MongoDB.
  • hash join
    compute hash joins on streaming collections.
  • hyperspace
    render streams of html on the client and the server.
  • hyperstream
    stream html into html at a css selector.
  • iipmooviewer
    IIPMooViewer is an advanced javascript HTML5 image viewer for streaming high resolution scientific images.
  • jogjaradio
    Mobile Application with List and Maps of Radio Streaming in Jogjakarta.
  • jquery lifestream
    Show a stream of your online activity with jQuery.
  • js cast
    Voice Streaming from client Browser using nodejs server.
  • js Widgets
    Javascript framework for processing json data streams entirely on the client side mostly useful for rendering standalone widgets.
  • jsock
    JavaScript component for easy JSON handling over sockets or streams. Works in Node.js or the browser.
  • json scrape
    scrape json from messy input streams.
  • jspp stream
    json pritty print stream.
  • level sublevel stream
    Find all the sublevels of a database.
  • log4net.SignalR
    Log4Net appender for streaming log events directly to web client using SignalR.
  • logdir
    dump text streams into a directory and read the data back intelligently.
  • logo
    A streaming parser for the LOGO programming language.
  • lotus
    Streaming buffer protocol DSL and parsing API.
  • lxjs stream examples
    streaming examples from my lisbon talk.
  • massrel js
    JavaScript client library for Mass Relevance streams.
  • memcached stream
    High performance streaming memcached protocol parser for Node.js. Code name: flaming octo bear.
  • midistream
    Streaming MIDI file parser.
  • minilog
    Lightweight client & server side logging with Stream API backends.
  • module deps
    walk the dependency graph to generate a stream of json output.
  • node apiserver
    A ready to go, modular, multi transport, streaming friendly, JSON(P) API Server.
  • node buffy
    A module to read / write binary data and streams.
  • node cachelicious
    Delicious Node.js file stream cacher and HTTP cache server.
  • node fast
    Streaming JSON RPC over TCP.
  • node form data
    A module to create readable `"multipart/ form data"` streams. Can be used to submit forms and file uploads to other web applications.
  • node gutter
    streaming JSON.stringify() for nested streams.
  • node icecast
    NodeJS module for parsing and/or injecting metadata into SHOUTcast/Icecast radio streams.
  • node json streams
    Streams for parsing and stringifying large JSON objects without buffering.
  • node jsonsp
    JSON stream parser for Node.js.
  • node kinectstream
    stream kinect image data.
  • node m3u8
    Streaming parser for m3u8 files in node.
  • node multipart parser
    A fast and streaming multipart parser.
  • node streamer
    a streaming audio and video server built with nodejs and gstreamer.
  • node stringify stream
    Streaming Transform of objects via JSON.stringify.
  • node strtok
    A streaming tokenizer library for NodeJS.
  • node trumpet
    parse and transform streaming html using css selectors.
  • NodeFloyd
    An Icecast compatible server written in NodeJS that streams non stop "Pink Floyd"!.
  • nodejs leaflet eventstreams
    mapping tweets real time using the streaming location api.
  • nTunesAnywhere
    A mobile WebApp to stream your iTunes library from anywhere (using nTunes and jo)!.
  • parted
    Streaming body parser for node.js.
  • peerflix
    a streaming torrent client.
  • Photo Live
    Photo Live Stream with Nodejs ExpressJS Twitter API.
  • potsfyi
    Stream your music collection in browser.
  • readdirp
    Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming api.
  • regex stream
    node.js module for regular expression parsing on streams.
  • rtc captureconfig
    Simple string descriptors for WebRTC video and audio streams.
  • rtsat
    Flask + Gevent socketio + Smoothie charts + Twitter's Streaming API = Realtime Tweets Sentiment Analysis Tool.
  • rumble
    node.js cli streaming twitter client.
  • scatterbrainz
    an OK streaming music server.
  • selax
    A library for streaming XML nodes matched with CSS3 selectors.
  • shapefile
    A streaming parser for the ESRI Shapefile spatial data format.
  • shortfeedz
    eventually a project to make short urls for custom twitter filters.. for now, a quick n' dirty script to get some streaming messages in the shell.
  • sji android screen capture
    android screen capture (for HTML5 video live streaming, broadcast.
  • smoothie
    Smoothie Charts: smooooooth JavaScript charts for realtime streaming data.
  • strata
    A modular, streaming HTTP server for node.js.
  • Stream Graph
    Stream Graph Implementation with html5 < canvas >.
  • stream json
    stream json is a collection of node.js 0.10 stream components for creating custom standard compliant JSON processors, which requires a minimal memory footprint. It can parse JSON files far exceeding available memory. Even individual data items are streamed piece wise. Streaming SAX inspired event based API is included as well.
  • stream server
    Create a server in the browser.
    stream base web application framework.
  • streamed
    Casual live data stream and visualization server.
  • streaming xhr example
    get a json resource as a stream using xhr2.
  • StreamTable.js
    StreamTable.js streams data for tables in the background, updates and renders them using templating frameworks like Mustache.js, HandleBars.js.
  • streamUR
    An URL based stream manipulation API.
  • string accumulating sink
    A Node.js stream that accumulates all received chunks into a string.
  • subtwitle
    Turn your Twitter stream into photo captions.
  • sudosocial
    sudo social aims to be the an awesome stream publishing environment, suitable for self hosted homepages, topic hubs, and distributed social networks.
  • Tatsumaki
    Plack based nonblocking Web framework for IO bound delayed response, server push (streaming) and long poll comet.
  • time series
    simple streaming time series graphs. automatic rescaling as data streams in.
  • tsd
    spins up a server to receive time series data via tcp streams and then graphs it in the browser via web sockets.
  • tw rb
    An integrated system for streaming, parsing, storing, querying and visualising Twitter data using MongoDB, Ruby & D3.js.
  • TweetEater
    TweetEater is a CouchDB application which displays tweets which are harvested from Twitter's streaming API by an accompanying node.js program.
  • TweetMapR
    TweetMapR is a realtime Twitter client (read only for now) consuming Twitter Streaming API and broadcasts data to the clients via SignalR.
  • tweetstream
    node.js stream API for the twitter streaming HTTP API.
  • twit listen
    Listens to Twitter's Streaming statuses/ sample ; pushes to Cloudant.
  • twitter grid
    Streaming hashtagged tweets with media and throwing them into a grid using jquery.masonry.js, node.js,, and Twitter's streaming API.
  • twstreamer
    JavaScript/Flash bridge to the Twitter Streaming API.
  • vigilante
    Vigilante makes possible to manage your camera security videos from every location through the Internet, You can manage your video streams in a multiview, define user rights and logins and view and export recorded videos.
  • webtorrent
    Streaming BitTorrent client for the browser.
  • weeve
    weeve is an HTML5 Twitter uber streaming app powered by Firebase, Keen IO and Singly.
  • window stream
    A collection of streams for Windowing events.
  • Wowza Metadata Injection Demo
    This is a demo of injecting dynamic synced JSON based metadata into a live RTP media stream and handling it on the client side.
  • xml stream
    XML stream parser based on Expat. Made for Node.
  • yammerfall
    Yammerfall is a continuous stream of messages on Yammer, the private social network for your company. It is designed for display on screens in public areas or during events. Yammerfall is primarily an HTML5 app making significant use of jQuery. It is packaged as a Rails application for easy deployment on PaaS services such as Heroku.

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