List of Free code Date


  • 10 10 Signups
    Visualises the 10:10 sign up data along side the 'News' section of the 10:10 web site, in an attempt to 'replay' the campaign to date.
  • activecalendar
    Rails 2.2.2 ready javascript calendar date renderer.
  • angular date time input
    Allows user input of a date /time value. Valid dates are displayed in specified format, but input may be in any supported format.
  • Antipodes
    and sunset for the current date provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (DNMI) as well as geolocated pictures from Flickr (via Yahoo YQL).
  • assemble contrib permalinks
    Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI replacement patterns, presets, uses Moment.js for parsing dates, and much more.
  • astrodate
    A more accurate date object that can be used as an alternative to Date.
  • backhub
    Keep a live up to date backup of all your github repos.
  • bloggr grails
    Tom Date 's bloggr running on a Grails backend.
  • c5 launch date
    Holding page w/ countdown timer for Concrete5.
  • CalendarPicker
    Ext.field.CalendarPicker Date Field with calendar picker for use with iPad.
  • changes
    Check that your own npm packages are up to date.
  • cheap date
    Community based ratings for Iowa City food deals.
  • chronic js
    Regex based, internationalized, date expressions parser, written in javascript.
  • chrono
    A natural language date parser in Javascript.
  • CibulCalendar
    A javascript date range picker.
  • ClockSync
    A webos application to sync the device with the standard time retrieved from the date header of a webpage.
  • Contest
    Contest to get up to date on a new language.
  • contextual clock
    A canvas based Javascript clock that provides visual context related to the date and time.
  • convert dates
    Convert all Date instances in an object.
  • CountDownTo Date
    Simple javascript function and demo page to count down to a target date /time.
  • creepy cbd
    A tiny sinatra service that lets you rearrange scrambled creepy crazy blind date photos.
  • cromagjs
    Advanced Date and Time, Without the Monkeys.
  • cwebgl mirror
    Mirror of cWebGL project on Google Code (Please see for an up to date version).
  • D8
    D8 The next generation Date object for JavaScript.
  • Date .Gadget
    Windows sidebar gadget that displays the date with the day of the week.
  • date 2cal
    Read only mirror of date 2cal/. Updated daily with svn2git.
  • Date Diff
    Calculates the number of days between two dates. (In real time!).
  • date ext
    Library for extending JavaScript dates.
  • date extended
    Additional date extensions that can be used standalone or integrated with extended.
  • date Friendly
    cfwheels plugin to make date /time helpers more user friendly.
  • date Liner
    Date liner is for extracting dates and their contexts from Internet sites.
  • date machine
    The last date parser.
  • Date MyMusic
    Predict the composition year of a given MIDI piece Classical Music Hack Day 2013 @ Vienna. Live at:.
  • date now
    A requirable version of
  • date ping
    A web app that reminds you of birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Date Time
    JavaScript Date w/ Some.NET Framework Inspired Love.
  • Date Time Tutorial
    Date & time tutorial to demo the use of the FeedHenry cloud & it's caching capabilities.
  • date Time.js
    A Constructor for date /time formatting.
  • Date TimeExtensions.Samples
    Samples for Date Time Extensions that are pushed down to AppHarbor.
  • Date TimeJS
    A JavaScript Date Time class which reproduces and extends all functionality the native JavaScript Date object.
  • Date Up
    Date Up JavaScript method utility.
  • date with offset
    work with timezone aware dates in JavaScript.
  • dateable
    A date formatter and parser for node.
  • datebox unbound
    I think I want to be able to use jQM Date Box functionality outside jQM. Just an idea to start...
  • dateentry
    jQuery Date Entry Plugin.
  • dateformatjs
    Accepts a date , a mask, or a date and a mask. Returns a formatted version of the given date. The date defaults to the current date /time. The mask defaults to date Format.masks.default.
  • datepainter
    A simple jQuery calendar widget for selecting multiple dates by "painting".
  • datepair
    A jQuery plugin for intelligently selecting date and time ranges inspired by Google Calendar.
  • daterangeselector
    daterangeselector.js provides a date range selection plugin that actually works and looks nice.
  • daterec
    A thunderbird add on that recognises any dates in an email and opens Lightning to add as an event.
  • datespy
    a simple date mocking library.
  • DateTime Widget
    Yet another JavaScript input widget for date and/or time. A simple text input that lets you scroll with mousewheel and arrow keys.
  • datetimeentry
    jQuery Date /time Entry Plugin.
  • datetimepicker
    jQuery Plugin Date and Time Picker.
  • david
    Nodejs module that tells you when your package NPM dependencies are out of date.
  • david www
    David helps keep your Nodejs project dependencies up to date.
  • daycount.js
    Calendar and date operations in JavaScript.
  • DDocumentor
    Application that will help to generate documentation automatically from the sources. Main goal/benefit would be to have live, up to date documentation that is edited by modifying your source code example file.
  • DR Radio Show Archive Browser
    Radio show archive browser select show by calendar date , view show description by caller, and download MP3.
  • Drum Countdown
    A countdown timer in a drum style, receives a date and counts down in single digit days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • druuid
    Date relative UUID generation: Node and Ruby libraries.
  • Due Date
    A timer app for pregnant women.
  • edate.js
    ECMAScript 5 date extension. ActiveSupport like stuff.
    My project for school this month. This was an exercise using the javascript library jQuery. A couple other extensions of that library were used such as jQueryui and a plugin called Date Js. Please let me know what you think and feel free to add things and make a push. I am always looking for new ideas and ways to write code more efficiently.
  • example jquery calendar date select
    An example application showing the use of the jQuery Calendar Date Select Plugin.
  • FIMCalendar
    SharePoint extension (wsp) to add dropdown date pickers for date fields in FIM2010 dialogs.
  • Flex Date Checker
    Check two dates in flex/flash.
  • flickr barchart
    Given a Flickr user id, a start and end date , and a granularity it will generate barcharts of pictures per time frame.
  • flickr date fixer
    Fix incorrect photo 'taken' dates on flickr.
  • flipTimer
    A jQuery plugin that will count down to or count up from a specified date.
  • fluent time.js
    a wrapper around date , timeout and intervals that provide a fluent api.
  • formtastic calendar
    An input plugin for Formtastic to render date fields using the Rails Date Kit.
  • Fubu Date
    A FubuMVC sample application.
  • github cloner
    Sinatra app that keeps up to date clones of your Github repo's by listening for post receive hooks.
  • grunt bumpup
    Update the version, date, and other properties in JSON files while preserving indentation style.
  • Hobo DelegateClass bug example
    Simple sample application to demonstrate bug with Hobo, Ruby 1.9.2 and Richtypes inheriting from DelegateClass( Date ).
  • human date
    Interpret human like dates and ranges.
  • icji
    IBM Cognos JavaScript Interface contains the up to date files for my base code set.
  • ie warning
    A simple modal alert that triggers when the visitor is using Internet Explorer 6, informs visitors of their out of date browser and offers modern browser links.
  • Intimidatetime
    Intimidatetime is a wicked awesome date time picker for both jQuery and Zepto.
  • isitcreepy
    Is it creepy to date that person?.
  • JQuery Date Frame
    Date frame widget for selecting a date range such as Year/Quarter/Month/Week/Day or custom date frame.
  • jquery date range picker
    A jQuery plugin that allows user to select a date range.
  • jquery human date
    jquery plugin for creating human dates.
  • jquery mobile date navigation
    This plugin provides a navigation between date range, either by a defined range (week, month and year). Ideal for querying information accurately by AJAX calls.
  • jquery mobile datebox
    A multi mode date and time picker for jQueryMobile Support @
  • jquery prettydate
    jQuery plugin for "x ago" date formatting with auto update.
  • jquery simple datetimepicker
    Date and time picker, simple & clean. ( jquery plugin).
  • jquery.filthypillow
    a fancy and small calendar and date time picker.
  • jquery.kairos
    This will be a date ?time widget.
  • JS strftime
    Ruby like strftime for javascript, because date formatting is a pain.
  • jsmodplayer
    A Javascript.MOD music player. (Check out BillyWM and sneilan's forks this one's out of date...).
  • kronos
    A JavaScript date /time library fit for a warrior.
  • labBlind Date
    Web app for random matching of people to send them to a free lunch / coffee date to get to know each other better professionally.
  • level live cache
    An in memory cache that keeps up to date with its source.
  • lift template
    Up to date Lift template, sbt 11.3, Liftweb 2.5 SNAPSHOT.
  • load date
    Returns the Date the page started loading.
  • Lone Starr
    Todo List Manager (with fields for priority, tags, hierarchy, dependency, due date. Deploy using reupholster). Take only what you need to survive.
  • lunchboard
    Lunchboard is a realtime web app (using meteor) for organizing a lunch date with friends/colleagues.
  • manipu DATE
    A smart, intuitive application to calculate future dates and countdown to a date in the future.
  • modx 096 plugin datetimepicker
    Date TimePicker plugin for MODx 0.9.6 : add a datetime picker to date fields on editting a Resource (Document).
  • mongoose stamp
    Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt, updatedAt, and deletedAt auto assigned date properties.
  • mylief
    An up to date log of my lief, otherwise?my internet activity. A black box for anything I want.
  • Nakshatra Date
    Nakshatra'12 17 feb 2012.
  • nette date paginator demo
    Demo application for easy paginator which allows paging by any period.
  • new date
    Create a new Date , accepting more input types than normal, like Unix timestamps.
  • ngQuick Date
    An Angular.js Date /Time picker directive that stresses speed of data entry and configuration.
  • nldatep
    Natural Language Date Parser.
  • node date diff
    Library for calculating diff between dates and formatting in user friendly way.
  • node date recur
    Create a recurring date and query it to see if it lands on a particular date.
  • node date utils
    Date Pollyfills for Node.js and Browser.
  • node npm metadata mirror
    Monitor NPM changes and keep an up to date mirror of modules metadata (not the whole data, i.e. including attachments info, but not attachments body).
  • node perf time
    Low impact date /time getters.
  • node sandbox
    Advanced sandboxing library that allows communication between the sandbox and the parent process. [NOTE: due to outside commitments I haven't had time to work on this. Will pick up the slack at a later date ].
  • nodejs filename to date
    Renames all photos in a given directory to the date they were taken.
  • offset date
    An easy to use Date adjustment (add/subtract) function for JavaScript.
  • Overwrite Fixtures
    A lightning talk from PyCon2011 on keeping your expected files up to date.
  • pando proxy
    Up to date list of proxies for reaching from europe countries.
  • PartyTime
    PartyTime is a collaborative product for party plan. It can help users agree on the party date , location etc more conveniently.
  • Perfidies of the Web
    The client side of Mozilla's Plugin Finder Server (PFS2). A JavaScript client for checking to see if your browser has out of date plugins.
  • Persian Calendar for Gnome Shell
    An extension for Gnome Shell to show Persian date /calendar.
  • phonegap maemo webgl
    Bringing the Maemo port of PhoneGap up to date and adding WebGL like support.
  • photo date sync
    Synchronize the dates of pictures taken with different cameras.
  • Picture Calendar
    A project with the aim to create a site presenting pictures that are being added on a specific date.
  • QJq Date TimePicker
    QJq Date TimePicker plugin for QCubed.
  • radiant scheduler extension
    An extension for Radiant CMS that lets you specify date /times for pages to appear and expire (disappear).
  • range date
    Range date class for schedule :).
  • recurring dates
    JavaScript library to generate recurring dates.
  • reltime
    A light weight relative time notation parser (e.g. 1 d 2 h, 3m, 4s is rendered as a relative date).
  • rfc3339 date .js
    Adds ISO 8601 / RFC 3339 date parsing to the Javascript Date object.
  • Rich Date
    Date enhence component for kissy.
  • rrule
    JavaScript library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates.
  • rt.calendarinandout
    A Lines Widget like for Plone, used for selecting dates.
  • sales monitor
    Web and mobile bassed app for pharma sales representatives where they can review their up to date sales trends based on thier products and bricks. They can access thier achievement against target on a fly which gives them real power to plan ahead to meet.
  • scalejs. date xdate
    Date extension for scalable JavaScript application (XDate is the base lib).
  • scrappy doo
    Node.js and jQuery implementation. Scrape IMDB top grossing movies by date.
  • Server Date
    Server Date is used in web pages to make the server 's clock available to the client's browser via JavaScript.
  • set date
    Set Date Online dating system.
  • shallow coffee
    Simplified dating site. No descriptions, no messages, no muss, no fuss. Only pictures and dates.
  • sixarm ruby date age ? Ruby ? Date #age_in_days and #age_in_years methods.
  • sixarm ruby date parse params ? Ruby ? Date method to parse parameters from a typical Rails app.
  • sixarm ruby week ? Ruby ? Week model based on Ruby Date.
  • social media map template js
    The Social Media Template has an innovative use of social media, which allows you to display up to date , keyword targeted social media points on a map.
  • steam play date
    Find a Steam game you can play with your friends.
  • superdateformat
    Super Date Format Provides a new date column for Thunderbird that you can fully customize.
  • Tempus
    Tempus Time for a new Date ().
  • TheTime.js
    TheTime.js Time& Date Framework for JS and Node.js.
  • tic
    a very minimal, functional javascript date library.
  • timemachine
    Test your time critical app by overriding the native Javascript Date function.
  • Timestamp 2k
    Add the date , the time, or both to your notes with ease! Seamlessly choose between the 24 hour clock or the 12 hour clock. Timestamp 2000 was inspired by the Palm OS shortcuts feature. Just tap the timestamp you want and paste it in another application.
  • TimeTravel
    Back To The First Date.
  • timezone
    Full blown timezone aware date math and formatting for JavaScript in 2.7k.
  • timezone js
    Timezone enabled JavaScript Date object. Uses Olson zoneinfo files for timezone data.
  • tiny date formatter
    very small date formatting library.
  • to unix timestamp
    Convert a date to a Unix timestamp.
  • trello calendar
    A calendar for Trello with all your cards with a due date.
  • trello calendar feed
    An app that creates an ical feed out of your due date trello tasks that you can then integrate to Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • tumblr photo post
    A tumblr command line tool to create tumblr photo posts, while preserving the creation date.
  • underscore. date
    Date manipulation extensions for Underscore.js javascript library.
  • unobtrusive datetime picker
    unobtrusive_ date _picker but for datetime fields...
  • until. date .io
    until. ? number of days until New Year's Eve.
  • UpTo Date .io
    Look up version information for software from a variety of sources.
  • useful date
    useful date parsing and formatting library.
  • vague Date .js
    A tiny JavaScript library that formats precise time differences as a vague/fuzzy date , e.g. 'yesterday', 'today' or 'next week'.
  • VIE date time picker
    Date time picker for VIE library.
  • voce post meta date
    Date field for Voce Post Meta plugin.
  • web anim js
    This is an early version of the polyfill. For the most up to date version, please visit animations /web animations js.
  • wp plugin more fields datetimepicker
    Date Time Picker for the More Fields WordPress Plugin.

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