List of Free code Prototype


  • acceptance old
    A port of Ojay. Forms to Prototype, with a Rails plugin to generate client side validation code.
  • aon2http
    Convert (austrian ip tv) udp streams to iPad/ iPhone friendly HTTP stream with webinterface. This is the initial prototype.
  • ASPnet Component Pipeline
    Prototype to help us with master page view models.
  • Blitz
    Javascript framework to work with objects and prototypes extend native prototypes, function overloading, cross global context type recognition.
  • busy ajax
    All projects can benefit by having a simple ajax spinner that follows the mouse when ajax calls are being made by the browser in the background. Gives the user a better experience, and saves you from coding it into every "ajaxified" view. This supports prototype only; anyone interested in a jquery version?.
  • Canvas Context2DWrapper
    enable Canvas method chaining without overwritting any native objects/prototypes.
  • Centre Events
    Conference or event mobile app prototype in Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • chineserp
    Chinese region picker basic API, Support jQuery, Zepto, Prototype Ajax API.
  • clonejs
    The true prototype based JavaScript framework.
  • cmx.js
    [prototype] A library /markup for building xkcd style comic strips.
  • compass ratchet
    Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, Sass, and JS components.
  • contains.js
    Simple ES6 String.prototype.contains Polyfill.
  • cooltips
    CoolTips is a replacement for conventional web browser tooltips. Cooltips is fully unobtrusive Class based on Prototype &, which is functional without any images (pure CSS ).
  • css pseudo elements
    Contains a prototype library for using a pseudo elements syntax to create more boxes in the rendering tree, extending what is possible with ::before and ::after in CSS 2.1.
  • css TemplateLayout
    W 3 C CSS Template Layout Module prototype.
  • d2 proto
    Dojo 2.0 Prototypes and Experiments.
  • dateinputjs
    A LowPro and Prototype based date input control.
  • delta ui
    Prototypes for the UI of the new "delta" version of Clipperz Password Manager.
  • Drop Painter Experiment
    Code for the "drop painter" experiment powered by Box 2D. I apologize that the code is rather ugly, it started out as a prototype and rather than create a properly structured, fresh project, I kept expanding onto the prototype as I went along.
  • epicserve ui
    This is a collection of CSS and Javascript files that Brent O'Connor of Epicserve ( has either authored or uses in his projects. This collection will hopefully help others to mockup or prototype websites more quickly.
  • facebox for prototype
    An implementation of Chris Wanstrath's Facebox for the Prototype JS framework.
  • feedback form
    simple feedback form prototype.
  • flickrbomb
    flickrBomb provides an easy way for you to fill your prototypes with relevant content, and not just those dull gray placeholder images.
  • foundation
    The most advanced responsive front end framework in the world. Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites and apps that work on any kind of device.
  • Frame Accurate HTML5 Video Thing
    A prototype jQuery plug in that creates frame accurate controls for an HTML5 video element.
  • fries
    Fries helps you prototype Android apps using HTML , CSS, and JavaScript.
  • game spike
    throw away prototype in prep for node knockout.
  • glassbox
    JavaScript User Interface (UI) library, which use Prototype and for some effects. GlassBox lets you easily build lucent borders, colorful layouts and "Flash like" effects.
  • goom graphics js
    goom graphics is the graphics engine used in the goom engine prototype.
  • great developer
    Are you a great developer? Take the test! A quick prototype web app game /promotion with drag and drop & accelerometer support (currently iPhone only).
  • grid Prototype
    Prototype project for grid.
  • growl4rails
    A plugin for Growl like functionality for Ruby on Rails applications built on Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries.
  • gsa prototype
    Prototype/Javascript wrapper for the Google Search Appliance Search Protocol. Fancy cross domain JSON support included.
  • hpwebos hackday
    A hack day prototype for a geo based tiling app for the HP webOS TouchPad. An innovative approach to exploring content (e.g. news, reviews and photos ) about any place on earth.
  • javascript tower platformer
    A prototype for an html5 rotating tower platformer game.
  • jquery form builder
    Prototype of a jquery form builder.
  • jTypes
    jTypes is the most comprehensive and robust JavaScript library for overcoming differential inheritance with prototype based objects. Its lightweight yet powerful design provides web programmers on any platform or browser the ability to emulate classical inheritance where objects are defined by classes.
  • krang
    A charting library built on Prototype ( and Rapha?l (
  • layout creator
    Prototype for template layout creation.
  • livepipe ui
    User interface components for Prototype.js.
  • locate me
    Geolocate your customers with JavaScript (Prototype)! Supports W3C (Firefox 3.5, iPhone OS 3.0 Mobile Safari, Geode), Gears (Google), Loki (Skyhook Wireless) and IP based services like IPLocationTools and MaxMind.
  • MatrixView
    A JavaScript library for adding keyboard and mouse selection capabilities to HTML lists. Uses the Prototype framework. #publish.
  • mconf graphics
    Graphics prototype for mconf statistics.
  • mlupasswort
    Prototype for changing & recovering a user's password at the MLU Halle Wittenberg.
  • mockerie
    a little tool to generate prototype webapps/websites by mixing raw json data with plates or mustaches watch and reload.
  • Munchausen
    Prototype of self evolving social network driven by user decisions.
  • myui
    MYUI is prototype based UI framework. It began as My Table Grid project, but then I decided to split the controls, now I have an Autocompleter, ComboBox, DatePicker and the original Table Grid control. I'm still working hard in this project during my spare time. Any help or feedback is allways welcome : ).
  • Node Game Orbit
    Eufloria inspired game prototype powered with Node.js.
  • notification hub js
    Prototype of a notification hub similar to Android 's Notification Drawer.
  • oakland budget viz
    Prototype of a Sankey diagram to visualize city budget data (Oakland, CA) using D3.js.
  • Object toQuery String
    Prototype plugin to make Object.toQuery String handle multi dimensional dicts.
  • onthegrid
    2d grid framwork prototype.
  • p Date
    p Date is a library built on top of the Prototype ( framework that extends the JavaScript built in ` Date ` object. It ads often required functions, making parsing and formatting dates in JavaScript a breeze. p Date is freely distributed under the terms of the MIT Licence.
  • password strength meter
    A simple prototype based plugin to measure the strength of a password.
  • pidgin
    A Dojo 2 Widget Concept Prototype.
  • placeMe
    GDG London hackathon. Prototype for Android app to get display public data on your location in an info graphic style.
  • plexigrid
    Flexible, light weight data grid widget for Prototype.js (based on Flexigrid for JQuery library).
  • pod
    prototype layouts for project.
  • protofx
    Animation framework based on Prototype.
  • prototype animator
    An enhanced css animation library for prototype.
  • Prototype Code
    WYSIWYG Layout builder based on Illustrator and Gmail.
  • prototype filtered table
    a table filterer behavior class.
  • prototype graphic
    Graphic Abstraction for vectorial rendering in a browser (support SVG, VML and canvas ).
  • prototype modal box example
    This will hang a form with a Modal overlay box until a response is received from the server.
  • prototype portal
    A javascript based portal page, with rearrangable widgets. Cloned from portal class.
  • prototype slideshow
    A JavaScript Prototype Class that takes a sequence of images or HTML elements and turns them into a Slide Show.
  • Really Easy Field validation with Prototype
    Here's a form validation script that is very easy to use. (Mirror/fork of Dexagogo version.).
  • Search UX Prototype
    A prototype for searching for people on a dating site.
  • security portal mobile
    Security Portal Mobile prototype.
  • servejson
    This is a webapp for serve static json, made to be used in prototypes using request ajax or for other purposes.
  • simple mobile mockup
    Mobile screen mockup prototype for iPhone and Android using KineticJS & jQuery UI.
  • soil.js
    The basic prototype collection for class base programming with JavaScript, jQuery.
  • spludo
    Spludo is high performance, evented, server side, prototype based, javascript mvc web framework. It includes DI+AOP and a Convention Over Configuration Approach.
  • string
    Provides new and existing string methods with case insensitivity without modifying the String object prototype.
  • stringbean
    String helper methods that don't clobber the String prototype.
  • style prototype
    Example of an HTML /CSS style tile.
    A playable HTML + CSS + JavaScript remake of a space based "shoot 'em up" arcade game for Atari / Commodore 64 from 1982, including a level editor and design tool. Written as a prototype / demo of JavaScript and browser capabilities.
  • Tablekit
    HTML table enhancements using prototype.
  • TinCan Prototypes
    Examples which use the Tin Can API.
  • togglejs
    A LowPro and Prototype based library with a collection of behaviors for unobtrusively toggling elements on and off via links, checkboxes, selects, etc.
  • tooltips
    Helper for "prototip2" javascript code for prototype framework , that simple alows create tooltips.
  • underscore strings
    Prototype's String module ported to Underscore.js.
  • upstart
    Unfinished game prototype written in JavaScript, using the HTML5 Canvas element.
  • ZigZagBrowse
    A product browse prototype experimenting with a zigzag layout.

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