List of Free code CoffeeScript


  • 2 dmapgen
    2 DPathfinding, TopDownGame, Written in Js using coffeescript and other wonderful things.
  • 2D Transformations
    A CoffeeScript implementation of 2D transformations for our CG course, using HTML5 canvas.
  • Artemis
    Entity Components Systems framework in coffeescript.
  • banshee
    A speedy tool for combining and compressing your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS and LESS source files.
  • belmond
    Exploring CoffeeScript & HTML5 canvas.
  • black coffee
    A quick blackjack game written in Spine and CoffeeScript, just for kicks. Still has a few bugs and mostly played in the console, lol.
  • CafeTownsend Spine
    CoffeeScript (Spine) port of the famous Cafe Townsend demo originally written in ActionScript.
  • CakePHP Asset Management Plugin
    A plugin to package and minify your javascript and css. Supports preprocessors like LESS, coffeescript and kaffeine, minification engines like cssmin, uglifyjs, jsmin and closure compiler, auto include paths, specifying which asset to include on which request, and much more.
  • canvas playground
    A simple CoffeeScript playground for the Canvas API.
  • chat local
    Sample geo chat with node.js, Express, Coffeescript, MongoDB and Google Maps API v3.
  • cljs
    A lean wrapper for rhino that allows to run javascript, coffeescript, and any code that would otherwise run in the broswer via env js. JQuery, underscore.js etc... it's all fair game here.
  • ClojureCoffeeScript Game
    Simple game implemented in both clojurescript and coffeescript.
  • Coffee Graphics Lab
    Flat, Gouraud and Phong shading on CoffeeScript, Rails 3.
  • coffee mill maven plugin
    A Maven Plugin for JavaScript / CoffeeScript / CSS / Less and friends.
  • Coffee Table
    An example of how to use CoffeeScript for MVC.
  • coffee toml
    A TOML parser in CoffeeScript.
  • coffeecam
    Simple graphics engine uni assignment (staticmatic + coffeescript).
  • CoffeeSCad
    Browser based 3D solid CAD editor, Openscad style, with a Coffeescript based syntax, using only Coffeescript + Javascript.
  • coffeescript dotnet
    Example of using CoffeeScript in.NET using Jurassic.
  • coffeescript express app
    Example app that serves as a skeleton for coffeescript based node.js apps.
  • component hooks
    component build compatible express middleware with support for styl, jade, coffeescript and less.
  • copffteer
    small 2d game framework and a game written in coffeescript.
  • d3 show reel in coffee
    Re write of d3 demo reel in CoffeeScript.
  • d3 yeoman skeleton
    A barebones Yeoman setup to get you up and running with D3 , Sass and Coffeescript.
  • dashing
    The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework in Ruby and Coffeescript.
  • data structures
    Data Structures in Javascript, Ruby, and Coffeescript.
  • datavis template
    A template for middleman for quickly prototyping datavis stuff in CoffeeScript. Comes with jquery, d3 , topojson, bower and more.
  • Date Calculator
    CoffeeScript plugin to calculate time between two dates.
    Browser game based on CoffeeScript and WebGL.
  • Drip 2D
    Game framework with CoffeeScript.
  • EndToEnd
    Demo of using CoffeeScript in Rails 3.1 on both the client and server ends.
  • expressjs template
    Node Express.js template with Jade/Less/CoffeeScript/ and responsive layout ready to use.
  • FieldKit.js
    Basic building blocks for computational design projects. Written in CoffeeScript for browser and server environments.
  • flexi layout
    my most basic HTML app template with coffeescript, sass.
  • friendly date
    CoffeeScript JS date to friendlier date convertor.
  • frontend boilerplate 1
    A boilerplate setup for starting a project using the karma (testacular) test runner, jasmine BDD testing framework, bower component manager, requirejs AMD, and coffeescript compiler.
  • furry ninja
    openTSDB dash board using d3.js and coffeescript.
  • grind
    A project timeline tool in CoffeeScript, Coffeemate, Coffeekup, MongoSkin and JQuery Mobile.
  • jquery csswatch
    A CSS Watcher plugin for jquery (Written in CoffeeScript).
  • jquery. table summarizer
    table Summarizer is a jQuery Plugin written in CoffeeScript to help append or prepend a sub total row to each <tbody> inside the HTML element you apply it to.
  • Keanu
    CoffeeScript micro library for Canvas Animations.
  • Layout Player Web
    Demo project for Angular.JS+CoffeeScript+Jade+Less+Brunch.
  • maikados
    Turn based abstract logic multiplayer game in Erlang (server) and CoffeeScript / JavaScript (client).
  • markdox
    Doxstrap is a documentation generator based on Dox and Markdown. It parse Javascript and even Coffeescript.
  • microsite Component Boilerplate
    boilerplate coffeescript & javascript for creating microsite components.
  • miniBoilerplate
    CoffeeScript jQuery Plugin Boilerplate.
  • ndp
    Natural Date Processing library in CoffeeScript (compiled into JavaScript).
  • node irc client
    A web based IRC client written in CoffeeScript and based on Node.js.
  • percept
    Client and Server objects to make writing realtime multiplayer games easy with Coffeescript and Node.js.
  • PixelHorse
    Experimental (incomplete) JavaScript 2D graphics library in coffeescript. This is only an experiment to check out coffeescript.
  • polyhedronisme
    An html5 +coffeescript tool to construct and explore polyhedra.
  • Rails Shoebox
    A CoffeeScript photo manager with physical interactions & sortings (a Rails port of the original Sinatra).
  • raphael animate
    jQuery Animation Plugin written in CoffeeScript to help you create animations in a clean and quick way.
  • rogue
    Coffeescript game engine, currently in development.
  • ryggrad
    A CoffeeScript MVC framework with a focus on simplicity and intelligent views.
  • satchel
    Asset packaging for scala. Support for concatenation, compilation, and compression of CSS , Less CSS , Javascript, CoffeeScript, and Javascript templates.
  • shiny logo
    Example of a subtle shiny logo, crafted by using CoffeeScript and HTML Canvas.
  • significant white space
    Transforms curly brace source code (C, Java, Haxe) to and from meaningful indentation layout (as seen in Python and Coffeescript). Written in Haxe.
  • simplecv js
    A Javascript/Coffeescript companion library to SimpleCV.
  • Sinatra mobile html5 boilerplate Compass Coffeescript
    Skeleton app for Sinatra project based on mobile html5 boilerplate, Erb or Haml templating, Compass for styles and Coffeescript.
  • stylo
    Spine/CoffeeScript example GUI designer.
  • svg verlet.js
    A verlet based physics library for SVG files written in Coffeescript.
  • titanium coffeescript sample
    Sample app using CoffeeScript to build a Titanium Mobile app.
  • todomvc canjs requirejs coffeescript
    Port of Todo MVC app using CanJS and RequireJS.
  • twitter example
    example twitter application in clojure, compojure, and coffeescript.
  • user agent
    A CoffeeScript user agent string parser.
  • VersionOne. SDK .Experimental.V1RequestorJson
    VersionOne Requestor App done entirely in client side CoffeeScript.
  • VersionOne. SDK .JavaScript
    VersionOne CoffeeScript / Node API client.
  • wave pendulum
    simple html 5 wave pendulum using coffeescript and processing.js.
  • zephyr
    Zephyr is an open source framework for developing Canvas games in Ruby and Coffeescript.

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