List of Free code XML


  • Adobe Business Catalyst Photo Gallery
    A photo gallery for Adobe Business Catalyst, using XML and Pretty Photo.
  • android string extractor
    Node scripts that automate the process of extracting the strings from the project and updating the strings.xml file.
  • APK decode manifest
    decode a binary xml form of manifest which is packaged with android apk files and display as json using shell.js and node.js backend server.
  • Automating Deployments with Phing Capistrano and Liquibase
    Slides and sample build.xml file for the presentation "Automating Deployments with Phing, Capistrano and Liquibase".
  • Caramel
    Caramel CMS is a small open source Content Management System based on XML. It requires no database to operate.
  • data 2xml
    A data to XML converter with a nice interface (for NodeJS).
  • DM Matrix
    The Matrix is an XML file based Database system for GetSimple 3.1.
  • easysax
    pure javascript xml parser.
  • eShell
    An eLearning player ? a building block for more conventional eLearning courses to be run on created with authoring tools. Such players basically consist of different kinds of templates/activities backed by XML/ JSON data (produced by Authoring Tools).
  • existdb node
    A node.js client library for the eXist db Native XML Database.
  • faketoe
    XML to JSON converter.
  • Flexigrid
    Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml/json based data source using Ajax to load the content.
  • fresh jsonreflect
    A Node.js wrapper for the FreshBooks XML API that lets you work in JSON instead.
  • gigan
    Parse JIRA XML into CouchDB.
  • GPSTracks Animation
    Plot/Animate GPS xml files. Useful for comparing different routes.
  • grainstore
    Generate Mapnik MML & XML for single postgis tables with style persistance.
  • HUX
    Http Using XML is a way to create web pages with Ajax using markups.
  • iTunes XML Parser
    A small Ruby app that parses an iTunes XML file and puts out a title/artist list.
  • jasmine reporters
    Reporter classes for the jasmine test framework. Includes JUnitXmlReporter for generating junit xml output for running in CI environments like Hudson.
  • jath
    Jath is a simple template language for parsing xml using json markup.
  • jquery xmlrpc
    A jQuery library for talking to XML RPC services from JavaScript.
  • jquery xslt
    Fast in browser xml to json conversion when json just isnt available. Works in all browsers.
  • jquery.TrackIt
    An architected XML/ JSON based tracking solution for Omniture or Google Analytics.
  • js xml literal
    Implements XML literals in Javascript via desugaring, as a sane alternative to E4X. Server side and client side environments are supported which gives you the power to quickly and safely generate markup.
  • JsControl
    ManiaPlanet XML RPC ( Server controller) in Node.JS.
  • jsdoc toolkit
    JsDoc Toolkit is an application, written in JavaScript, for automatically generating template formatted, multi page HTML (or XML, JSON , or any other text based) documentation from commented JavaScript source code.
  • jzform
    Create forms based on the data they need to return. jzForm will build the html, or pass json to a script to build it for you, or xml for custom apps. It validates the return and give your program back only good data.
  • komodo html toolkit
    [ABANDONED] A growing collection of tools to help you edit & author HTML /XML documents inside Komodo Edit/IDE.
  • manifestparser
    Manifestparser allows you to extract Android Manifest.xml from android (apk) binary blobs. It also supports parsing binary plists (Apple propitiatory format) from ipa (iOS) binary blobs.
  • news reader
    This application?s main purpose is to browse news articles from Yahoo! News. The application will send AJAX based HTTP requests to a server and parse the XML response to construct the UI. We will utilize the jquery dotimeout plugin to illustrate.
  • node expat
    libexpat XML SAX parser binding for node.js.
  • node htmlparser
    Forgiving HTML /XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers.
  • node xml2object
    Simple SAX based xml to JS object parser.
  • node xmljson
    Translates between JSON and XML formats.
  • node xmlrpc
    A pure JavaScript XML RPC client and server for Node.js.
  • oat
    OpenLink AJAX Tools (OAT) is a Javascript framework for building rich browser based user interfaces using XML/A to connect to databases.
  • osm and geojson
    Converts between OSM XML and Geo JSON.
  • osm read
    an openstreetmap XML data parser for node.js.
  • pantry
    A JSON /XML resource caching library based on Request.
  • phantomjs jasminexml example
    PhantomJS Jasmine XML Example Project Layout.
  • pickup
    Transform RSS or Atom XML to JSON.
  • po server goodies
    Pokemon Online Server scripts.js and tiers.xml.
  • puremvc as3 util air xmldatabase
    PureMVC AS3 / AIR Utility: XML Database.
  • refract
    Convert NLM XML files into the Lens JSON.
  • spring mvc 3 javaconfig
    A Spring MVC 3 app configured without XML. Also uses Servlet 3 API to bypass web.xml.
  • spring mvc hibernate archetype
    An extremely simple Spring MVC + Hibernate 4 archetype, configured with NO XML.
  • Surveyor Elite
    Surveyor Elite Website Application With CMS, Real Time User Tracking, and XML output. No cookies used. RegExp Text cleaner. User Info Encrypted for Security. Collects User info and result even if Disconnected or Aborted. 30 Built in Responsive CSS3 themes.
  • svarx
    SVARX is an XML format to describe web form validation semantically.
  • TankWar
    TankWar, a worms/scorched earth style Opera Unite application Install as Unite app: drag config.xml to Opera Non Unite install: Copy templates/tankwar.html to public_html. Open copied file in any browser which supports canvas.
  • WVFI Show Widget
    Depending on date /time, javascript widget fetches show info from XML sheet, and displays title, relevant info, and show image.
  • xamel
    Fast and cozy way to extract data from XML.
  • xmpp ftw
    The goal of this project is to make XMPP really simple to use for developers. This module takes away all of the XML and works by hooking to events which are passed between client and server using a transport in JSON. For example code see ftw demo.
  • xsdform js
    Javascript library to generate HTML Forms from XML Schema Definition files.

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