List of Free code Php


  • Abundant
    Abundant is a PHP based tool that creates an admin interface for virtually any database driven application.
  • adstocause zend
    PHP Zend Framework web app for database class.
  • Agavi FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions and Snippets for Agavi PHP Framework.
  • ajax chat
    Yet another Ajax chat web app written in old school PHP.
  • ajax messages
    Demo of Ajax using PHP and JavaScript.
  • AJAX PHP Content
    Load External Content Using Javascript and PHP.
  • alb
    Alb simple photo gallery, written in PHP, no DB, uses AJAX, slimbox, upload only via FTP, albums as folders.
  • ALive Fields
    PHP/JS Live ajax field bindings.
  • android acra server
    An PHP Server for ACRA Application Crash Report for Android.
  • angularjs php
    Sample blog application using angularjs with PHP.
  • animationfloor
    [PHP] a simple animated gif gallery.
  • ApacheLog Parser
    A robust apache access log parser built in PHP.
  • Approach
    Flow, Compositing, Components , Services, Live CMS, XML, Datasources, Templating and more for PHP.
  • atoum.js
    The modern, simple and intuitive PHP 5.3+ unit testing framework , now for JS.
  • BTPD WebUi
    PHP & ajax based Graphical Web Interface for BitTorrent Protocol Daemon.
  • Canvas PHP
    An example of using PHP with Canvas.
  • ClearPass
    Open Source host proof password storage based on PHP and Gibberish AES.
  • ColorJizz PHP
    ColorJizz is a PHP library for manipulating and converting colors.
  • contactable
    a jquery and PHP slide out contact form.
  • cowl
    Cowl is my MVC PHP5 framework designed to make writing boring, generic websites less boring and generic.
  • CrossProcessing
    A Processing API, parser , and interpreter with implementations available for Flash, JavaScript, and PHP, built using the haXe programming language.
  • CRouting
    Pretty efficient URL Router in PHP.
  • CSS One
    This class primarily works with query ui css. but other Javascriptframework CSS files should work too if the images are in the samedirectory as the style. Look at the index.php to get an idea of how to use this code for your widget or web app.
  • d3 simpleCharts
    Brings D3 vector graphics to the WordPress society by a simple plugin of charting examples (eq PHP + JS).
  • Data String
    Classes for handling data such as credit cards, phone numbers and dollar amounts the same way in JavaScript and PHP.
  • db installer
    Website Database Installer Wizard Written In PHP.
  • dbpool
    A simple and fast database connection manager, written in PHP and using MySQLi.
  • DependencyWheel
    A package dependency visualization using d3.js. Currently supports Composer for PHP.
  • EasyGallery
    A lightweight PHP+Javascript photo gallery, easy as pie to install and use, with a classy design.
  • eMOCHA
    Android phone and PHP server side software to assist health workers in developing countries.
  • emojify
    Functions to convert UTF8 in Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and smarty_plugin into emoji image replacements.
  • employee database
    A sample project showcasing a unique PHP MVC pattern that I developed for small web applications.
  • ES6String Format
    An implementation of the current ECMAScript 6 String.format() proposal (
  • facebook php sdk api
    Unofficial documentation for Facebook PHP SDK generated by ApiGen.
  • FatFree Boilerplate
    Fat Free (lightweight php framework ) project boilerplate. Just a quick way to get a project operational!.
  • FatFreeFridge
    an unofficial userguide for the PHP Fat Free Framework.
  • forp ui
    GUI utility that allows you to view and explore profiles dump. Perfect client for forp PHP profiler.
  • FreeCycling Android
    FreeCycling on Android using Cordova <a href=""><img src="" alt="I'm a Haskeller"></a> php guru html5 fanatic [![endorse](](
  • fw php
    A collection of PHP utilities.
  • G 5 Framework
    Web boilerplate stack ( HTML5 , CSS3, jQuery, and PHP). G 5 Framework provides some rock solid code and functionality for you to start with, however it leaves all the remaining development and styling up to the developer.
  • GalleryJS
    Lightweight photo gallery using jQuery, Isotope & a sprinkle of PHP.
  • Game Stalker
    the php and js base of the project (CSCE 4420).
  • grunt hashres
    Hashes your js and css files and rename the <script> and <link> declarations that refer to them in your html /php/etc files.
  • grunt php
    Start a PHP server.
  • Home Media Cloud
    A PHP based System, to manage and share your music in your network.
  • icFb Photo Tag
    Inspired by the famous Facebook photo tagging feature, the plugin does this using a simple, configurable jQuery plugin and a bit of PHP. icfb Photo Tagging allows for creating, saving and retrieving photo tags, superimposed over an image.
  • ieee sight
    A website for sharing, discussing and voting on humanitarian concerns. An IEEE SIGHT initiative. A PHP heroku app deployed on cedar stack using Xeround Cloud database and having facebook integration built in.
  • itunes connect auto ingest
    Some PHP scripts to ingest stats from iTunes Connect and spit them back out as JSON.
  • JavaScript Comments
    A comment system based on a JavaScript frontend and a (for the user invisible) php backend with a filebased database.
  • jq Grid Helper PHP
    jq Grid Helper PHP.
  • jquery image annotate php fork
    A fork of jQuery Image Annotation plugin with PHP support.
  • jQuery Merge for php diff
    A client side merge tool for Chris Boultons PHP DIFF.
  • jquery.jsonconverter.js
    Genarate Simple java or php Class String from json.
  • js php unserialize
    JavaScript tool to unserialize data taken from PHP. It can parse "serialize()" output, or even serialized sessions data.
  • kohana wysiwyg
    WYSIWYG module for Kohana 3 PHP framework.
  • kwestion
    kwestion, a php ajax web twitter client.
  • lib phpdebug
    XDebug (PHP Debugger) client written in JavaScript.
  • mapbender
    The PHP web mapping framework.
  • mediadb
    A PHP program listing detailed information from your xbmc database.
  • Micro CMS
    Micro CMS is small and friendly, but also modern CMS and MVC framework written in PHP.
  • mini MVC
    A light weight PHP MVC framework.
  • misc scripts
    Collection of random PHP scripts.
  • nabaztag php
    a simple php implementation of a Nabaztag server.
  • native5 sdk services php
    PHP Client Library for calling hosted Native5 services.
  • neuegal
    A simple, no database PHP image gallery.
  • nifty Photo ViewerSimple
    this is a non php version of niftyphotoviewer.
  • node facebook sdk
    Port of Facebook's php sdk.
  • noiselabs php toolkit
    A collection of PHP5.3 classes to use in your projects.
  • nutsmanager
    Power/Water/Gas overview manager written in PHP/ JSON.
  • oojs demo
    Demo code for my OOJS talk at php|TEK 2012.
  • Peach
    A cute javascript/ html5 app to safely migrate a database with serialized PHP objects.
  • phlyty
    PHP microframework written using ZF2 components and phly_mustache.
  • phmagick
    image manipulation with php and imagemagick.
  • photo explorer
    A simple php website used to explore your photo library on the internet.
  • Photo Uploader
    Upload Photos to PHP Server.
  • photo vote php
    Simple "vote for your favorite photo " site with Twitter OAuth login.
  • photoframed
    Photoframe project in PHP/Javascript.
  • php apk parser
    Read basic info about an application from.apk file.
  • php diamond
    Rails inspired PHP Framework (work in progress).
  • php sdk for XING example
    example application for using php sdk for XING.
  • php simple proxy
    Simple PHP Proxy: Get external HTML , JSON and more!.
  • php social network bot
    DEFUNCT: AJAX social network bot I cobbled together in 2009.
  • PHP Socket Demo
    An example of using Flex and PHP together with a socket connection.
  • php stream upload
    JQuery component for upload with php server side for stream upload.
  • php string
    An object oriented wrapper for the string type in php.
  • php tent client
    A library for connecting to Tent servers , and a Console app for browsing server content.
  • PHP to Javascript
    A tool for converting simple PHP objects/code to Javascript, so that code for manipulating objects can be used both server side and client side.
  • PHPc URL
    Object oriented PHP c URL extension wrapper.
  • phpffmpeg
    PHP FFmpeg is a php/ ajax /ffmpeg test case, demonstrating how to create a php script that works with FFmpeg and has a status update.
  • PHPMasterServer
    A Master Server for Unity 3d v 3 that runs in PHP.
  • phptestr
    A framework and GUI for writing unitests for PHP.
  • pjaxphp
    PJAX PHP an example of usage.
  • Protolus.php
    PHP implementation of the protolus MVC web framework.
  • qcnative
    Android , iOS, JavaSE, JavaEE, NodeJS, PHP, and Erlang implementations of the QuickConnect framework.
  • quizzy
    An AGPL licensed PHP quiz library that uses jQuery and AJAX to present an aesthetically pleasing XML file based quiz to a visitor to your site. quizzy 2.0 beta, which supports text input and checkbox questions, is available in the quizzy 2.0b1 branch.
  • rack php
    A php 5.3 framework with built in rack support. You can serve the php site using thin, mongrel, webrick, passenger, mod_php, or mod_fcgid.
  • ravel
    CMS developed with Laravel 4 PHP framework and Angularjs.
  • raymon
    Ray Mon is a linux server monitoring script written in PHP and Bash, utilizing JSON as data storage. It requires only bash and a webserver on the client side, and only php on the server side.
  • reCaptcha PHP 5
    Proper PHP 5 client for reCaptcha client.
  • rfgallery
    A simple database less PHP photo gallery.
  • rigas satiksme api
    PHP API for R?gas Satiksme Android app.
  • salesking php sdk
    PHP Rock'n Roll with SalesKing API.
  • sample json rpc php android
    Sample code for blog post " Android JSON RPC client and PHP Zend Framework server".
  • securelogin
    PHP/Javascript based login system that tries to be safe even if either the database or the complete transfer is visible to the attacker (both simultaneously won't work).
  • SG iCalendar
    A PHP5 OOP iCalendar parser.
  • SGS2 Modem Database
    Webbased frontend with PHP and AJAX for modem databases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Device.
  • Sigma grid AJAX grid for php java .net
    Sigma Grid is an Ajax sortable data grid for displaying and inline editing.
  • Simple PHP MVC Framework
    Lightweight & Simple PHP MVC Boilerplate Framework.
  • sipgate
    Sipgate SDK for PHP5 & Javascript (in Development).
  • sjFilemanager
    PHP AJAX File + Image managers.
  • slc classview php
    This is a sample PHP classroom viewer application built upon the Shared Learning Collaborative Sandbox API set.
  • Smarty MVC Structure
    We have created over own MVC pattern using Smarty and PHP.
  • Steppe
    HTML5 canvas (and PHP GD) 2. 5 D landscape renderer.
  • Stock Game PHP
    Game emulates stock, written in pure PHP using MVC pattern.
  • Table 2Chart
    PHP/JS tool which visualizes tables.
  • tasks.php
    PHP/ JSON Task manager.
  • tinly
    Tinly a minimalistic PHP framework (skeleton). Using MVC.
  • todo.list
    A very simple ajax powered php todo list manager.
  • uglify php
    A PHP wrapper class for Uglify JS and Uglify CSS.
  • Underscore.php
    [UNMAINTAINED] Collection of Utility functions in the spirit of Underscore.js.
  • URL Shortener
    Own URL Shortener written in PHP/JS which uses API for statistics.
  • validatorjs
    validatorjs is a data validation library in JavaScript for the browser and for Node.js as an NPM module. The library exposes the Validator constructor function. It was inspired by the Validator class in the Laravel PHP framework. Unit tests are written with the Jasmine framework and can be run in the HTML page test runner or command line via Grunt.
  • VF Ajax Cart
    [Magento Extension] Ajax Cart without any php code based on VF_Easy Ajax module. Demo: ajax cart/.
  • web startup
    a simple php mvc framework for starter.
  • well audio player
    Javascript + Flash + JSON + PHP :: Audio player.
    GUI to analyze the profiling data collected using XHProf ? A Hierarchical Profiler for PHP.
  • yeoman php
    A sample workaround to use yeoman with php.
  • yog
    PHP Emacs org mode parser.
  • ZanPHP
    ZanPHP is an agile Web application development framework written in PHP5 that uses different design patterns and best practices to create applications more quickly with good quality code.
  • zynapse
    Rails like MVC framework for PHP5. Currently abandoned and published for educational reasons.

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