List of Free code Parse


  • activitystreams js
    An implementation of that allows creation and parsing in a pluggable way.
  • addressit
    Freeform Street Address Parser.
  • aql parser js
    AQL Parser in JS using jison.
  • arguable
    UNIX style argument parsing that eases the pain of supporting Windows.
  • argv
    Node based command line argument parser.
  • asn1js
    JavaScript generic ASN.1 parser.
  • ast types
    Esprima compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API.
  • bashful
    parse and execute bash without doing any IO.
  • bd Parse
    a JavaScript LL(1) parser in JavaScript.
  • biblio
    Rails application to bulk parse bibliographic citations and query CrossRef, BioStor.
  • Bivouac
    BVH Motion Capture parser for Javascript.
  • BSON.js
    A fast, simple BSON parser for Node.
  • bvh
    BVH parser written in JavaScript.
  • canopy
    Self hosting PEG parser compiler for JavaScript.
  • catharsis
    A JavaScript parser for Google Closure Compiler and JSDoc type expressions.
  • CLDRPluralRule Parser
    CLDR Plural Rule Parser.
  • CloudEdit Parse
    CloudEdit converted to use Parse.
  • coap packet
    Generate and Parse CoAP packets.
  • comicparser
    Parsing frames of comics.
  • command router
    A simple router and parser (using nopt) for CLI apps with multiple commands.
  • CowTipLine
    Code repository for my PhoneGap/ blog series.
  • cwbtw
    parse weather data from
  • d3 .tsv
    tsv parsing in d3.
  • dart mapcss
    A dart package providing a MapCSS parser.
  • decode prompt
    parse bash $PS1 escape sequences.
  • deferrify
    Automating deferred parsing and loading of JavaScript.
  • DomTal
    A TAL template parser for javascript.
  • dox docco
    A docco like formatter for the dox comment parser.
  • ebnf parser
    A parser for BNF and EBNF grammars used by jison.
  • edn js
    parse edn with javascript.
  • ember parse adapter
    An Ember Data Adapter for Parse.
  • esmangle
    esmangle is mangler / minifier for Mozilla Parser API AST.
  • esprima
    ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis.
  • figlet js
    JavaScript parser for FIGlet fonts.
  • find requires
    Find all require() calls. Fast and solid implementation backed with direct scanner and esprima ast parser.
  • flights
    Parse responses from EDreams.
  • Fountain.js
    A JavaScript parser for the screenplay format Fountain.
  • ganam
    Yes, it's Ganam Style a ganam style guide parser. Inspired by kneath's kss.
  • gedcom.js
    Gedcom parser for JavaScript.
  • glossy
    syslog parser and producer.
  • grunt peg
    a npm module that registers a grunt multi task that generates parsers from peg grammars.
  • halbert
    a generic HAL parser.
  • handlebars parser
    An experimental rewrite of the Handlebars parser using Jison.
  • hotdrink parser
    Parser for the Adam language that creates HotDrink models.
  • ical.js
    Javascript parser for ics files (rfc5545).
  • id3
    A JavaScript ID3 tags parser for Node & browsers.
  • j Parser
    Parsing binary files made easy.
  • jast
    A well defined JavaScript parser , AST, and tools.
  • jmeta
    A Java based OMeta parser generator.
  • js bson
    BSON Parser for node and browser.
  • js xls
    Javascript XLS (Excel 97 2004) parser and (one day) writer.
  • js xlsx
    Javascript XLSX (Excel 2007+) parser and (one day) writer.
  • js xpath
    XPath Parser for Javascript.
  • jsdoctypeparser
    Parser module for JsDoc or Closure Compiler format type annotation.
  • jshint next
    JSHint with a new parser , etc.
  • JSinJS
    A JS parser in JS.
  • jsstana
    s expression match patterns for Mozilla Parser AST.
  • jsTodoTxt
    JavaScript parser for todo.txt formatted text files.
  • jstransform
    A simple utility for pluggable JS syntax transforms using the esprima parser.
  • jvm js
    Java class format parser , basic JVM execution, etc. using JavaScript.
  • KnockoutJS Pre parser
    A pre parser for KnockoutJS to use more convention based discovery for the data binding.
  • komodo scheme js
    Komodo Scheme Parser in Javascript.
  • L7
    A simple HL7 parser and query language.
  • LandingPageDemo
    A simple landing page made with Parse Hosting.
  • lex parser
    A parser for lexical grammars used by jison.
  • libw3g
    Warcraft3 / DotA replay file parser.
  • link headers
    JavaScript parsing of link headers as described by RFC 5988.
  • LISP.js
    Parse and run LISP code in JavaScript.
  • lsb release
    Parser for `lsb_release` command output.
  • ltsv.js
    LTSV parser and formatter.
  • luaparse
    A Lua parser written in JavaScript.
  • microformat shiv
    A light weight cross browser JavaScript microformats parser.
  • microxml js
    Simple MicroXML parser in JavaScript.
  • Mini Java
    Mini Java Parser (using jison and d3 ) horrible spaghetti code (done in about 40 hours)!.
  • mofo
    Mofo was a fast and simple microformat parser , based on a concise DSL and Hpricot. No longer maintained.
  • mona
    Composable parsing for JavaScript.
  • mp3 parser
    Read mp3 frames & tags.
  • nagiohdear
    Rudimentary config parser /generator for Nagios.
  • narparse amd
    Provide the Narcissus parser as an AMD module.
  • node argp
    Command line option parser.
  • node asn1
    Contains parsers and serializers for ASN.1 (currently BER only).
  • node atok parser
    Parser generator based on node atok.
  • node bcp47
    Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification.
  • node bufferlist
    Create linked lists of Buffer objects and write binary parsers for these lists.
  • node cli router
    A router for parsing command line flags and arguments in your Node CLI scripts.
  • node insteon
    A node based INSTEON controller for sending and receiving INSTEON commands including a standalone parser for an INSTEON Power Line Modem (PLM) to build your own controller.
  • node iso8583
    ISO 8583 Parser and Packer.
  • node link injection
    Parse text for keywords and replace with links for documentation.
  • node logfmt
    Heroku logfmt (key=value) logger and parser.
  • node marc
    MARC parser for Node.
  • node memcache parser
    memcached binary protocol parser and encoder.
  • node nmea
    A JavaScript parser for the NMEA GPS protocol.
  • node office
    Parse office documents (doc, docx, xls, etc..).
  • node opds parser
    OPDS Catalog Feed Parser for node.
  • node parsley
    a pure javascript http parser.
  • node proxy protocol
    parser for the node proxy protocol based on node strtok.
  • node querystring
    querystring parser for node and the browser supporting nesting (used by Express, Connect, etc).
  • node semver
    The semver parser for node (the one npm uses).
  • node shell quote
    quote and parse shell commands.
  • node srs
    I parse your exotic projection representations and try to figure out WTF they are + magic detection of spherical mercator and wgs84 variants.
  • nolog
    a node based event driven real time logfile parser.
  • nomnom
    Option parser for node with generated usage and commands.
  • opentype
    An OpenType, TrueType and WOFF parser in JavaScript.
  • opentype.js
    A JavaScript parser for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  • org js
    Parser and converter for org mode notation written in JavaScript.
  • panino docs
    API documentation generation tool with an emphasis on JSDoc style comment parsing.
  • PanPG
    PanPG is a parser generator which reads a PEG description of a grammar and writes a packrat parser in pure JavaScript.
  • parse angular
    Utilities for working with data.
  • parse ecma
    parse.js Combinatory ECMAScript Parsers.
  • Parse Intro
    First app setup using Parse.
  • parse marionette todo
    A simple Marionette Todo application using Parse.
  • parse n load
    Javascript benchmark for parse and load times.
  • parse where
    Use functions to create a "where" object that can be used for
  • Parser Speed
    Comparing parsing speeds of various JavaScript parsers.
  • Parsex
    Packrat Parser combinators for Haxe.
  • pegjs
    PEG.js: Parser Generator for JavaScript.
  • philasdbudget
    Project to parse Philadelphia School District Budget PDFs and visualize data.
  • puppet reportreader
    A ruby script to parse puppet reports in "store" mode.
  • Purple
    Purple combines querypoint debugging with repl++: parse , re run, break, loop environment.
  • px.js
    PC Axis file parsing in JavaScript.
  • Rails Profiler
    Simple Ruby on Rails log parser and profiler.
  • reflect.js
    Implementation of Mozilla's Parser API in JavaScript.
  • rgeoutages
    A set of scripts to parse and map RG&E's power outage information.
  • rigger
    Javascript file parser and include engine #buildjs #node.
  • rsec
    Parser / Regexp Combinator For Ruby.
  • sax js
    A sax style parser for JS.
  • sdp transform
    A simple parser /writer for the Session Description Protocol.
  • sexpression
    s expression parser for javascript.
  • Simple Parser
    Simple Javascript parser , inspired by Petit Parser.
  • sparql spin js3
    Parses SPARQL 1.1 into a js3 structure with SPIN vocabulary using the PEG parser generator.
  • stextile
    A simple textile parser.
  • Switchboard
    Switchboard is a mashup helper with the basic functionality of enabling simple data flows between APIs, in essence taking a result from one API, feeding it to another and presenting the joined result for parsing and display in your app or whatever it might be.
  • SymfonyBuilder
    GUI tool to parse and generate symfony2 code.
  • Table Usability Concept
    Shemas and Technical documentation about the wet boew table parser.
  • tap parser
    parse the test anything protocol.
  • textile js
    A fully featured Textile parser in JavaScript.
  • tf2toolbox
    Backpack parsing utilities for Team Fortress 2.
  • thatsallfolks
    A pure JavaScript template parsing and formatting package based on Narwhal's resource overlays.
  • timbrrr
    Log file parsing for MarkLogic.
  • tonescript
    tonescript parser , useful for making annoying sounds.
  • ua
    Dirt cheap User Agent: parser.
  • UBBParser
    A javascript bbcode parser for browser.
  • UglifyJS2
    JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier toolkit.
  • uri parser
    Module for URI parsing.
  • vbscript in js
    JS parser and compiler for VBScript.
  • vexabc
    ABC notation parser and renderer for VexFlow.
  • vextab
    A VexTab Parser for VexFlow.
  • vtt.js
    WebVTT parser in JavaScript.
  • watchman.js
    file watching with powerful expression parsing.
  • wellknown
    geojson emitting wkt parser.
  • Wendell
    Command based argument parser.
  • wkb.js
    WKB Parsing in Javascript.
  • XonStat
    Pyramid application using xonstatdb to parse and store Xonotic statistical data.
  • yuidocjs
    yuidoc parser ported to js.
  • zeparser2
    Next version of my JS (ES5) parser.
  • ZParse
    ZParse is a multi purpose, extensible, self defineable javascript template parsing system which lets you define your templating rules.

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