List of Free code Titanium


  • AccelerometerTest
    iPhone Appcelerator Titanium Application to detect vibrations.
  • acs android push
    Appcelerator Titanium Cloud Push Notification for Android.
  • acsloginwidget
    An ACS login widget for Titanium Alloy.
  • ActionBar Sample Ti
    Titanium Android action bar sample.
  • Adamantium.js
    Chainable Titanium mobile framework with jQuery like syntax.
  • ADK Module
    Titanium module: The ADK module provides a simple support for ADK ( Android Open *A*ccessory *D*evelopment *K*it).
  • Advanced Titanium Tutorial Bonjour Networking
    Bonjour networking on multiple devices with Titanium Appcelerator.
  • android bottom tab bar
    Appcelerator Titanium Android Bottom Tab Bar.
  • Android TestCase
    Titanium Android Test Case.
  • app builder
    Titanium app builder using Mobile web SDK.
  • Appcelerator Titanium Starter
    Basic app template for Appcelerator Titanium mobile project.
  • appcelerator.tabela.periodica
    This is a project example using appcelerator Titanium SDK to present an UITableView to show a result set linking to a web view.
  • Appconomy SDKExample App
    A sample Titanium Studio app that showcases the Appconomy SDK /API.
  • AppSession Demo
    A client side Session timeout for Titanium mobile apps.
  • AppTemplate
    An empty, basic, structured app template for Titanium Mobile.
  • Atlas
    Location Library For Titanium Mobile.
  • Atomic22
    Framework for Titanium Appcelerator Mobile.
  • Automata
    A highly impractical implementation of Conway's Game of Life using only Appcelerator Titanium Views.
  • bARk
    Titanium Augmented Reality Sample App.
  • CacheManager
    An extension to Titanium. Network.HTTPClient that provide content cache management.
  • Calculator App using Titanium SDK
    A Basic calculator app built using the Titanium SDK that does the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for whole numbers and decimal numbers.
  • CBMVC Framework with Titanium
    This is a titanium MVC framework , and the CB just mean my website Code Blog :).
  • ChatSocks
    Titanium Mobile implementation of chat.
  • Church App
    A framework using titanium for churches to easily create native(like) applications for iPhone and Android.
  • CiviMobile
    Mobile version of CiviCRM built on Appcelerator Titanium for iPhone , Android and iPad.
  • Climbfind Mobile Titanium
    Climbfind mobile for iPhone + Android on titanium.
  • coltan
    Collection of tools for Titanium Mobile.
  • contactsTestHarness
    Test Harness for a Titanium Contacts on Android.
  • CoverSlider Example
    This is example app of slide out navigation for Titanium Mobile.
  • DateSelectorEx
    Example of a iCal like date selector in Appcelerator Titanium.
  • demoProject
    Using MVC and optimized code structure in Titanium Appcelerator Projects.
  • dipscheck
    Titanium Android Development Understanding density specific resources.
  • dynamicOptionsMenu
    Sample project showing how to create tab dependend OptionsMenus in Android with Titanium.
  • ember titanium
    Titanium Mobile wrapped in Ember (formerly SproutCore Titanium).
  • ember titanium demo
    Ember Titanium demo app.
  • eq31formulas
    a sample application based on Titanium frame work.
  • ExeterConnect
    Titanium SDK based mobile client for ExeterConnect.
  • Expense Tracker Titanium
    A sample mobile application built with Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • FilterableCamera likeInstagramUI
    Original source from Filterable Camera module's example. Required Filterable Camera Titanium Mobile iOS module.
  • Findmehere
    Android app for send to your contacts where they can find you. Made with Accelerator Titanium.
  • FiveMinutesMore Mobile App
    iOS Mobile application based on Titanium Mobile (Appcelerator) that lets you set up some GPS alarms (bus and train stops) and warns you when you are near.
  • Flash Cards app
    A simple flashcards app for both Android and iPhone made with Titanium Appcelerator.
  • Fuse.js
    Globally Available Objects, Namespaces and Node.js Style EventEmitters for Titanium Mobile. Currently only for iOS. Android Support on the way.
  • HowIsTheWeather
    A titanium mobile app for iPhone and android to display current local weather.
  • HybridApp
    A sample hybrid app in Titanium.
  • i am here
    Titanium Mobile Android & iPhone Application.
  • ikanago
    Heroku android / iPhone client using Titanium.
  • indicatordemo
    Appcelerator Titanium demo application for a custom indicator window.
  • iqsdk
    iQ SDK for RAD with Appcelerator Titanium.
  • it.numidia.gridWidget
    A titanium alloy widget for grids, using a tableview. Sample app provided.
  • jasmine titanium
    Integration of Jasmine Spec framework with Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • JavaScript Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.tmbundle
    TextMate Bundle (tmBundle) for the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile JavaScript API. Includes complete API Code Completion and context sensitive API doc ToolTips. Yes, this is real.
  • jeopardy score along
    Titanium Mobile Android app to play along with Jeopardy!.
  • joli.api.js app demo
    This project is a Titanium mobile application which displays an address book and allows to synchronize it with a web application. It has been built in order to serve as a demonstration for joli.api.js.
  • JSMontreal Mobile
    A native iPhone & Android app built with Titanium for the great monthly meetups in Montreal about JavaScript.
  • json.i18n for Titanium Mobile
    Localization library for Titanium Mobile using JSON.
  • Kneedle
    local buying and selling application with node.js server API and titanium iOS/ Android app.
  • krooshal sdk titanium
    Krooshal SDK for Appcelerator Titanium.
  • my basic app
    My Basic Titanium apps collection. It includes a calculator, rss parser , fibonacci and more..
  • my titanium js modules
    A collection of useful javascript modules I keep reusing for Appcelerator Titanium development.
  • nl.fokkezb.pullToRefresh
    Widget to implement a table pull to refresh header in Titanium Alloy.
  • Nnu
    iPhone app on Titanium. Users can record their meal nutorient balance.
  • Nyars
    Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Project.
  • Of Memory and Matter
    iPhone application using Titanium Appcelerator.
  • OpenBlock Mobile App
    Built using Appcelerator's Titanium for Mobile and the OpenBlock API that powers
  • Persistence
    A Titanium Mobile Persistence Demo.
  • Photo Cat
    A simple photo capture iOS app created using Titanium.
  • pomodoro for android
    Using Titanium to build a pomodoro app for an android device.
  • PopraviMK
    Android Mobile application (Titanium Mobile) that allows people to help municipalities in detecting urban issues on public area.
  • presentation engine
    Engine, core components , and assets for Titanium presentations.
  • push to ios
    Titanium Mobile + example.
  • query7DeviceInformation
    Android Device Information app made using Appcelerator Titanium Mobile. Full tutorial on how to write it mobile android development device information.
  • query7rss
    Android RSS app made using Appcelerator Titanium Mobile. Full tutorial on how to write it mobile android development first application.
  • RxShortages
    Source code for RxShortages, an iPhone application for drug shortages powered by Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • Sample .Mapping
    Titanium Mobile mapping sample app.
  • Sample .RSS
    Titanium Mobile RSS sample app.
  • Sample .Todo
    Titanium Mobile todo sample app.
  • scaffolding titanium typescript
    Template project to create titanium apps (iOS/ Android ) with TypeScript.
  • ScreenSizes
    Titanium module determines if you're running on an Android tablet based on screen size & density.
  • SDCSpeakers
    sample iPhone app built with Titanium during SDC2011.
  • Shopping List
    Shopping List is an iPhone app written using Appcelerator's Titanium.
  • Sig Canvas
    Drawing on a CANVAS element within Titanium Mobile.
  • Single Context
    Single Context Example App Titanium.
  • socialize titanium sdk
    Titanium Appcelerator Socialize js api bridge.
  • spaz android
    Port of Spaz to the Android mobile system via Titanium.
  • spaz desktop titanium
    A microblogging client , written on top of Appcelerator Titanium Desktop.
  • SplitApartView
    SplitView Example for Titanium.
  • TabGroupTemplate
    Basic app template with tabGroup for titanium mobile.
  • ti api docs
    Titanium Mobile API Reference.
  • Ti Demo iPhone Table Views
    Titanium mobile demo of creating a navigation system based on table data.
  • ti dropboxjs
    javascript dropbox API for Titanium Appcelerator.
  • Ti FBShare
    FacebookShare with Titanium Appcelerator( iPhone Version).
  • Ti Table ViewTips
    Titanium Mobile Table View Tips.
  • ti.console
    titanium realtime log server. support @shikajiro.
  • TiACSPushNotification Sample
    Titanium PushNotification with ACS for Android and iOS Sample.
  • tiagent
    Chainable Better Ajax for Titanium Appcelerator, Node.js and Web ported from SuperAgent.
  • TiAir
    Light MVC framework for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • tiapp como
    Como a Titanium Appcelerator MVC Framework.
  • TiBall
    TiBall is the first Titanium Mobile game to use the open source Box2D module. This Game is still being developed and expanded. Pull requests are welcome!.
  • TiBreakout
    Very simple Breakout clone made with Titanium Box 2D module.
  • TiColumnChart
    A column chart component for Titanium.
  • TiCustomTabs Android
    Custom tabs in bottom for android (also ios) in titanium.
  • TiEvernoteClient
    Evernote client sample for Titanium Mobile.
  • TiExtendWeb
    Titanium Mobile, TiUIWebView extend module for iPhone.
  • tifu
    Titanium MVC Framework and Components.
  • TiIconicFont
    Iconic font wrapper for Titanium Mobile.
  • TiInspector
    Debug Titanium Mobile applications through Chrome DevTools.
  • TiLeftMenu
    Titanium mobile left menu sample.
  • timvc
    TiMVC Mobile Framework for use with Titanium Mobile this code has not been tested with the most recent versions of titanium mobile.
  • TiO2
    Titanium Compound Mobile Titanium Appcelerator Javascript Framework.
  • tiparticle
    javascript particle sample for Titanium Mobile.
  • TiQRCodeView
    QR Code Generator for Titanium Mobile.
  • TiStoreKit
    StoreKit(In App Purchase) module for Titanium Mobile iPhone.
  • titanium alloy jasmine testing
    Titanium Mobile / Alloy Unit Testing with Jasmine.
  • titanium android sdk
    Mobeelizer SDK for Titanium.
  • Titanium AR
    Experimental code for creating a geo AR app for iPhone with Appcelerator Titanium mobile.
  • titanium barcode example
    A sample application using the titanium barcode module.
  • titanium contactmanager
    Titanium based Contact Manager demo application.
  • titanium desktop projects
    Sample projects for learning to build desktop projects with Appcelerator Titanium.
  • Titanium Examples
    Apps build with Titanium SDK.
  • titanium fireevent test
    test application that you can fire event on webview to titanium for iphone.
  • Titanium Google Analytics
    Example Titanium project that uses Google Analytics to track page views.
  • titanium gtts
    Sample titanium app which used google text to speech.
  • Titanium Image Gallery
    Titanium Image Gallery for iPhone and iPad.
  • titanium jasmine
    titanium jasmine provides testing for Appcelerator?s Titanium Mobile applications using Pivotal?s Jasmine as the core testing framework.
  • titanium lib
    Simple collection of tools for developing Titanium mobile apps.
  • Titanium Mobile Reference Directory App
    A sample Titanium project allowing developers to quickly build a reference directory mobile app.
  • TItanium OData App Example
    Titanium Mobile OData application example Written for OSDC 2011.
  • Titanium PredictiveCache
    This is a simple Titanium mobile project that implements a queue to download multiple files.
  • titanium sample
    Sample project to try out Titanium.
  • titanium skeleton app
    A base Appcelerator mobile application that demonstrates garbage collection and multi threading.
  • titanium tab based template
    tab based application template for Titanium Mobile.
  • Titanium Tabbed View
    A tabbed view for iphone and android devices.
  • Titanium Tools
    A collection of nifty tools for Titanium Mobile.
  • TitaniumBarcodeExample
    Example of use of Barcode Module 1.3 in Titanium Appcelerator (for Android ).
  • TitaniumDashboard
    Titanium Dashboard view for Android and iOS.
  • TitaniumiPhoneSample
    Titanium Mobile iPhone Sample For
  • TitaniumTestApp
    Titanium Mobile Sample For
  • TitanTricks
    Code samples and components for Titanium mobile.
  • TitanUp
    The TitanUp library for Titanium Mobile development.
  • Titewalk Screencasts
    Code for screencasts on developing applications using Appcelerator's Titanium Mobile and Desktop SDKs.
  • TiWebFontButtons
    Titanium mobile button without image samples (using web font).
  • TiXCallbackURL
    iPhone app demonstrating implementation of x callback url in Appcelerator Titanium.
  • TiXUI
    A Cross Platform TabGroup and Window for Appcelerator Titanium that gives Android a 'real' navBar.
  • tsm
    manager for titanium sdk versions.
  • tylus
    Stylesheet magic for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile via Stylus and Less.
  • uhguide android
    Titanium Android app for the University of Houston.
  • ViewPager Module Demo
    A demo project for my Titanium Mobile Android ViewPager Module.
  • VinNumberScanner
    iPhone App made in Titanium Mobile that is used to scan a Vin Number from a car.
  • Wanderlogs
    Titanium Appcelerator Photosharing App (to be stripped down to an MVC framework for Appcelerator).
  • warpedAR Open Source
    warpedAR is an open source example application, which shows how to create an Augmented Reality application using the Appcelerator Titanium Framework.
  • Wheel Gesture Sample
    Wheel Gesture Sample App for Titanium Mobile.
  • xavccMobileApp
    An Appcelerator Titanium application for the URL shortener

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