List of Free code MVC


  • 8Ball MVC 3 TwilioSharp Example
    A.Net MVC 3 Site using Twilio API's to make a basic Magical 8 Ball Phone Answerer.
  • actionscript3 puremvc.tmbundle
    TextMate support for the ActionScript 3 Pure MVC framework (work in progress).
  • AFrame JS
    Application Framework in Javascript A lightweight MVC library for writing apps on the web.
  • agility
    Javascript MVC for the "write less, do more" programmer.
  • angular gettext example
    Todo MVC with angular gettext added to it.
  • Appcelerator Mvc
    Mvc Framework for Appcelerator.
  • appframeworkMVC
    lightweight MVC framework built on top of jqMobi.
  • aries
    AriesNode is a MVC framework for node.
  • atmosphere rabbitmq example
    Servlet Atmosphere framework example showing push directly to the client from a rabbitmq ( spring rabbit) message. Scaffold app produced using thymeleaf with tiles and spring mvc.
  • AutoMapperXmlMapping Demo
    A quick MVC3 site showing how to use AutoMapper to map an XElement to a contract for use.
  • AutomationTestbed
    An MVC application created to provide a testbed for automation frameworks to test against.
  • aye aye
    This is a TODO MVC Foxx Application written for ArangoDB.
  • base MVC
    A school project blog, forum, CMS written based on MVC pattern.
  • bcmvc
    Batman Cowboy Todo MVC.
  • bdd todomvc
    BDD style Todo app with mvc frameworks.
  • bem mvc
    Yet another MVC for i bem.
  • BlackMagicMVC
    A sample application that shows how to consume a C# MVC project with Razor views from a VB.NET WebForms application.
  • BlockAppJS
    BlockAppJS is an open source client side JavaScript framework like Client side MVC. BlockAppJS is Module/Block oriented.
  • bluimp jquery file upload with mvc 4 and webapi
    BluImp jQuery File Upload with MVC 4 & WebAPI.
  • bmvc
    A small, yet powerfull and flexible mvc for javascript.
  • bullet
    A simple lightweight MVC with express.
  • cantodo
    Todo MVC apps built in each library CanJS supports.
  • cjone todomvc
    Todo MVC made with ClojureScriptOne framework.
  • cl mvc
    Common Lisp MVC Framework.
  • clayburn
    A light weight MVC Framework for the Joyent Smart Platform.
  • coccyx
    A Simple HTML5 /ES 5 MVC Micro Library.
  • cohesion
    A JavaScript MVC framework built for Jaxer.
  • coke
    A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.
  • ControllerJS
    ControllerJS PubSub And StateControl help in the management of web applications. Just needs a renderer to complete a Event Driven Architecture Framework for your JavaScript application to replace the traditional MVC framework.
  • Cor MVC
    An old attempt to build a jQuery and JavaScript powered client side MVC framework.
  • dhtmlx guestbook
    a MVC app with DHTMLX touch (for learning).
  • dripps express mvc
    yet another approach to MVC in Express/Connect.
  • dronejs
    Lightweight JavaScript framework for a kind of MVC, but we call it MVCI.
  • DurandalAuth
    Porting ASP MVC 4 default Internet template for using with Durandal and Web API.
  • dust spring mvc
    Dust JS template ViewResolver for Spring MVC.
  • DynamicMenus
    Dynamic Menu in MVC 4.
  • e MVC
    This is a personal project. An attempt to create my own javascript MVC framework.
  • ember todos with build tools tests and other modern conveniences
    A version of the Todo MVC Ember.js application ? with build tools, tests, idiomatic structure, and other modern conveniences.
  • ember todos with guard
    Todo MVC inspired Ember project using Guard for automating tasks.
  • example todomvc
    A Todo app based on Todo MVC.
  • ExpJavascript MVC
    Some experiences at making a MVC Framework with Javascript, allowing development of dynamic web apps using only client side code.
  • express scaffold
    a simple but sexy MVC wrapper of Express, forget about server, use express scaffold insetad.
  • express struct
    MVC project structure on top of express.
  • express.js app template
    node/express.js app template using ejs/less/ MVC /bunch/etc.
  • ext mvc
    ext mvc forked from edspencer/ext mvc.
  • ext4mvc
    Example of Ext 4 MVC application architecture.
  • extmvc
    The Ext MVC framework.
  • eyeballs.js
    A lightweight MVC framework for building fast, tidy javascript web apps.
  • fh mvc simple
    library free mvc application on fh platform.
  • FileDistributor
    MVC web service for distributing files.
  • flow mvc
    Take what you already know and go with it...justg code with the Flow.
  • flowoff
    MVC JavaScript framework for offline web application development.
  • Getting Started With Ember
    Getting started with the Ember MVC framework.
  • Giraffe
    MVC CMS for DV1207 at Blekinge Institute of Technology.
  • Halo
    Client side MVC framework based on Addy Osmani's Aura.
  • hapi meal
    A simple Hapi MVC Framework.
  • Hero
    Hero is an ability based authorization library for.NET MVC and WepAPI projects.
  • hotcode todo
    Real time users collaboration for Todo MVC.
  • html5 spring demo
    A simple HTML5 demo running under Spring MVC 3.1.
  • HxJsMicro MVC
    Very simple experiment for a concept of structuring the clientside Haxe JS/JQuery stuff.
  • iCal demo
    A demonstration MVC application based on Apple's iCal.
  • ignition
    A mini framework for developing JavaScript MVC applications.
  • include.js
    $.include. Painless MVC in browser. No server side includes, scripts and templates any more. Browser in enough. 1.0 BETA version.
  • jamal
    Javascript MVC Library based on jQuery.
  • jamescms
    A project to replace the current mvc 3 site with mvc 4.
  • Javascript MVC Plugins
    A collection of Javascript MVC plugins.
  • jive
    An MVC ish Javascript framework.
  • jmvcsite
    JavaScript MVC 's Website.
    Another pretty MVC framework for Javascript.
  • jQuery MVC Framework
    JavaScript MVC jQuery Plugin + JavaScript MVC Framework.
  • jquery springmvc jpa
    Spring Spring MVC JPA Tutorial.
  • jQuery table LiveEdit
    Live JS edit for an HTML table in MVC pattern.
  • mvc
    MVC api for jQuery Mobile based on the Dali Templating engine.
  • jquery.nub
    An MVC framework for jquery.
  • jquerymx
    jQuery MVC Extensions. jQuery extensions that makes all the annoying stuff easier.
  • JS MVC
    MVC framework for JavaScript based on Pure MVC with some additional goodness.
  • jsabstract
    Use Abstract Classes, Interfaces and Autoload with Javascript (coming soon MVC and ORM HTML5)!.
  • jsKitty MVC
    javascript micro MVC framework.
  • k router
    A MVC /MVT style router for Connect/Express apps.
  • kopi.js
    Special Javascript MVC Framework for Mobile Apps and Web Apps.
  • lattice
    MVC structure for JavaScript applications.
  • lavaca
    A modern framework for client side MVC web applications.
  • LerouxTech Web
    MVC 3 website with services and tests.
  • less MVC
    frame work less Javascript MVC pattern.
  • liteview
    javascript template engine , node template engine , viewer( MVC ).
  • LiveTile
    A Javascript plugin and MVC demo for creating 'Tiles' that update themselves.
  • Lucene.Net search MVC sample site
    Lucene.Net usage example on MVC and WebForms.
  • maria
    The MVC framework for JavaScript applications. The real MVC. The Smalltalk MVC. The Gang of Four MVC.
  • matador
    an MVC framework for Node.
  • meteor todomvc
    Todo MVC running on Meteor.
  • meteor todomvc auth
    Todo MVC with authentification running on Meteor.
  • Metro Mvc
    MVC 3.0 application with metro styling.
  • micromvc
    A tiny MVC like framework for building web application front ends in Javascript.
  • midgardmvc admin
    Administration component for Midgard MVC.
  • mk javascript
    Mortal Combat written in MVC "objective" JavaScript during an DevMeeting in Cracow.
  • mnml
    MNML.js Minimalist MVC Framework.
  • mobileredirect mvc
    Example of mobile redirection featuring deep linking for mobile apps.
  • monorail aspview demo
    A demo project showing various aspects of the MVC Web framework Castle MonoRail, and the AspView view engine.
  • montage todomvc
    The Todo MVC comparison app implemented using Montage.
  • mustache javascriptmvc
    Mustache for Javascript MVC 3.
  • Mvc .BooksOnline
    Tutorial projects on MVC and Fluent NHibernate (under construction).
  • mvc 01
    Spring MVC test webapp.
  • MVC 3 HTML5 Slideshow Presentation Template
    A.Net MVC 3 Site template for creating HTML5 Slideshow presenations. Based on @robflaherty 's html5 slideshow project.
  • MVC 3 Html5EditorFor
    Html5EditorFor extension for MVC which allows to generate HTML 5 Input types, and add custom attributes in View.
  • MVC 3 jQuery Mobile Site Template
    A.Net MVC 3 Site with jQuery Mobile included for easy mobile site creation.
  • MVC 5OAuthButtons
    Code for blog article located at social login buttons for asp net mvc 5.
  • Mvc ApplicationRazorGeneratorSeparateLibrary
    Test application that uses RazorGenerator with views in a separate library.
  • Mvc AssetManager
    HTML helpers that add functionality to the new bundling system in MVC 4. Allows developers to require bundles, script & style references, and inline scripts and styles from child views and partials, ensuring that they are only rendered once.
  • MVC CRUD Template
    A base template to create an ASP. MVC CRUD application.
  • mvc edit data inline table
    A simple application showing how to do CRUD operations on Tabular data, inline, using Knockout JS.
  • mvc lesson 1
    A simple lesson focussing on client side MVC in javascript.
  • MVC Music Store
    A refactor of the MS MVC sample.
  • MVC NHibernate Ninject
    This combines MVC 4 with NHibernate and Ninject as a default start.
  • MVC Start up Kit
    A basic MVC architecture which doesn't have the bloat of your typical MVC framework.
  • mvcexp
    Create a skeleton mvc app for Node Express.
  • MVCinjQueryMobile
    Feedhenry Application based on jQuery Mobile Library in MVC pattern.
  • MvcIntegrationTest Framework
    Library for integration testing your.NET MVC application based on Steve Sanderson's blog post.
  • mvclib template
    Boilerplate for creating an MVC library.
  • mvcsummit2011
    mvc summit 2011 website.
  • MVCTurbine IoC Demo
    A demo MVC Turbine V3 project that shows benchmarks for the main.Net IoC containers.
  • my MVC
    try to imitate the mvc design pattern of java.
  • my node mvc
    Just me practicing node.
  • nativish
    Mobile JavaScript MVC Framework.
  • Nerd Dinner on Rails
    A Ruby on Rails version of the Microsoft ASP MVC Nerd Dinner Application.
  • node express mvc
    A simple MVC implementation for Express JS.
  • nodeacs sample website
    Example of how to use Node.ACS MVC framework to build a custom front end to ACS.
  • nodetoo
    Express + MVC = {nodetoo}.
  • Nub
    An MVC plugin for jQuery.
  • pema mvc
    An experiment with a MVC and pubsub framework.
  • PetaPoco Sample WebApplication
    Peta Poco Sample Application (MVC 2).
  • phramejs
    Phrame.js is an MVC framework for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign scripting.
  • PieJS
    MVC Framework for Javascript.
  • portfolios
    Simple web application to dimostrate the use of Servlets and JSP ( MVC approach).
  • puremvc as3 util statemachine
    Pure MVC AS3 Utility: State Machine.
  • puremvc employeeadmin jquery
    A port of the Pure MVC Employee Admin demo for jQuery using Objs v2.1 library.
  • puremvc javascript employeeadmin jquerymobile
    Pure MVC EmployeeAdmin demo for JavaScript using JQuery Mobile.
  • puremvc javascript standard
    Pure MVC framework for JavaScript standard port (no dependencies).
  • puremvc js
    JavaScript implementation of Pure MVC with relevant JS goodies.
  • puremvc js demo employeeadmin
    Pure MVC JavaScript Demo: Employee Admin.
  • puremvc js demo todomvc
    Pure MVC JavaScript Demo: Todo MVC.
  • puremvc typescript multicore framework
    Pure MVC Multicore Framework for TypeScript.
  • puremvc typescript standard framework
    Pure MVC Standard Framework for TypeScript.
  • qikify
    MVC framework for adaptive test and lightning fast machine learning for semiconductor data analysis.
  • Quiz
    Dynamic Quiz in MVC 3.
  • rAppid.js
    the declarative Rich Internet Application Javascript MVC Framework.
  • Reactive. Mvc
    A Declarative Controller style MVC Framework based on Reactive Extensions.
  • rialoom
    Javascript MVCS framework inspired by the great robotlegs framework. [ Introductive articles on ].
  • robotlegs utilities StateMachine
    Finite State Machine for Robotlegs (ported from Pure MVC Utility of the same name).
  • rubberduck.js
    Simple and functional javascript MVC framework.
  • Run
    An MVC version of Project Run.
  • secondstoryjs
    A Javascript MVC 3 based system for front end development.
  • secondstoryjs router
    A Javascript MVC 3 Router (based Sherpa.js).
  • secondstoryjs statemachine
    Finite State Machine implementation for Javascript MVC.
  • SEFriendly MVC
    SEFriendly MVC is a sample web application containing html samples according to collection of schemas provided by in order to markup our pages in ways recognized by major search providers.
  • Shipyard
    A modular JavaScript MVC application framework.
  • simple MVC
    Simple MVC implementation with Forum Example.
  • Simple Mvc 4ThemeSpike
    Quick, rough example of how MVC 4's DisplayMode API could be use to represent user selectable themes. **MAY BE DELETED AT ANY TIME**.
  • simple sinatra mvc
    Simple Sinatra MVC template.
  • SimplrJS
    A simple javascript framework using MVC architecture.
  • singletrack
    This is a lightweight MVC framework for Lasso.
  • skeletor framework
    Client side MVC with nested attributes and data binding.
  • skull.js
    Lightweight Javascript MVC framework.
  • Solidify
    MVC Javascript Framework and jQuery plugins.
  • spine
    Lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications.
  • splinky
    A lightweight Node web server framework with an MVC and IoC feel.
  • spring atmosphere samples
    Provides examples show the integration of Atmosphere and Spring Integration and Spring MVC.
  • spring closure templates
    Google Closure Templates integration into Spring MVC.
  • spring ejb3 webapp
    Sample blog application to demonstrate spring mvc and ejb3 interoperability.
  • spring mvc basic
    Basic Spring MVC with Sitemesh configuration.
  • spring scala todo
    Sample Scala Spring MVC 3 with SBT.
  • Spring Web MVC
    Spring web Hibernate and Freemarker.
  • springmvc jpa blank
    Web App Example Using Spring MVC & Spring Data JPA.
  • SpringMVCExceptionGHandling
    Demo application for my article about Spring MVC Exception Handling.
  • stapes
    a (really) tiny Javascript MVC microframework.
  • SVC
    MVC for javascript with the observer pattern.
  • swift mvc
    Attempting to make a no nonsense JS MVC framework.
  • SWOG MVC 3 WebSite
    Rebuilt Website done in MVC 3 and EF 4.1.
  • syringe todos
    A Todos application built using Syringe and MVC.
  • template derby generators
    MVC generators for template_derby in DM2 style.
  • tetra
    Tetra, a clean MVC javascript framework :
  • thoughtstrike
    revamping ideastrike to use MVC 4.
  • ThymeLeaf Demo
    A demo of ThymeLeaf integration with Spring MVC 3.
  • TimesheetMVC
    MVC Time collection application.
  • TinyMce. Mvc 3
    TinyMCE integrated with MVC 3 application including mediapicker plugin.
  • tipJS
    tipJS JavaScript MVC framework 2.
  • tipjs JavaScript MVC Framework
    tipJS is the JavaScript MVC Framework.
  • todo mvc
    Sample : This is a MontageJS implementation of the TodoMVC application.
  • Todo MVC EAK
    Ember.js' Todo MVC app port to use Ember App Kit.
  • todomvc aura
    Todo MVC based on Aura.
  • todomvc ibem
    Todo MVC application built with i bem.js.
  • trainjs
    ExpressJS app converted into an MVC style.
  • truemvc javascript
    Pure MVC refactored to the best for JavaScript.
  • tupai.js
    tupai.js is a minimal and flexible javascript mvc framework. providing a robust set of features for building single and multi page.
  • Twilio Mvc MusicStore
    An extended version of the MVC Music Store Reference application that shows how to integrate various features of Twilio.
  • typescript template for aspnet mvc
    A Visual Studio Project Template using TypeScript and MVC 4.
  • ubuif
    Ubui framework A full MVC framework for Node JS developers.
  • urlbuilder
    MVC 2 fluent URL builder from Controller actions (lambdas).
  • Usergroup.SocialConnected Mvc
    Code for the Social Connected + Sitecore MVC user group presentation.
  • using miniprofiler
    A sample MVC with MiniProfiler enabled.
  • vending machine
    Javascript VendingMachine written by Pure MVC and iron for my study.
  • vvc
    A simple MVC framework.
  • web. mvc .html
    HTML helpers, display and editor templates.
  • Weblitz.Mvp.Forum.Demo
    Forum demo using MVP design pattern to contrast with MVC.
  • widgets on rails
    MVC framework for wizard javascript widgets.
  • WindsorMef Mvc
    A combination of Castle Windsor and MEF with ASP MVC.
  • witch
    A witchery Javascript MVC , based on Rivets and Watch.js.
  • wonkajs
    Wonka.js is a javascript client side framework MVC like, built to enhance the frontend development, prioring team work and clean code.
  • wp mvc doc
    Documentation for WP MVC.
  • xipframe
    MVC Framework for Node/Express.
  • yam js
    Yet Another Mvc Javascript framework.
  • Zazu
    Zazu mvc cms repo.
  • zippy
    Little Client Javascript MVC Framework.

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