List of Free code Collection


  • 140bytes
    A tweet sized, fork to play, community curated collection of JavaScript.
  • addon pathfinder
    The Add on Pathfinder is the collection of Jetpack modules.
  • Adobe Scripts
    Collection of scripts for Adobe apps, Illustrator mostly.
  • adr collection viewer
    Viewer for Fedora Collections.
  • aLib
    collection of patches, js, and java for Cycling '74 Max.
  • angular recipes
    Currently a collection of notes, ideas and problems which should be covered in the book.
  • any js
    collection of most needed functions.
  • archive
    A collection of projects I no longer maintain, but keep for reference.
  • Ardus
    An easy to use collection of nice features (all related to profiling for now).
  • arsenal
    A collection of various useful mechanisms and for javascript applications.
  • Bay Area d3
    A collection of resources for learning d3.js.
    Collection of Github Repo Pages.
  • blacksmith sites
    a collection of pre built site generators for the blacksmith engine.
  • blu
    Bacon Loving Unicorns will visualize your discogs collection.
  • BookSearch
    Index and Search Your Private PDF Collection.
  • catwalk.js
    Spiking models, collections and emitters in JavaScript.
  • Celebrities
    The Internet's largest collection of stupid celebrity based code jokes.
    tool to help people organize large ish lists of things into collections based on supervised bayesian classification with real time suggestions.
  • classical
    Store and manage your classical music collection.
  • ClojureProjects
    Collection of clojure projects as and when I find time to work on them!.
  • collectables
    A unified model for event composition and collections for JavaScript. Enumerables, Scales, Observables, Futures, Promises, Sets, Lists, Maps etc.
  • collection .io
    Dynamic collections using
  • collections api
    API scraping from the metmuseum website.
  • collective.timelines
    Timeline views for Plone collections and folders (using verite TimelineJS).
  • concert split
    A collaborative effort to make it simpler to split live concert audio into individual tracks. Initially focusing on the excellent NPR music collection. Please *never* add audio files, original or split, to this project. The project is intended to only contain set lists & audacity label files.
  • Contrive
    Contrive is a collection of utilities for Microsoft.NET based on my experience in many codebases.
  • cs exercises
    A collection common Computer Science problems and solutions.
  • d3 sandbox
    A collection of D3 boilerplates and experiments.
  • d3 timeline event horizon
    The timeline?s goal is to visualize an individual object?s history relative to the velocity of major events that define the larger collection.
  • delayed
    A collection of JavaScript helper functions for your functions, using setTimeout() to delay and defer.
  • distributions
    A collection of probability distribution functions.
  • dk core
    Core collection of Drumkit functionality.
  • DOMView Collection JS
    A collection implementation that can be used to manage views or any other type of element.
  • drabs
    A collection of little JavaScript utilities.
  • dx collections
    DojoX Collections , ported to anonymous AMD and now CPM installable.
  • ember sync
    Automated synchronization between a racer model and Ember.js collections.
  • emberella
    A collection of Ember mixins, helpers, views, and controllers developed for my own projects that might offer use or inspiration to other budding Ember developers.
  • envision
    A Collection Browser and Visualizer.
  • es6 collections
    Map, WeakMap, and Set fast/simple shim for Harmony collections.
  • es6 macros
    A collection of sweet.js macros that implement ES6 features for ES5.
  • es6 set
    Set collection as specified in ECMAScript6.
  • es6 weak map
    WeakMap collection as specified in ECMAScript6.
  • evidence locker
    A content management system designed to support the data collection and analysis portion of software based product evaluations.
  • ext applications
    A collection of re usable applications for the Ext desktop.
  • ExtendScripts AI
    ExtendScripts, Adobe's JavaScript for the Creative Suite, automate and expand what is creatively possible within the Creative Suite. This collection comes from Dr. Woohoo!.
  • extensions
    Collection of Webpop Extensions.
  • fitotastic
    Fitotastic is a collection of helpers for Fitocracy (
  • fitzgerald
    Data collection on the sunny side of the streetview.
  • FlickrPlus
    A Safari 5 extension that provides a collection of tools intended to improve the Flickr experience.
  • fluidcontent zurb
    A collection of Zurb Foundation Elements written for EXT:fluidcontent and EXT:fluidpages using ViewHelpers from EXT:vhs.
  • Forkfile
    A utilitiy collection to help creating Cakefile.
  • Formular
    Front end demonstration of Formulate, a dynamic data collection and manipulation system.
  • free admin templates
    Free Admin Templates Collection.
  • Funf Behavio Tools
    Collection of tools created for working with the reality mining funf/behavio platform.
  • furatto addons
    A collection of add ons to extend Furatto.
  • fwlib
    A collection of utility functions and classes to simplify extension development for Adobe Fireworks.
  • generate
    A collection of generators handy for testing (MIT).
  • generators
    My collection of Ruby on Rails generators.
  • gnome shell extensions
    A collection of extensions for GNOME Shell (forked from previous repo on
  • govfeeds
    collection of rss links found on pages.
  • govhack tools
    Collection of resources for data analysis and visualisation.
  • Groundwork
    Collection of files used to start any app.
  • grunt contrib
    A collection of common grunt tasks.
  • grunt gui
    A collection of grunt tasks specifically related to Guardian Interactive projects.
  • grunt init templates
    A collection of Grunt Init Templates.
  • gw2api tools
    A collection of helpful stuff for use with the GW2 API.
  • Haartraining App
    Plack Application For Creating Positive/Negative Collection Files of Haartraning OpenCV.
  • hack4europe
    Javascript based portal for searching Europeana collections and creating enrichments on the metadata.
  • handlebars helper
    A collection of Handlebars Helpers for use with Solidus.
  • Handy.sugar
    A handy collection of actions for keeping your fingers on your keyboard in the Espresso text editor for Mac.
  • Inquirer.js
    A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
  • interviews
    A collection of interview questions I've received in the wild.
  • iterators
    iterate over collections asynchronously.
  • Javascript a Week
    Just a collection of useful scripts, a new one every week.
  • javascript playground
    A collection of my toy codes when I just started to learn javascript.
  • JS Librairies
    Collection of useful JS Librairies.
  • js4ai
    Collection of Javascripts for Adobe Illustrator.
  • jsdigest
    A collection of cryptographic hash functions written for ECMAScript 3.
  • jstools
    General collection of useful JavaScript tools.
  • JSUS
    JavaScript UtilS. Collection of general purpose functions. JSUS helps!.
  • kld affine
    A collection of classes used in affine geometry.
  • legacy
    Collection of single serving sites and scripts and bookmarklets and WordPress themes I wrote years ago.
  • liar
    A modular collection of tools for asynchronous programing via promises.
  • liberate me
    Collection of scripts to liberate your data from the cloud services.
  • list
    An abstraction for managing a list of views. Basically, List is to Collection as View is to Model.
  • Live Collection
    A live collection , written in JS.
  • livefyre streamhub create collection
    quick way to create livefyre collection ids.
  • lodash amd
    A collection of Lo Dash methods as AMD modules.
  • lodash es6
    A collection of Lo Dash methods as ES6 modules.
  • marksism
    A collection of bookmarklets for social websites.
  • maven skins
    A collection of skins for Maven generated sites.
  • max msp
    Collection of small Max/MSP patches.
  • Meta Weekly
    Meta Weekly is a collection of weekly JS newsletters and websites.
  • meteor collection behaviours
    Extends Meteor. Collection with behaviour patterns using Collection Hooks.
  • Meteor Collection FS
    Meteor webbased filesystem handling up and downloads.
  • Meteor handlebar bind
    Handlebar helpers for twoway binding templates to collection.
  • meteor smart collections
    Meteor Collections Re Imagined.
  • meteor tags
    Add tags to selected collection in your Meteor app.
    Vim links collection !.
  • moco
    Small idiomatic model and collection for modern javascript.
  • music
    browse your Rdio collection.
  • My Wallet
    Collection of My Wallet Javascript files used for the javascript verifier (
  • mydocs
    Collection of DocBook solutions.
  • MyJailbreak
    A collection of guides compiled into one app for your jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Nine Points Collection
    This is a repo of the source code for my portfolio site. Fork it, modify it, and push it back. I appreciate all feedback and criticism. The alpha version is currently being hosted in a directory. When the project reaches 1.0 status, it will be moved to the main directory.
  • NOCtools
    A mixed bag collection of tools and utilities for NOC engineers.
  • node batchflow
    Batch process collections in parallel or sequentially.
  • node collection
    An utility for representing and manipulating collections.
  • node fileutils
    A collection of utilities that take some of the suck out of working with the file system in node.
  • node fnutils
    Collection of utils for Functions.
  • node support
    This is a collection of modules I use as the "Glue" for larger apps.
  • node terminal
    A collection of different terminal utility functions.
  • node tubesio
    A collection of clients and utilities for interacting with services via Node JS.
  • node utils
    A collection of small, simple, and useful node packages.
  • nodejitsu api
    a collection of client wrappers for nodejitsu's core api.
  • notebrowser
    arbitrarily synchronizable personal wiki / note collection as an offline browser application.
  • nus bookmarks
    Collection of useful links and resources that will benefit all NUS students when it comes to curriculum matters.
  • observable set
    Configure observable set collections.
  • opensourcesnacks
    Collection of open source snack recipes.
  • parts
    A collection of bake js recipes #buildjs.
  • phonegap testapps
    collection of the apps I used for testing while developing PhoneGap.
  • piu
    Infer/Recognize chords from collections of notes.
  • pl
    A collection of javascript helpers.
  • play mods
    A collection of play! modules/apps.
  • Pokemon Gen 6 Learnsets
    PS's attempt at data collection for gen 6 learnsets.
  • polyfills
    Collection of polyfills that I've written.
  • prehensile
    Gesture data collection and analysis.
  • promise utils
    Collection of promise utilities.
  • promised utils
    Collection of of utility functions for promises.
  • Random Projects
    A collection of mini projects and experiments.
  • Randomized.js
    A utility to randomize sequential collections.
  • realtime
    a realtime data collection application.
  • Regex Collection
    A collection of useful javascript regex patterns.
  • resources
    a collection of useful resources.
  • rfpez apis
    A collection of acquisition APIs by Project RFP EZ.
  • riddles collection
    my hobby site with collection of russian riddles.
  • RudolFBlog
    a collection of articles, possibly related to programming, paradigms, etc.
  • sassy
    Collection of sass themes.
  • ScriptSheets
    A collection of some of my old JavaScript experiments.
  • set collection
    Set collection type for JavaScript.
  • shut that down
    Shut That Down is a collection of offensive quotes by public figures and the corporations who keep those public figures with a platform for their hate speech.
  • silverstripe tools
    A module that contains a collection of useful SilverStripe tools.
  • sketch commands
    A collection of script commands for Bohemian Coding's
  • slideshow templates
    A collection of templates for use with the Slide Show S9 Rubygem.
  • smart list
    A polymer custom element for element/custom elements collections.
  • bundle
    A collection of middlewares for upcoming Socket.IO 1.0.
  • SPTools
    A collection of tools for interacting with SharePoint's web services.
  • SS Collection
    Handling the UPS ACM's project for a Sustainability Services application, doing awesome "things"....
  • stimbletunes
    a sinatra based music collection browser and player (still alpha).
  • suds
    AMD based collection of helper and base classes for rapid development of JavaScript applications.
  • sweet contracts
    A collection of sweet.js macros that provide contract support for JavaScript!.
  • swipe to remove
    Angular directive to swipe and remove elements from a collection.
  • technotes
    my collection of notes and cheatsheets for various interesting and/or useful technologies.
  • the pragmatic haskeller
    A collection of simple building blocks for a fully fledged Haskell application.
  • Thousand ebooks
    A compact clone of it Has cool collection of ebooks.
  • timescripts
    Collection of greasemonkey/tampermonkey scripts for the One True Thread.
  • timeseries.js
    Utilities for working with a collection of data columns aligned along a common timeline.
  • TopoJSONify
    Simple API to POST a GeoJSON Feature Collection and get back TopoJSON.
  • tsapp space
    A collection of information about tsapp created with tsapp.
  • types
    Collection of extra types (structures, classes) for JavaScript.
  • uber hipster
    An interface to manage a collection of named documents.
  • ubiquitycommands
    A collection of my Ubiquity commands.
  • util js
    A collection of JavaScript utilities.
  • utilities
    A classic collection of JavaScript utilities.
  • utility
    A collection of useful utilities.
  • Vegtastic
    Collaborative vegan/vegetarian recipe collection.
  • WatTools
    A collection of tools for University of Waterloo students (made by University of Waterloo students!).
  • wExtensions
    A collection of JavaScript extensions.
  • wikidocs skins
    A collection of skins for the ColdBox Wiki Docs.
  • Wordpress Theme Utils
    A little collection of utils I use while developing themes for WP.
  • zetashapes
    it's a collection of things. around neighborhoods. get ready.
  • zz85 bookmarklets
    my collections of bookmarklets.

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