Java Utility Methods

Java tutorial


Java utility methods are organized in the following chapters.



BufferedImage to PNG
BufferedImage to RGB
BufferedImage to Shape
BufferedImage to String
BufferedImage to Transparent
BufferedImage Transform
BufferedImage Transparent
BufferedImage Trim
BufferedImage Width Get
BufferedImage Zoom
BufferedInputStream Copy
BufferedInputStream Create
BufferedInputStream Read Line
BufferedInputStream to Byte Array
BufferedOutputStream Create
BufferedReader Copy
BufferedReader Create
BufferedReader Read
BufferedReader Read All
BufferedReader Read Line
BufferedReader to String
BufferedWriter Create
BufferedWriter Write
Byte And
Byte Array Add
Byte Array And
Byte Array Big Endian
Byte Array Clear
Byte Array Combine
Byte Array Compare
Byte Array Convert To
Byte Array Copy
Byte Array Copy Range
Byte Array Create
Byte Array Decode
Byte Array Decompress
Byte Array Dump
Byte Array Encode
Byte Array Equal
Byte Array from
Byte Array Little Endian
Byte Array Print
Byte Array Save to File
Byte Array Save to File nio
Byte Array Shorten
Byte Array to Base16
Byte Array to Base32
Byte Array to Base64
Byte Array to Binary
Byte Array to Boolean
Byte Array to BufferedImage
Byte Array to Char
Byte Array to Chinese
Byte Array to Double
Byte Array to DWord
Byte Array to Endian
Byte Array to Float
Byte Array to Hex
Byte Array to Hex String
Byte Array to Int
Byte Array to IP Address
Byte Array to Long
Byte Array to Object
Byte Array to Short
Byte Array to String
Byte Array to String by Charset
Byte Array to Unsigned Int
Byte Array Uncompress
Byte Array Value Set
Byte Clamp
Byte Convert From
Byte Create
Byte Flip
Byte Print
Byte to ASCII
Byte to Binary
Byte to Bit
Byte to Boolean
Byte to Boolean Array
Byte to Byte Array
Byte to Char









SQL Date Parse
SQL Date to String
SQL Date to Util Date
SQL Execute
SQL LocalDate
SQL PreparedStatement
SQL Query
SQL ResultSet
SQL ResultSet BigDecimal Read
SQL ResultSet Blob Read
SQL ResultSet Boolean Read
SQL ResultSet Byte Read
SQL ResultSet Clob Read
SQL ResultSet Close
SQL ResultSet Double Read
SQL ResultSet Dump
SQL ResultSet Float Read
SQL ResultSet Int Read
SQL ResultSet Long Read
SQL ResultSet Print
SQL ResultSet Read
SQL ResultSet Short Read
SQL ResultSet String Read
SQL ResultSet to
SQL Stored Procedure
SQL Table
SQL Table Column
SQL Table Create
SQL Table Drop
SQL Table Exist
SQL Table Index
SQL Time
SQL Time Calculate
SQL Time Create
SQL Time Field
SQL Time Format
SQL Time From
SQL Time Now
SQL Time Parse
SQL Type
SQL Unescape
SQL Update
SQL Warning
SQLException to String
SQLWarning to String
Square Calculate
Stack Append
Stack Create
Stack Peek
Stack Pop
Stack Push
Stack to
Stack Usage
Stacktrace Print
Stacktrace to String
Standard Deviation Calculate
Stream Close
Stream Create
Stream Join
Stream of
Stream Operation
String Abbreviate
String Accent
String Align
String Align Center
String Align Left
String Align Right
String Anagram Solver
String Array Check
String Array Combine
String Array Merge
String Array to String
String Between
String Blur
String Break
String Camel Case
String Camel Case Format
String Camel Case To
String Camel Case to Snake Case
String Camel Case to Underscore
String Camel Case to Upper Case
String Camel to Hyphen
String Capitalize
String Capitalize All
String Capitalize First
String Capitalize Full
String Capitalize Word
String Capitalized Check
String Case Insert
String Case Swap
String Char Count
String Chomp
String Chop
String Chop at Word
String Chop Left
String Chop Right
String Clean
String Clip
String Clone
String Code Point
String Collapse
String Cut
String Decamel Case
String Decapitalize
String Decode
String Decode by Charset
String Decompress
String Dequote
String Descrypt
String Diacritics
String Difference
String Distance
String Divide
String Double Quote
String Ellipse
String Empty
String Empty to Null
String Encode
String Encode by Charset
String Encrypt
String Ends With
String Equal
String Escape
String Explode
String Extract
String Find
String Format
String from
String from List
String Hash
String Implode
String Indent Format
String Index Of
String Insert
String Java Encode
String Join
String Last Index Of
String Leading Character
String Left
String Left Align
String Left Justify
String Length Get
String Levenshtein Distance
String Line Count
String Line Separator
String Lower Case
String Match
String Match Count
String Multiply
String Normalize
String Occurence Count
String Pad Left
String Pad Right
String Pad Zero
String Parse
String Pascal Case
String Permutation
String Plural
String Pluralize
String Proper Case
String Quote
String Quote Unescape
String Remove
String Repeat
String Replace
String Reverse
String Sanitize
String Sentence Case
String Shorten
String Single Byte Check
String Single Quote
String Singularize
String Slash
String Slice
String Slugify
String Snake Case
String Split
String Split by Case
String Split by Char
String Split by Comma
String Split by Delimiter
String Split by Length
String Split by Line
String Split by Quote
String Split by Regex
String Split by Separator
String Split by Space
String Split by Word
String Start With
String Starts Wtih
String Strip
String Sub String
String Substitute
String Substring Count
String Substritute
String Suffix
String Tail
String Title Case
String to
String to Array
String to Boolean
String to Byte Array
String to Chinese Big5
String to Chinese GB2312
String to Date
String to DBC
String to Double
String to Float
String to Hex
String to Int
String to Int Array
String to List
String to Long
String to Map
String to Octal
String to SBC
String to Short
String to StringReader
String to Time
String to Timestamp
String to Unicode
String Tokenize
String Translate
String Trim Left
String Trim Right
String Truncate
String Uncapitalize
String Underscore
String Underscore to
String Unescape
String Unpad
String Unquote
String Upper Case
String Value Of
String Whitespace Clean
String Whitespace Collapse
String Whitespace Delete
String Whitespace Normalize
String Wrap
String XOR Decode
String XOR Encode
StringJoiner Usage
StringReader Create
Swing 3D Border
Swing ActionMap
Swing Bevel Border
Swing Border
Swing BorderLayout
Swing BoxLayout
Swing Cursor
Swing Document Get Char
Swing Empty Border
Swing Etched Border
Swing FlowLayout
Swing Focus
Swing Font
Swing Font Change
Swing Font Height
Swing Font Metrics
Swing Font Set
Swing Font Size
Swing Font Width
Swing GridLayout
Swing HTML
Swing Icon
Swing Key Action
Swing Key Event
Swing KeyStroke
Swing LineBorder
Swing Look and Feel
Swing Menu
Swing Menu Item
Swing Mouse
Swing RTF
Swing SpringLayout
Swing Text Format
Swing Text Style
Swing TitledBorder
Swing Tooltip
Swing UI Thread Event
Swing UIManager