List of Free code Controller View


  • ADSliding View Controller
    A sliding view controller for iOS.
  • AFPicker View
    Custom UIPicker View controller.
  • Auto Layout Zooming Example
    Sample iOS project showing how to zoom from an embedded view controller to full screen using Auto Layout constraints.
  • Book Library Blocks
    Small test application to show how to display a modal view controller using blocks.
  • BZPasscode View Controller
    Passcode view controller for iOS.
  • CHSlideController
    A View controller that contains 1 static non moving View Controller and 1 swipeable View Controller that can cover the static one.
  • ContainerViewController Demos
    Demo code from Bob McCune's "Creating Container View Controllers" talk at 360iDev 2012.
  • CWPopup
    CWPopup category to present popup view controllers.
  • DAApps View Controller
    DAApps View Controller is a simple way of displaying apps from the App Store in an aesthetically similar manner.
  • DataCenter
    Some view controllers to browse any random core data model's data.
  • DETweetCompose View Controller
    The iOS 4 compatible Tweet Sheet.
  • DPSetupWindow
    Class for creating an like setup process from a set of view controllers.
  • Expanding View
    A pinterest / piictu style expanding controller.
  • FakeSplit View
    Minimalist UISplit View Controller that bypasses some of the real thing's limitations.
  • GKLCube View Controller
    Cube ular view controller that can be rotated by a pan gesture.
  • GTScroll View Controller
    GTScroll View allows you to add dynamically and unlimited views.
  • IMOAutocompletion View Controller
    IOS Autocompletion view controller.
  • InfColorPicker
    iOS color picker view controller which presents a hue bar and a saturation/brightness box to allow selection of any RGB color.
  • IntelligentSplit View Controller
    A smarter UISplit View Controller that rotates correctly when placed inside a UITabBarController.
  • issue 1 lighter view controllers
    Example project for the 1st issue of
  • issue5 view controller transitions
    Simple demo app showing custom view controller transitions.
  • JCMSegmentPageController
    Custom container view controller for iOS5 that functions similarly to a UITabBarController, but the way to switch tabs is through a UISegmentedControl on top.
  • JKSMoviePlayerController
    AVFoundation based movie playback view and controller for AppKit.
  • JPStacked View Controller
    Allows multiple stacked view controllers to be slid around.
  • JSSliding View Controller
    An easy to use "slide to reveal" view controller container with great touch performance.
  • JTStackController
    Stack view controllers vertically.
  • kinsa sdk demo
    A demo to show view controllers can be contained in a pre compiled SDK.
  • KKPasscodeLock
    KKPasscodeLock is an iOS toolkit for adding a passcode view controller and passcode settings in ios apps.
  • KLCircle View Controller
    A control that allows panning between view controllers as inspired by the Circle app.
  • KLNote View Controller
    A view controller that organizes multiple navigation controllers in a stack inspired by Evernote 5.0 app.
  • KLScrollSelect
    A scrolling selection view controller based off Expedia 3.0 app.
  • MBSpacial View Controller
    Create a gesture driven map of view controllers in 2D space.
  • MCPanel View Controller
    Drop in panel control for iOS with blurring background and screen edge activation gestures.
  • MDAboutController
    Automatically populated about view controller for iOS apps!.
  • MDAboutControllerDemo
    Automatically populated about view controller for iOS apps! This is the demo.
  • MHNatGeo View ControllerTransition
    A new 3D Effect View Controller transition inspired by NatGeo (City Guides by National Geographic).
  • MNPage View Controller
    Alternative to UIPage View Controller.
  • MSMatrixController
    A component to organize your view controllers in a gesture based 2D matrix.
  • MSVCLeakHunter
    Simple and easy tool to discover View Controllers that are not being deallocated when you expect them to.
  • MWFSlideNavigation View Controller
    MWFSlideNavigation View Controller is a container view controller that manages primary and secondary view controller. Primary view controller is the root view controller initialized with the controller. While the secondary controller's view is 'hidden.
  • NappDrawer
    A side drawer navigation container view controller for Appcelerator Titanium.
  • NestedView
    Example project exploring The True Way to do nested views and controllers.
  • PAPasscode
    Passcode view controller for iOS.
  • PBPayPalPayment View Controller
    PayPalPayment View Controller subclass using blocks.
  • PKRevealController
    PKRevealController (ex. ZUUIRevealController) is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another.
  • QMBTabs
    Tab View Controller just like Safari or mobile Chrome.
  • RAPage View Controller
    Sliding pages side by side, infinitely. Fancy parts from the redacted bits, re implemented for expressiveness at expense of some na?vety.
  • Remote View Controllers
    Introspection of the private and undocumented remote view controllers feature in iOS 6.
  • RLAgreement
    iOS View Controller to help include Legal Agreements to an App before it loads.
  • RNSwipe View Controller
    Swipe in view controllers from off screen similar to Check the Weather.
  • Sample ViewControllers
    Some sample view controllers to test with.
  • SBSegmented View Controller
    Custom view controller container that uses a segmented control to switch between view controllers.
  • SCStack View Controller
    SCStack View Controller is a container view controller which allows you to stack other view controllers on the top/left/bottom/right of the root and build custom transitions between them while providing correct physics and appearance calls.
  • SDLoginKit
    Login/Sign Up View Controllers Ready To Use with your Custom Backend.
  • SegmentContainer
    Simple demo of CoconutKit's PlaceHolderViewController, a generic container view controller implementation.
  • SGTabs
    Tab component for iOS 5+. You can show your View Controllers in tabs, it is possible to add and remove tabs on the fly.
  • SKSlide View Controller
    An easy to use slide to navigate view controller for ios 6.0 +.
  • SOLPresentingFun
    WWDC Session 218 Sample Code: Custom Transitions Using View Controllers.
  • SplitViewSlider Demo
    An example demo of a sliding split view controller on iOS.
  • SVWeb View Controller
    A drop in inline browser for your iOS app.
  • TB CustomTransition
    This is the code for the tutorial "How to create custom View Controller transitions".
  • TestFlightFeedback
    Dropdown replacement for the feedback view controller functionality which was cuted out from TestFlight SDK since version 2.0.
  • toast
    MNMToast is a way to show non intrusive floating texts at the bottom of the current view. It manages a queue of toast entities, showing a floating view with a text that will be shown at the bottom of the current view of the application window root view controller.
  • Transitions
    Example App for View Controller Transitions.
  • TTRemoteExamples
    Demonstrates how to use Three20's TTModel system with TTTable View Controller, TTThumbs View Controller and TTPhoto View Controller.
  • UIScrollSlidingPages
    Allows you to add multiple view controllers and have them scroll horizontally, with a header scroller that stays in sync with the content and shows next, current and previous items. A zoom out effect appears as you scroll between pages. Similar in style to the Groupon app.
  • UIXOverlayController
    General purpose overlay. Covers view with mask and presents content of another controller.
  • view controller containment
    Small example app that shows a container view controller.
  • view life cycle demo
    demonstrate the view controller's life cycle.
  • WLPage View Controller
    A custom implementation of UIPage View Controller with scrolling transition support.
  • ZXZViewController
    View Controllers with Custom Gestures provide better User Experiences.