List of Free code UIAlertView


  • ADVAlertView
    UIAlertView subclass that brings simple block API.
  • CBAlert Table View
    Custom UIAlertView With UITableView.
  • cordova messagebox
    Cordova ARC plugin for UIAlertView.
  • Delegate do UIAlertView
    Aplicativo pelo blog AppleManiacos que explica como ? utilizado um delegate do UIAlertView.
  • MLTableAlert
    A block based UIAlertView replacement which allows you to show table view in alerts for fast selection.
  • ofxiOSAlertView
    iOS UIAlertView + open Frameworks.
  • TLAlertView
    A simple and light replacement for UIAlertView with block based completion handlers and a 3D dismiss animation.
  • UIAlertView Activity
    A category for UIAlertView that adds an UIActivityIndicator view on top of it.
  • UIBAlertView
    A block based UIAlertView alternative which runs a handler block after interactions are done, instead of using delegation.
  • UIBlockAlertView
    Simple UIAlertView subclass with Block support.
  • UIMadBro
    A stupid subclass of UIAlertView. This is how I spend my free time? Really?.
  • VLBAlertViews
    An API that uses blocks with UIAlertView(s), adds support for multiple delegates per UIAlertView and introduces local scope to a UIAlertViewDelegate.