List of Free code UITableViewController


  • BOMenuTableViewController
    A subclass of UITableViewController with the ability to show a menu under the selected cell.
  • coffee table view controller
    Simple, modular and easy to use variation of iOS's UITableViewController.
  • EPSStatic Table ViewController
    A subclass of UITableViewController that makes it easy to set up a UITableView with static content.
  • Expandable Table ViewExample
    This is a subclass of a UITableViewController that allows for expandable/collapsable sections.
  • FGPaged Table ViewController
    UITableViewController subclass that adds status and manual paging functionality.
  • GCTableViewController
    Subclass of UIViewController that mimics UITableViewController but also allow changes in the frame of the table View and other subviews in self.view.
  • jsonny
    simple UITableViewController subclass, that lets you control the table from remote JSON objects.
  • KJMenuTableViewController
    Simplified creation of UITableViewController based menus.
  • KNPath Table ViewController
    UITableViewController with customizable overlay panel while scrolling, inspired by Path.
  • Matt Gallaghers Generic Table ViewController
    A simple alternative to Apple's UITableViewController template code that will reduce complexity and code.
  • MNStatic Table ViewController
    A UITableViewController subclass aimed at sectioned static tables.
  • Model Table View
    UITableViewController based on a section/cell model.
  • MSCollapsible Table ViewController
    This is a basic subclass of UITableViewController to allow the collapsing of sections in a table view.
  • Mwf Table ViewController
    Extension to UITableViewController in attempt to provide additional features that are reusable in most scenarios.
  • NLFetchedResults Table
    A small open source library that lets you quickly create a UITableViewController that is backed by an NSFetchedResultsController.
  • OHLongLoading Table
    A UITableViewController with a customizable extra header view that peaks out a bit.
  • PList Table ViewController
    Subclass of UITableViewController to show items in not only NSArray but also NSDictionary.
  • Table ViewCeption
    A project containing code for a UITableViewController within a UITableViewController. Related to can i show a new view from the uitableviewcontroller contained my uiviewcont.
  • UITableView Tutorial
    This is an example app that shows the basics of using UITableView and UITableViewController.
  • UITableViewControllerBuilder
    Automatic UITableViewController builder with Custom Cell iOS SDK Cocoa Touch.
  • UITableViewZoomController
    A Cocoa Touch UITableViewController subclass in Objective C that provides a zoom effect as cells appear for the first time (similar in style to Google+ iPhone app).