List of Free code UILabel


  • DCLabel
    extends UILabel attributedText drawing to make embedding images /video content simple. Also has a powerful parsing engine to convert text tags to attributedStrings.
  • EPAnimatedLabel
    Small UILabel subclass to make an animated label using Core Animation when text does not fit frame.
  • GLTapLabel Demo
    UILabel with tap detection on words.
  • ICB Smarter Table ViewCell
    A recipe for making your UITableView cells smart enough to change their UILabels number of lines and cell height based on the text input to them.
  • innerShadowedText Sample
    Custom UILabel drawing with inner shadowed text.
  • kiwi label explosion
    example of kiwi failing when initializing a uilabel.
  • LabelDemo
    A sample app for Atteributed UILabel using OHAttributedLabel and TTTAttributedLabel.
  • LabelTransformTest
    iOS app sample code showing how to pan, rotate, and scale a UILabel with gestures.
  • UICountingLabel
    Adds animated counting support to UILabel.
  • UILabel Clipboard Sample
    Sample project demonstrating how you can display the pasteboard menu on an UILabel.
  • uilabel sample
    iOS sample demonstrating auto resizing view height to fit text.