List of Free code UIColor


  • Colours List
    All colors of UIColor with Colours for iOS.
  • MHMetaColors
    Category that allows you to write, for example , [UIColor xFF3399] to make a new UIColor object with values #FF3399.
  • UIColor BlendMode
    Apply a color using a blend mode to another color.
  • UIColor BlockPattern
    UIColor extension for passing a block that draws in the pattern context and returns a colour.
  • UIColor converter
    Two categories UIColor and UIImage, one help to convert color, the other help to find the white point coordinate in an image and read RGB value.
  • uicolor crayola
    UIColor category for Crayola crayon colours.
  • UIColor CrossFade
    UIColor category to cross fade between two UIColors at a specific ratio.
  • UIColor DigitalColorMeter
    A UIColor Category that takes in the color strings output from Digital Color Meter.
  • UIColor MLPFlatColors
    A category for UIColor that adds flat UI color methods.
  • UIColor Pantone
    Pantone colors UIColor category.
  • uicolor utilities
    Helpful utilities for UIColor.