List of Free code WebView


  • ClassHook Web View
    This class makes you easy to work web site and iOS app.
  • Continuous Scrolling Viewer with Web View
    Continuous Scrolling Viewer with Web View.
  • CoreTextHyperlink View
    An iOS view that renders text using Core Text with tappable hyperlinks without a webview!.
  • digital signage mac client
    This mac application is a simple Web View wrapper that is used with our digital signage web application.
  • Dual Web
    A simple browser with two webviews.
  • FullScreen Web View
    Learning Cocoa, a dedicated, chrome less could be useful.
  • Highlighted Web View
    Web View subclass that highlights all search results (Safari style wannabe).
  • iOS Web View App
    Simple iOS app that loads a web page.
  • JGAWebViewController
    A simple web view controller.
  • LoadProgress Web View
    easy get webview loading progress.
  • NoAds Web View
    Simple project that shows how to remove social media and ads from loading in iOS Web View.
  • reader demo
    Simple iOS webview demo.
  • Swipable Web View
    Two finger swipes in a Web View? Done.
  • TB Transparent Web View
    Code from tutorial: it shows how to nicely fit a webview into user interface.
  • Transparent Web View
    The Transparent Web View is a transparent web browser for Mac OS X. That means that if the visited web page is without a background color, or the background color is set to transparent, the complete browser window will be see through.
    Just a Web View OSX app for Trello.
  • Web BrowserDemo
    For people who wanna debug codes in iOS web view.
  • Web Kit MessageView Test
    Tests using a Web Kit Web View in a view based NSTableView.
  • Web View
    A simple web view implementation (inspired three20).
  • Web View DictionaryBug
    Showcases an easy to duplicate bug with Webview in Cocoa. Launch the application to see the Google homepage. Type some text in the searchbar and then highlight it, right click, and choose "look up in dictionary". All the link text at the top of the page will go blurry.
  • Web View iOS
    a nice reusable web View class for iOS [from O'Reilly's Leearning iOS Programming].
  • Web ViewApp
    A simple Cocoa App with a Web View.
  • Web ViewCache
    iOS web view cache.
  • Web ViewExample
    Example project that replaces variables in a web view.
  • Web ViewInterface Example
    Example how to send and receive messages from a Web View in iOS.
  • Web ViewProxy
    A standalone iOS & OSX class for intercepting and proxying HTTP requests (e.g. from a Web View).
  • Web ViewTest
    Testing the failure rate of webview's when loaded rapid fire.
  • webplugin with webview tester
    Simplified example for an Apple Radar bug report.
  • webviewscreensaver
    Mac OS X Screen Saver powered by a Web View.
  • wraptunes
    Little OS X Web View wrapper app for your favorite web music services.
  • YDWeb
    Standard web View project aiming toward home.