List of Free code UIViewController


  • CardStackController
    A demo of using Container UIViewControllers.
  • CLFContainer View Controller
    A subclass of UIViewController that is designed to make it easier to create custom container view controllers.
  • CurlTest
    A demonstration of using UIView animations to transition between 2 UIViewControllers.
  • DLWeb View
    [INACTIVE] A `UIViewController` subclass that can be used as a drop in browser component.
  • DMCustomModal View Controller
    A UIViewController which take a root view controller and present it modally with a nice animation.
  • Easy Share for iOS 6
    Easy Share for iOS 6 is a UIViewController category designed to make socializing your app absolutely trivial.
  • FixedWidth Web View
    fixed width UIWebView implementation for containment in UIViewController.
  • FoodAddict
    Demo UIViewController + shared data using Singleton pattern.
  • ios viewcontroller containment
    A simple UIViewController containment example.
  • iOS5ViewCtrlerSample
    The sample code to show how to use new APIs in UIViewController on iOS5.
  • MFFadeBackModal Animation
    A UIViewController category implementing a modal "fade back" animation similar to the iOS Gmail app's compose functionality.
  • MHSemiModal
    Category on UIViewController that makes it easy to present modal view controllers that only partially cover the screen.
  • MJPopup View Controller
    A UIViewController Category to display a View Controller as a popup with different transition effects.
  • NGSegmentedViewController
    UIViewController subclass using SDSegmentedControl and View Controller Containment API 's to switch between child view controllers.
  • popup Demo
    This is an iOS demo app to show UIViewController as popup.
  • QMBFetchedResultsViewController
    A UIViewController subclass that implements NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate and manages a table view binded to a custom fetch request.
  • RECurtain View Controller
    A custom curtain style transition for UIViewControllers.
  • RHHorizontalSwipe
    A static library for iOS that allows for navigation inside a UIViewController by swiping left and right. It supports an arbitrary number of child view controllers as well as custom overlay views that are notified of changes to the underlying controller positions.
  • SCSliding View Controller
    A UIViewController that replicates similar functionality to ECSliding View Controller.
  • SFContainer View Controller
    UIViewController subclass that can have multiple UIViewControllers children and 'it just works'! Works in both 4.x and 5.x iOS, no memory or hierarchy issues.
  • stacked View Controllers
    Example project showing how to use UIViewController containment.
  • TPMultiLayout View Controller
    A drop in UIViewController subclass that automatically manages switching between different view layouts for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • UIViewControllerContainmentSample
    This sample demonstrates how to use the new view controller containment APIs in iOS 5 to create your own UIViewController containers. This is the code I demonstrated in my talk "iOS 5 UIViewController containment" at iPhoneDevCon 2011. Slides for this talk are online at 5 uiviewcontroller containment.
  • UIViewControllerUtilities
    Helpful methods that make it easier to work with UIViewControllers.
  • VCTransTest
    Sample code for UIViewController transition animation issue.
  • Websites
    Example demonstrating UITableView & UIViewController Hieararchy.