List of Free code View


  • A3VerticalSlider View
    A vertical slider control.
  • AAMZoom
    View that can translate, scale, and zoom with touch.
  • AboutAppView
    a classic example of About an app view.
  • ACEDrawing View
    An open source iOS component to create a drawing app.
  • ADClusterMap View
    MKMap View with clustering.
  • AGMedallion View
    iOS Picture View Control (Mac OS X Lion User's Avatar Like).
  • Air View
    AirPlay viewer for iOS devices.
  • AJNotification View
    Notice component for iOS.
  • AllAroundPull View
    Pull To Refresh for 4 direction.
  • ALPicker View
    Multiple row selection in UIPicker View.
  • AppPassword Sample App
    Multi view iOS app secured with iMAS AppPassword controls.
  • ASDepthModal
    An Objective C class that adds a sense of depth to your modal popup views.
  • AUISelectiveBorders View
    A CALayer subclass that allows to add selective borders.
  • AutolayoutExtensions
    Extension to the Cocoa auto layout system for making it easy to dynamically hide views and collapse spacings.
  • BaiduMapAddCustomBubble
    It is use the BaiDu map' api and rewrite the bubble view. It is the demo to use the BaiDu map' api.
  • BCCollection View
    A more versatile, faster and lighter replacement for NSCollection View.
  • C360PopoverBackground View
    A tintable UIPopoverBackground View subclass which mimics the system popover appearance.
  • calloutview
    A lightweight callout view class for iOS mimicking UICallout View.
  • CATransform3D Test
    A test app to visualize view transformation when value in CATransform3D matrices change.
  • center vfl
    Centering a view in a super view with Visual Format Language using Auto Layout in iOS.
  • CERoundProgress View
    A progress view which shows its progress a pie chart.
  • CHDigitInput
    Alernative iOS Control for UIPicker View for entering Integer Values.
  • CircularProgressBar
    A simple circular progress view which closely follows API of UIProgressView.
  • CKRefreshControl
    A pull to refresh view for iOS 5, 100% API compatible with UIRefreshControl in iOS 6.
  • clicky
    Example project showing a custom iOS keyboard input view with key click sounds.
  • Clock View
    Clock View for iOS.
  • CLTicker View
    Custom Ticker or Marquee for IOS.
  • CMNavBarNotification View
    An in app notification view above the navigation bar "totally" based on MPNotification View.
  • CNSplit View
    CNSplit View is an feature enhanced derivative of NSSplit View. It has support for sticky top or bottom toolbars for each of its subviews.
  • cocoa separate nib preferences
    example separating out Preferences from main nib and using tabless view to switch between Preference sections.
  • cocoaheads accessibility samplecode
    Sample code for my presentation on making custom views accessible.
  • ColorSquares
    Demo project for Views and ViewControllers 101 Meetup (04/29/2010).
  • CSLinearLayout View
    Linear layout view designed to simplify relative layouts on iOS.
  • Custom Collection View Layouts
    a collection view layout that ties each cell to a continuous line (for example a timeline).
  • Custom iOS Keyboards
    Easily customizable custom input View for iOS that imitates the native iOS keyboard.
  • CustomBadge
    CustomBadge is an Objective C based component to create customized Badges for any given View.
  • CustomCalloutViews
    This sample shows how to create custom callout views in MKMapView.
  • CustomInput View Demo
    Examples of customizing keyboards and other input views in iOS apps.
  • CustomTextView Demo
    This is a sample app that uses SSYDragDestinationTextView to implement a text view that allows files to be dragged onto it.
  • CustomView Example
    An example of using custom views. Wheee.
  • CXAlert View
    Custom alert view which allow you to add view as main content.
  • Cycled Viewer Demo
    The Cycledviewer is used to cycle through a set of views.
  • DAPagesContainer
    A generic views container with a scrollable top bar.
  • DealFork
    ios app that lets you view deals using the yipit api.
  • DejalActivity View
    Conveniently displays a horizontal, bezel style, or keyboard covering view with a spinning activity indicator and adjustable text.
  • Diamond Activity Indicator for iOS
    Remade concept of a UIActivityIndicator View for iOS.
  • DMRNotification View
    DMRNotification View is a simple panel that slides down to inform the user about something.
  • Double Navigation Split View
    A sample project showing a UISplitView with UINavigationControllers on the left and right.
  • DragReaction
    A category on Cocoa's UIGestureRecognizer that aims to simply some behaviors associated with dragging a view and reacting to overlapping views with the use of blocks.
  • DragView Demo
    A draggable view that snaps to a grid.
  • DSTPicker View
    Drop in replacement for UIPicker View with additional features.
  • DYRate View
    A custom iOS rate view control similar to the one used in Apple's App Store.
  • EAIntro View
    Highly customizable drop in solution for introduction views.
  • Earth View
    3D Visualization of Earth using Map Tiles for iOS.
  • EGOTable View PullRefresh
    A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.
  • EKNotif View
    A Simple, easily customizable, lightweight notification system for iOS Apps.
  • EKStream View
    A scrolling view of a number of columns containing multiple cells with variable different heights for iOS, inspired by Pinterest.
  • EKWelcome View
    EKWelcome View is a solution to implement entry/welcome/tutorial/hints view in application.
  • EMHint
    EMHint is an iOS class group that easily adds a spotlight like effect to a view highlighting or hinting at something that may be important on the screen.The protocols of EMHintDelegate allow users to override many of the default actions and views. Tapping the black overlay fades it away. Great for quick "how to" or tutorials in your app.
  • ETActivityIndicator View
    Windows Phone like activity indicator for ios.
  • FastText View
    The best rich editor (Text View ) on IOS platform ,maybe be the fastest.
  • FBProgress View
    Progress view for iOS.
  • FDLabel View
    FDLabel View allow you easy to layout text without pains and tedious process! Support JUSTIFY, FILL alignment methods, automatic frame adjustment, scalable line height, and awesome runtime editor.
  • FDStatusBarNotifier View
    A notifier view for iOS that resides in the status bar.
  • Flipboard 3D Transform Effect Example
    An example showing the 3D effect on a view using panning gestures.
  • FlipGrid View
    a display of six grids which can perform half flip.
  • FlipViewUtils
    iOS static library for flip transition initiated from any component of current view.
  • FocusColorTextField
    The text field and text view with focus background and text color.
  • Fragaria
    Cocoa syntax highlighting text view.
  • FrameAccessor
    Easy access to view 's frame.
  • GCDiscreetNotification View
    A discreet, non modal, notification view for iOS.
  • GHGlossProgress View
    An iOS progress view with a neat gloss gradient.
  • GIKPopoverBackground View
    GIKPopoverBackground View is a UIPopoverBackground View subclass which shows how to customise the background of a UIPopoverController.
  • GJAlert Demo
    My take on custom Alert View for iOS. The aim was to make simple alert view like window, with ability to change buttons and their colours.
  • GridMonster
    A sample app comparing Grid Views for iOS in a single app. This was done on a lazy Saturday night to test out the various options out there.
  • GSProgress View
    A cute, circular progress view for iOS ? as used in
  • hierarchydetective
    The Missing View Hierarchy Debugger.
  • HKCircularProgress View
    A simple discrete/continuous circular progress view with current/max properties, customizable appearance and animatable.
  • HTProgressHUD
    Better indicator view for iOS.
  • HZActivityIndicator View
    a highly customizable drop in replacement for UIActivityIndicator View.
  • ICViewPager
    A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.
  • ILAlert View
    iOS alerts with a customizable appearance.
  • INDockableWindow
    A window to which other views can be "docked" to and separated into their own windows.
  • iOS Optimized PNG Viewer
    Lets you view PNGs that have been optimized for the iOS.
  • iOS Rotate Swapper
    demo of how to use either multiple views in one scene or a separate view in a xib to handle different views for different device orientations.
  • ios snapshot test case
    Snapshot view unit tests for iOS.
  • iOS View Drawing Example
    Create a random shape and drag it across the screen. Push and hold the shape to resize.
  • JAList View
    An NSTable View replacement that doesn't suck.
  • JDDroppable View
    [iOS] A draggable view (Dragging within and especially out of scrollviews).
  • JDFlipNumber View
    [iOS] Representing analog flip numbers like airport/trainstation displays.
  • JFDepth View
    iOS project for presenting views with a 3D effect to add depth.
  • JHTicker View
    A custom ticker for iOS.
  • JJMapCallout
    Demonstration of a custom map callout loading its view from a nib.
  • JNWCollection View
    A highly customizable and performant collection view for the Mac.
  • JUCollection View
    A NSCollection View replacement which isn't horrible slow!.
  • JWLayout Views
    better(?) layout systems for iOS.
  • JWToolbarAdaptiveSpaceItem
    A spacer item for NSToolbars that can automatically resize itself to match an adjacent NSSplit View or other pane like setup.
  • KGDiscreetAlert View
    An easy drop in control that allows you to display a discrete alert in any view.
  • KGModal
    KGModal is an easy drop in control that allows you to display any view in a modal popup.
  • KGNoise
    Cocoa noise drawing code + a ready to go noise view !.
  • KGNotePad
    KGNotePad is a text view complete with lines and torn paper.
  • KKGestureLock View
    A Gesture Lock View For iOS.
  • KKGrid View
    Deprecated: See the readme for more info. ? Gridview for iOS.
  • KTViewTransitions
    A set of iOS sample projects illustrating different ways to transitions between views.
  • LinenClip View
    Adds a linen pattern behind scrollviews like in Apple's Lion apps.
  • LKNumberPad
    Custom number keyboard view.
  • LTCoreText
    Lightweight paging text view using CoreText suitable for Book App.
  • MapbuilderExample
    An example project using poweredbyDRA's iOS SDK to view and navigate a map.
  • MBCoverFlow View
    An open source Cover Flow implementation.
  • MBSlider View
    An iOS control that looks like the 'Slide to unlock' slider.
  • MDCFocus View
    Apply a "tutorial screen" overlay to your application window.
  • MDCParallax View
    Create a parallax effect using a custom container view , much like the top view of Path's timeline.
  • MDCShineEffect
    Add a "shine" effect to any view.
  • Meter View
    Dashboard style gauges for iOS.
  • MHDismissModal View
    automatically sets the background with a blur effect and you can dismiss all modal views with a gesture.
  • MHValidationClass
    Validates objects in a view. You just have to set the classes which you want to validate.
  • MJGLayoutKit
    iOS layout toolkit for managing automatic layout of views.
  • MKTicker View Demo
    A drop in control for creating stock tickers in your app.
  • MLAlert View
    Tweetbot 3 Alert View.
  • MMFlow View
    Full featured open source CoverFlow implementation similar to IKImageBrowser View.
  • MMGrid View
    A simple grid view / dashboard component for iOS.
  • MMPicker View
    An easy to use and customizable Picker View for your iOS app.
  • MOOMaskedIcon View
    Photoshop layer styles for iOS icons. Stop maintaining a separate file for each color, resolution, and style.
  • MPNotification View
    An in app notification view that mimics the iOS 6 notification views which appear above the status bar.
  • MTActivityIndicator View
    Metro style ActivityIndicator View.
  • MUKScrolling
    MUKScrolling is a simple, block based, ARC enabled, iOS 4+ library built to provide you some useful scrolling views.
  • MultipleMasterDetail Views
    iOS 5.0 update of MultipleMasterDetail Views.
  • MVSelectorScroll View
    Simple scrollable horizontal control, alternative to UISegmentedControl.
  • MVVMExample
    Simple Model View ViewModel example using posts in a horizontal collection view.
  • MYBlurIntroduction View
    A super charged version of MYIntroduction View for building custom app introductions and tutorials.
  • MyTree View Prototype
    Basic implementation of a treeview control in Objective C.
  • NappScroll View Extended
    TiUIScroll View extended with Pull To Refresh and Infinite Scrolling functionalities.
  • NGVaryingGrid View
    A Grid View which allows to set individual Rects for the Cells. So you can define Cells with different Sizes, used for e.g. in Timetables, EPGs, etc.
  • NiftySearch View
    A route search view for iOS.
  • Notice View
    A TweetBot like notice component for iOS.
  • NSSplitViewFollower
    An example Cocoa project for bottom bar buttons that are aligned with a split view pane.
  • NTParallax View
    It helps you create parallax effect by an easier way.
  • OCMap View
    Simple and easy to use clustering map View for iOS.
  • OHStack View
    This class automatically stack its subviews and relayout them when one of them change its size.
  • OHSwipeWheel
    A widget to choose between multiple values by swiping an horizontal wheel. This is kinda like a UIPicker View but rolling horizontally and that takes much less space.
  • OLGhostAlert View
    Temporary and unobtrusive translucent alert view for iOS.
  • Paint Demo
    using pangesture to paint on a view in different color.
  • ParseQuickDialog
    Simple app/library to view Parse classes and objects, leveraging the QuickDialog framework.
  • Polyline Demo
    Track user location and draw a polyline view on MKMapView.
  • pop view service ios
    This library is based on CMPopTipView. It provides a lightweight solution for displaying multiple Pop tip views (bubbles) and automate actions. Ideal for making your own tutorials or presenting information in your applications.
  • PrivacyProtect Sample
    sample code for hiding sensitive information of view with blured snapshot of app's window.
  • PSPushPopPress View
    Zoom, Rotate, Drag ? everything at the same time. A view container for direct manipulation, inspired by Our Choice from Push Pop Press.
  • PSScrollingTickerView Example
    A simple Scrolling Ticker View.
  • RACSignupDemo
    A ReactiveCocoa signup view.
  • RateStars
    An App Store review liked, a rating view easily to use anywhere in the iOS App.
  • RATree View
    RATree View provide you a great support to display the tree structures on IOS.
  • Reactive View Model
    Model View View Model, using ReactiveCocoa.
  • RefreshableScroll View
    NSScroll View subclass that supports pull to refresh both in top and bottom edges.
  • RefreshView Demo
    iOS 6 Refresh View Demo.
  • Responsive iOS Grid System
    A grid system for iOS views. Uses percentages (well, fractions) so you can design for all screens in one go.
  • RFOverlayScroll View
    iOS style NSScroll View even when a mouse is attached.
  • RMSToken View
    a text field like view that handles tokens as seen in the Mail app.
  • RNBlurModal View
    Add depth to your alerts.
  • RNThemeManager
    Easily manage themes and respond to theme changes by updating views in real time.
  • RSColorPicker
    iOS color picker view with brightness control, opacity control, and delegation support.
  • RSlideView
    This is a very easy to use slide view, which has a UITablview like API , and reusable cell for memory saving.
  • SAMBadge View
    Simple badge view for iOS.
  • satellite eyes
    Mac OS X app to automatically set your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view overhead.
  • SBTicker View
    An easy to use ticker view with inspiration from Flipboard.
  • SECoreText View
    SECoreText View is multi style text view.
  • SegmentedControl Example
    Example use of switching between multiple views with an UISegmentedControl.
  • SFTab View
    A fully customizable Tab bar for Cocoa.
  • SlideInHiddenView Sample
    Slide in tray type view sample application.
  • sliding view example
    Sliding View iOS example.
  • SLNumberPicker View
    SLNumberPicker View is a control that presents a 3 digit number picker. It's very customisable, highly themable, and very easy to use.
  • SMGrid View
    "Butter smooth" scroll for iOS apps.
  • Sparklines
    Custom view for iOS apps implementing Edward Tufte's sparkline concept.
  • SPGroupedTab View
    Two tiered or grouped tab view for Mac OS.
  • Sphere View
    3D Sphere View for iOS.
  • Spinner View
    Tweetbot pull to refresh spinner clone add this to any pull to refresh control.
  • SplitView Sample WithCommonJS
    Split View Sample using CommonJS.
  • sspulltorefresh
    Simple and highly customizable pull to refresh view.
  • SvGif View
    IOS load and display Gif.
  • SVPulsingAnnotation View
    A customizable MKUserLocation View replica for your iOS app.
  • SYEmojiPopover
    Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters.
  • TDResizer View
    TDResizer View is used to resize and rotate the imageview with single finger.
  • TDSemiModal
    Semi modal view & DatePicker for IOS.
  • ThatCloud
    ThatCloud is an open source iOS application that allows you to access, view , and work with all of the content you have online.
  • THContactPicker
    An iOS view used for selecting multiple contacts. This view mimic the contact selection in the Apple Mail app.
  • ThreadCoreDataGCD
    Using GCD instead of NSOperation with Apple's sample ThreadCoreData. Remember to switch to GCD branch to view the newly modified part.
  • Ti View Shadow
    A Titanium Mobile module for adding drop shadow features to every View you create.
  • Ti.Blur View
    A Blur View implementation for Titanium.
  • TiKeyboard Listener
    An Appcelerator Titanium iOS module for creating views that grow or shink as the keyboard is shown or hidden adjust content whenever the iOS keyboard appears or disappears.
  • TiledLayerSnapTest
    Sample project to show difficulty in grabbing a snapshot of a CATiledLayer backed view.
  • TLTiltHighlight View
    A horizontal gradient which adjusts its appearance based on the positional attitude of an iOS device.
  • Tortuga22 LED Indicators
    Static library and bundle for implementing simple LED indicator views.
  • Transformable Video
    Erica Sadun and Kyle Kinkade teamed up for a demo of how to make a view that displays video transformable (i.e. pinch, zoom and rotate).
  • TSEmoji View
    TSEmoji View is a emoji view.
  • TWSReleaseNotes View
    A simple way to show in app release notes in your iOS applications.
  • twtoolkit
    A handy collection of views , categories, and other classes to make life as an iOS developer easier.
  • UDTable View allowsMultipleSelection
    UDTable View allowsMultipleSelection backport to pre iOS5.
  • UIAccessoryView
    UIAccessoryView is a custom UIToolbar view for iOS that enables a control for form navigation (like Safari).
  • UICustomActivityIndicatorView
    This class is intended to provide an activity indicator view that includes a text label next to the "spinning gear" all centered nicely within the superview. It is similar to the one you see, for example, in the App Store app when it is searching and displays the usual activity indicator (the spinning gear) with a label reading "Loading..." next to it.
  • UIEffectDesignerView
    A native Particle Systems effect view for iOS and OSX powered by QuartzCore.
  • UIPickerView
    Multi UIPickerView in single View.
  • UIStatusBarAccessor
    Access the views in the status bar.
  • UITabBarController iAds
    UITabBarController category for easily adding iAds with resizable views and auto rotation support.
  • UITapOutsideGestureRecognizer
    UITapOutsideGestureRecognizer is a subclass of UIGestureRecognizer that is executed with any tap OUTSIDE one view.
  • UKSoundWaveform View
    A simple example for a view that displays a waveform illustrating a sound file's contents.
  • UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument
    An NSViewController (and optional document class) that implements syntax coloring and code editing related features in an NSText View.
  • UZText View
    Clickable and selectable text view for iOS.
  • UzysGrid View
    UzysGrid View is simple Grid View iOS Component which you can easily change position & delete cell.
  • V8HorizontalPicker View
    Horizontal UIPicker View Control for iOS.
  • View Switcher
    A multiView Application Demo.
  • ViewSwapping Demo
    NSBox View Swapping + Example for StackOverflow.
  • WNProgress View
    WNProgress View is a subclass of UIProgress View that shows a barber pole effect when progress is 0. Works on iOS 4.3+.
  • WorldMapView
    World Map View sample project.
  • XCDFormInputAccessory View
    Input accessory view with previous, next and done buttons.
  • XibReferencing
    Simple category and sample showing how you can reference one Xib view from another.
  • YRDropdownView
    iOS view library for displaying stylish alerts, warnings, & errors.
  • ZDSticker View
    ZDSticker View is Objective C module for iOS and offer complete configurability, including movement, resizing, rotation and more, with one finger.