List of Free code UIButton


  • BTButton
    Custom UIButton implementation with image and text.
  • Curled Views
    Objective C Category for a custom UIButton with curled corners and shadow.
  • custom UIButton
    Different methods to customize a UIButton.
  • DAReloadActivity
    DAReloadActivity is a UIButton subclass (with a refresh arrow by default) with UIActivityIndicator View properties.
  • DBTileButton
    A metro themed UIButton subclass with animations for iOS.
  • Dynamic UIButton
    Custom styled UIButton class, with custom processing states. Based off of the "Buy" button in the iOS App Store app.
  • iOS BubbleButtonView
    Dynamically fill a UIView with rounded corner UIButtons based off of an array of strings. This class also sequentially animates the adding and removing of buttons for a nice UI touch.
  • iOS Split A B Test Library
    An iOS Library to support A/B Testing remotely defined values in Apps and reporting back to a server. Includes native controls for A/B Testing UIButton text and background image. Includes generic ABTestCase for testing any NSString value.
  • MAConfirmButton
    MAConfirmButton is an animated subclass of UIButton that replicates and improves upon the behavior of the AppStore ?Buy Now? buttons. Built and animated with Core Animation layers, it is completely image free.
  • PSStoreButton
    UIButton that is styled like iPhone's AppStore Button. No Images used!.
  • QBSpringButton
    UIButton subclass with attractive bounce animation.
  • STKTableViewCell
    A superclass for UITableViewCells that host controls, like UIButton and UISwitch, without using a view's tag to communicate index path. Additionally, STKTableViewCell makes the process of creating, configuring and loading table view cells a tad bit more simple.
  • TabBarWithoutNib
    Example tab bar app created programmatically. Includes UILanbel and UIButton also created programmatically.
  • UIButtonToolkit
    UIButton extensions that help basic buttons.
  • UIViewAnimations Demo
    UIView Animations. Move up, down, rotate, zoom, scale bounce etc in a uiview, uilabel, uibutton etc,.
  • WTCheckbox Demo
    An iOS demo project that shows how to create a custom UIButton subclass that acts like a chckbox.