List of Free code UITextField


  • APIForm Table View
    Example of using UITableView and UITextField to create a form.
  • Autocompletion Table View
    UITableView offering suggestions from a custom dictionary as user types text in UITextField.
  • DDAlertPrompt
    DDAlertPrompt is an UIAlert View subclass provides UITextFields for user/password inputs.
  • Editable List
    Simple List of UITextField s based on UITableViewController.
  • Editing UITable View
    Making UITableView with Editing UITextField cells simple.
  • ELTextField Table ViewCell
    Example of an editable UITableview, using UITableViewCells that contain a UITextField.
  • JVFloatLabeledTextField
    UITextField subclass with floating labels inspired by Matt D. Smith's design: GIF Mobile Form Interaction? list =users.
  • MLPAutoCompleteTextField
    UITextfield subclass with autocomplete menu.
  • Move UITextField Top UIKeyBoard
    Followed the iOS developer reference to move the UITextField on top of UIKeyBoard. Reference
  • RPFloatingPlaceholders
    UITextField and UIText View subclasses with placeholders that change into floating labels when the fields are populated with text.
  • sampleapps scrollview
    Every time you create a form you?re gonna probably have some UITextField in it. When you have a lot of them, it?s very commom to have the UITextField hidden behind the Keyboard. A solution to the problem of textfields hidden behind the keyboard is to use a UIScrollView. It?s possible to scroll some items over the keyboard and animate them so it goes up as smooth as Apple?s own applications.
  • SplitProto
    sample project showing UITextField in UITableViewCell in DetailView of UISplitView.
  • Test Table ViewTextField
    Sample Answer for StackOverflow Question a method to my uitextfield in cell.
  • TextFieldHelper
    iOS UITextField Helper UIView+Textfield class and demos.
  • TextLengthLimit Demo
    A UITextField category, makes it easy to limit the text length in the textfield.
  • TRAutocomplete View
    Autocomplete view attachable to any UITextField. Ships with sample items source google places items source. Can be configured to autocomplete from any source. Auto fits all available space, customizable look and feel.
  • UITextCurrencyField
    Trying to figure out how to apply a currency format to a UITextField? Here you find an example. This approach is based on Michael's Atwood post: format for currency.html.
  • UITextField Blocks
    Adds blocks to all UITextField delegate methods with a category, no subclassing. Also allows the use of delegate methods if no block is set.
  • UITextField Demo
    A simple demo of UITextField.
  • UITextFieldIssue
    Demonstrates UITextField issue: setText: triggers UIControlEventEditingChanged.
  • UItextFieldValidators
    iOS validators for UITExtField controll. Simple to use and simplify your work with registration forms.