List of Free code UIImageView


  • AEWeb Image
    A simple category on UIImageView to load remote images.
  • Animatata
    iPhone demo of Core Animation and UIImageView frame animation.
  • APAvatar Image View
    Subclass of UIImageView to create a circle avatar image view with configuration border width and border color.
  • Async Image View
    Async Image View is a simple extension of UIImageView for loading and displaying images asynchronously on iOS so that they do not lock up the UI.
  • AutoDownload Image View
    Proxy class for UIImageView. Easy lazy load your image from internet.
  • CFAsync Image View
    CFAsync Image View is simple subclass of UIImageView with internal image loader. I use for 2 years in my projects.
  • CHYProgress Image View
    A drop in UIImageView subclass that displays the image content proportionally to the progress property set.
  • CRNInitials Image View
    A subclass of UIImageView that displays the initials of a user within either a circle or rounded rect.
  • EMAsync Image View
    Yet another asynchronous, web enabled, internet friendly, download and cache UIImageView subclass.
  • faceimageview
    A UIImageView clone that adjusts image content to show faces.
  • FBFAnimation
    An extension to UIImageView which does not caches images in advance. Also has fps control, pause/resume functionality and delegation for animation events.
  • Gesture Image View
    This project contains an example of how to add a UIPinchGestureRecognizer, a UIRotationGestureRecognizer, and a UIPanGestureRecognizer to a UIImageView. This project was created to answer this Stack Overflow question:
  • Image Tester
    A simple project that shows loading time differences between progressive jpgs & regular jpgs in a vanilla UIImageView.
  • imagefury
    ObjectiveC library to wrap UIImageView to load remote images. Built in caching to disk.
  • KHGravatar
    An UIImageViewCategory built on top of the awesome UIImageView+AFNetworking category that allows you to easily grab gravatar images for a given email address.
  • LBBlurred Image
    LBBlurred Image is an UIImageView category that permit to set an image and make this blurred.
  • MCAnimationView
    UIImageView alternative for animations that don't need to load all the images in memory at once and provide callbacks when the animation is done.
  • MLKImageView
    A UIView Subclass that is very similar to a UIImageView however it allows for adjusting the focus of an Image when using UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit or UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill.
  • NTAnim Image View
    A subclass of UIImageView with the smooth image transition (fade in/out) using animating Images.
  • PerspectiveReflection
    UIImageView reflection with perspective as if the image is sitting on a shiny white surface.
  • PMRound Image
    A simple class for rounding UIImageViews.
  • Remote Image View
    Easy to use, fast and configurable replacement for UIImageView that takes care of loading remote pictures.
  • RMShaped Image View
    A UIImageView subclass that ignores touches on transparent pixels. Based on OBShapedButton by Ole Begemann.
  • SDWeb Image
    Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category.
  • SIImageSequenceView
    An UIImageView subclass for interating with a sequence of images.
  • SimpsonsSpot Game
    Study of Manipulating UIImageView's animation in Objective C.
  • SSCache Image
    cached UIImageView for ios.
  • TCWeb Image View
    Enhanced Asynchronous UIImageView with offline caching for iOS.
  • UIAsync Image View
    An UIImageView that loads asynchronous while displaying a spinner.
  • UIImageView AsyncLoader
    Easiest asynchronous image view possible. Uses Grand Central Dispatch to download images in the background and present them.
  • UIImageView BetterFace
    a UIImageView category to let the picture cutting with faces showing better.
  • UIImageView BlocksOperation
    Add async downloader to UIImageView.
  • UIImageView Filter
    UIImage and UIImageView categories that make it easy to apply CIFilters.
  • UIImageView IncrementalLoad
    Load images from web asynchronously and incrementally.
  • UIImageView MKAsynchrony
    Easy to implement alternative to AFNetworking's UIImageView+AFNetworking.
  • UIImageView Placekitten
    A simple category on UIImageView that asynchronously downloads placeholder images from These images fit the UIImageView bounds and respects screen scale for retina devices.
  • UIImageViewAligned
    A UIImageView subclass which allows you to align the image left/right/top/bottom, even when contentMode is AspectFit.
  • UIImageViewCached
    A simple category for UIImageView for loading and caching images from network.
  • UIImageViewGIF
    An UIImageView Category. Make UIImageView support gif. iOS 4+.
  • UIImageViewModeScaleAspect
    Create animation of a UIImageView between twice contentMode ( UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill / UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit ).
  • UILazy Image View
    A simple override of the normal UIImageView to load and image asynchronously with a progress bar.
  • uiwebimageview
    Subclass of UIImageView for asychronous image loading.
  • UNNetworking Example
    Example project, described how use UIImageView+UNNetworking category to upload images.
  • Vignette Image View
    A UIImageView that uses a CAGradientLayer to give a vignette effect to images.
  • Winter2013 Big Image DownloadWithGTMHTTPFetcher
    Download an image in the background and update a UIImageView with GTMHTTPFetcher.
  • WTURLImageView
    UIImageView that get image using AFNetworking with various features.
  • ZSImageView
    UIImageView replacement to load remote images and allowing rounded corners and borders for iOS.