List of Free code UIControl


  • Block UI
    UIControl use block as call back.easy,simple and high performance.
  • ios filter control
    An iOS Filter UIControl Subclass. Zero Graphics. Highly Customizable.
  • MGWU CCControlExtensions
    Kobold 2D (& cocos2d iphone) versions of UIControl classes for MakeGamesWithUs. NO LONGER ACTIVELY MAINTAINED. Use YannickL's CCControlExtension project (
  • SQRiskCursor
    Custom UIControl using Core Animation.
  • UIControl Notifications
    Make your UIControls respond to notifications and blocks instead of the old fashioned target+selector approach.
  • UIControl Sound
    A simple UIControl category for adding sounds to UI controls such as UIButton, UISwitch, UISegmentedControl, UITextField, etc.
  • UITextView UIControl
    A UIControl like API addition to UITextView.