List of Free code UIView


  • AFProgressive Image Download
    A category on UIView that allows you to progressively download images. Leverages AFNetworking's image cache to make seamless image enhancements really easy.
  • AGWindow View
    AGWindow View is a UIView which can be added directly to UIWindow. It handles rotation and frame changes of statusbar for you.
  • AKFieldsNav View
    UIView subclass for easy next/previous fields navigation.
  • ALQuickFrame
    This UIView category offers quick access to frame properties of every view.
  • Animation Introduction
    A simple example of UIView layer gradients, borders, corner radius and UIView animations.
  • AZGenie View
    Genie animation effect for iOS UIView.
  • BDDynamicGridViewController
    Data aware view controller that displays a UIView list in an automatically laid out grid.
  • BKTracingView
    The UIView subclass for tracing animations. Each frame animation up to the current frame will stay displayed until the clear method is explicitly called.
  • CBDraggable View
    A subclass of UIView that you can drag to anywhere. Also add the effect like those dating app, swipe left and right will make the view rotate a little bit.
  • CBIntrospector
    Visual Debugging Tool. Compatible with the desktop app, View Introspector. Simply, it's a UIView hierarchy viewer library.
  • CLAnimation
    a cocos2d like animation API based on CAAnimation of UIView.
  • CMPopTip View
    Custom UIView for iOS that pops up an animated "bubble" pointing at a button or other view. Useful for popup tips.
  • CMSCoin View
    Objective C UIView subclass that flips like a double sided coin between two views.
  • Cool UIView Animations
    UIView Category containing cool animations and effects for iPhone. Sample project included.
  • CPAnimationSequence
    Describe multi step UIView animation sequences declaratively.
  • Custom UIViews
    Some examples for creating custom UIViews in iOS.
  • CVUMoviePlayer View
    Easy remote video playback in a UIView subclass.
  • DACircularProgress
    DACircularProgress is a UIView subclass with circular UIProgress View properties.
  • FDLongPress Menu
    Add a menu that appears when you press and hold on any UIView.
  • foldingViews
    fold UIView into multiple parts with Core Animation.
  • FrameTransform
    Example that shows the relationship between the frame and the transform of an UIView.
  • Fuck Photoshop
    Pretty gradient and other layer effects for UIViews in iOS.
  • GOExtended UIView
    Extended functionalities of UIView.
  • GradientView Example
    How to add a gradient as a background for a UIView.
  • HATransparentView
    UIView transparent subclass based on Rdio stations menu.
  • HM UIView Inspector
    HMViewInspector is simple visual tool for inspecting UIView hierarchy in iOS apps in developpment.
  • IASlidingPuzzleBoard
    IASlidingPuzzleBoard, A view for making a simple square uiview for playing sliding puzzle in iOS.
  • IMViewWithBordered Image
    Subclass of UIVIew which creates a new view with bordered image in it.
  • ios Custom UIView
    A simple pattern for implementing a custom, embedded UIView.
  • iOS Hierarchy Viewer
    iOS Hierarchy Viewer allows developers to debug their user interfaces. If there are problems with layout calculations, it will catch them by giving a real time preview of the UIViews hierarchy. iOS Hierarchy Viewer (since 1.4.6 version) gives preview of your data if you use Core Data API in your project. See 'Instruction' section to start with it.
  • ios Modal UIView
    A simple pattern for implementing a custom, modal UIView on iOS.
  • ios uiview
    Playing with iOS UIView subclassing.
  • ios view frame builder
    A small library for semantic layout of UIViews.
  • iPhone OS 3.2 UIKeyInput Example
    Just a quick example of using the UIKeyInput on a UIView subclass.
  • IQIrregular View
    IQIrregular View for those who need view touch on a particular part of UIView.
  • JMLayerStyles
    A small library built around the concept of a UIView in a similar way to what you would in a Photoshop layer.
  • JMNoise
    A category on UIView to easily apply a noise texture. Uses no external images or dependencies to make it very easy to drop into projects.
  • KifDragTest
    Testing KIF framework UIView drag methods.
  • KKTableEmptyView
    Customizable UIView for Handling Empty Table Views.
  • KRFoldingViews
    A really simple folding animation library for UIView.
  • KSCard View
    A robust, customizable, easy to use, subclass of UIView for iOS.
  • Layers
    A Simple Sample App of CALayer, Core Animation, and UIView Animation.
  • LBorder View
    iOS UIView with dashed or solid line border.
  • MACached Image View
    An iOS UIView for displaying images on demand from the web. Spiced up with a caching functionality and a fancy load progress indicator.
  • MBElasticView
    Simple UIView subclass with custom animation methods that add some elasticity or bounce to movements without having to think about it every time.
  • MELSorting
    Sort UIViews for menus , switches, settings, etc.
  • MGDrawingSlate
    Simple, customizable, and easy to use UIView subclass that allows developers to easily embed a drawing view within their app.
  • MGSpriteView
    A UIView subclass to play animation using a sprite sheet.
  • MiniSpringboard
    An example of the UIView block based animation API.
  • MVBouncy View
    UIView category providing bouncing functionality.
  • MZCroppableView
    MZCroppableView is a subclass of UIView that helps in irregular image cropping.
  • NLTokenView
    Custom UIView that is similar to the "Pills" you see in Mail/ Message /Numbers.
  • OANotebookView Demo
    Demo App of a UIView subclass OANotebookView that uses Quartz to draw a notebook sheet.
  • OBGradient View
    A simple UIView wrapper for CAGradientLayer. For the times when it's more convenient to use a view instead of a CALayer.
  • Pullable View
    UIView subclass that implements pullable behaviour similar to the Notification Center in iOS 5.
  • QNDAnimations
    An API that introduces the idea of "rewinding", "toggling" and "forwarding" in UIView animations.
  • Reflection View
    A UIView subclass designed to make it easy to create "mirrored floor" style reflections of views on iOS.
  • SemiModal Sample
    A sample iPhone app show how UIView being hidden or shown from screen with animation.
  • SingleTap Menu
    Allows a tooltip menu on a UIView.
  • Smooth Line View
    Smooth & fast line drawing from touch inputs for UIViews using Quartz.
  • SONFill Animation
    An Objective C animation class for iOS. The class divides the target UIView into a grid and creates an animation for each piece in a specified order.
  • SPUserResizable View
    SPUserResizable View is a user resizable, user repositionable UIView subclass built for iOS.
  • Sunburst
    Programmatic sunburst UIView, customizable colors and number of beams. Optional rotation animation. Now with edge fade.
  • SWWDC 2012 06 23 UIView animation sample
    SWWDC 2012/06/23 UIView animation sample.
  • TBReusable UIView
    How to implement a reusable UIView that can be used both at compile time under Interface Builder and at runtime.
  • THCircularProgress View
    A configurable circular progress UIView.
  • TiledLayer Demo
    A rudimentary UIView subclass that behaves like a synchronous CATiledLayer.
  • TISpringLoaded Views
    Some UIView subclasses which behave as though they're attached to a spring.
  • TLTransition
    Custom UIView transition module by core animation.
  • TouchAnimation
    an iOS api for UIView animation.
  • UICoreTextView
    Easy to use UIView which supports rendering using CoreText.
  • UIKeyboardCoView
    A UIView to appear along the iOS default keyboard.
  • UILoader
    Put a loading icon on any UIView.
  • UIView AnimatedProperty
    Extending `UIView` block animations to allow you to implement custom animated properties.
  • UIView AutoLayout
    The ultimate API for creating Auto Layout constraints impressively simple, immensely powerful.
  • UIView BKLayout
    A sample iOS project demonstrating my layout additions to UIView.
  • UIView Debug
    UIView category that swizzles initWithFrame and initWithCoder to add bounding boxes to all views.
  • UIView EasingFunctions
    A category on UIView that allows to use custom easing functions with block based animations.
  • UIView Explicit Animation
    A simple extension to UIView that allows for explicit (evaluated every frame) animations.
  • UIView FlipTransition
    An Objective C category on UIView to make Flip transitions between Views.
  • uiview frame helpers
    Less code to position and resize UIView objects.
  • UIView i7Rotate360
    Easy rotate UIView with 360? (Degrees).
  • UIView I7ShakeAnimation
    very easy way to shake a UIView.
  • UIView MWParallax
    UIView category which adds parallax effect to iOS prior to 7.
  • UIView NibLoading
    UIView category and subclass for loading content subviews from nib files.
  • UIView Notify
    UIView category for simple user notifications.
  • UIView Shadow Maker
    An UIView category that allow user to easily make inset shadow, customize the radius, alpha, color and directions.
  • UIView ShinkTo
    Shrinks any UIView instance to a point in a view similar to the iOS Mail app.
  • UIViewAdditions
    Convenience methods for UIView, nicely bundled in a category.
  • UIViewAnimationExplose
    For UIView separation with animation.
  • UIViewCategoryForAutoLayout
    A UIView Category for implement constraints with VFL(Visual Format Language).
  • UIViewEasyPositioning
    Demonstration of UIView+VRAlign category. An easy way to align and position views.
  • UIViewHelpers
    Some helper methods in a Category for iOS's UIView class.
  • UIViewRoundedCorners
    UIView category for rounding just the corners which you want, not all like CALayer cornerRadius.
  • Uzys UIView Addition
    UIView Category Easy way to access view's frame, And provide easy way to layout UIViews programatically to maintain readability of code.
  • View delete animations
    iOS UIView removal animations.
  • ViewFlip
    Contains a ViewTransition to flip and load a UIView or any View using Core Animation.
  • WipeAway View
    Erase top level UIView to reveal content underneath.
  • YFold View
    Folding UIView in multi part in differents way.
  • YIInnerShadow View
    Inner shadow UIView/CALayer for iOS.