List of Free code UIKit


  • 6Tringle Gesture Sample Code
    iPhone UIKit based gesture sample code.
  • 6tringle touchsamplecode
    iPhone UIKit based sample code for handling various types of touches.
  • AffiliateViewController
    UIKit view controller to display About information and list of affiliate links.
  • AGGeometryKit
    A bundle of small classes which enriches your possibilities with UIKit and Core Animation.
  • AIAnimation
    UIKit animations as first class citizens make animations easier to manipulate.
  • AirHop
    An opensource iOS game that combines Cocos2D with UIKit and contains an integrated live level editor.
  • Anagrams Gamei Pad
    The completed source code to "How to create an awesome Anagrams game with UIKit".
  • Block based UIKit classes
    Subclasses of frequently used UIKit classes to avoid having to implement the delegate method for more readable code.
  • Bootstrap UIKit
    A collection of custom draw controls inspired by the Bootstrap theme. Built off UICustomizeKit.
  • Bulb View
    Cocoa/UIKit view to display text like light up bulbs on a sports scoreboard.
  • CCKit
    Bringing some fancy UIKit like stuff to Cocos2D.
  • Chameleon
    Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit for iOS (and some minimal related frameworks ) to Mac OS X.
  • ChipmunkColorMatch
    A simple color matching game example for Chipmunk, Chipmunk Pro, Cocos2D and UIKit.
  • CKGeneric Table Views
    Reusable tables & accompanying cells for UIKit.
  • Cocos2 DUIKit
    A Boilerplate Project for making apps using both UIKit and Cocos2D.
  • Cocos2D UIToolbar
    This is an application that contains the Cocos2D within a UIKit view controller based application, and contains a UIToolbar at the bottom.
  • cocos2d V 2 .x ARC UIKit
    Ready to use Cocos 2D V 2 project with ARC enabled and UIKit integration.
  • Create Universal Library iOS
    This is a tutorial about How to create your own framework as Apple does with UIKit, Foundation and so on...
  • CubeTransition
    Example of how to transition between two view, using CATransform and UIKit Physics.
  • CWUIKit
    Additions and utilities to augment the UIKit framework.
  • EyeballAnimation
    A simple demo application to give an idea on iPhone game development with UIKit framework.
  • Flat UIKit
    A collection of awesome flat UI components for iOS.
  • Gravatar
    A Gravatar image view for UIKit.
  • How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit
    Code for the tutorial "How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit" published on
  • How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit UIView Version
    Code for the tutorial "How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit" extending UIView.
  • ICLibrary
    an iOS library built on Cocoa and UIKit (iChance).
  • ios uikit framework extension
    Extension to Apple's iOS UIKit Framework.
  • iphone utils
    Useful additions to Cocoa/UIKit/etc iPhone libraries.
  • JSBadge View
    Customizable UIKit badge view like the one on applications in the iOS springboard.
  • JXTouch Dispatcher
    this is a helper kind class which receives all touch events and disapatch to the right object according to their display order, just like the uikit doing, u dont have to add delegate with priority every single time when u want an object receiving touch event. it will free u from complicate touch priority in cocos2d normal way.
  • LazyLayouts
    LazyLayouts adds some additional layout options to UIKit on the iPhone (from when I first started on iPhone, and was really really frustrated with UI layout).
  • MBTileParser
    MBTileParser is a cocos2d iphone compatible game engine written using pure UIKit.
  • MHUIKit
    A UIKit example for Gideros Studio.
  • MoonLander Game
    This is a small lunar lander game made entirely with uikit. Learn from the code, but please don't steal it!.
  • MSDynamicsDrawer View Controller
    Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm.
  • NSBSpritesheetLayer
    Spritesheet animations in UIKit.
  • OBDragDrop
    OBDragDrop is a self contained iOS drag and drop library that depends only on UIKit.
  • ObjC Game ex
    ObjC game with UIKit.
  • ohai
    Ohai is an AppKit, UIKit like framework for use with Cocotron running on devices (e book readers).
  • openspringboard
    UIKit based Spingboard clone, similar to Three20's TTLauncher View. (Update Aug 9 2011: finally have time to refactor this for iOS5 custom container view controllers).
  • Phonos UI
    Phonos extensions and support classes based off the UIKit Framework from Apple.
  • PKAnimations
    A convenient way to run UIKit Animations in sequence and/or parallel using different easing equations.
  • puremvc objectivec demo uikit employeeadmin
    PureMVC Objective C / UIKit Demo: Employee Admin Mobile.
  • RAAnimation
    WIP: UIKit / QuartzCore Animation Additions.
  • SAMGradient View
    Easily use gradients in UIKit.
  • SBGauge
    UI Gauge for UIKit.
  • SDK Utilities
    SDK Utility classes, UIKit extension categories, specialized UI subclasses.
  • Tea UIKit
    A collection of general purpose iOS UI classes which have grown out of Too Much Tea's work.
  • tumble
    Sample iOS project that demonstrates using UIKit dynamics for an animated alert view transition.
  • UI Controls
    iOS UIKit Demo 1.
  • UICustomizeKit
    Base UIKit components extended to allow almost any customizations. Comes with Bootstrap and Flat UIs out of the box.
  • UIDynamicsDemo
    Demo app for a short CocoaHeads talk showing off a few features of UIKit Dynamics.
  • UIExpectations
    Objective C spec matchers (OCSpecMatcher classes) for UIKit.
  • UIKit
    Port of iPhone's UIKit for Mac OS X.
  • UIKit Additions
    collection of useful UIKit extensions.
  • UIKit Block Based Components
    A few UIKit components that use blocks instead of target/actions or delegates.
  • UIKit Dynamics Playground
    The code to accompany the article published here: dynamics tutorial.
  • UIKit Improvements
    Subclasses and categories for various UIKit classes.
  • UIKit TexturePacker
    Demo project with loader code to display animations and images from a sprite sheet.
  • UIKitAddition
    Add some convenient/functional methods to UIKit classes.
  • UIKitAdditions
    Easing Mac OSX/Cocoa/AppKit development for iOS/CocoaTouch/UIKit developers.
  • UIKitConvenience
    Some categories to help solve common needs for UIKit components.
  • UIKitExtensions
    Collection of extensions for UIKit framework.
  • UIKitFor Game
    UIKit subclasses and categories with useful animation functions for game.
  • UIKitHelper
    UIKitHellper is a collection of UIKit classes that makes some common view behaviors easily to implement.
  • UIKitUnityBridge
    This bridge solves the interaction between iOS native views and a Unity 3D Scene, keeping the Unity Scene as a view and having a manager that switchs between Unity and UIKit from Objective C.
  • UITetris
    Simple blocks game implemented using UIKit.
  • ViewQuery
    ViewQuery is a lightweight jQuery style view selector library for UIKit, based on Igor selector engine.
  • Wooly UIKit
    iOS UIKit extensions and add on classes.
  • YAUIKit
    This is a iOS UIKit Library which I used.