List of Free code UIScrollView


  • A3ParallaxScroll View
    A UIScrollview subclass with a high performance parallax scrolling effect.
  • AFImageViewer
    iOs image viewer using UIScrollView and UIPageControll.
  • BYPagingScrollView
    Demo project with a paging UIScrollView wrapped into custom API.
  • CCScrollingLayers
    Barebones Kobold 2D (& cocos2d iphone) versions of UIScrollView and UITableView. Used in MakeGamesWithUs's CCGhost SDK example project.
  • CLTableWithFooterViewController
    Easily add a stationary footer image when you reach the bottom of your UIScrollView or UITableView.
  • Cocos2d and UIScrollView
    Demo app showing the use of UIScrollView in Cocos2D for iPhone.
  • cocos2d ScrollNode
    A cocos2d ScrollNode that mimics the behavior of a UIScrollView.
  • core text columns
    Sample code using Core Text to lay out columns in a UIScrollView on iOS.
  • DAKeyboardControl
    DAKeyboardControl allows you to easily add keyboard awareness and scrolling dismissal (a receding keyboard ala i Messages app) to any UIView, UIScrollView or UITableView with only 1 line of code. DAKeyboardControl automatically extends UIView and provides a block callback with the keyboard's current origin.
  • DParallax
    UIScrollView Parallax Scrolling Demo.
  • Image CroppingExample
    Sample code to demonstrate image cropping from a UIScrollView.
  • kickstarter pulldown bouncy
    How to: create a bouncy image effect as seen in the KickStarter iOS app. When you pull down on the UITableView it scales the header image uising the UIScrollView delegate.
  • MaskedUIScrollView
    Simple masked UIScrollview example using Core Animation (CALayer).
  • Paging Enabled UIScrollView With Previews
    Sample project showing how to create a paging enabled UIScrollView which shows previews of neighbouring content.
  • ScrollViewSubclass
    Example of how to subclass UIScrollView.
  • ScrollZoom Demo
    Making an UIImageView zoomable inside a UIScrollView.
  • shapes panels
    paged uiscrollview with cocos2d used in Jacob's Shapes.
  • SLCoverFlow
    Simple cover flow sample codes based on UIScrollView and Core Animation transform.
  • Slider Menu
    Slide Menu using UIScrollView For iOS Universal App using View Class Example.
  • Swipe Menu
    This is sample project for sliding popup menu with UIScrollView. Using UISwipeGestureRecognizer. Looks cool I think.
  • uiscrollview example
    Dragging subviews from a UIScrollView.
  • UIScrollView Paging
    Example app for creating a UIScrollView with paging.
  • UIScrollView ScrollerAdditions
    Customising UIScrollView's scroll bars.
  • UIScrollView with Touch Events
    Handle touch events in UIScrollView.
  • UIScrollViewContentAccessors
    Category for UIScrollView which make easier to access UIScrollView's content properties in iOS.
  • UIScrollZoom
    A UIScrollView which magnifies text passing under a specified area.