List of Free code Font


  • AKCascadingStyle
    This project provides a simple framework to centralize style information (fonts, colors, etc) in iPhone and Mac applications.
  • AppFontDemo
    iOS application font examples.
  • CMTextStylePicker
    iOS view controller tree for presenting a text font/size/colour picker to user.
  • ConceptualCase
    SIMBL plugin that enhance Photoshop CS6 font menu.
  • DownloadFont
    Sample code for downloading additional font on iOS 6 or 7.
  • DWTag List
    Create a list of tags from an NSArray to be show in a view with customisable fonts, colors etc.
  • Edit
    Rich text editing on iOS (iPhone/Objective C), font selection menu component, supports multiple font families and styles and URLs, locations, phone numbers & more. UITextView, NSAttributedString, NSLignuisticTagger.
  • fawe ios
    iOS Font Awesome Library.
  • Font List
    List all fonts for iOS.
  • Font Lister
    List available fonts on iOS device.
  • FontAwesomeIconFactory
    A factory for turning Font Awesome icons into images for user interface controls. Works for iOS and OS X.
  • FontAwesomeKit
    Icon font library for iOS. Currently supports Font Awesome, Foundation icons, Zocial, and ionicons.
  • fonts
    iOS sample : show all font grouped by fontFamily.
  • FontShow
    List and Show iOS system Font.
  • iOSFont List
    Displays all available font names and families on iOS in their corresponding font.
  • iPhone Font List
    List all fonts built in iPhone device.
  • KWFontPicker
    Font Picker Library for iPhone/iOS Devices.
  • List Fonts
    List available fonts in an OS X system.
  • LSFontLoader
    LSFontLoader is a framework for downloading the additional fonts from Apple's server and loading them dynamically in your project.
  • LUFontIconControls
    Easy way to use icon fonts to replace images in your iOS app.
  • MIHTool
    MIHTool helps font end engineer who works on mobile web app to debug his web page.
  • MKPersianFont
    MKPersianFont is a great API for developers who need use Persian fonts in their applications this API support TTF font format including ?IranNastaliq? and other Persian fonts.
  • UICustomActionSheet
    Easy, appstore safety component which will allow customize buttons of UIActionSheet. You can change fonts, colors of buttons and add images.
  • UIFont DynamicFontControlDemo
    Simple Category for using UIFontTextStyle with other Fonts.
  • UIFont Name Grabber
    Simple utility to grab the list of available system fonts on an iOS device.
  • UIFont Symbolset
    A collection of Objective C categories to make using Symbolset icon fonts easier.
  • UILabel FormattedText
    An iOS UILabel extension to enable easy definition of multiple colors and fonts.
  • Web ViewCustomFonts
    Custom fonts in Cocoa Web View (OS X).