List of Free code UICollection


  • AFTabledCollection View
    How to display a UICollection View within a UITable View Cell.
  • ASCollection View Controller
    A UICollection View Controller subclass that makes working with NSFetchedResultsController, UIMenuController and UIRefreshControl easier.
  • BDKCollectionIndex View
    Gives a UICollection View the sectionIndexTitles scrub bar that a UITable View gets for almost free.
  • CHTCollection View WaterfallLayout
    The waterfall (i.e., Pinterest like) layout for UICollection View.
  • Coverflow
    iOS 6 UICollection View Coverflow implementation.
  • DraggableCollection View
    Extension for the UICollection View and UICollection View Layout that allows a user to move items with drag and drop.
  • IGAutoCompletionToolbar
    IGAutoCompletionToolbar is a UICollection View subclass created to display auto completion via a keyboard accessory view.
  • IntroducingCollection Views
    The sample application to accompany my conference talk on UICollection View.
  • JSPintDemo
    PintCollection View Layout is a Pinterest style UICollection View Layout for the UICollection View in iOS 6. The layout supports animated inserts and deletes. Please see the video to get a feel for how it works.
  • LXReorderableCollection View FlowLayout
    Extends `UICollection View FlowLayout` to support reordering of cells. Similar to long press and pan on books in iBook.
  • MosaicLayout
    MosaicLayout using UICollection Views.
  • RAMCollection View FlemishBondLayout
    UICollection View Layout for displaying cells in groups (highlighting one of them).
  • RFQuiltLayout
    A UICollection View Layout subclass to put items in a quilting pattern.
  • RouletteWheelCollection View Demo
    Demo of a custom UICollection View FlowLayout subclass implementation of a roulette wheel of cards, in the style of the Yahoo TimeTraveler app.
  • SBTableLayout
    A customizable UICollection View Layout to use instead of UITable View.
  • SGSStaggeredFlowLayout
    UICollection View FlowLayout subclass for staggering cells.
  • SSDataSources
    Simple data source objects for your UITable View and UICollection View.
  • Swipe to Select Grid View
    A example project to make a swipe to select Grid View based on UICollection View.
  • WaterfallCollection View
    My Waterfall style implementation of UICollection View layout.
  • Waterflow View
    A waterflow display like the Pinterest feeling, supporting UICollection View.