List of Free code UINavigationController


  • c UISplit ViewController
    Custom UISplitView which can be used with navigation based project. Eg., if only one view/screen of your project uses the splitview with common UINavigationController.
  • FJSTransitionController
    A drop in replacement for UINavigationController and/or UITabBarC ontroller on the iPhone that allows custom transition animations.
  • FRLayeredNavigationController
    FRLayeredNavigationController, an iOS container view controller that works like a stack of paper with an API similar to UINavigationController.
  • HMGLNavigationController
    Custom UINavigationController subclass that includes HMGLTransitions animations.
  • ISRevealController
    container controller which has slidable UINavigationController and menu UIViewController.
  • MUNavigationController
    Subclass of UINavigationController that allows you to customize your push and pop UIViewController animations.
  • Nav Animation
    add UINavigationController's push and pop animation.
  • NavigationController Example
    An iOS simple example using UINavigationController.
  • NavPopover
    A sample showing how to dynamically resize a UIPopoverController that contains a UINavigationController.
  • NichijyouNavigationController
    A subclass of UINavigationController, custom animation, inspired by Nichijyou. Demo : 4.
  • PATabBarController
    Simple container UIViewController that allows to present multiple view controllers when embedded in UINavigationController through the UISegmentedControl in the UINavigationItem.
  • Round and Round Kit
    3D rotating view additions for UINavigationController.
  • SegmentedControlRevisited
    Example iPhone application demonstrating using a UINavigationController to manage view changes with a UISegmentedControl.
  • TRVSNavigationControllerTransition
    Push/Pop transition for entire UINavigationController views.
  • UINavigationController Persistence
    Save and load entire UIViewController stacks with one line of code.
  • UINavigationController Transition
    extension for custom transition by blocks.
  • VEWebViewController
    Browse the web from the comfort of your UINavigationController.