List of Free code UIActionSheet


  • Custom UIAction Sheet
    Sample code for displaying a custom view like a UIActionSheet.
  • Custom UIASView
    Create a Custom UIActionSheet View.
  • DMBlock UIKit
    simple wrapper for UIAlertView & UIActionSheet to support block based call back.
  • PKHPickerContainerView
    A UIView subclass to display a UIPickerView, with accompanying navigation bar, using keyboard or UIActionSheet like hide/show animations.
  • Rewritten APIs
    Rewriting the APIs to things like UIActionSheet and UIAlertView to make them make more sense and easier to use.
  • RMDateSelection View Controller
    This is an iOS control for selecting a date using UIDatePicker in a UIActionSheet like fashion.
  • UIActionSheet Blocks
    Category on UIActionSheet to use inline block callbacks instead of delegate callbacks.
  • UIMenuBar
    iOS menu bar , a UIActionSheet replacement.
  • uipickeractionsheet
    A UIActionSheet with a UIPickerView embedded inside.