List of Free code UI


  • ADVFlat UI
    App Design Valut's Flat UI components design.
  • AGUIComponents
    Cocoa Touch UI Components.
  • App Growth Engine Tab UI
    The easy to use tab UI for the Hook Mobile AGE SDK.
  • App Growth Engine UI IOS
    App Growth Engine Invitation UI for IOS.
  • AppearancePlayground
    Project for testing iOS 5 UI Appearance Customization.
  • AppLab iOS Custom UI Controls
    A few custom UI elements and controls for iOS 4+.
  • ArtFlow
    Flip through paintings in an art gallery using the Cover Flow UI.
  • Async Image LoadingExample
    This is a demo iPhone project briefly describing how to load images in background while the app is running without making the UI unresponsive. The same logic can be applied to any type of resources other than images.
  • AutomationKit
    An automated UI testing framework for iOS.
  • BBCommon UI
    Common UI Views and helpers.
  • Beautify UI
    Drawing Custom UI Components for iOS.
  • BHWidgetGallery
    A collection of UI elements for iOS.
  • Briefs shared UI
    A Cocoa Touch library that renders briefs and responds to control events.
  • bromine
    FORK of the Bromine project (iPhone UI testing framework), that applies patches from Brominet (the network fork of Bromine).
  • BSUIViewRearranger
    easily rearrange the UI controls of your view by describing the new layout in a different NIB.
  • BTBadgeView
    View that replicates and extends the number badge UI element in iOS.
  • BTBreadcrumbView
    iOS breadcrumb UI control.
  • bump api2 ios custom ui
    A default custom UI implementation for Bump API 2.0 for iOS.
  • CAGradientLayer UI
    Example of using CAGradientLayer to draw custom interface elements.
  • CardSharp
    A blackjack game for iPhone, no UI yet, just game logic.
  • CEGuideArrow
    A custom iOS UI control to point at things.
  • ChaiOne UI
    Useful shared components for iOS development.
  • Circular UI
    Essentially is the porting of some functionality of the Metro UI on iOS devices.
  • Clear The Air
    Change your UI opacity.
  • cocui
    Cocoa meets WebKit for more rapid UI development.
  • CQMFloatingController
    Floating UI component with navigation bar for iPhone.
  • crystal ios
    A (beta) Modern UI based web browser designed to recreate the experience of Windows 8 (for iOS 5+).
  • CSAddressBook UI
    AddressBook contacts multiple selection.
  • DCPathButton
    An iOS UI Button with two random animation, create by Tangdixi.
  • DDActionHeaderView
    Header with title and actions, rapid UI component for quick hands on iOS 4.
  • delayed ui segmented control
    An extension to the UISegmentedControl to add better visual responsiveness.
  • dialog
    TextMate dialog/ UI support (from CLI).
  • DisableSubviews
    A handy NSView category for disabling & enabling UI elements in Cocoa apps.
  • Doutzen
    Doutzen is a Mac OS X application and symbolicates crash reports originating from your QuincyKit server. It replaces the client side symbolication scripts and includes easy configuration, voice feedback and auto start up, all wrapped in a simple but handy UI.
  • DrawReport
    Report UI issues, live long, be happy.
  • dropkick ui
    A Mac OS X application to share files through DreamObjects.
  • DTKit
    A personal collection of iOS classes that add blocks to various UI elements.
  • ECGWavesPlayer
    A multiple lead ECG monitoring UI with nice smooth rhythm waves.
  • EECircularMusicPlayerControl
    UI control to play a music and indicate its progress for iOS.
  • EEToolbarCenterButton
    UI component to add a featured button to the center of UIToolbar.
  • FBGlowLabel
    Label UI which supports glow effect.
  • FieldKit
    FieldKit is an iOS UI library for text fields.
  • Fine UI
    Some fine UI customization for iOS.
  • FlatButton
    A simple, light weight, flat design UI button for iOS.
  • FlatDatePicker
    iOS Date Picker Flat UI.
  • Flip UI
    Core Project for the Flip UI.
  • GBCardStack
    iOS UI paradigm for a stack of sliding cards. Used in VLC iRemote.
  • GCNotificationCenter
    This is a Custom Notification Center for iOS. It works subclassing a base Notification Center and providing a protocol to implement by the concrete observers. Works with blocks and operation queues, so you can perform any operation without NSNotification objects and without blocking the UI main thread.
  • GearExperiment
    An experiment in physical/skeumorphism UI.
  • GKAchievementNotification
    Game Center styled UI notifications.
  • GlusterFS UI
    A PrefPane for managing your GlusterFS volumes on Mac OS X.
  • HEBubbleView
    iOS UI Component for displaying bubble similar to the Mail app wenn selecting contacts.
  • HMLauncherView
    UI component for buttons like Apple's SpringBoard.
  • HNHUi
    Reusable Cocoa UI Components.
  • Homebrew GUI
    Homebrew GUI is a UI for homebrew package Manager on Mac OS X.
  • HybridRefreshGestureRecognizer
    Another "Pull to Refresh" UI component for iOS, inspired By the great app Tweetbot.
  • iHype
    iPhone HypeMachine Application using Three20 UI.
  • InAppEmail
    In App Email, Message UI Tutorial For iPhone 3.0.
  • Interfaces
    Interfaces for iOS (experiments in UI /UX components).
  • ios cards
    A playing card UI library for iOS.
  • ios metro
    Do you love "Metro" UI ? Use it in your iOS project!.
  • iOS Project
    iOS Project which provides for UI Framework.
  • iOS UI Patterns
    A collection of helpful iOS UI Patterns.
  • ios ui signal
    ios ui signal come from BeeFramework.
  • iOSKit
    iOSKit public repository Custom UI controls.
  • iOSLogin
    This iOS 4 project contains a reusable controller and view for authenticating user credentials. The demo app shows how to replace the default UI with a custom view, which uses the same LoginViewController class.
  • iOSSocial three20
    This is repo of classes that you can use with iOSSocial to easily show media from social services in your UI if you are using three20 for parts of your UI.
  • iOSUIWithEffects
    Collection of interesting UI.
  • ipdc ui customization
    Sample Code for my talk on " UI Customization" at IPDC 2011 in Cologne.
  • iphone wheel experiment
    An iPhone wheel UI experiment, which rotates as you drag it.
  • itorrent iphone
    Native iPhone app to access a remote uTorrent instance using it's Web UI API.
  • JJlib UI
    JJlib UI simplify UI.
  • JSLockScreen
    A Lock Screen UI Component that aims to replicate the iOS lock screen in functionality and style.
  • JStyle
    Keep your UI styles in a loadable bundle that can be changed at any point in time.
  • kat
    Lolay UI Kit (Kat) Additions.
  • KLHorizontalSelect
    A UI Control based on 8tracks home screen section select.
  • KSPopoverView
    A pulldown menu UI for iOS.
  • kuler iphone
    An iPhone UI for Adobe's Kuler, built for iPhone DevCamp Seattle.
  • KYCircle Menu
    An iOS UI control that allows you to build a circular menu by laying out buttons in a circle pattern adjusting from the number of buttons (1~6).
  • Lasagna Cookies
    An UI theme for iOS that provide multiple view object.
  • Leap UI
    UCSD CSE 145 Project: This project aims to explore the possibilities of human computer interaction using the Leap Motion controller. The Leap provides a way to easily sense and track 3D surfaces within an 8 cubic foot range above it. We want to leverage this potential to allow users to fully operate a computer by using their hands in mid air.
  • listaCordova
    Arabic todo app built with cordova, backbone, coffee & Topcoat UI.
  • Long Weekend Dev Tools
    A free toolkit for professional iOS app developers, helping you to implement best practice across multiple projects. This includes macros and helper classes for Cocoa Touch that save you time with UI , data and life cycle related conveniences. Released under an MIT style license.
  • longTapPopup Menu
    iOS UI element that imitates system's keyboard languager switching.
  • MAUIKit
    MAUKit was a start at making a modern, gloriously layer based Mac UI framework.
  • MediServe Capstone
    UI Prototype for Spring 2012 Capstone Project.
  • MKMapView Zoom Levels
    Demo project to showcase the MKMapView zoom levels and help communication between developer and UI designer.
  • Mosaic UI
    A tiled UI for iOS and iPhone.
  • MTAnimation Tw UI
    MTAnimation for Tw UI.
  • MTUI
    wrapper for iOS UI.
  • muikit
    A collection of UI goodies for iPhone.
  • Napp UI
    A collection of extended functionality for the UI components of Titanium SDK.
  • NappAppearance
    Use the power of iOS UIAppearance on Titanium UI components.
  • NappSlide Menu
    a new UI component for Appcelerator Titanium.
  • NutShell
    NutShell was a Mac OS X framework intended to ease the development of Mac OS X application, providing useful low level classes and UI components. The project was started around 2010. It is no longer developed, nor maintained.
  • octave
    Octave: A free library of UI sounds, handmade for iOS.
  • ofxiOSGUI
    Basic setup for a multi scene (each with its UI) iOS app/ game.
  • Opaque
    A prototype UI showing how one would implement an app with Clear like animations & gestures.
  • Organic UI
    Cocoa User Interface Additions.
  • Pepper UIDemo Free
    Free to try version of commercial Pepper UI library for iOS. More information: UI.
  • Perfect Image Cropper
    Perferct Image Cropper for iOS offers a ready to use component to easily get the target part from the original image , without compression, after rotating, scaling and dragging the image on UI.
  • pinkelstar iOS
    The PinkelStar iOS Framework and UI.
  • pinkelstar iOS demo
    Demo app for the PinkelStar iOS Framework and UI.
  • porter
    A UI for managing Mac Ports.
  • PossumTest
    A framework for driving the UI of apps with the accessibility API for testing purposes.
  • PPiFlatSegmentedControl
    Flat Segmented Control for UI flat iOS designs.
  • Product List
    Fetches the product list from server and displays it on UI.
  • RAR Archive Utility
    An easy to use RAR extractor/archiver for Mac OS X with a minimalistic UI approach.
  • RNExpandingButtonBar
    iOS UI widget that mimics the famous button used by the app Path.
  • RNFullScreenScroll
    Pinterest like scroll to fullscreen UI for iOS5+.
  • RRSpreadsheet
    A Cocoa Spreadsheet UI Control.
  • RSEnvironment
    Most common environment checks in one place: system version, retina support, UI flat mode, device models and so on.
  • ScheduleDemo
    Demo app for advanced UI Automation techniques during my presentations.
  • SeaGlass
    SeaGlass is a collection of re usable iOS UI classes.
  • ShinobiKnob
    A simple knob control, used as a demonstration for "The Art of Custom UI Controls".
  • SHMessage UIBlocks
    CompletionBlocks for MFMailComposeViewController and MFMessageComposeViewController (Message UI framework).
  • signature ui toolkit
    Re usable UI tools/utils/widgets/whatever.
  • silly iphone ui manip
    Simple examples of different higher level iOS stuff.
  • simpleGallery
    a bookshelf alike app, personal use, for trying out of UI components.
  • Skinned UI
    A demo of changging theme/skin in iOS.
  • SlidingTabs
    Sliding tabs UI element for iPhone.
  • SLRESTfulCoreData UI
    UI counterpart to SLRESTfulCoreData.
  • SmartHRM
    UI for SmartHRM iPhone.
  • SSCheckBoxView
    SSCheckBoxView is a check box UI control for iOS apps.
  • sspersonviewcontroller
    Clone of Apple's ABPerson view controller in AddressBook UI.framework to allow for better customization.
  • StackBoxDemoFree
    A beautiful 3D list UI library for iPhone.
  • StardustCrossView
    The `StardustCrossView` is a library provides method to present the UI like XMB.
  • StoreKit UI
    Provides a simple front end user interface for StoreKit.
  • Survey
    Ux/ Ui team project.
  • swypToRoom
    not really swyp. A hack to add files to a location built on parse and using UI from swyp's ios lib.
  • synergykm
    SynergyKM Mac Synergy UI.
  • TabCurl
    Prototype for a ui I'm working on.
  • tagsCloud
    A tags cloud UI sample in IOS.
  • Thrint
    Dynamic Table based UI for Core Data on iOS.
  • ti ui wrapper module
    Titanium UI Module Wrapper.
  • Ti UIEx
    Extensions to Titanium UI components.
  • tilessample
    Core Animation example code that emulates the iPhone home screen re organization UI.
  • TiSMSDialog
    Appcelerator Titanium Mobile module implementing an SMS sending dialog (similar to Ti. UI.EmailDialog).
  • TKGauge
    iOS UI component to display speed gauge.
  • Tourtoise v2
    New UI for Tourtoise Project.
  • tronify
    Tronify your standard iOS UI.
  • TSPopover
    UIPopover like UI for iPhone.
  • TSTableView
    TSTableView is UI component for displaying multi columns tabular data.
  • TSUIKit
    UI components for iOS.
  • TUISplitView
    A split view for Tw UI.
  • TukLoadX
    OSX downloader for the UI of awesomeness.
  • TunableSpec
    TunableSpec provides live tweaking of UI specification values in a running iOS app.
  • Tw UIPush PopTest
    A navigation controller test using Tw UI.
  • two Table Test
    sample two table UI with content dependant up on selected row in first table.
  • twui
    A UI framework for Mac based on Core Animation.
  • UI Automation Example
    Example iOS app used to demonstrate UI Automation.
  • UI Automation on CI
    Attempts to run UI Automation on Travis CI.
  • ui navigation item multibutton
    Sample Code for Blog Article.
  • Ui Spike
    UI Spike project for iOS.
  • UICheckbox
    Reusable UI checkbox element for iOS projects.
  • UIComponent
    UI components for ios development.
  • UIPartsCollection
    There are the UI parts frequently used.
  • UIUtilis
    iOS UI utility classes.
  • UnitTestRunner
    A UI for executing SenTestKit Unit tests.
  • UrbanLookup
    Urban Dictionary API and UI.
  • UzysSpringBoardView
    UzysSpringBoardView is UI component which is similar to the iOS HomeScreen.
  • Velvet
    Mac framework to bridge AppKit and Core Animation based UI frameworks.
  • VoiceNavigation
    UI Navigation by voice dictation on iOS 5.1.
  • WebBrowserLite
    a nice Web Browser with basic UI not invasive functions.
  • YIFullScreenScroll
    Pinterest like scroll to fullscreen UI for iOS5+.